Various Pigeon Mutations
Frank Mosca

Below are just some photos of various pigeons showing a few mutations which I haven't discussed much in these pages.  Due to time limitations over the past few years, I've simply tried to add links to other pigeon genetics sites, where they discuss much of what I haven't.  Most of those links are either on the bottom of my index page or on page one of my Links.

Dirty, sooty, blue bar - nasal tuft pigeon

Dirty (likely homozygous) Blue Bar (wild-type)  Nasal Tuft: Bird also appears to be carrying sooty (note the apparent darker flecking on the wing shield) Photo sent to me by a young Chinese fancier whose name I can't remember.   By the way: note  that this bird also shows a Nasal Tuft (a simple dominant); has a shorter, thicker beak  than wild-type (almost no work has been done on the inheritance of beak length/thickness) and a larger eye cere - again, little or no work has been done on the inheritance of eye cere width, amount, etc.


Whitetail (this is a unit factor and seems to be dominant - though serious selection is needed to keep the tail and undercoverts fully white); This bird also  has pearl eyes.  Picture is from a young Romanian fancier's site.


North Caucasian Tumbler Pigeon - black tail

Colored Tail (This bird is a North Caucasian Tumbler): Note it also shows crest (in this case a shell crest)  and muff (which is actually a combination of slipper & grouse).


Chinese Nasal tuft Pigeon _ Ice check

Ice, check (chequer) and probably sooty as well (though it's a bit hard to tell) Nasal Tuft - flying above Beijing.  Photo sent by that same young Chinese fancier as above.


Homozygous milky, Spread Mookee (bird also has Baldhead in its monk-mark selected form and crest.  While you can't see it in the photo, most Mookees also Zitther (neck shake) some.