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Friends, Buddies, and Contract

This is roughly, based on the Shadowrun Buddy System, so I believe I'll implement it as an alternate to whatever D20 isn't doing until they improve the process.

This is to be completed after T20 character generation and ship selection.
Based on how many credits you have remaining that you'd like to use.

The Commonwealth Campaign
Population growth in the Commonwealth has been extremely high. It's not
unusual to come from 5 siblings or more.

Unless specified by the player, everyone knows someone, or has family
and friends. The less you have the more of a loner or drifter you've
become. Or there has been unfortunate tragedy in your past.

Generally, NPCs met from beginning of play are possible "new" contacts.

Friends, Buddies, and Contract have levels and careers too.

1. Select the Contact Type you want.
2. Determine there level:  NPC level = credits * level wanted
3. Select their career type or leave it up to the ref.
    - With Friends for Life or Close Family you may choose to roll them up via the     PC Character Generation Rules


Contact (Type 1): a previous resouce that you've worked with before.
They can get you materials, find out things....
    "Man this new model is what you need. I can get it for ya at a great discount"

Buddy (Type 2): Been through the thick of it on several occassions
over the years.
    "Hey, that deal went sweet. Your pretty good. I know this other guy that
    needs a few..." 5,000cr

Favorite Boss (Type 3): You worked for him/her many years. They
respect you and will put it on the line.
    "I have this special deal for an expert",
    "I need that old magic. What do ya say?"  10,000cr

Friend for Life (Type 4): A best friend, who knows you as well as you
know them.
    "Ya, I remember when...", "I'd die for ya man.". (Max 2
per PC) 20,000cr

Close Family (Type 5): Family that your never really far from...not
just calling the Grandmother but a twin or brother, sister, cousin
that is a Friend for Life. "Every, since we were kids we've wanted to
join the Rangers...". 21,000cr

Shadowrun is the copywrite property of FASA.  This is intended as a non-profit resource for players in my campaign.  Purchase the Shadowrun 3rd edition for more details on running and working with Friends, Buddies, and Contracts.