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Technology Ages of Traveller (in MTU)

Based on the T5 ages of traveller

Age Name
Description (common activities)
0 Neolithic age Fire, Wheels, and the Basic
Metal ages
Manipulation of Metals, Initial govts, war, gods
    a. Bronze age
Making Bronze tools and weapons
Iron age
Making Iron tools and weapons
2 Dark age Gov't and religious exploration, political advances, algebra, improved documentation
3 Middle age Begin serious analysis of mathematics (calculus) and the sciences (biology, physics)
4 Steam age Steam engines, Oil and Fuels
5 Industrial age industrial revolution, sophont rights
6 Atomic age Harnessing the power of the atom in weapons and power plants, public awareness and concern
7 Space age Orbital and basic planetary space travel
8 Information age Technology boom, Global economy, Alternate Energies
9 Interstellar age Solar society (capable of 10% of population being in space), energy cells improved, Jump1, Starships last 40yrs
10 Fusion age Fusion is common, Improved Jump drives
11 Meson age Meson communications and weapons
12 Terraform age Basic world modification is possible
13 Holocrystal age Data storage techniques improved - crystalise is common
14 Gene-ering age Replicants, Clones, Biomachines
15 Anagathics age Longevity drugs - life extension is common
16 Neural age Neural Positronics (functional AI avatars), (Alternate tech: 1/2 fuel jump capable drives), starships last 1000yrs
17 Antimatter age
Antimatter is a common power supply, new armour
Tier Jump age
6 Jump Tiers, consisting of 6 Parsec Jumps, each is common
19 Stargate age Limited duration, stable wormhole-like portals throughout the universe and improved jumpgates (sometimes called slipstream)
20 Rosette age World Manipulation (Move and Jump worlds), Advanced Terraforming
21 World Builders age
Stellar manipulation (Dyson, Ringworld, Solid Dyson)
22 Pocket Universe age Large stable universe development
23 Galactic Manipulation age
Understand universal fabric, harness Black Holes and Stars
24 Galactic Jump age Engines capable of jumping from galaxy to galaxy (GJ1)
25 Psionic Manipulation age Multi-displine psionic society
26 Interdimensional age Interdimensional living common (sliding, multidimensional gov'ts)
27 Energy Evolution age Life forms can naturally evolve into energy based beings
Galactic Group Jump age
Ability to travel in jumps between Galaxy Groups (GG1)
SuperCluster Jump age
Ability to traverse the universe (SCJ1)


Some societies will skip a later age or not comprehend it before moving on. It is possible to move forward without taking planetary travel, meson, bioengineering and several other ages seriously. Not studying these areas will eventually result in stagnation or worst an imature society. 

Revision copyright Scott White