Recessive opal and Dominant opal are two separate and distinct mutations. In fact, you should be able to produce a dominant opal recessive opal bird, though I've never seen one.  I've put all these photos on one page since both mutations produce somewhat similar phenotypes.  None of these photos is by me. All are from various people. I'm sorry I don't have all the names to post.  The first two are by Thomas Voss's site and the rollers are from Chris Sommerhays's site .  (Recessive opal is sometimes called "mosaic or mosaique" by racing breeders.  However, geneticists use the term mosaic for something different.  I've included such a bird below also to show the difference.)


recessive opal (red phase) Recessive Opal (red type)
recessive opal spread Recessive opal spread
Dominant opal recessive red showing barDominant opal recessive red showing bar
Dominant opal blue barDominant opal blue bar
Dominant opal check Dominant opal check
genetic mosaic
Genetic mosaic (ash-red & blue check) These birds are genetic accidents and are presently believed to be caused by two sperm fertilizing the same egg.

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