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And I Am Not Alone

I had to live a long time
to learn
that it's ok to say
I love you
to anyone I choose
and not worry about
the interpretation
or fear the consequence
of such a high commitment
because we don't have to have all the answers to just love

I had to live a long time
to learn
how to sing
not only in the shower
but also in the supermarket
or in the rain
or in the car
because I felt it then and there

I had to live a long time
to learn
how to say
I simply don't agree
but I don't care if we disagree
or any other kind of 'gree
Where were we, darling?
It was just you and I
Before this dialouge began

I had to live a long time
to figure out
that intellect will only go so far
and that a helping hand
means ever so much more
Mittens to a cold hand
on a dark night
when no one else cares
beats all the altruistic notions
of any political dream
which lacks the formula for true love

I had to live a long time
to remember
that where I came from
wasn't all that bad
and that where I was heading
was to that selfsame star
we all wish upon
without pretense
or apology

I had to live a long time
to acknowledge
that life is not a game
and that there is no prize
on some rainbow
to mystically go over
But that life is that which affords us
and will also give us

I had to live a long time
and so it's high time
I got on with it
Saying what I think
Feeling what I feel
Making those connections
that never come unravelled
though verily unrewarded
Just my life touching lives
Fueling dreams
Healing hurts
And being only me
Who sees unjustified you

There's not a child
or father
There's not a sister
or brother
Who does not strip it down
In lonely hours of needy night
There's not a one of us
Who does not long
To be one

I am that one

And I am not alone

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