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S.G. White's Royal Naval Academy
    Admiral John C. Savage, Commadant

Academy Wargames

Roleplaying and Boardgaming – The art of group challenges and storytelling lives on.

Traveller – Roleplaying never travellled this far. In the distant future a might space empire of 11,000 worlds has crumbled. Man reached across the stars without a prime directive and proclaimed strength. The 3rd Imperium was at the height of Sophont technology and culture. Corruption, rebellion and a sentient mutated computer virus, The Aware, obliterated all of it. Now, 96 years after the 3rd Imperium fell, sophont pocket empires have stretched out their dominions into the unknown.

Twilight 2000 – The Third World War, a Twilight War, has started and tactical nukes we're used without mercy. Military Division have dwindles to 2,000 soldiers after years of attrition. The world powers have collapsed into bickering special interests. Hundreds of kilometers behind European enemy lines your NATO Division is being overrun, when you receive a message from Division commander, “Good luck, your on your own.”

Information Portal Update List

TEP Shipyards

All quantities are available for production.   TEP (The Excalibur Project) Inc. provides manufacturing, modification, and design of  high-end starships and vehicles. But don't stop there! Order your ship(s) with the appropriate compliment of Replicant and Avatar crew to supplement your regular staff.   TEP is proud to work with and support the Commonwealth's Royal Navy Academy.

  TEP Ship, Vehicle and Facility Designs

Popular Media Ship Designs (TV, Movies, and Models)

Classic Battlestar Galactica, Vipers, Space 1999 Eagle Transports, Firefly, Farscape and others. These can be fun to add to a campaign situation.

Savage Ship Designs, Inc. a subsidiary of TEP

Starships, Spacecraft and vehicles developed for use in the Corridor Commomwealth Campaign.

Traveller Ships Converted to T20

Traveller Ships converted for use in the Corridor Commonwealth Campaign.

History and Adventures of the Commonwealth, Circa 1212

The Commonwealth

A Corrected History Fortress Depot - Enders (1511), the Corridor Commonwealth and fleet

Commonwealth Naval Fleet

Commonwealth News Services (CNS)

Maps of the Corridor Commonwealth Universe

Royal Navy Academy Overview

The Regency

Regency Fleets

Restored Ziru Sirka

RZS Fleets

The Aware (Virus)

Virus Fleets

StarMerc's Campaigns

…..New Campaign...


The Crew

Official Documents

Fortune's Child


Adventures in The Corridor Commonwealth of Fortune's Child

Crew of the 600dTon StarMerc, Fortune's Child


Fortune's Child - Official Documents

Corridor Sector

and beyond...

Corporations of the Corridor Sector – era 1212

The Regency – Regency Government, Regency Fleet


Restored Ziru Sirka (Vilani Empire of the Stars) – Vilani Government, Vilani Fleet


 The Aware - Virus Fleets

 A white paper TBD

 Rebirth T20:1248 - A new view of the 4th Imperium for MTU

A white paper TBD

Imperium DEPOTS - 3rd Imperium, Rebellion, and TNE

Supplements TBD

Religion Books

Book 1 - Terra's The Word - the spread of Humaniti's Beliefs

Supplements TBD

Ancient Aliens Series

Krell – The Tool of Altair

The Ancients – Armada of GrandFather

Echelons – Star Masters


Species and Governments of the Corridor Campaign

 (Brinn, Vargr, Aslan, Virus, Ursa, Humaniti cultures and others)

A white paper

Ages of My Traveller Universe

Home Rules


Character Generation

Friends, Buddies, and Contacts in the Commonwealth

Androids, Avatars, Robots, Replicants and Clones

Skills and Feats

Ursa Monk and Warchief prestige class

Experience Points

Ships Operations and New Savage Hardware

Docking, Towing, Turbo Manuever Drives

Fuel Consumption and Jump Gates

Orbital Drop Platforms

Multi-Spinal Mounts, Colossus Weapons, Heavy Bays and Turrets

XBoat in Tender (XBITS) - Jump Communications Array

Twilight:2000 Campaign

History and additional Materials

Early Alternate 21st Century Storyline


Bear's Den

Home Rules

v1.0 Quick Combat Chart

Characters Information

Admiral John C. Savage

Meson Communicator

Please, support NASA in its new direction!

My 10 seconds on CNN Lou Dobbs 1/15/2004 - "It is great to see America investing in its future and the space program. Mars here we come!" Thanks Lou.

Active Sensors

Adventure Seeds: Consider these TV Shows for adventure Ideas.

Passive Sensor Stats

Corridor Depot J10 Map (see also Corridor Commonwealth Maps)

Matter Transporter Station (TL 17)


Visit Marc Miller's original Traveller site at FarFuture.

Mongoose Traveller


Hunters' T20 rules, legalities and COTI!

This RingSurf Traveller Gearheading Net Ring
owned by Royal Navy Academy.

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Starships and vehicles for the T20 system are designed with the help of freely downloadable design programs for use with T20.  I highly recommend it.

If you enjoy the occassional Shadowrun chummer, try Debug and Mouse's site before hitting the streets of Seattle.  Careful of your brain chummer its protected by Black Ice. And if it's too busy to contend with you look for Nightbringer and his friends while your there.

Transponder Codes

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