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Home Rules - Character Generation and Development

Character Generation

Natural Skill

A character may elect to invest double the Skill Point Limit (it is level+3) in one skill. The character is considered a "natural" at that particular skill.   The new Skill Point Limit formula is (level+3)*2.

Natural Feat

A character may choose to switch one "core class" feat with any general category. This is a permanent switch for the life of the character (For example, Weapons Proficiency-Marksman for Psi Training).

More Feats  "New Character Learning the Ropes"

        Instead of 1 starting feat and a bonus feat: You may selected 1/2 the starting class feats listed!
(a.k.a. many MORE feats not less). Then you can add feats normally as the character levels increase.

Character Skill and Feat Development

New Skills or Feats

I will consider using any Skill or Feat from another D20 game or Traveller system you'd like in the game.

  1. Instruction Skill - must be taught by an instructor or 12 months of daily instructions for 4+ individuals.

New Classes

         Combat Savant                  - Angus McDonald's website
         Psionist                               - James Kemp's website
         Ursa Monk or WarChief