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Scans of out of print and/or rare titles


Ugolini, Lydia
The Story of a Rich Dog and a Poor Dog (dogs) {IR}

Uhl, Marion Norris
The Spiral Horn (unicorn, others) {YA}

Ulmer, Mari Privette
Adventures of the Little Green Dragon (dragon, other animals) {IR}

Underwood, William R.
To the Right of the Rising Light (birds) {IR}

Untermeyer, Louis
Cat O' Nine Tales (cats) {IR}

Upham, Elizabeth
Little Brown Monkey (monkeys, elephant) {IR}
The Little Brown Bear Series (bears) {IR}
1. Little Brown Bear [1940's to 60's editions, later reprints are picture book versions]
2. Little Brown Bear, Book I [despite title, not first in series]
3. Little Brown Bear, Book II [despite title, not second in series]
4. Little Brown Bear and His Friends
5. Little Brown Bear Goes to School
6. The Merry Adventures of Little Brown Bear

Uren, Alfred E.
Bob and Bill See Canada (rabbits) {IR}

Uspenskii, E.
Uncle Fedya, His Dog, and His Cat [Delightful book!] (dog, cat) {IR}

Uttley, Alison
Foxglove Tales {IR}
Weathercock and Other Tales (toad, rabbit) {IR}
Ten Candlelight Tales (lion, unicorn, cat, hen) {IR}
The Little Knife Who Did All The Work - Twelve Tales Of Magic (knife, others) {IR}
Tales of Little Brown Mouse (mouse, others) {IR}
Magic in My Pocket (mouse, fox, rabbit, others) {IR}
Lavender Shoes: Eight Tales of Enchantment (dolls, others)
The Tim Rabbit Series [not in order] (rabbitmorph, others) {IR}
1. Adventures of Tim Rabbit
2. Tim Rabbit and Company
3. Tim Rabbit's Dozen
The Sam Pig Series [not in order] (pigmorphs, badgermorph, others) {IR}
The Sam Pig Story Book [I believe it just reprints stories from the below volumes, but it might contain some different material...]
1. Tales of the Four Pigs and Brock the Badger
2. Adventures of Sam Pig
3. Yours Ever, Sam Pig
4. Sam Pig Goes to Market
5. Sam Pig and Sally
6. Sam Pig at the Circus
7. Sam Pig and the Singing Gate
The Little Grey Rabbit Series (rabbitmorph, squirrelmorph, haremorph) {IR}
1. Tales of Little Grey Rabbit
2. Little Grey Rabbit's Storybook
3. Little Grey Rabbit's Second Storybook
The Little Red Fox Series (foxmorphs, others)
1. Little Red Fox Book
2. More Little Red Fox Stories

Valente, Catherynne M.
The Labyrinth (monkey, lobster, crocodiles) {A}

Valli, Vicki
Aristotle and I: Memoirs of a Greek Tortoise (tortoise) {IR}

Van Derveer, Helen R.
Little Sallie Mandy Storybook (cat, dolls) {IR}

Vandregrift, Margaret
Under the Dog Star (dog) {IR/YA?}

Van Gores, Alida
Mermaid's Song (merpeople, dolphins, whales) {A}

Van Stockum, Hilda
King Oberon's Forest (rabbits, squirrels, skunk, others) {IR/YA?}

Van Vogt, A.E.
The Battle of Forever (hyenamorphs, others) {A}
The Voyage of the Space Beagle (birdmorphs) {A}

Vardamis, Alex A.
Dingus Dreaming (dogs) {A}

Vardeman, Robert
The Jade Demons Series (bird, wolfmorph) {A}
1. Quaking Lands
2. Frozen Waves
3. Crystal Clouds
4. The White Fire
The War of Powers Series (coyotemorph? Others?) {A}
1. The Sundered Realm
2. The City in the Glacier
3. The Destiny Stone
4. The Fallen Ones
5. In the Shadow of Omizantrim
6. Demon of the Dark Ones

Veale, E.
Brownies and Other Stories [AKA Palmer Cox's Fairy Book and Palmer Cox's Brownie Book] (many animals) {IR}

Veblin, Ellen Rolfe
The Goosenbury Pilgrims (many animals) {IR/YA}

Velde, Vivian Vande
Smart Dog (dog) {IR}
Wizard at Work (unicorns, mirror, dragon, sea monster) {IR}
Dragon's Bait (dragon) {YA}
The Changeling Prince (wolfmorph, weaselmorphs, ratmorph, many others) {A}

Velmans, Hester
Isabel of the Whales (whales) {IR}

Ver Beck, Frank
The Little Black Sambo Story Book [with Helen Bannerman, and, to the best of my knowledge, not nearly as racist as some think] (various animals) {IR}

Verne, Jules
Adventures of the Rat Family: A Fairy Tale (shapeshifting rats) {YA}

Verney, Sarah
The Salem's Tails Series [only wrote some in series] (cat) {IR}
7. Cat by the Tail

Vick, Edd
The Furkindred: Let Sleeping Gods Lie [with Terrie Smith, Dean A. Graf, and Chuck Melville] (various morphs) {A}

Vidunas, Maureen X.
Cat Dancers of the Universe (cats) {A}

Viehl, S. L.
Bio Rescue (wolfmorphs) {A}

Viertel, John
Xingu [with Violette Viertel] (peccary, armadillo, others) {IR}

Viertel, Violette
Xingu [with John Viertel] (peccary, armadillo, others) {IR}

Vinge, Joan D.
The Crystal Ship (kangaroomorphs) {A}

Vinge, Vernor
The Zones of Thought Series (wolfmorphs, spiders) {A}
1. A Deepness in the Sky
2. A Fire Upon the Deep

Vinicoff, Eric
The Weigher [with Marcia Martin] (wolfmorph) {A}

Vischer, Frans
Jimmy Dabble (various animals) {IR}

Vizetelly, Henry
The Comical Series [only wrote one] (weasels, dormice, cats, others) {IR}
1. The Comical Creatures from Wurtemberg: Including the Story of Reynard the Fox [with Harrison Wier and George S. Measom]

Vladimov, Georgii
Faithful Ruslan (dog) {A}

Vogel, Malvina C.
The BIG Story Book [Vogel edited, not all stories] (dogs, cats, horses, others) {IR}

Voigt, Brian Jeffrey
Guardian of the Zercons (cat) {A}

von Fallingbostel, Maximilian
The Prime Dragon Series (dragon) {A}
1. Arrival
2. (not yet published)

Von Gunden, Kenneth
The Sounding Stillness (dolphins) {A}
The K-9 Corps Series (dogs)
1. K-9 Corps
2. Under Fire
3. Cry Wolf
4. The Last Resort

Vornholt, John
The Dinotopia Series [only wrote some] (dinosaurs) {IR? YA?}
3. River Quest
8. Sabertooth Mountain
20. Dolphin Watch
The Salem’s Tails Series [only wrote some in series] (cat) {IR}
10. Gone Fishin’
14. Mascot Mayhem
The Sabrina Series [only wrote some in series] (cat) {YA}
11. Prisoner of Cabin 13
22. Witchopoly
27. Haunts in the House
33. Knock On Wood

Vujic, Dragan
Sword of Shepren (various animalmorphs) {A}


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