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Commonwealth News Services

Headline News


The Enders Depot Defense System fought off and destroyed a rogue Virus 5000dt fleet escort in Enders' far orbit.  The navy has announced a more aggressive patrol scenario to plug holes in the outer perimeter.


Battles in the outsystem with Virus invaders were a complete trouncing for Commonwealth Forces.  News from Vigh uncovers less success when the free trader Viddi Maru was infected and damaged by a
Virus scout vessel.  Both vessels jumped before their crews could be saved or the ships destroyed.


Darkmoon prison colony has announced the discovery of another Lanthinum mine.  Extraction efforts have already begun resulting in 4 mines on the inhospitable world.


Rear Admiral Gear, the Depot Commander, has announced that projects to reduce starship construction time are successfully on schedule.  "It is our intent to be able to produce capital ships in quantity within 1/2 the single construction timeline. We're well on the way to accomplishing such an activity."

  • Most vessels produced are refits from captured, re-appropriated or mothballed vessels.

  • Only 3 ships are produced in the Commonwealth the lite and heavy battlestar lines, and serpent scout vessels.


Regatta Week begins. 

All Commonwealth sophonts are urged to spend time in religious thought.

Rumors of a mass murder on Ashima of 25 worshipers continue.


The mass murder, 25 homicides, on Ashima at a religious ceremony appears to have been solved. The capture of Osiris Rollins marks the close of the investigation.


The offices of the Lord of Vigh has announced the the construction of a new defense platform intended to defend from Virus and Regency growth.  We will be using mining operations taxes to pay for this effort.


First Citizen will be touring over 82 schools this week.  She is intended to raise awareness of Avatars vs Virus computers in pre-teen children.


The Great Vanquet Space Race was briefly interrupted by a Virus incursion into the system. Naval assets quickly dispatched a 200t Virus far trader that attempted to release 4 gigs from her hold..


The Great Vanquet Space Race winner Jivala Moore and his racing cutter, Windy, was clocked beyond  the human tolerance at18Gs of acceleration.


The scout vessel, Wabbit, discovered a 5000dt relic fleet escort floating into the Naadi system.  Although,  rare the vessel is expected to catch a fair price. The PF Sloan class escort, Cleon's Hammer, appeared to have been disabled and abandoned during the Rebellion.


Actress Diane Livington receives the Best Thespian Award at the annual Commonwealth Entertainment awards.


A Regency 600dt trade ship, Shulocka, was impounded for attempting to sell contraband drugs on Vigh.


Itasis government has begun the sale of homesteading rights throughout the system.  The population believes that  many rich resources need be investigated but don't have the resources.


A free trader, Hardest, in the Nubotech system crashed into an asteroid in the belt.  The survivors were not too quick to request recovery. They accidentally discovered a patch of Iridium on the crash site.


The Commonwealth Navy announces the anniversary of Enders Highport. 


Duke Viers has announce the marriage of his son Conner Viers to Baroness Tonja Evilar.  When married their combined holdings will be the 5th largest in the Commonwealth.


Flash! Flash!  Imperium Corridor Sector Duchess Anna Vakora-Kaasu has been recovered after 93 years in low berth.  The armed liner "Fortune's Child" has been credited with the recovery. The Duchess appears to be in fine health but this discovery has caused confusion in the royal court.  His majesty has announced a royal ball in his Great Aunts' honor. And has continued to speak well of this event.

  • Imperium Duchess Anna Vakora-Kaasu participated in Imperium Moot proceedings representing her father and the sector.  During one of the proceedings Lucan's right to the Iridium Throne was questioned.  Her vessel was thought lost by the Regency when attempting to flee Vargr corsair incursions, during the Great Exodus, to the Regency.  The Duchess' Imperium nobility places her higher than the King's Imperium lineage but this is highly insignificant at this point.


In a brief announcement from the Royal Palace, "Anna is doing well and is welcomed by his majesty into the Commonwealth Royal Court, as a member of the royal family. Besides Royal Holdings that may be turned over to her, she has negotiated and offers the Duchy of Strand for the good of the

  • The Royal Family would need to release 10% of the general holdings to the Kaasu family.  Corporations have already began legal proceedings to protect their interests but these may be overruled by the King. If this is true her worth is estimated in the tens of billions of credits and this could be the greatest re-distribution of wealth in Commonwealth history. 

First Citizen announced the Duchess' key role in the development of the Depot Defense System and the Avatars that protected Enders in the early years.


The Royal Welcome Ball for Duchess Anna Vakora-Kaasu was a great success with nobility and the King being very pleased with the outcome. The press was excluded from festivities but after-party interviews reflected a positive experience for all.  The Duchess did release a statement after the event:

"Since the assassination of my father (Duke Criston Rehman-Kaasu) on Ashima I felt all was lost. The bravery of all of you that survived the darkness of Rebellion is a true light in Corridor.   Soon Strand will re-join the sector as an ally of the  Commonwealth and together we will build a new future with the wise rulership of my great nephew, Daniel hault Grivven, our King. "


The Navy announced a new special mission version of the Chameleon commerce raider boasting superior fuel economy.

An initial settlement mission to Strand has been officially announced under the leadership of Admiral Arabella von Erricsson and the Commonwealth Rangers.

  • Interested parties are advised to contact the Convoy offices of the Navy.

  • The admiral holds a knighthood as a displaced Domain of Deneb noble Baroness. Her nobility was awarded to her by Archduke Norris after many heroic actions.  She lost her husband in the Second Corridor Landrush during a pitched pirate battle.  Later, she left the Regency after displacement of nobility.  Today she stands as a Naval Admiral assigned to the Commonwealth Rangers. 

The offices of Baroness Trollesk of Nubotech announced a new Tailored Battle Dress that improves on user comfort and specs.


Efforts to rob the Royal Commonwealth Bank of 1 Billion Credits was thwarted by police officer Gris Marks and the capital police force. 5 thieves we're killed in the action. The ring leader is being hunted by authorities.


Navy investigates fire aboard Topaze a 100kt strike cruiser assigned to a CruRon.  Millions in credits of damage are expected.  135 crew members sustained injury.


RexCorp and Nubotech have announced the merger of the organizations.  RexCorp builds cybernetic devices.


Rangers reported the loss of a 1000 dt passenger liner in Enrick Down system. Efforts to identify the ship are in progress.


Farplace defense forces have discovered a small pre-Rebellion corporate cache.

Strand has sent Naval forces to defend Lysio from Regency invasion based on Antiquity events. Acceptance of the tri-system into the Commonweath was passed in emergency session of the Senate.


Strand naval forces investigating Antiquity discovered decedents of the surviving scientists studying the world once home to the Ancients.  They we're attacked and successfully destroyed 3600dt of Regency naval shipping.


FLASH! FLASH!  Commonwealth forces have clashed with a major Virus naval force in the Tobibak system.  CNS news feed  " This is Mark Brendon onboard the Bellerophon in a batlegroup with multiple Battlestar ships and a sizable squadron.  The invasion fleet has landed troops on Tobibak but we've been told Commonwealth forces are routing the enemy.  So far heavy space based losses have occurred including World Heavy Cruiser and 3 SEH cruis....." <Communications Interruption>

FLASH! FLASH! Commonwealth forces under Admiral Cane on Battlestar Pegasus have destroyed 93% of the invasion Virus fleet at Tobibak.


In an address to the Senate and people of Enders. His highness regretted the loss of  Battlestar Bellerophon, and other vessels at Tobibak but emphasized the military significance of the victory.  His Highness declared 205-1212 a Commonwealth observance holiday, Hero's Day.  

"Corridor Commonwealth committed all forces of the 499th FirstIn CruRon and 98th Deliverer StrikeRon to the defense of the unaligned Tobibak star group.  Additional strikes we're made against the Kaasu forces for a decisive victory". - First Citizen

Expansion of the Commonwealth into Tobibak and systems surrounding Tobibak passed in emergency session. The redistribution of naval forces is anticipated.


Regency efforts to support the Vland war on the Black Empire have increased with additional forces being moved to support the effort. These efforts continue to break Regency solidarity with strikes on numerous worlds.