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JPS Gleed's Classic Traveller Adventures in the Agrarian Commonwealth

Johnathon (John) C. Savage, Admiral

Nickname:  Glassjaw
Assumed Attributes: (Original 9AEEBA, After recovery BBFEBA) Mustered Age 38 to Age 45
Terms: 4 - Reactivated, Agrarian Commonwealth Navy
Vacc Suit 3, SMG 1, Laser Carbine 1, Gunnery 1, Engineering 2, Pilot 3, Battle Dress 1, Navigation 2, Tactics 1

Description: sandy brown hair, blue eyes,  6ft tall, 195lbs.
reflec armor, wardrobe (several naval uniforms, safari-style ruggedwear cloths), Vacc Suit, Standard wrist watch, Suspended animation watch (replace battery/capsule every 2 mo), wedding ring, white sound device, Personalized Battle Dress(royal blue), Cont. Range communicator, comb. face mask, engineering tool kit, cerimonial navy sword,
Red Death Blade, LI Goggles, shield belt, grav belt, dart gun, LAG, and letter of intro. from King Merclear.
Co-owner (w/wife) The Excalibur Project (TEP) corp. approx value 220Mcr.  Later merged with Zuezes Holdings.

Savage's History
John was born on the Agrarian world of Skional to merchant Captain David Savage and  Anne (Baxton) Savage.  David sold his ship "St George" and settled on their homeworld of Skional refurbishing the family Plantation, "Tortova".
John served a term in college at the RNA and 4 terms in the navy. After a year he was, re-activivated, spent 6 year hunting pirates and fighting the war. His injuries at the Battle of Pelcrest were 3 years into the war and required 6 months of convalescence.

Initial Service Record Attachments:
  1. Cadet Royal Navy Academy,
  2. Gunner on the 10kt cruiser Guiles,
  3. Engineer on the 800t merc. cruiser Longblade, and
  4. Pilot of the 600t courier Dartysmyth.
Re-Activated Service Record:
  1. Commander Griffon 300t close escort,
  2. Captain Starlowe 3000t cruiser,
  3. Fleet Captain 14th Vengeance Squadron, Olney Fleet - Olney
  4. Commodore 14th Vengeance Fleet (squadron was expanded and upgraded)
  5. Fleet Admiral 14th Vengeance Fleet - Drexel (after the fall of Olney)
  6. Fleet Admiral 14th VF - Drexel, Commandant Royal Navy Academy

Adventure(s) Synopsis:
Commander John Savage served 5 terms in the Navy and mustered out on Drexel (a Lebanon like divided world). There he met, fell for and married adventurous Jackie Brown. He quickly discovered his new wife to be a billionaire recluse.
Shortly after the marriage he is reactivated by His Highness and works to the wartime promotion of Admiral and the conclusion of the war...
1. Intercepted Enemy Transmission - Battle of Drexel - IUS After Action Report
2. Inflicted an estimated enemy loss rate of 100 IUS Navy personnel per 1 AC person. Ground and support personnel statistics are not available.
3. Officially noted as demoralizing enemy forces on several occasions including the Vengeance Fleets suicide mission to the IUS homeworld that officially destroyed various enemy squadrons, and captured assets.
4. Decisive support for the assault and overthrow of the IUS on their largest industrial system, Pelcrest.

Off the Record
Brief on Negav Zuezes (To know Savage is to know his friends and Allies)
Zuezes retired as a Jump Marine Lieutenant from the Marine Corps. He
graduated from college with a flight surgeon degree and transferred into the Navy Command Branch.  During the Second War, Zuezes was promoted to the rank of Grand Admiral. He retired and was eventually knighted after the close of the war when he actively participated in government and his personal buisness.  At the outbreak of the Second War we was re-activated by His Highness, King Merclear.

Jackie (Brown) Savage was a known resident of Drexel. She's is an attractive but reclusive woman. The source of her wealth is assumed to be very, successful business dealing. 

Game Description
JPS Gleed design of the tri-empire system environment could be compared to a world where the British Commonwealth and the Soviet Union go to war while the US and remainder of Europe sit it out. After a decade of play, there were many stories left out or briefly mentioned.  These adventures are a matter of Agrarian Commonwealth Public Record, rumors of other activities such as the Savage Clone have never been confirmed.  [Wink]

Authors Note: This was the first Traveller universe I participated in. It inspired me to begin my own Traveller Universe. When I "re-created" My Traveller Universe (MTU) in 2003-4, I decided to incorporate my design for the Royal Navy Academy into the infrastructure as a re-organized remnant of the Imperium. This website is named for that organization.

Classic Traveller is copyrighted by FarFutures. The Adventures in the Agrarian Commonwealth are copyrighted by JPS Gleed. John Savage is copyrighted by Scott White. Discussion of the AC and Gleed's Traveller campaign are printed with permission.