While I wish it were different, I simply don't have the time to answer all the questions I've been getting about pigeon related matters.  This is a hobby for me, not a source of income as it is for some and I don't have a staff working for me like the national organizations do. For non-genetic pigeon related questions, please contact the people/organizations below.

In the U.S., direct general questions regarding show or fancy pigeons to the

National Pigeon Association

All questions regarding NPA banded birds should also go here.

In Canada, you may want to check out:

Canadian Fancy Pigeon Club

In N. America north of Mexico,
direct racing pigeon related questions to:

The American Racing Pigeon Organization (A.U.)
The International Federation of Homing Pigeon Fanciers (I.F.)
The Canadian Racing Pigeon Union (C.U)

You can also find the owner of a lost bird at these site.
Just go to the appropriate one and look for the band list page. 

AU 96 ARPU 41620, e.g., would be sought for at the A.U.; IF at the International Fed site; CU at the Canadian Union site

For U.S. Birmingham Rollers questions:

National Birmingham Roller Club

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