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Breaking Glass

Official Releases
Low (1977/1991 EMI reissue)
Low (1977/1999 EMI Remaster)
Stage (1978/1983 original RCA CD issue) Philadelphia 28th/29th April 1978
Stage (1978/1991 EMI reissue) Philadelphia 28th/29th April 1978
Sound+Vision III (1989 Ryko issue)
The Best Of David Bowie 1974/1979 (1998)
Sound+Vision (2003 EMI issue) - from Stage

11th/12th September 1983 Vancouver Serious Moonlight video
11th/12th September 1983 Vancouver Serious Moonlight DVD
28th September 1995 New Jersey Beaten On The Outside VCD
22nd June 1996 Loreley The Outside Festival VCD
22nd June 1996 Loreley Loreley '96 VCD
1st July 2002 Paris Olympia VCD

Unofficial Releases
19th March 1978 San Diego San Diego Sailor
4th April 1978 Los Angeles Slaughter In The Air
10th April 1978 Dallas Dallas 78
11th April 1978 Baton Rouge Bowie '78
11th April 1978 Baton Rouge Baton Rouge
13th April 1978 Nashville Neither Country Nor Western
6th May 1978 Boston "Live" At The Boston Garden
7th May 1978 New York First Night At The Garden
22nd May 1978 Vienna First Stand In Wien
31st May 1978 Copenhagen Falkoner Teatret 1978
4th June 1978 Gothenburg Another Stage
5th June 1978 Oslo Neon Permafrost - part 1
15th June 1978 Newcastle Beauty Before Outrage
22nd June 1978 Glasgow Glasgow Apollo 1978
11th November 1978 Adelaide Sense Of Adelaide
24th November 1978 Sydney Forever Yours
11th December 1978 Tokyo Budokan '78

17th April 1983 Dallas The Serious Moonlight Rehearsals
22nd May 1983 Munich Moonlight Special
6th June 1983 Birmingham Moonlight Exhibition
11th June 1983 Gothenburg Sold Out
12th June 1983 Gothenburg Pinpoints Of Light
18th June 1983 Bad Segeberg Bad Segeberg '83
30th June 1983 London On The Hammersmith Stage
3rd July 1983 Milton Keynes No Religion
13th July 1983 Montreal The Jean Genie Vol.4
16th July 1983 Hartford
31st August 1983 Foxboro Let's Dub
4th September 1983 Toronto Boy! Could He Play Earl's Guitar
11th/12th September 1983 Vancouver Serious Moonlight
11th/12th September 1983 Vancouver Serious Moonlight Remaster
27th October 1983 Osaka The Furitsu Taiikukan Concerts - Second Night
30th October 1983 Osaka THE DRESSMAN & the Nippon Girl

14th September 1995 Conneticut A Hyper Circle
16th September 1995 Mansfield Great Woods
17th September 1995 Hershey We Never Passed Upon The Stair
22nd September 1995 Philadelphia Stage1.Hurling Disdain

30th September 1995 Cuyahoga Falls Ohio Trash
1st October 1995 Chicago Oh No, Not Me...I've Lost It
3rd October 1995 Detroit Detroit 95
4th October 1995 Columbus Polarized
9th October 1995 Atlanta Deranged Pigs
11th October 1995 St Louis Live Hate
29th October 1995 Inglewood, CA David Bowie - Nine Inch Nails
31st October 1995 Hollywood Europe Next!
14th November 1995 Wembley Spaceboy Plays London
14th November 1995 Wembley Teenage Daydream special edition
15th November 1995 Wembley Teenage Daydream special edition
15th November 1995 Wembley Open The Dog
20th November 1995 Birmingham Crazed In The Hot Zone
21st November 1995 Birmingham Back Outside
24th November 1995 Dublin Live In Dublin '95
26th November 1995 Exeter Boys Keep Singing
27th November 1995 Cardiff What A Fantastic Santa's Cap
30th November 1995 Glasgow Live At The SECC Glasgow
8th December 1995 Manchester The Voyeur Of Manchester

19th January 1996 Stockholm Another Scandinavian Affair
20th January 1996 Gothenborg Another Scandinavian Affair
22nd January 1996 Oslo Another Scandinavian Affair
22nd January 1996 Oslo My Death
24th January 1996 Copenhagen Breaking Glass In Copenhagen
25th January 1996 Hamburg Nite Life
28th January 1996 Utrecht Algeria Touchshriek Meets Mr Ecstacy
2nd February 1996 Berlin Song For Berlin
4th February 1996 Vienna Where Is Bloody Hermann
4th February 1996 Vienna Viennese Exhibition
16th February 1996 Amneville Back Outside
20th February 1996 Paris Bring On The Chien
4th June 1996 Tokyo 1.Tokyo
5th June 1996 Tokyo Bowie Hits The Road
7th June 1996 Nagoya Live In Nagoya
7th June 1996 Nagoya Inside Japan
8th June 1996 Hiroshima Cherry Bowie
10th June 1996 Osaka 10th June Outside Tour
11th June 1996 Kokura Banging Out Sushi
13th June 1996 Fukuoka Outside Looking In - Japan '96
20th June 1996 Reykjavik Iceland 96
22nd June 1996 Loreley Exposed Live
22nd June 1996 Loreley Telling Lies
22nd June 1996 Loreley A Night In Loreley
24th June 1996 Toulon Battlecries And Champagne
28th June 1996 Halle Lust For Leipzig
30th June 1996 Roskilde Roskilde At Last !!
3rd July 1996 Tel Aviv Holy Unorthodox
5th July 1996 Torhout Belgium Torhout Festival
7th July 1996 Belfort France Absolutely Outside - Starting Fires
9th July 1996 Rome Live Rome
10th July 1996 Monte Carlo Absolutely Outside - Starting Fires
14th July 1996 St. Polten St. Polten Festival 1996
16th July 1996 Rotterdam Ahoy Again!
18th July 1996 Phoenix Festival From A Phoenix...The Ashes Shall Rise
21st July 1996 Bellinzona Oh No, Not Me, I Never Lost Control
7th September 1996 Washington Back Outside
13th September 1996 Boston Avalon Ballroom Boston
13th September 1996 Boston AVAL ON THING

11th June 2002 New York Echoes Of Roseland
29th June 2002 London Meltdown 2002 (Kings Of Oblivion version)
29th June 2002 London Meltdown 2002 (100% British version)
29th June 2002 London Meltdown 2002 (Little Wonder version)
1st July 2002 Paris Live At Olympia Music Hall
1st July 2002 Paris Let The Show Begin
12th July 2002 Cologne Live In Cologne
14th July 2002 Nimes Say Hallo To Marie
18th July 2002 Montreux Not The Best Jazz...
18th July 2002 Montreux Crystal Night
5th August 2002 Toronto These Shades Work (For Those Rays)
5th August 2002 Toronto Mista Busta Regrets
6th August 2002 Clarkston MI Area2:Clarkston
10th August 2002 Denver CO Denver 2002
13th August 2002 Irvine CA Area 2X2
13th August 2002 Irvine CA Verizon
14th August 2002 Mountain View CA The Heathen Is On
16th August 2002 The Gorge "Your Gorge'ous"
22nd September 2002 Berlin Cold Station
24th September 2002 Paris Paris 2002
25th September 2002 Paris Paris 2002
27th September 2002 Bonn The English Presume
2nd October 2002 London Back At Hammersmith
11th October 2002 New York Snug Harbor Staten Island
12th October 2002 New York St.Anne's Brooklyn
16th October 2002 New York Queens College, Queens
16th October 2002 New York What A Segue
17th October 2002 New York Jimmy's Bronx Cafe
20th October 2002 New York Beacon Theater
21st October 2002 Philadephia At The Tower 2002
23rd October 2002 Boston The Orpheum Boston 2002

7th October 2003 Copenhagen Reality In Mermaidland
8th October 2003 Stockholm Reality Hits The Globe
21st October 2003 Paris Bercy's Second Reality
10th November 2003 Nice Strange Reality
23rd November 2003 Dublin The Fantastic Voyage

25th January 2004 Seattle Where's My Fucking Shades?
27th February 2004 Melbourne Adam's Own Twilight Zone