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Home Rules - Ship Operations

Docking, Painting a Ship, Purchasing a Ship, Towing, and Turbo Manuever Drives


Costs and size do not vary and are available at that tech level. Some vessels have several different types. Crew impact is time to setup and the number of crew to complete setup.
1. Basic Hardened Air Locks
     a. A Low-Velocity Shot line between the two vessels
     b. No Atmosphere, Open, Flexible Docking Tube
2. No atmosphere, Enclosed Flexible Docking Tube
3. Atmoshere, Enclosed, Flexible Docking Tube
5. Atmosphere, Enclosed, Hardened Docking Tube
6. Atmosphere, Open, Shielded, Gravitic Tunnel (TL18+)

Painting a Ship

Ship Painting and designs are available starting at 5,000cr/100t of ship, as a minimum.  This will provide 1 basic design and two colors.  Additional intricate designs start at 1000cr each (depending on the artist), and additional colors add 1000cr/100t of ship.

Purchasing a Ship

In the Shattered Imperium, ship costs for older vessels (40+ year refits) are 10% of the original purchase value. A recent refit (within 1 year) will  add 100% of the refit cost to the vessel. Within
5 years will add 80% of the refit cost. Within 10 years will add 50% of the refit cost. Within 20 years
will add 25% of the refit cost.

Running with a Mortgaged Ship

Most governments (that are not at war) will intercommunicate through trade. This includes putting out a reward for lost vessels.  Bounty Hunters find this to be a goodway to make additional income 1% of the vessels value and 2%  with the command crew.  Governments that are hostile or at war will use the opportunity to sieze the vessel for their own purposes. Running with a mortgaged ship is an act of piracy. 


The engineering team will have to roll versus a DC12 for hardened attachments, grid attachments and
battle damage patching.

Turbo Manuever Drives

Secondary Manuever drive at M1-6.   Designed to be activated after the full performance of the vessels' manuever drive has been reached.