Pigeons & Pigeon Genetics
by Frank Mosca

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Racing Links

Some Genetics Links


Rare Color Homers King Tut Egyptian Swifts
Race Horses of the Sky (GREAT BEGINNERS INFO!) Tom Barnhart's Genetics Pages Paul Maywald: Wutas/Rollers/Divers
International Fed.of Homing Pigeon Faciers (I.F.) Mangile's genetics site  Show Rollers
American Racing Pigeon Union (A.U.) Mumtaztic Lofts  Dixie Tippler Club
Canadian Racing Pigeon Union (C.U) Ron Huntley's Rare Color Site  The Flying Tippler Club of N. America

Simple Pigeon Genetics  Pigeon Paradise
Racing Pigeons - Poland University of Utah Pigeon Genetics Dr. Hans - Peter Brockamp site

Turkish Tumblers - Great site
Nettis Family Lofts Axel Sell's Homepage (German/Some English Diane Jacky Art Gallery 

 French National Pigeon Association(in French)

Russian Courtyard Tumblers

Racing Pigeon Post Art and Linda's Online Pigeon Loft
Southern Australian Homing Pigeon Asso. Evolution & Scientific Australian Jacobin Club
 Basic Starter Pigeon Loft design National Science Foundation  
Australian National Pigeon Association Evolution - PBS  

Talk Origins(GREAT SITE)  

Museum of Paleontology Elimar Pigeon Services - U.K.
National Tippler Club, Bulgaria
Phil's Racing Pigeons.    
Shetland Racing Pigeon Club (U.K.)  

Squab Breeding

Malta Racing & Fancy Pigeon Clubs   Schuh Farms

Royal Pigeon Racing Assocation U.K.
  Texan Pioneer Club

  Squab breeding
Robinson Lofts   Swiss Mondaine Club 
    The Poultry Connection: All chicken. GREAT!

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