Frank Mosca
In addition to pigeons, my other love is martial arts.  I've trained in Kung Fu San Soo since about 1975.  San Soo is a fighting art.  It is the fighting techniques of a Shaolin five family system (Tsoi - Li - Hoi - Fut - Hung) and it was brought to America by Jimmy H. Woo ( Chin Siu Dek ).  He began teaching non-Chinese in El Monte California in 1959 and my instructor, Bill Lasiter, trained with him.

San Soo is not a sport.  You normally won't see a San Soo practitioner in any tournament.  San Soo is a brutal and devastating art used only for self-defense and body conditioning.  Remember though, while the art may be brutal, the people who practice it, of all ages and from all walks of life, are almost invariably among the nicest around.

Below are links to some San Soo schools as well as links to sites that aren't San Soo but which I like for one reason or another.  I've never been to some of these schools and this information is linked only for your convenience if you're interested in surfing their sites or checking them out personally.

Hong Luck Kung Fu Club (Ontario Canada)
Liang-I Shaolin (Aust.)
Kung Fu San Soo Plano TX
East Hills Kung Fu San Soo
San Soo Organization
Choy Li Fut - Australia Kung Fu San Soo Chico CA
To come
Kung Fu San Soo Diamond Bar CA
Kung Fu San Soo Mission Viejo CA
Dale Garrison
Kung Fu San Soo Sonora CA
lSome San Soo instructors

Choy Lee Fut Martial Arts - Australia site Arizona Kung Fu San Soo
Tiger's Den Kung Fu San Soo
Kung Fu San Soo Reseda CA
Kung Fu San Soo Van Nuys CA
Kung Fu San Soo Oklahoma City OK
Playa Vista Martial Arts
Kung Fu San Soo Lake Forest CA
RK Martial Arts Dallas Ft Worth TX
Kung Fu San Soo
San Soo
The Phillips School Nevada City CA
Andre Salvage