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My Writings

Below are pages of my writings of people, places and moments in my life. I have so much enjoyed their making of me. May you also enjoy and share.


The Two Greatest Needs

Rose of Sharon

What If? ...for Jessica

Her Darkness, Her Light (a lengthy journey)

Your Voice

This River


Come Sail Away

Steel Magnolia

Our Silent Hearts!

True Colors

Beloved - Who Are You?


Saint or Sinner

For my sweet inspiration...

Ready (a progression)
..Your Baby
..Distant Shores

Imagine the Potential

Elusive Butterfly

Not My War

Rainbow or Reality?

Even Now

Spirit Eyes

Funeral For A Friend


I Pick Up the Shell

Today, We Walk

My Prayer

As The Miller Told His Tale

Smile For The Camera

The Humility Fix

'What Is Truth?'


A Time Vulnerable

Granados' Oriental


I Will Dance

Daniel, My Brother


Countdown To A Day!

The Awakening of Adonis

Blow, Winds, Blow

Pink Blossoms

Never Fade Away (Tribute to September 11, 2001)

And So Did I?

And I Am Not Alone

The Lie

I Have Been Feeding

Bubba Sue

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