Pigeons and Pigeon Genetics
Frank Mosca

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AU 96 X 7534 BCC (Wegge - Hermann) bred & flown 600 miles by F. Mosca)
AU 96 X 7534 B.C.C.
Bred & Flown 600 miles by F. Mosca


Cauchois Club, France Global Pigeon Supply
Frank German's Indian Fantails International Federation (I.F.) Foy's Pigeon Supplies
Dandenong Fancy Pigeon Society National Pigeon Asso. (U.K) JEDDS Pigeon Supply
Indian Fantail (French/English) American Racing Pigeon Union (A.U.)   Siegel's Pigeon Supplies
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Australian National Pigeon Asso. To Come

Tennessee Pigeon & Dove Club PERIODICALS

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The United Swallow Club  Racing Pigeon Digest
Die Brieftaube - German Racers  National Birmingham Roller Club.  
To Come Canadian Fancy Pigeon Asso.  to Come
  Old German Owl Club  
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  IInternational Bokhara Trumpeter Club  Kung Fu San Soo
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