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SF TV shows with Adventure Seed Possibilities


Travellers Seeking a New Home:
1. Battlestar Galactica (& 1980)
2. Space 1999
3. Starlost
4. Lost in Space (LIS)
5. Red Dwarf
7. Starblazers
9. Robotech Macross (cartoon)

Seeking a Way Home:
1. Farscape
2. Quantum Leap
3. Lost In Space (looking for a new home or a way Earth, they weren't picky)
    - also a movie based on the Irwin Allen TV series
4. Space 1999 (looking for a new home or a way to Earth, they weren't picky)
5. Land of the Lost
6. Prisoner, The
7. Sliders
8. a 1970s show about a group teleporting around Atlantis looking for a way home.
        -- don't recall the name.
9. Doyle's Lost World
10. Star Trek: Voyager
11. Land of the Giants (Irwin Allen series)
12. Lost Saucer, the (starring Jim Neighbors as an android)
13. Dungeons and Dragons (not SF but whos counting)
14. Tripods, The

Screwed Up World:
1. Planet of the Apes
2. Survivors, The
3. Martian Chronicles, The (mini)
4. Day After, The (mini)
5. Alien Nation

Defending home:
1. Buck Rogers in the 25th Century
2. V
3. UFO
4. Quark -Intergalactic garbage man
5. Dark Skies
6. Invaders, The
7. Terrahawks
8.  Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (Irwin Allen series)
9.  Duck Dogers in the 25 1/2 century (cartoon)
10. Taken (mini-series)
11. Star Trek classic,NG,DS9