More photos of (true) brown pigeon.

Below are some Mookee pictures.  All of these birds are browns.  Note the faded flights where they have been exposed to sun.  Brown fades more than either of the other two pigments.  Brown is the third recognized of the known pigments in pigeons.  The other two are red (ash-red) and blue/black.  The Silver King pigeon is actually a true brown.  Browns also have false pearl eye.  Genetically they may be of any eye color, but the false pearl is what shows.  All mookees are monk-marked, a minor selection of Baldhead (Bh).  The "pink" eyes are a result of camera flash on the false pearl and an artifact of the photo.  These photos are courtesy of Hisham.


Mookee: brown bar pale hen

Mookee: brown check hen


Mookees: brown, both are also carrying milky.  Hen (L) is checker, Cock (R) is Spread



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