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Domestic Pigeons Aren't All That Exist

I love pigeons.  I bet you do too or you wouldn't be at this site. 

However, there ARE other magnificent birds and flying things in the world and this page is just to keep that fact in perspective. 

Male Wood Duck (N. America)
Wood Duck Drake (N. America)
Aix sponsa

Linked to Ducks Unlimited

Ocellated Turkey (Mexico)
Ocellated Turkey (Mexico-Central America) Agriocharis ocellata

Linked to N. Amer. Game Bird Asso.

Nankin Bantam Male (India - domestic fowl)
Nankin male (India - domestic fowl)
Gallus gallus

Linked to Feathersite - great poultry site.

Seychelles Blue Pigeon
Seychelles Blue Pigeon (Seychelles Island) Alectroenas pulcherrima
Linked to International Dove Society

Male House Finch

House Finch male (N. America)

Carpodacus mexicanus (I think)

Linked to American Audubon Soc.

Hooded Merganser Male - Lophodytes cucullatus

Hooded Merganser drake (N. America)

Lophodytes cucullatus

Linked to the Canadian Nature Fed.

Jambu Fruit Dove Male - copyright Honolulu Zoo

Jambu Fruit Dove - male, Ptilinopus jambu

Copyright by Honolulu Zoo, all rights reserved.  Used by permission.

Linked to Honolulu Zoo

Columba picazuro - Copyright Smithsonian Inst. Used by permission

(Picazuro Pigeon) Argentina.  Photo by B. K. Schmidt. Copyrighted by the Smithsonian Institution.   Used by permission

Photo linked to the Smithsonian page where I found it.


Male American Kestral - Falco sparvarius

American Kestral male (N. America)

Falco sparvarius

Linked to North American Falconers Asso.

Dragonfly (species unknown)
Dragonfly - species unknown.

Linked to NW Federation


African Crowned Cranes
African Crowned Crane Balearica pavonina
Linked to the International Crane Foundation
American Wigeon or Baldpate
American Wigeon or Baldpate (Anas americana)
Spoonbill Platalea ajaja

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