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Multi-Spinal Mount Home Rules

Canon only mentions the use of forward, aft spinal mounts in starships and bases. This is an effort to expand beyond those basics.

An Integrated Dual Spinal Mount Weapons Carriage  (Parallel mounts, etc)    

Design Rules:                                                                                                                      
Usage Rules:

Spiral Carriage Spinal Mounts 

Design Rules:
Usage Rules:

Colossus Spinal Mounts

Never implemented for mass production and operations in the Imperium, larger weapon systems are feasible. The Imperium relied on its standard suite of weapons to control maintenance costs and crew training. Consistency was more important than raw firepower.

Additional Weapons Design Rules

  1.  Hardpoints - Two varieties of hardpoints exist Standard and Light.  Standard hardpoint are those carrying ship based weapons. Light Hardpoints can can be substituted 10 for each primary hardpoint (10 per 100dt). The Light Hardpoints are for 50cal. or less light weapons. 
  2. Additional hardpoints can be added to the vessel. As many weapons as the power station will allow. BUT the increase in power conduits and magazines will increase the opportunity for catastrophic failure during a battle by an equal proportion.  One standard harpoint per100dt of starship and a 50dt bay per 500dt of starship is the standard. (or fraction 10dt bay for 100dt of ship).