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The Rock Pigeon & Feral Pigeon (page 2)

Various Phenotypes in the "blue" or "wild-type pigment" series.

The feral pigeon shows many different phenotypes.   A few of the more common are shown here as well as on page 1.

Grizzle, likely T-pattern check, perhaps, also with undergrizzle and bronze.

Likely Tiger Grizzle (GT), either homozygous or heterozgyous (GTG)


Heterozygous grizzle; (wild-type, Grizzle)

Heterozygous Grizzle (wild-type plus Grizzle). The flights indicate this bird may also carry undergrizzle. Photo used by permission of Greg Gillson, The Bird Guide.


Left to Right: Check, white flight pied, black, check


This is a great shot to see various blue phenotypes, wild-type (bar), check, T-pattern, and to see the iridescence of the neck and head.  None of these birds appear to be Spread (black).  All the dark ones look to be T-pattern (Not the bar on the tail of the bird immediately behind the blue bar second from left in the front.  There are no ash-red phenotypes in this flock but one T-pattern check (left front walking away) shows bronzing in its wing bars. The check on the far left, third bird from the bottom, appears to be a sub-adult.  Note that there is little or no iridescence on the neck.


juvenile feral pigeon, check - note lack of iridescence on neck   Photo © Mikael Nord

Rock pigeon, juvenile.  Note lack of iridescence on neck; darker beak cere.  It's difficult to see in this shot, but it also appears that the leg/feet are almost black..  If so, then this bird also carries Dirty (V).  In adult plumage, the legs will be the normal pigeon red.  This bird appears to be about 6 weeks old and thus just weaned.  This photo was taken in Slottsskogen, Göteborg.
 Photo © Mikael Nord and used by permission.

Rock pigeon, wild-type;  Photo © Mikael Nord

Rock Pigeon - shot shows well the species-specific purple/green adult iridescence of the neck. 
Also note the difference in cere color between this adult and the juvenile above.
This photo was also taken in Slottsskogen, Göteborg.
 Photo © Mikael Nord and used by permission.

Wild-type feral pigeon, blue bar

Wild-type (or blue bar) Feral Pigeon


Cornell Univ. Feral Pigeon Project

Some Blue Series Phenotypes

Some Spread Phenotypes



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