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Enders (3rd Imperium Depot) – 1511

        Corridor Sector – Strand Subsector


Corrected Historical Overview -1212

“Wide spread public opinion on the events of the fall of Depot Corridor are not entirely correct.”

         Morris, Archduke - 1151 before the Regency General Assembly

Re-Defined History of MT/TNE Corridor Depot

            Founded in the 1st century of the Third Imperium as a Vilani colony by H.A. Enders. Later, established as a Naval base and then a Sector Depot System for the Imperium Navy.

1116     Stephon secretly tours the new Depot refitted facilities. It is now the most advanced Depot in the Imperium and outline for future Depot upgrades. Blueprints for using the base for extensive expansion into Vargr territories are discussed. 
Emperor Stephon refers to it as “Fortress Enders” while speaking with Depot’s new defense system caretaker.  He secretly addressed the senior military and construction staff, "What has been done here has amazed us.  Your toil has turned a system-wide Imperium Naval Base into a Fortress without compare in the know universe.  But more importantly the blueprint for a new upgrade that shall be implemented on all border Depots.  We are most pleased. "

                             Dulinor supposedly assassinates Stephon at Capital.

                  1117  The Third Imperium shatters into Civil war as Lucan rushes to establish control. Lucan recalls
                 the main elements of  the Corridor fleet to fight Dulinor. Depot finishes the construction of
                 deep structures and low berths continue. The mothball fleet is moved completely underground on Depot
                 Prime. Efforts to move supplies from outer bases to the two replicated facilities begin.  Refugees stream
                 towards the Regency or often Depot Corridor. 

1118              1118  Day 102, 500 Vargr ships enter Depot system and being raiding merchants. Efforts to evacuate
                Depot system collapse from Vargr raids. Evacuations of Depot sites to Depot Prime and Sefke begin.
                The Vargr fleet damages outer bases and finally takes Sefke Depot after destroying the 3 squadrons of
                 the 70th Fleet.  When closing on Depot Prime the reduced fleet is pounded by DMG and missile defenses
                respond with full force driving off the severely damaged fleet. 
                Millions are still fleeing for Depot Prime from surrounding systems, including Strand, and Six Lights. 
                It is believed that it is the safest location from the raid.

                   1119  Reestablished Vilani Empire and Domain of Deneb, following joint exercises against Vargr
                fleets, come to blows over Corridor Depot. First and last shots were taken by Depots automated
                defense system that turned on the fleets as both began salvage operations.  Neither was aware
                that the defense grid was targeting all vessels as hostile. Both retreated assuming the Depot was
                severely damaged in the confrontation.  Deep Meson Guns throughout the system opened up on
                 intruders. Regency forces raid Corridor Depot’s Gas Giant Station and significant quantities of
                 materials are confiscated.

1120              1120  Vargr raids devastate Corridor worlds.  Several attempts to take Depot are beaten off under the
                 leadership of Baron James hault Grivven. 
                 Vargr raiders created elaborate stories, of Depot's fall, to bolster morale, claim territories and continued
                 attempting to defeat Depot Prime while plundering the rest of the system.

                 Raids severely damage Corridor’s Gas Giant Station (GGS).  Continued efforts to recall
                 materials from the base are successful but leave it uninhabitable.

      1130  Lucan releases Virus and brings human civilization to collapse.  Only the Regency survives
                 Virus.   The Vilani  immediately begins shutting down all systems and re-building.  Corridor
                 Depot shuts down communications and destroys any unauthorized ship entering system or orbit.
GGS is lost to continuous Virus raids.

1150     10 Regency battle cruisers emerge from jump space in corridor parsec 1511. Approaching the tranquil planet, Enders, each cruiser lights up with a barrage of meson fire. Within 2 minutes the fleet is reduced to one ship that has broken off and moves away quickly. A single message is received “Beware Invader. Depot Corridor Stands!” First Citizen.

Small squadrons leave Enders for several worlds in the region. During this discovery period the Ashima and Zudagim are discovered and trade begins.  Surface cities are rebuilt and significant population growth is encouraged.

1151      Norris addresses a general assembly on the state of Corridor and mentions the dreadful event of the previous year.  "There is no doubt that effort to re-evaluate Corridor Depot have failed.  The War World is active and does not appear to be under Vargr or Vilani Control”.

           Norris announces the commercialization of the Deneb Depot system.  In an effort to revitalize Depot Deneb the Regency Navy welcomes commercial interests throughout the system.

1152      Formal formation of the Commonwealth between Ashima, Enders, Six Lights and Zudagim.  Monitoring stations establish a 15-parsec boundary between Six Lights and Enders.  King James hault Grivven is given leadership over the SC. Enders High Port begins reconstruction.   The Ancient JumpGate at Depot is repowered. It was shutdown during the Rebellion but neither side powered it up again hoping to reclaim it.  A point of historic value, Virus is unable to infect or use the Ancients' technology.

1156   Formation of the Commonwealth Rangers re-utilizing scout service assets.

      1160     A Virus battleship attempts to assault Enders leaving hundreds dead on the surface. It is quickly dispatched.
                 Reconstruction of the Gas Giant Station and a defense perimeter are expanded to include
                 defenses for member worlds.  Since, the origiinal station asteroid was in ruins and now unstable a
                 Tigress battleship is converted to act as the new GGS and named Lioness.

      1172      The Grand Commonwealth expansion begins.

      1202     The Commonwealth has 22 member systems in 3 subsectors and boasts a significant fleet and several
                 Navy Bases.  Separate Vilani and Regency couriers arrive in system on Olive Branch missions
                 suggesting the inclusion of this  rumored Commonwealth in their states as members. The offers
                 are declined but the Vilani negotiate a separate  purchase of a minimum of 7 warships every
                 year. This offer is accepted.

       1203    The Land Rush is in full swing after initial efforts. Both the Reclaimed Vilani Empire and the
                 Regency have established holdings in the Corridor sector.

 1212    The New Era begins.


Pre-Rebellion Depot

Depot UPS Over the Century

1116 Depot              1511 A686354-F D  AG Hb Lo Ni          123 Im G

1150 Enders A686655-F D No exports/imports Im G
1202 Assumed Depot Stats     X686243-9    No Ni                    Wi G
1212 Depot                   A686954-G D  Ag In HiPop              SC G

Definition of a Depot
Naval Depots are huge harboring area for starships, naval personnel, and supporting services. A depot typically encompasses and entire star system and has an unlimited capacity for starships.  The Navy provides three distinct services to its ships at depot: maintenance (...), personnel (...), and training.
Depots stand constantly available to repair and return to service battle-damaged ships in a minimum time.

            --- page 33 Rebellion sourcebook.

Depot Corridor maintained replicated depot bases on two worlds including high ports, Depot Prime and Sefke. It also maintained bases in orbit of both gas giants, although the outer gas giant base was larger to support commercial traffic. It was known as Gas Giant Station. Depot infrastructure has been constructed over centuries. Updating occured infrequently based on needs of the Imperium and importance of the Depot.
Outer Depots received priorities and superior updating because of the locations.

The smaller starport bases supported their primary functions (a naval squadron) and secondary functions, such as combat training in the various conditions, and storage or production of materials.

Depot System Facility Specifics;

A.  2 Depot facilities: Depot Prime, and Sefke (secondary)

B.  3 major class A Starports:

C.  16 B and C Starport bases for sepecific Fleets or Squadron activities.


System Defenses:

The new upgrades to Depot Corridor included central and reserve controls for integrated system defense. These defenses were controlled by the Depot System Defense Grid (DSDG) located deep under Depot Prime. The DSMG is a state of the art (TL17) command and control for system-wide defenses and management. To provide a face and some mobility Imperium engineers provided DSDG with a War World class Avatar, an artificially intelligent android named, The Caretaker. 
Never before had command staff been able to control a systems defense with such detail.

Depot Prime had 100 Deep Meson Gun (DMG) emplacements, 15 Missile batteries, and 30 spinal mount defense platforms.  Depot Sefke defenses were still under construction: 25 DMGs were completed, 5 missile batteries and 10 spinal mount defense platforms.  DMGs consisted of geothermal powerstations, and a 30 degree rotational tilt assembly.

Each remote base, in system, had 4 DMG emplacements, GGS also had 250 gun 100t PA bays.

Imperial Corridor Depot Fleet (ICDF):  

4 Numbered Fleets located at Corridor Depot  (16th, 27th, 41st and 70th fleets)

16th Support Fleet – 3 Squadrons (20ships each)

24th  Mothball Fleet - 996 vessels

748 vessels re-fit capable vessels

                  1024th Cannibalization Squadron – 248 ships

            41st  Training Fleet - 2 Squadrons (20 ships each)

70th  Security Fleet - 3 Squadrons (25 ships)

Imperial Corridor Fleet

16 numbered Subsector Fleets located at naval and scout bases throughout the sector number approximately 1400 in naval strength.

Strand Numbered Fleets:  Based on Six Lights but held a secondary facility at Depot.

   59th Assault Fleet, 6 squadrons  - 20 ships per squadron (120 ships)

            2 Batron, 1 CruRons, 2 AssaultRons, 1 TankRon

   1059th Reserve Fleet, 6 squadrons  - 20 ships per squadron (120 ships)

            2 BatRons, 3 CruRons, 1 TankRon

Other Subsector Numbered Fleets

            Vargr border fleets had 3 squadrons and Rift fleets had 2 squadrons.

Brief Fleet History

After rebellion began the Navy’s numbered fleets moved to combat under the flag of Lucan’s Loyalty Fleet.  Reserve Fleet and Depot fleets stayed on station to hold the sector together.  The Corridor Reserve Fleet was almost immediately overrun by incoming Vargr raiders. The 1059th Reserve Fleet moved, with Navy families, to support the defense of Depot from invasion as its first line of defense.  One Imperial Planet Heavy Cruiser,  Martian Quest, survived the nightmare. Engine malfunctions put her behind the other vessels providing a horrific view watching the security fleet burning.  She was lost later in defense of Sefkre.

Corridor Depot in The New Era

1212 Depot Prime      A686954-G   Ag In HiPop                      SC  G

Enders Facility Specifics;

1 Depot Naval Facility – on Depot Prime.

3 Class A Starports:

6 smaller Starports with Squadron specific bases:


Depot Prime has 52 Deep Meson Gun emplacements, and 20 Missile batteries.   Efforts are underway to restore the other 48 DMGs at Depot Prime. 

Remote bases in system presently have 1 meson gun emplacements, GGS 50gun 100t PA bays.
Gas Giant Station,  a buffered planetoid orbiting the primary gas giant, was heavily damaged and  is not habitable or stable.  A mothballed Tigress battleship has been moved into position orbiting the gas giant and has been designated as the new Gas Giant Station. Her systems have been modified and she's redesignated as a Lioness class Battle Station.

Commonwealth Fleet:  

16th Commonwealth Colonial Fleet – 10 Squadrons (approx. 20ships each) - 204 ships

24th  Mothball Fleet - 540 vessels

            1024th Cannibalization Squadron – 479 ships

            2024th Mothball Squadron – 61 ships

            41st  Training Fleet - 2 Squadrons (10 ships each)

70th  Security Fleet - 2 Squadrons (52 ships)


Numbered Fleets:  200 ships

Strand Subsector:

Six Lights Navy (but holds a secondary facility at Depot)

   59th Assault Fleet, 2 squadrons  - 2 squadron (40 ships)

            1 CruRons, 1 AssaultRons

   1059th Reserve Fleet, 6 squadrons  - 10 ships per squadron (20 ships)

            1 BatRons, 1 CruRons

Ashima Provincial Fleet 10 ships per squadron (20 ships)

            1 BatRon, 1 CruRon, 1 Reserve CruRon

Naadi Subsector:

   150th Combat Fleet (Shargishu)- 10 ships per squadron (20 ships)

1 BatRons, 1 CruRons

   1150th Reserve Combat Fleet, 6 squadrons  - 10 ships per squadron (10 ships)

            1 BatRons, 1 CruRons

   255th Long Fleet (Farplace)  - 10 ships per squadron (20 ships)

1 BatRons, 1 CruRons

   1255th Reserve Long Fleet, 6 squadrons  - 10 ships per squadron (10 ships)

            1 BatRons, 1 CruRons

Atu'l Subsector:

   213th   Battle Fleet (Atu'l)  - 10 ships per squadron (20 ships)

1 BatRons, 1 CruRons

   1213th Reserve Battle Fleet, 6 squadrons  - 10 ships per squadron (10 ships)

            1 BatRons, 1 CruRons

Rebellion Fleet History

After rebellion began, the Navy’s numbered fleets moved to combat under the flag of Lucan’s Loyalty Fleet.  The Reserve Fleets and Depot fleets stayed on station to hold the sector together per Lucan's assurance of safety.  The Corridor Reserve Fleet was almost immediately overrun by incoming Vargr raiders. The 1059th Reserve Fleet moved from Six Lights, with Navy families, to support the defense of Depot from invasion as its first line of defense. One Imperial Planet Heavy Cruiser survived the nightmare. Engine malfunctions put her behind the other vessels providing her with a horrific view of events as 500 Vargr vessels overran the 70th Security fleet, even though it was supported by additional vessels from the 255th.

The 24th Mothballed Fleet, as all mothball fleets, was intended to leave vessels within 2 weeks of readiness. When requested less than 5% of the vessels were put back into active duty immediately.   Parts were frequently secured from mothballed vessels to support urgent, active duty vessels.  The refitting of mothballed ships would need to become a significant manufacturing effort.  Most of the fleet was moved and lowered into deep storage facilities, at the onset of the Rebellion,  within Depot Prime. Several ships were pressed  into service as Deep Meson Gun (DMG) or Deep Sea Meson Gun (DSMG) sites.  The exact number is not an element of public record.

Public Opinion

All references to public opinion (INS, Regency history) are brief and state the same things about the fall of Depot Corridor.  It is true that the outer system, gas giant station and bases were heavily plundered and pillaged.  Officers, Staff, and Naval Engineers at those facilities were tortured and killed without remorse.

The infamous Regency recovery mission: Rapid Repo acted on incorrect data and confused Depot Prime (DP) with the Depot Sefke (DS) facility.   The DS layout was similar and the amount of war debris in the inner system has always causes a threat to navigation and sensors. King James hault Grivven (formerly Imperial Baron), First Citizen (formerly the Caretaker), and the Senate have continuously used cover stories while trading with and exploring other worlds. This has re-enforced the Fall of Corridor/Depot scenario.  The formation of the Rangers in 1156 supported the "dead world" storyline through miss-information with other cultures.  In 1202, after the reconstruction ended and the flegling Commonwealth was stable, these stories were no longer necessary and the policy was abandoned.