Frank Mosca
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This page and the others like it are designed for one thing only - to provide common pigeon hobby names for many of the colors and patterns that pigeons come in.   I'm making no effort here to discuss their genetics.  This is simply for fanciers, young and old, who may be new to the pigeon hobby and who simply want to know "What color is my bird?" 

Remember, while I'm giving the most common names used in the North American hobby, that different breeds may have their own special terminology for a color -- some of these terms go back centuries and they are part and parcel of the hobby and a lot of fun in their own right.  There are also some minor differences in spelling between the U.S., U.K. and Australia.  For example: checker = chequer, but those are easily understood.  Here, I'm just going to be using the names most often used to describe Birmingham Rollers and/or Racing Homers since those are two of the most common breeds raised.

All the birds shown below are Birmingham Rollers

Black Mottle bred by Isom
Black mottle bred by J. P. Isom

Brown Grizzle bred by Isom
Brown grizzle bred by J. P. Isom

Black Whiteside bred by J. P. Isom
Black Whiteside bred by J. P. Isom

Lavender bred by J. P. Isom
Lavender bred by J. P. Isom

Dark Ash bred by J. P. Isom
Dark Ash white flight bred by J. P. Isom

Dark check bred by Zoran Gregoric
Dark check (or dark blue check) bred by Zoran Gregoric