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Androids, Avatars, Robots, Replicants, and Clones

Androids and Avatars

First Citizen (Caretaker) Avatar – Designed for the Third Imperium First Citizen is an extension of the Depot Defense Grid for Corridor Depot (Enders). The defense grid extends beyond the system to the neighboring systems creating an effective zone of control. The Avatar acts as an ambassador for the system and is autonomous. The Avatar would not leave the system zone of control. Actually, there has never been a reason for the Avatar to leave Depot Prime. It is publicly known that Depot Avatars have been fitted with extensive Virus control features.

Avatars, Caretaker models, have been rolled out with all primary Ships of the Line, like Battlestars, in the Commonwealth.

The Commonwealth denies using any Androids in stand alone operations.

Avatar specifications are considered Ultra Top Secret by the Commonwealth government.


Like the Depot Avatar many robots have graced the stars with their presence.

B9, B9m - The first model was lost during the 21st century Terra Jupiter missions to colonize local systems like Alpha Centauri. Over 4000 B9 model robots we're eventually produced. Another 100 variants found their way in Terran society. The first production revision was the B9m.

Robby the Robot - (22nd Century) Discovered by United Planets space cruiser C57-D on Altair, he was instrumental in defining the evolution of Robotics. After returning to Terra he turned over scematics for production of various electronics in his system. Deemed the property of Altaira (Morbius) Adams it was not confiscated and dismantled. Furthermore, it was designated a historic item of the Krell. Had they attempted such a task it was obvious that they would've failed to reproduce the intriguing TL17 wonder. Robby went on to serve as an astrogator in the UPF with scientist Altaira and her husband Captain Adams. Robby's disappeared after the loss of the captain and his wife during a mission.