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Scans of out of print and/or rare titles


Babcock, Betty
The Expandable Pig (pig) {IR}

Babson, Marian
Nine Lives to Murder (cat turned human and human turned cat) {A}

Bach, Alice
The Oliver and Ronald Series (bearmorphs) {IR}
1. The Smartest Bear and His Brother Oliver
2. The Most Delicious Camping Trip Ever
3. Grouchy Uncle Otto
4. Millicent the Magnificent
5. Warren Weasel's Worse Than Measles

Bach, Richard
Jonathan Livingston Seagull (gulls) {A}
The Ferret Chronicles Series (ferrets, others) {A}
1. Rescue Ferrets at Sea
2. Air Ferrets Aloft
3. Writer Ferrets Chasing the Muse
4. Rancher Ferrets on the Range
5. The Last War: Detective Ferrets and the Case of the Golden Deed

Bacon, Martha
Moth Manor: A Gothic Tale (dolls) {IR}

Bacon, Peggy
The Ghost of Opalina (cat) {IR}
The Lionhearted Kitten and other Stories (cats, others) {IR}
The Magic Touch (various animals) {IR}

Baehr, Patricia
Summer of the Dodo (dodo) {IR}
The Search for Happily-Ever-After (rat) {IR}

Bagley, Julian
Candle Lighting Time in Bodidalee (rabbit, bear, wolf, fox, many others) {IR}

Bailey, Arthur Scott
Sleepy Time Tales Series [partially in order and may not be complete] (many various animals) {IR}
1. The Tale of Frisky Squirrel
2. The Tale of Tommy Fox
3. The Tale of Fatty Coon
4. The Tale of Jimmy Rabbit
5. The Tale of Sandy Chipmunk
6. The Tale of Brownie Beaver
7. The Tale of Paddy Muskrat
8. The Tale of Nimble Deer
9. The Tale of Timothy Turtle
10. The Tale of Ferdinand Frog
11. The Tale of Major Monkey
12. The Tale of Dickie Deer Mouse
13. The Tale of Grandma Goose
14. The Tale of Grandfather Mole
15. The Tale of Peter Mink
16. The Tale of Benny Badger
17. The Tale of Billy Woodchuck
18. The Tale of Grumpy Weasel
19. The Tale of Master Meadow Mouse
Tuck-Me-In Tales Series [partially in order and possibly not complete] {IR}
1. The Tale of Jolly Robin
2. The Tale of Old Mr. Crow
3. The Tale of Solomon Owl
4. The Tale of Jasper Jay
5. The Tale of Rusty Wren
6. The Tale of Daddy Longlegs
7. The Tale of Kiddie Katydid
8. The Tale of Buster Bumblebee
9. The Tale of Freddie Firefly
10. The Tale of Betsy Butterfly
11. The Tale of Bobby Bobolink
12. The Tale of Reddy Woodpecker
13. The Tale of Mrs. Ladybug
Cuffy Bear Series [partially in order and possibly not complete] {IR}
1. The Tale of Cuffy Bear
2. Cuffy Bear and the Circus
3. Cuffy Bear and the Scarecrow
4. Cuffy Bear’s Holidays
5. Cuffy Bear and the Snowman
Slumber Town Tale Series (not in order and possibly not complete) {IR}
1. The Tale of Pony Twinkleheels
2. The Tale of Miss Kitty Cat
3. Tale of Old Dog Spot
4. The Tale of Turkey Proudfoot
5. The Tale of Henrietta Hen
6. The Tale of Grunty Pig
7. The Tale of the Muley Cow
8. The Tale of Mistah Mule
9. The Tale of Snowball Lamb

Bailey, Carolyn Sherwin
Finnegan II His Nine Lives (cat) {IR}
Miss Hickory (doll, cat, crow, squirrel, others) {IR}
In the Animal World (various animals) {IR}
Once Upon a Time Animal Stories (various animals) {IR}

Bailey, Diana
Deborah Decides [with Elizabeth Bailey] (birds, squirrel, pig, bee) {IR}

Bailey, Elizabeth
Deborah Decides [with Diana Bailey] (birds, squirrel, pig, bee) {IR}

Bailey, Robin Wayne
The Dragonkin Series (dragons, hummingbird, lynx, others) {A}
1. Wyvernwood
2. Talisman
3. Undersky

Bain, Darrell
The Pet Series (various animals) {A}
1. The Pet Plague
2. Space Pets

Bain, Sherry
Benjamin Gets Saved (rabbit) {IR}

Baker, Betty
Danby and George (mouse, woodrat) {IR}
Dupper (prarie dogs) {IR}
Santa Rat (various animals) {IR}
Seven Spells to Farewell (raven, pig) {IR}

Baker, Charlotte
The Best of Friends (dog) {IR/YA}
Thomas, the Ship's Cat (cat) {IR}
The Necessary Nellie Series (dog) {IR}
1. Necessary Nellie
2. Nellie and the Mayor's Hat

Baker, E.D.
The Frog Princess Series (frogs, dragons, bat, snake) {IR}
1. The Frog Princess
2. Dragon's Breath
3. Once Upon a Curse

Baker, Margaret J.
The Cats of Honeytown (cats) {IR}
Fresh Fields for Daisy (mannequin) {IR}
The Magic Sea-Shell (mermaid) {IR}
Margaret and Mary Baker Story Book [with Mary Baker] (dog, owl, mermaids) {IR}
Snails' Place (snails) {IR}
Three For An Acorn (rabbit) {IR}
The Witch's Broom and Other Stories [not all stories] (broom, dragon, goat, caterpillar) {IR}
The Bears Series (teddybears, others) {IR}
1. The Shoe Shop Bears
2. Hannibal and the Bears
3. Bears Back in Business
4. Hi-Jinks Joins the Bears
5. Teabag and the Bears
The Homer Series (tortoise) {IR}
1. Nonsense! Said the Tortoise [AKA Homer, the Tortoise]
2. Homer Sees the Queen
3. Homer Goes to Stratford
4. Homer in Orbit
5. Homer Goes West
The Tales Collection [not all stories, various animals} {IR}
1. Tell Them Again Tales
2. Fifteen Tales for Lively Children

Baker, Mary
Margaret and Mary Baker Story Book [with Margaret Baker] (dog, owl, mermaids) {IR}

Baker, Olaf
Bengey and the Beast (fox, others) {IR}
Shasta of the Wolves [is this furry?] (wolves) {IR}

Baker, W. B.
The Carmarthen Series (dog, various others) {YA}
1. The Orphans of Carmarthen
2. Vault of the Griffin

Baker, Will
Shadow Hunter (chimpmorphs) {A}

Baker, Winifred
The Autobiography of a Sparrow: A True Story (sparrow) {IR}

Bakis, Kristin
Lives of the Monster Dogs (dogmorphs) {A}

Balaban, John
The Hawk's Tale (toad, snake, mice, eagle) {IR}

Baldry, Cherith
The Eaglesmount Series (martenmorph, foxmorph, others) {YA}
1. The Silver Horn
2. The Emerald Throne
3. The Lake of Darkness

Baldwin, Jolene
Fun To Read Kitten Stories (catmorphs) {IR}

Ball, Brian N.
The Quest for Queenie (dog, talking sword) {IR}

Ball, Duncan
The Selby Series (dog) {IR}
1. Selby: The Secret Adventures of a Talking Dog
2. Selby Speaks: More Adventures of a Talking Dog
3. Selby Screams
4. Selby Supersnoop
5. Selby Space Dog
6. Selby Snowbound
7. Selby Surfs
8. Selby Snaps!

Ball, Martha Jane
Timothy Crunchit, The Calico Bunny (rabbitmorphs) {IR}

Ballantine, Betty
The Secret Oceans (dolphinmorphs) {IR}

Ballantyne, R. M.
The Butterfly's Ball and the Grasshopper's Feast [prose adaption of the William Roscoe poem] (various insects) {IR}
Eventful History of Three Little Mice and How They Became Blind (mice, cats) {IR}
The Kitten Pilgrims (catmorphs, dogmorph, others) {IR}
The Story of Mister Fox (fox) {IR}
Wonderful History of Three Little Kittens who Lost Their Mittens (cats) {IR}

Bancroft, Laura (L. Frank Baum)
The Twinkle Tales Series [published together as Twinkle and Chubbins] (woodchuck, many others) {IR}
1. Mr. Woodchuck
2. Bandit Jim Crow
3. Prairie Dog Town
4. Prince Mudturtle
5. Twinkle's Enchantment
6. Sugar-loaf Mountain
7. Policeman Bluejay (AKA Babes in Birdland)

Bangs, John Kendrick
Alice in Blunderland: An Iridescent Dream [not part of Alice series] (various animals) {A}

Banks, Alice
Cheep and Chatter: or Lessons from Field and Tree (various animals) {IR}

Banks, Lynne Reid
The Farthest Away Mountain (frog) {IR}
I, Houdini: The Amazing Story of an Escape Artist Hamster [is this and "I, Houdini: The Autobiography of a Self-Educated Hamster" the same book?] (hamster) {IR}
The Harry Centipede Series (insects) {IR}
1. Harry the Poisonous Centipede
2. Harry the Poisonous Centipede's Big Adventure

Banks, Steven
The Catdog Chapters Series [only wrote two] (cat/dog hybrid, various morphs) {IR}
5. CatDog's Vacation
6. CatDog Undercover
The CatDog Tales Series [only wrote one] (cat/dog hybrid, various morphs) {IR}
1. A Space Oddity

Bannerman, Helen
The Little Black Sambo Story Book [with Frank Ver Beck, and, to the best of my knowledge, not nearly as racist as some think] (various animals) {IR}

Bannon, Laura
Twirlup on the Moon (kangaroo rat, lizard, others) {IR}

Baravd, Didier
365 Days of Stories [with Annie Murant and Christian Demilly, not all stories furry] (various animals) {IR}

Barbera, William [along with "coauthor" Joseph Hanna, I doubt either of them actually wrote these books, but they're the only credited authors]
Hanna Barbera's Huckleberry Hound Treasury [with Joseph Hanna] (dogmorph, others) {IR}

Barber, Horatio
The Aeroplane Speaks [only Prologue furry] (principles of math and physics, blackboard, plane, many others){A}

Barber, Margaret Fairless
The Grey Brethren [section "Four Stories for Children"] (griffin, flowers, others) {IR}

Barkan, Joanne
The Wishbone Super Mysteries Series [only wrote one] (dog) {IR}
4. Riddle of the Lost Lake

Barker, David
The Captive Dragon Series (dragon, fauns) {IR}
1. The Captive Dragon: A Fantasy Novel
2. (not yet published)

Barker, K. F.
The Bellman Series (dog) {IR}
1. Bellman: The Story of a Beagle
2. Bellman Carries On

Barklem, Jill
The Four Seasons of Brambly Hedge (various animalmorphs) {IR}

Barks, Carl
The Carl Barks Library of 1940s Donald Duck Christmas Giveaways: Christmas Stories (duckmorphs) {IR/A}
The Gladstone Comic AlbumSeries [wrote most] (duckmorphs, others) {IR/A}
1. Uncle Scrooge: The Mines of King Solomon
2. Donald Duck: The Terror of the River
4. Uncle Scrooge: Back to the Klondike
5. Donald Duck Adventures: Sheriff of Bullet Valley
6. Uncle Scrooge: Land Beneath the Ground!
7. Donald Duck: The Brittle Mastery of Donald Duck
10. Donald Duck Adventures: Ancient Persia
11. Uncle Scrooge: Hawaiian Hideaway
12. Donald and Daisy
13. Donald Duck Adventures: The Golden Helmet
14. Uncle Scrooge: The Money Well
15. Donald and Gladstone
16. Donald Duck Adventures: Voodoo Hoodoo
18. Donald Duck and the Junior Woodchucks
19. Uncle Scrooge: The Golden Fleecing
20. Uncle Scrooge in Only a Poor Old Man
21. Donald Duck Family
23. Donald Duck in Trick of Treat
24. Uncle Scrooge: A Cold Bargain
25. Donald Duck in A Christmas for Shacktown
27. Donald Duck: The Duck in the Iron Pants
The Gladstone Giant Album Comic Series [wrote most] (duckmorphs, others) {IR/A}
1. Donald Duck Finds Pirate Gold!
2. Uncle Scrooge and Donald Duck: The Sunken City
4. Uncle Scrooge Vs. Flintheart Glomgold: The Second Richest Duck
5. Donald Duck Adventures: The Gilded Man
6. Uncle Scrooge: The Many Faces of Magica De Spell

Barnes, Clare
The Zoo Series (many varied animals) {A}
1. White Collar Zoo
2. Home Sweet Zoo
3. Campus Zoo
4. Political Zoo
5. White Collar Zoo Revisited...

Barnes, Julian
A History of the World in 10 1/2 Chapters (worm) {A}

Barnes, Rosemary
Wigley (mermaids, dragons) {IR}

Barnes-Svarney, Patricia
The Salem's Tails Series [only wrote some in series] (cat) {IR}
2. Teacher's Pet

Barnett, John
Joseph, A Dancing Bear (bear) {IR}

Barnum, Richard
The Kneetime Animal Stories (all sorts of animals) {IR}
1. Squinty, the Comical Pig
2. Slicko, the Jumping Squirrel
3. Mappo, the Merry Monkey
4. Tum-Tum, the Jolly Elephant
5. Don, A Runaway Dog
6. Dido, the Dancing Bear
7. Blackie, A Lost Cat
8. Flop-Ear, the Funny Rabbit
9. Tinkle, the Trick Pony
10. Lightfoot, the Leaping Goat
11. Chunky, the Happy Hippo
12. Sharp Eyes, the Silver Fox
13. Nero, the Circus Lion
14. Tamba, the Tame Tiger
15. Toto, the Bustling Beaver
16. Shaggo, the Mighty Buffalo
17. Winkle, the Wily Woodchuck

Barr, D.
Arithmetic for Billy Goats (goats) {IR/A?}

Barrett, Anne
Midway (tiger) {IR}

Barrett, Neal
Highwood (lemurmorphs) {A}
The Aldair Series (pigmorphs, wolfmorphs, others){A}
1. Aldair in Albion
2. Aldair, Master of Ships
3. Aldair Across the Misty Seas
4. Aldair, the Legion of Beasts
The Newlies series (mousemorphs, ferretmorphs, lizards) {A}
1. The Prophecy Machine
2. The Treachery of Kings

Barris, Anna Andrews
Red Tassels For Huki In Peru (llamas) {IR}

Barron, T.A.
Tree Girl (bears) {YA}

Barrows, Marjorie
Muggins Mouse [the 1932 edition only. The later books with this same title are picture books] (mouse, others) {IR}
Whiskers [a picture book, but has anthro-style photos, and thus counts] (cats) {IR}

Barte, Eleanore
John Hoe, or, "A Penny Saved" (horse, cow, pig, chickens, cat, others) {IR}

Barton, William
When We Were Real (foxmorph) {A}

Bartrug, C. M.
Blacky (cat, farm animals) {IR}

Barwell, Mrs. [Louisa Mary Bacon]
The Novel Adventures of Tom Thumb the Great; Showing How He Visited the Insect World, and Learned Much Wisdom (various insects) {IR}

Base, Graeme
TruckDogs (animal/car hybrids) {IR}

Bassett Green, W. H.
The Queen of the Golden Bees (bees, others) {IR}

Batchelder, Mildred
Topsy Turvy Tales Book (cats, dolls, canary, dogs) {IR}

Batory, Edward A.
Bo's Paradise Lost (dog) {IR}

Batrae, Margot
The Sabrina Series [only wrote two in series] (cat) {YA}
25. While the Cat's Away
30. Switcheroo

Battles, Rob
Bad Dog: 278 Outspoken, Indecent, and Overdressed Dogs [with Harry Prichett and R.D. Rosen] (dogs) {A}

Bauer, Elizabeth
Adventures in the Happy Forest (mice, squirrels, others) {IR}

Bauer, Marion Dane
Ghost Eye (cats) {IR}
Runt (wolves) {IR}
Touch the Moon (horse) {IR}

Bauer, Steven
A Cat of a Different Color (cat, others) {YA}
Satyrday (satyr, fox, others) {A}

Baum, L. Frank
Animal Fairy Tales (squirrel, others) {IR}
American Fairy Tales [not all are furry] (various animals) {IR}
The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus (lioness, deer)
Mother Goose in Prose [not all stories] (sheep, mice, eggs, rabbit) {IR}
Queen Zixi of Ix (dog) {IR)
The Surprising Adventures of the Magical Monarch of Mo and His People [aka The Magical Monarch of Mo] (dog, donkey, monkeys, possibly others) {IR}
The Woggle-Bug Book (bugmorphs) {IR}
The Oz Series [only wrote some] (various animals) {IR}
The Visitors from Oz [2005 edition only – all others are heavily edited]
1. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
2. The Marvelous Land of Oz
3. Ozma of Oz
4. Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz
5. The Road to Oz
6. The Emerald City of Oz
7. The Patchwork Girl of Oz
8. Little Wizard Stories of Oz
9. Tik-Tok of Oz
10. The Scarecrow of Oz
11. Rinkitink in Oz
12. The Lost Princess of Oz
13. The Tin Woodman of Oz
14. The Magic of Oz
15. Glinda of Oz
The Trot and Captain Billy Series {IR}
1. The Sea Fairies (mermaids, other ocean animals)
2. Sky Island (parrot, frogs)

Baumbach, Rudolph
Summer Legends (various animals and plants) {IR}

Baxendale, Esther M.
Fairy: The Autobiography of a Real Dog (dog) {A}

Baxter, Nicola
The Teddy Bear Collection (teddy bears) {IR}
The Puppy Tales Collection (dogs) {IR}
My Magical Pony Tales Collection (ponies) {IR}
The Bunny Tales Collection (rabbits) {IR}
Tales From the Toy Box (various toys) {IR}
Three Minute Animal Stories (various animals) {IR}
Five Minute Teddy Bear Tales (teddy bears) {IR}
Five Minute Farmyard Tales (various animals) {IR}
Five Minute Kitten Tales (catmorphs) {IR}
Old MacDonald's Barnyard Tales (various farm critters) {IR}

Baxter, Stephen
Evolution (various prehistoric animals) {A}
Mammoth Series (mammoths) {A}
1. Silverhair
2. Longtusk
3. Icebones

Bayley, Barrington J.
The Zen Gun (primate morph) {A}

Bayley, Nicola
Copycats (cats) {IR}

B.B. [D.J. Watkins-Pitchford]
Mr. Bumstead (dog) {IR}
Wild Lone: The Story of a Pytchley Fox (fox) {A}
The Bill Badger Series (badgermorph, hedgehogmorph, others) {IR/A}
1. Wandering Wind [aka Bill Badger And The Wandering Wind]
2. Bill Badger's Winter Cruise
3. Bill Badger and the Pirates
4. Bill Badger's Finest Hour
5. Bill Badger's Whispering Reeds Adventure
6. Bill Badger's Big Mistake
7. Bill Badger and the Big Store Robbery
8. Bill Badger's Voyage to the World's End
The Little Grey Men Series (various animals) {IR/A}
1. The Little Grey Men
2. Down the Bright Stream [aka Little Grey Men Go Down the Bright Stream]
The Monty Woodpig Series (pigmorph, others) {IR}
1. Monty Woodpig's Caravan
2. Monty Woodpig and His Bubblebuzz Car

Beagle, Peter S.
The Last Unicorn (unicorn, cat) {A}
The Unicorn Sonata (satyrs, dragons, unicorns) {A}
A Dance for Emilia (cat) {A}
The Rhinoceros Who Quoted Nietzsche [short story collection, not all are furry] {A}

Beard, Henry
Poetry for Cats: The Definitive Anthology of Distinguished Feline Verse (poems ‘written’ by cats) {A}

Beard, Patten
Twilight Tales [unsure if all stories, at least the story “The Toy Traffic Policeman”] (toys) {IR}

Bechdolt, Jack
Bandmaster's Holiday (seal) {IR}

Beddor, Frank
The Looking-Glass Wars [not really part of the Alice Series] (many animals) {YA}

Bede, Cuthbert
Fairy Fables (frogs, cats, birds, others) {IR}

Bedford, K.A.
Orbital Burn (dog) {A}

Beechen, Adam
The Wild Thornberrys Series [only wrote one] (chimpanzee, various others) {IR}
2. Two Promises Too Many!

Beers, V. Gilbert
My Bedtime Anytime Storybook (mouse, zebra, koala, bear, penguin, hippo, others) {IR}

Beese, P.J.
The Guardsman [also Todd Hamilton] (lionmorph) {A}

Beevers, Marjorie
The Mr. Toad Series (toadmorph, many others) {IR}
1. The Great Mr Toad
2. Mr Toad Goes to Sea

Behn, Harry
Roderick (crow) {IR}

Beighey, Carole La Flamme
The Waddodles of Hollow Lake: Law of the Woodland (raccoons?) {IR}

Bell and Bain
The History of A Sandal Wood Box [Bell and Bain the publishers] (box) {IR}

Bell, Clare
Tomorrow's Sphinx (cats) {YA}
The Ratha Series (wildcats) {YA}
1. Ratha's Creature
2. Clan Ground
3. Ratha and Thistle-Chaser
4. Ratha's Challenge

Bell, Eileen
The End Cottage Series (cats, dogs, many others) {IR}
1. Tales from the End Cottage
2. More Tales From the End Cottage

Bellamy, Francis Rufus
Atta (ant) {A}

Benary-Isbert, Margot
The Wicked Enchantment (various animals) {IR}

Benchley, Nathaniel
Demo and the Dolphin (dolphins) {YA}
Kilroy and the Gull (orca, gull) {IR}
Feldman Fieldmouse (mice) {IR}
Snip (dogs) (is this furry?) {IR}

Bendick, Jeanne
The Blonk from Beneath the Sea (fish) {IR}

Benford, Gregory
Find the Changeling [with Gordon Eklund] (dog) {A}
Beyond Infinity (raccoon) {A}
The Man-Kzin Wars Spin-offs Series [novels developed from short stories first published in the Man Kzin Wars books] {A}
A Darker Geometry [with Mark O. Martin] (catmorphs)

Bennett, Charles H.
The Faithless Parrot (parrot) {IR}

Bennett, Cherie
Zink (zebras, others) {YA}

Bennett, Marcia J.
Yaril's Children(various morphic beings) {A} The Ni-Lach Series (alien cats, catmorphs) {A}
1. Where the Ni-Lach
2. Shadow Singer
3. Beyond the Draak's Teeth
4. Seeking the Dream Brother

Bennett, Rowena
Happy Hour Stories (wheelbarrow, rabbit, airplane, many others) {IR}
Lots of Stories (dolls, various animals) {IR}

Benson, Jeffrey
The Adventures of Avortit and Rooney (mice, others) {IR}

Berenstain, Jan
The Berenstain Bears Chapter Series [with Stan Berenstain, list may not be complete] (bearmorphs) {IR}
1. The Berenstain Bears and the New Girl in Town
2. The Berenstain Bears Gotta Dance
3. The Berenstain Bears and the Nerdy Nephew
4. The Berenstain Bears and the Drug Free Zone
5. The Berenstain Bears Accept No Substitutes
6. The Berenstain Bears and the Wheelchair Commando
7. The Berenstain Bears and the Red-Handed Thief
8. The Berenstain Bears and the Female Fullback
9. The Berenstain Bears and the School Scandal Sheet
10. The Berenstain Bears and the Galloping Ghost
11. The Berenstain Bears at Camp Crush
12. The Berenstain Bears and the Giddy Grandma
13. The Berenstain Bears and the Dress Code
14. The Berenstain Bears' Media Madness
15. The Berenstain Bears in the Freaky Funhouse
16. The Berenstain Bears and the Showdown at Chainsaw Gap
17. The Berenstain Bears in Maniac Mansion
18. The Berenstain Bears at the Teen Rock Cafe
19. The Berenstain Bears and the Bermuda Triangle
20. The Berenstain Bears and the Haunted Hayride
21. The Berenstain Bears and the Ghost of the Auto Graveyard
22. The Berenstain Bears and Queenie's Crazy Crush
23. The Berenstain Bears and the Big Date
24. The Berenstain Bears and the Perfect Crime (Almost)
25. The Berenstain Bears Go Platinum
26. The Berenstain Bears and the G-Rex Bones
27. The Berenstain Bears Lost in Cyberspace
28. The Berenstain Bears in the Wax Museum
29. The Berenstain Bears and the Love Match
30. The Berenstain Bears Go Hollywood
31. The Berenstain Bears No Guns Allowed
32. The Berenstain Bears and the Great Ant Attack
The Berenstain Bears: Phenom in the Family (?)
The First Time Series [with Stan Berenstain, not in order and may not be complete] (bearmorphs) {IR}
1. The Wrong Crowd
2. The Runamuck Dog Show
3. The Haunted Lighthouse

Berenstain, Stan
The Berenstain Bears Chapter Series [with Jan Berenstain, list may not be complete] (bearmorphs) {IR}
1. The Berenstain Bears and the New Girl in Town
2. The Berenstain Bears Gotta Dance
3. The Berenstain Bears and the Nerdy Nephew
4. The Berenstain Bears and the Drug Free Zone
5. The Berenstain Bears Accept No Substitutes
6. The Berenstain Bears and the Wheelchair Commando
7. The Berenstain Bears and the Red-Handed Thief
8. The Berenstain Bears and the Female Fullback
9. The Berenstain Bears and the School Scandal Sheet
10. The Berenstain Bears and the Galloping Ghost
11. The Berenstain Bears at Camp Crush
12. The Berenstain Bears and the Giddy Grandma
13. The Berenstain Bears and the Dress Code
14. The Berenstain Bears' Media Madness
15. The Berenstain Bears in the Freaky Funhouse
16. The Berenstain Bears and the Showdown at Chainsaw Gap
17. The Berenstain Bears in Maniac Mansion
18. The Berenstain Bears at the Teen Rock Cafe
19. The Berenstain Bears and the Bermuda Triangle
20. The Berenstain Bears and the Haunted Hayride
21. The Berenstain Bears and the Ghost of the Auto Graveyard
22. The Berenstain Bears and Queenie's Crazy Crush
23. The Berenstain Bears and the Big Date
24. The Berenstain Bears and the Perfect Crime (Almost)
25. The Berenstain Bears Go Platinum
26. The Berenstain Bears and the G-Rex Bones
27. The Berenstain Bears Lost in Cyberspace
28. The Berenstain Bears in the Wax Museum
29. The Berenstain Bears and the Love Match
30. The Berenstain Bears Go Hollywood
31. The Berenstain Bears No Guns Allowed
32. The Berenstain Bears and the Great Ant Attack
The Berenstain Bears: Phenom in the Family (?)
The First Time Series [with Jan Berenstain, not in order and may not be complete] (bearmorphs) {IR}
1. The Wrong Crowd
2. The Runamuck Dog Show
The Haunted Lighthouse

Beresford, Elisabeth
Awkward Magic [aka The Magic World] (griffin-dog) {IR}
The Vanishing Garden (owl) {IR}
Dangerous Magic (unicorn) {IR}
Once Upon a Time Stories (various) {IR}
The Animals Nobody Wanted (cat, others) {IR}
the Wombles Series (I'm not sure what sort of critter the Wombles are, but they certainly are animalmorphs...) {IR}
1. The Wombles
2. The Wandering Wombles
3. The Wombles at Work
4. The Invisible Womble, and Other Stories
5 The Wombles to the Rescue
6. The Wombles Gift Book
7. The Wombles Go Round the World
8. Wombling Free

Berg, Idabelle L.
The Ice Berg Series (cat) {A}
1. A Cat of Many Tales: From the Journals of "Ice" Berg
2. Adventures of a Cool Cat: More Journals from Blackie "Ice" Berg

Berger, John
King: A Street Story (dog) {A}

Bergey, Michael
New Coyote (coyotemorph, foxmorph) {A}

Berloni, William
Sandy: The Autobiography of a Star [with Allison Thomas] (dog) {IR}

Bermant, Chaim
Belshazzar: A Cat's Story for Humans (cat) {A?}

Bernardson, Derek
Emma's Rat-Tastic Adventure (rats) {IR}

Bertelli, Luigi
The Prince and His Ants [AKA White Patch] (ants, others) {IR}
The Emperor of the Ants [perhaps another name of Prince and His Ants?] (ants) {IR}

Besher, Alexander
Chi: A Novel of Virtual Reality (apes) {A}

Beskow, Katja
Astonishing Adventures of Patrick the Mouse (mice) {IR}

Best, Herbert
The Desmond Series (dog) {IR}
1. Desmond's First Case
2. Desmond, the Dog Detective: The Case of the Lone Stranger
3. The Case of the Peppermint Ghost
4. Desmond and Dog Friday

Bester, Alfred
Psycho Shop [with Roger Zelazny] (catmorph, snakemorph] {A}

Besterman, Catherine
The Johnny Longfoot Series (cat) {IR}
1. The Quaint and Curious Quest of Johnny Longfoot, the Shoe King's Son
2. The Extraordinary Education of Johnny Longfoot in his Search for the Magic Hat

Beston, Henry
Chimney Farm Bedtime Stories [with Elizabeth Coatsworth] (various animals and birds) {IR}
Firelight Fairy Book [not all stories] (cat, dog, others?) {IR}
Five Bears and Miranda (bears, mermaid) {IR}

Betancourt, John
Rememory (catmorphs, dogmorphs) {A}

Betham-Edwards, Matilda
Little Bird Red and Little Bird Blue: a Tale of the Woods (birds) {A}

Bethancourt, T. Ernesto
The Dog Days of Arthur Cane (dog) {IR}

Beyer, William Gray
The Minions Series (skeleton) {A}
1. Minions of the Moon
2. Minions of Mars

Beyschlag, R.
Lily-Pad Songsters: Stories and Pictures For the Little Ones [with Palmer Cox, Louis Wain, and P. Naumann] (various animals) {IR}

Bialk, Elisa
Orville Mouse at the Opera House (mouse, rat, cat) {IR}

Bianco, Margery Williams
The Adventures Of Andy (doll) {IR}
The Candlestick (candlestick) {IR}
The Good Friends (various animals) {IR}
The House that Grew Smaller (house, tree other objects and animals) {IR}
The Little Wooden Doll (doll, animals) {IR}
More About Animals (various animals) {IR}
Poor Cecco (toy dog, various animals) {IR}
The Skin Horse (toy horse) {IR}
The Velveteen Rabbit (toy rabbit, others) {IR}
The Golden Story Book Series [only wrote one, and of the series, only the furry books are listed here] (various animals) {IR}
1. Herbert's Zoo and Other Favorite Stories

Bianco, Pamela
Joy and the Christmas Angel (wax angel doll) {IR}
Little Houses Far Away (dolls, teddy bears) {IR}
The Look-Inside Easter Egg (rabbits) {IR}

Bibby, James
The Ronan Series (donkey) {A}
1. Ronan the Barbarian
2. Ronan's Rescue
3. Ronan's Revenge

Biegel, Paul
The King of the Copper Mountains (various animals) {IR}
The Seven Times Search (various insects and birds) {IR}

Bigham, Madge A.
The Bad Little Rabbit And Other Stories (rabbit, others) {IR}
The Cry-Baby Chicken And Other Stories (chicken, others) {IR}
Merry Animal Tales (various animals) {IR}
Blackie: His Friends and Enemies (rats) {IR}
Sonny Elephant (elephants) {IR}
Goober Village (peanutmorphs) {IR}
The Mother Goose Village Series (various animals) {IR}
1. Stories of Mother Goose Village
2. More Mother Goose Village Stories

Bingham, Mindy
Minou (cats) {IR}

Bioy-Casares, Adolfo
Asleep in the Sun (dog) {A}

Bird, Harry
Billie Bunter (goat) {IR}

Birmingham, Philip
The Search For Panush (elephants, snake, monkeys, gorilla) {YA}

Birney, Betty G.
The According to Humphrey Series (hamster) {IR}
1. The World According to Humphrey
2. Friendship According to Humphrey
3. Trouble According to Humphrey
4. Surprises According to Humphrey
5. Adventure According to Humphrey

Biro, Val
The Gumdrop Series (car) {IR}
1. The Adventures of Gumdrop
2. The Bumper Gumdrop Omnibus
3. Gumdrop at the Zoo, and Other Stories
4. Gumdrop and the Steamroller, and Other Stories

Bischoff, David
The Gaming Magi Series (cats, mouse, dragons) {A}
1. The Destiny Dice
2. Wraith Board
3. The Unicorn Gambit
The Dragonstar Series [with Thomas F. Monteleone] (dinosaurmorphs) {A}
1. Day of the Dragonstar
2. Night of the Dragonstar
3. Dragonstar Destiny
The Melvinge of the Megaverse Series [only wrote one] (dogmorph, various other animalmorphs) {A}
1. Night of the Living Shark!

Bishop, D.R.
Master Frogs of the Dominion (frogs) {A}

Bishop, Michael
Transfigurations (primatemorph) {A}

Biviano, Jonathan
The Lerilon Trilogy (dragon, and I think a dragonmorph too) {A}
1. Fate Rides Wicked
2. (not yet published)

Black, Dorothy
Adventures in Magic Land (griffon, dolls) {IR}
Merry Times With Louis Wain, Stories in Prose and Verse [with Grace C. Floyd, Norman Gale, among others] (cats, others) {IR}

Blacker, Terence
The Ms. Wiz Series (rat) {IR}
1. Ms. Wiz Spells Trouble
2. In Stitches with Ms. Wiz
3. You've Nicked Ms. Wiz
4. In Control, Ms. Wiz?
5. Ms. Wiz Goes Live
6. Ms. Wiz - Banned!
7. Time Flies for Ms. Wiz
8. Power-Crazy Ms. Wiz
9. Ms. Wiz Loves Dracula
10. You're Kidding, Ms. Wiz
11. Ms. Wiz Supermodel
12. Ms. Wiz Smells a Rat
13. Ms. Wiz and the Sister of Doom
14. Ms. Wiz Goes to Hollywood
15. Ms. Wiz - Millionaire
16. The Secret Life of Ms. Wiz

Blair, Matilda
Bunnie Cottontail (rabbit) {IR}

Blaisdell, Etta Austin
Boy Blue and His Friends [with Mary Frances Blaisdell] (mouse, pigs, others) {IR}

Blaisdell, Mary Frances
Boy Blue and His Friends [with Etta Austin Blaisdell] (mouse, pigs, others) {IR}
Bunny Rabbit's Diary (rabbit, others) {IR}
Cherry Tree Children (squirrelmorph, rabbitmorphs, others) {IR}
Twilight Town (teddy bears, dolls, others) {IR}

Blanchard, Amy E.
Daisies and Raindrops (many flowers, cats) {IR}

Blanchard, Edmund F.
Funny Dogs With Funny Tales [with Alfred Elwes, James Hannay, and Robert B. Brough] (dogmorphs) {A}

Blanco, Fernando
The Werewolf: The Apocalypse: Fang and Claw Series (wolfmorphs) {A}
2: Volume 2: Raging Fury [only worked on this one, with Steve Ellis, Joe Gentile, and Eddy Newell]

Blasingame, Eileen
Blue Horizon [with Ted Blasingame and Steve Carter] (various animalmorphs) {A}
Hoenix (wolfmorph) {A}

Blasingame, Ted
Blue Horizon [with Eileen Blasingame and Steve Carter] (various animalmorphs) {A}

Blazek, Charles E.
Passages (dolphins) {A}

Blitch, Fleming Lee
The Amazing Adventures of Peter Grunt: Gentleman Pig of Yatapalachee County, Florida (pig) {IR}

Blount, Jr., Roy
Am I Pig Enough for You Yet?: Voices of the Barnyard (various farm animals) {A}
I Am Puppy Hear Me Yap: The Ages of Dog (dogs) {A}
If Only You Knew How Much I Smell You: True Portraits of Dogs {A}
I Am the Cat, Don't Forget That: Feline Expressions {A}

Blum, Jonathan
The Year of Intelligent Tigers [with Kate Orman] (tigers) {A}

Blyton, Enid
The Adventures of Binkle and Flip (rabbits) {IR}
Bimbo and Topsy (cat, dog) {IR}
The Blue Story Book (teddy bears, dolls, others?) {IR}
Chimney Corner Stories (various animals) {IR}
The Conjuring Wizard and Other Stories [aka The Rabbit’s Whiskers and other Stories, not sure if all stories] (toy rabbit, others?) {IR}
Daffodil Story Book (at least one story stars toys and sentient objects) {IR}
Dame Topple's Buns and Other Stories [I don't think all stories...] (various animals) {IR}
The Enid Blyton Bedtime Story Book (various animals) {IR}
Enid Blyton's Christmas Tales (toys) {IR}
Enid Blyton's Happy Story Book (various animals) {IR}
Enid Blyton's Happy Hour Story Book [aka Happy Hour Story Book, not sure if all stories] (gollywog dolls, others?) {IR}
Enid Blyton's Lucky Storybook [aka Twelve Silver Cups and Other Stories] (toad, rabbit, others) {IR}
Enid Blyton's Merry Story Book (various animals) {IR}
Enid Blyton's Secret Toybox Tales (various toys) {IR}
The Good Morning Book [not all stories] (various animals and toys) {IR}
The Green Story Book (bed, various animals?) {IR}
Just Time For A Story [I don't think all stories...] (various animals) {IR}
The Magic Mirror and Other Stories (doll, dog, likely others) {IR}
Mister Icy-cold [AKA Mister Icy Cold and Other Stories] (lion, hedgehog, fish, others) {IR}
My Enid Blyton Story Book (hedgehog, rabbit, dolls, others) {IR}
Round the Clock Stories (various animals) {IR}
The Runaway Cows and Other Stories (cows, others?) {IR}
The Sneezing Dog and Other Stories (dogs, cat, others?) {IR}
Snowball the Pony (pony, others) {IR}
Tales of Toyland (various toys) {IR}
Teddy Bear's Tail and Other Stories (rabbit, cat, teddy bear, others) {IR}
The Three Golliwogs (gollywog dolls) {IR}
Three Naughty Children and Other Stories (dog, cat, frog, others) {IR}
The Three Wishes and Other Stories [I don't think all stories...] (various animals) {IR}
The Amelia Jane Series (dolls, stuffed animals) {IR}
1. Amelia Jane
2. Naughty Amelia Jane
3. Amelia Jane Again
4. More About Amelia Jane
5. Amelia Jane is Naughty Again!
6. Amelia Jane Gets Into Trouble
7. Good Idea, Amelia Jane!
The Brer Rabbit Series [unsure if just retellings of the folktales or original stories by Blyton...I'll list them anyway, just in case they're original] (rabbit, many others) {IR}
1. Tales of Brer Rabbit
2. Enid Blyton's Brer Rabbit Book [AKA Brer Rabbit Book]
3. Second Brer Rabbit Book
4. Third Brer Rabbit Book
5. Brer Rabbit and the Wattle Weasel
6. Fourth Brer Rabbit Book
7. Fifth Brer Rabbit Book
8. Sixth Brer Rabbit Book
9. Seventh Brer Rabbit Book
10. Brer Rabbit Funtime Adventures
11. Eighth Brer Rabbit Book
12. Brer Rabbit Holiday Adventures
13. Brer Rabbit Again
14. Brer Rabbit's A Rascal
15. Brer Rabbit and the Wonderful Tar-Baby
16. Brer Rabbit is Trapped
17. Brer Rabbit Stories
18. Brer Rabbit Plays a Trick
19. Brer Rabbit Has Some Fun! and Other Stories
The Clock Tales Series (dormouse, dog, many others) {IR}
1. Enid Blyton's Five O'clock Tales
2. Enid Blyton's Six O'clock Tales
3. Enid Blyton's Seven O'clock Tales
The Flower Story book Series [not all stories, various animals and toys] {IR}
1. The Bluebell Story Book
2. The Poppy Story Book
3. The Buttercup Story Book
4. The Snowdrop Story Book
5. The Daffodil Story Book
6. The Marigold Story Book
7. The Foxglove Story Book
The Mary Mouse Series (mouse, dolls, others) {IR}
1. The Adventures of Mary Mouse (AKA Mary Mouse and the Doll’s House)
2. More Adventures of Mary Mouse
3. Little Mary Mouse Again
4. Hallo, Little Mary Mouse
5. Mary Mouse and Her Family
6. Here Comes Mary Mouse Again
7. How Do You Do Mary Mouse
8. Hurrah for Mary Mouse
9. We Do Love Mary Mouse
10. Welcome Mary Mouse
11. A Prize for Mary Mouse
12. Mary Mouse and Her Bycycle
13. Mary Mouse and the Noah's Ark
14. Mary Mouse to the Rescue
15. Mary Mouse in Nursery Rhyme Land
16. A Day with Mary Mouse
17. Mary Mouse and the Garden Party
18. Mary Mouse Goes to the Fair
Here Comes Mary Mouse
Mary Mouse and the Doll Family
Mary Mouse Goes To Sea
22. Mary Mouse and the Little Donkey
The Noddy Series (various toys, including those ubiquitous golliwogs) {IR}
1. Noddy Goes to Toyland
2. Hurrah for Little Noddy
3. Noddy and His Car
4. Here Comes Noddy Again
5. Well Done Noddy!
6. Noddy Goes to School
7. Noddy at the Seaside
8. Noddy Gets Into Trouble
9. Noddy and the Magic Rubber
10. You Funny Little Noddy
11. Noddy Meets Father Christmas
12. Noddy and Tessie Bear
13. Be Brave Little Noddy
14. Noddy and the Bumpy-Dog
15. Do Look Out Noddy
16. You're a Good Friend Noddy!
17. Noddy has an Adventure
18. Noddy Goes to Sea
19. Noddy and the Bunkey
20. Cheer Up Little Noddy!
21. Noddy Goes to the Fair
22. Mr. Plod and Little Noddy
23. Noddy and the Tootles
24. Noddy and the Aeroplane

Bodecker, N. M.
The Mushroom Center Disaster (beetle, other insects) {IR}

Boegehold, Betty D.
The Pippa Series (mouse, others) {IR}
1. Pippa Mouse
2. Here's Pippa Again!
3. Pippa Pops Out!
4. Hurray for Pippa!

Boffa, Alessandro
You're an Animal, Viskovitz! (various animals) {A}

Bohatta, Ida
The Adventures of Mr. Pipweasel (insectmorphs) {IR}

Bomans, Godfried
Eric in the Land of the Insects (various insects) {IR}

Bond, Michael
The Paddington Series (bear) {IR}
1. A Bear Called Paddington
2. More About Paddington
3. Paddington Helps Out
4. Paddington Abroad
5. Paddington at Large
6. Paddington Marches On
7. Paddington at Work
8. Paddington Goes to Town
9. Paddington Takes the Air
10. Paddington Takes to TV
11. Paddington's Blue Peter Story Book
12. Paddington on Top
13. Paddington Takes the Test
14. Paddington on Screen: A Second Blue Peter Storybook
Thursday Series (mouse) {IR}
1. Here Comes Thursday
2. Thursday Rides Again
3. Thursday Ahoy!
4. Thursday in Paris
Olga da Polga Series (guinea pig, cat, hedgehog,tortoise) {IR}
1. The Tales of Olga da Polga
2. Olga Meets Her Match
3. Olga Carries On
4.Olga Takes Charge

Bonner, Mary Graham
The Magic Clock (clocks) {IR}
The Magic Music Shop (various musical instruments) {IR}
The Daddy's Bedtime Stories Series [somewhat in order] (various animals) {IR}
1. Daddy's Bedtime Animal Stories
2. Daddy's Bedtime Fairy Stories
3. Daddy's Bedtime Bird Stories
4. Daddy's Bedtime Outdoor Stories

Bonsels, Waldemar
The Adventures of Maya The Bee [AKA Maya: Adventures of a Bee] (bees, various insects) {YA}
Heaven Folk (fox, lark, many others) {A}

Borchart, Alice
The Tales of Guinevere Series (wolves, wolf-turned-human, dragons) {A}
1. The Dragon Queen
2. The Raven Warrior
3. (not yet published)

Borick, Paul
Water Warp: Daze of Reckoning (dolphins) {IR}

Boriss, Lis
From the Desk of Lizardbeth (varied anthropomorphic artwork) {A}

Borlenghi, Patricia
Chaucer the Cat and the Animal Pilgrims (cat, others) {IR}

Bosanquet, M.
People With Six Legs (various insects) {IR}

Bosco, Clyde
The Nintendo Adventure Book Series [only wrote four; only the Mario volumes are listed here] (various animals) {IR}
1. Double Trouble
2. Leaping Lizards
5. Pipe Down!
7. Dinosaur Dilemma

Boshinski, Blanche
Aha and the Jewel of Mystery (cat) {IR}

Bosworth, J. Allen
Voices in the Meadow (squirrel, others) {IR}

Boulle, Philippe
The Tribe Novels Series (wolfmorphs) {A}
3. Red Talons and Fianna [with Eric Griffin]

Boulle, Pierre
Planet of the Apes (chimpmorphs, gorillamorphs) {A}

Boultwood, Harriett
Hero's Story: The Autobiography of a Newfoundland Dog (dog) {A?}

Bourgeois, Paulette
The Franklin Treasuries Series [not in order] (turtlemorphs, many others) {IR}
Franklin's Classic Treasury
Franklin's Classic Treasury II
Franklin's Friendship Treasury
Franklin's School Treasury
Franklin's Family Treasury
Franklin's Holiday Treasury

Bourgholtzer, Crawford N.
Bobby Coon, Detective (racoon, others) {IR}

Bourke, S. Ten Eyck
Fables in Feathers (birds) {IR}

Bowen, Asta
Hungry for Home: A Wolf Odyssey (wolves) {A}

Bowen, Carl
The Tribe Novels Series (wolfmorphs) {A}
2. Silent Striders and Black Furies [with Gherbod Fleming]
6. Silver Fang and Glass Walk [with Tim Dedopulos]

Boyd, Richard
The Last Dodo (various animals) {IR}

Boyett, Stephen R.
Ariel A Book of the Change (unicorn) {A}
The Architect of Sleep (racoonmorphs) {A}
The Gnole [with Alan Aldridge] (molemorph) {A}

Boyle, Kay
The Youngest Camel [the 1959 version is "reconsidered and rewritten"] (camels) {YA}

Boyle, Mary
Horse Tales (horses) {IR}

Bracken, Grace L.
The Alley Cats Series (cats, tin-man, doll) {IR}
1. Adventures of the Alley Cats
2. Adventures of the Tin Man and the Rag Doll
3. The Alley Cats on Planet Jupiter
4. The Return of the Alley Cats

Brackett, Leigh
The Book of Skaith Series (dogs) {A}
1. The Ginger Star
2. The Hounds of Skaith
3. The Reavers of Skaith

Bradford, Anne R.
More Animal Magic of Harry Whittier Frees [collection of "furry" photographs of dressed-up animals] (various animals) {A}

Bradfield, Scott
Animal Planet (various animals) {A}

Bradley, Marion Zimmer
Falcons of Narabedla (falcons) {A}

Bradshaw, Gillian
The Dragon and the Thief Series (dragon) {YA}
1. The Dragon and the Thief
2. The Land of Gold

Brady, Julie
Dream a Little Dream (winged unicorn) {A}

Branford, Henrietta
Fire, Bed and Bone (dogs) {IR}
Ruby Red: Tales from the Weedwater [not all stories?] (gargoyle, horse, hens) {IR}
White Wolf (wolves) {IR}
The Royal Blunder Series (cat) {IR}
1. Royal Blunder
2. Royal Blunder and the Haunted House
The Spacebaby Series (dog, others?) {IR}
1. Spacebaby
2. Spacebaby and the Mega-volt Monster

Brasher, Rex
Secrets Of The Friendly Woods [is this furry?] (birds, small animals) {IR/A?}

Braun, Lilian Jackson
The Cat who Had 14 Tales [only some stories are furry] (cats) {A}

Braune, Anna
The Wonderful Toys (toy bunny, cow, cat, alligator, teddy bear, doll) {IR}

Breck, John
The Told at Twilight Stories Series (rabbit, raccoon, fox, others) {IR}
1. Mostly About Nibble the Rabbit
2. Nibble Rabbit Makes More Friends
3. The Sins of Silvertip the Fox
4. Tad Coon's Tricks
5. The Wavy Tailed Warrior
6. Tad Coon's Great Adventure
7. The Bad Little Owls
8. The Jay Bird Who Went Tame

Breitigam, Gerald B.
Morvich: an Autobiography of a Horse (horse) {IR}

Brenner, Barbara
Hemi: A Mule (mules) {IR}
Lucky Dog (dog) {IR}

Brentano, Clemens
The Tale of Gockel, Hinkel, and Gackeliah (various animals) {IR}

Brice, Tony
The Rand McNally Book of Favorite Animal Stories [with Louise Lawrence Devine, Ian Munn, and Jean J. Parrish] (cats, chipmunks, others) {IR}

Bridges, Bill
Last Battle: Werewolf: Time of Judgement [ties in with the Tribe Novels, I think] (wolfmorphs) {A}
The Tribe Novels Series (wolfmorphs) {A}
4. Bone Gnawers and Stargazers [with Justin Achilli]
7. Black Spiral Dancers and Wendigo [with Eric Griffin]

Briggs, Anita
Hobart (pigs) {IR}

Bright, J. E.
Care Bears Storybook Treasury [with Frances Ann Ladd, Quinlan B. Lee, Nancy Parent and Sonia Sander] (bearmorphs, others) {IR}
The Planet of the Apes Young Readers Series [only wrote one] (apemorphs) {IR}
4. Rule

Brin, David
The Uplift Saga (dolphins, apes) {A}
1. Sundiver
2. Startide Rising
3. The Uplift War
4. Brightness Reef
5. Infinity's Shore
6. Heaven's Reach

Brink, Carol Ryrie
Two are Better Than One (dolls) {IR}

Brink, Dori
Spunky (dog) {IR}

Brixner, Audrey
Lucy and the Merman (merpeople) {IR}

Bro, Margueritte Harmon
The Animal Friends Of Peng-U (rabbit, fox) {IR}
How the Mouse Deer Became King (deer, others) {IR}
Three - And Domingo (dog) {IR}

Brock, Betty
No Flying in the House (angel dog, cat) {IR}

Brock, Emma L.
Drusilla (doll) {IR}

Brock, Para Lee
Sahani (horse) {A}

Brodzinsky, Anne Braff
The Mulberry Bird: An Adoption Story (birds) {IR}

Brogan, Sheila
Fitch on the Road (mousemorphs) {IR}

The Plucker (dolls, stuffed toys) {A}

Bromfield, Annette
Laddie boy; the Autobiography of a Dog (dog) {IR}

Brooks, Walter R.
The Original Mr. Ed (horse) {A}
The Freddy the Pig Series (pig, others) {IR/A}
1. To And Again [aka Freddy Goes to Florida]
2. More To and Again [aka Freddy Goes To the North Pole]
3. Freddy the Detective
4. The Story of Freginald
5. The Clockwork Twin
6. Wiggins for President (AKA Freddy the Politician)
7. Freddy's Cousin Weedly
8. Freddy and the Ignormus
9. Freddy and the Perilous Adventure
10.Freddy and the Bean Home News
11.Freddy and Mr Camphor
12.Freddy and the Popinjay
13.Freddy the Pied Piper
14.Freddy the Magician
15.Freddy Goes Camping
16.Freddy Plays Football
17.Freddy the Cowboy
18.Freddy Rides Again
19.Freddy the Pilot
20.Freddy and the Space Ship
21.The Collected Poems of Freddy the Pig
22.Freddy and the Men from Mars
23.Freddy and the Baseball Team from Mars
24.Freddy and Simon the Dictator
25.Freddy and the Flying Saucer Plans
26.Freddy and the Dragon

Broome, Errol
The Magnus Series (mice) {IR}
1. Magnus Maybe
2. Missing Mem

Brother, Sandle
Favourite Animal Stories (owls, others) {IR}

Brothers, J.J.
The Mulberry Meadow Series (caterpillar, squirrel) {IR}
1. The Adventures of Caterpillar Jones
2. Caterpillar Jones and the Adventures of Nut E. Squirrel

Brough, Robert B.
Funny Dogs With Funny Tales [with Alfred Elwes, James Hannay, and Edmund F. Blanchard] (dogmorphs) {A}

Brown, Beth
Blinkie (dogs) {A}
Universal Station [is this furry?] (dog) {A}
All Dogs Go to Heaven (dogs) {A}
The Heaven Triolgy [Brown edited, not all stories furry] (cats, dogs, horses) {A}
1. All Cats Go to Heaven
2. All Dogs Go to Heaven [NOT the same book as above. Brown wrote two separate books with this title - one is a novel, the other is this anthology]
3. All Horses Go To Heaven

Brown, Buster
The Semolina Series (koala bear) {IR}
1. Semolina First Helping
2. Semolina Second Helping
3. Semolina Third Helping
4. Semolina in Trouble
5. Semolina Grumbles
6. Semolina Moves

Brown, Doug
Bad Dog! True Tales of Trouble Only a Best Friend Can Get Away with [with Kaori Brown] (dogs) {A}

Brown, Edna B.
Daisy Girl: the Autobiography of a Horse (horse) {IR}

Brown, Frances R.
The Tales of Minerva and Tickfeld Mouse: A True Fantasy (mice) {?}

Brown, Fredric
From these Ashes [the Mitkey stories] (mouse) {A}

Brown, George Mackay
Six Lives of Fankle the Cat (cat) {IR}

Brown, Georgina
The Walt Disney Early Reader Series [only wrote one] (various animals and animalmorphs) {IR}
7. Water Babies' Circus and Other Stories

Brown, Kaori
Bad Dog! True Tales of Trouble Only a Best Friend Can Get Away with [with Doug Brown] (dogs) {A}

Brown, Marc
The Arthur Chapter Books Series (aardvark morphs, rabbitmorphs, many others) {IR}
1. Arthur's Mystery Envelope
2. Arthur and the Scare-Your-Pants-Off Club
3. Arthur Makes the Team
4. Arthur and the Crunch Cereal Contest
5. Arthur Accused!
6. Locked in the Library
7. Buster's Dino Dilemma
8. The Mystery Of the Stolen Bike
9. Arthur and the Lost Diary
10. Who's In Love With Arthur?
11. Arthur Rocks with BINKY
12. Arthur and the Popularity Test
13. King Arthur
14. Francine, Believe it or Not
15. Arthur and the Cootie Catcher
16. Buster Makes the Grade
17. Muffy's Secret Admirer
18. Arthur and the Poetry Contest
19. Buster Baxter, Cat Saver
20. Arthur and the Big Blow Up
21. Arthur and The Perfect Brother
22. Francine, the Superstar
23. Buster's New Friend
25. Arthur and the Double Dare
26. Arthur and the No-Brainer
27. Arthur and the Comet Crisis
28. Arthur and the 1,001 Dads
29. Arthur Plays the Blues
30. Arthur and the Bad Luck Brain
31. Arthur Loses His Marbles
32. Arthur and the Nerves of Steal
The Good Sports Series {IR}
1. Arthur and the Race to Read
2. Arthur and the Seventh Inning Stretch
3. Arthur and the Recess Rookie
4. Arthur and the Best Coach Ever
5. Arthur and the Goalie Ghost
6. Arthur and the Pen-Pal Playoff

Brown, Margaret Wise
The Fish With the Deep Sea Smile (pumpkins, cat, others) {IR}
The Golden Sleepy Book (various animals) {IR}
Mouse of My Heart: A Treasury of Sense and Nonsense (various animals) {IR}
The Walt Disney Early Reader Series [only wrote one] (various animals and animalmorphs) {IR}
3. Little Pig's Picnic and Other Stories

Brown, Mary
The Unlikely Ones (crow, goldfish, toad, kitten) {A}
The Summer Series (cat, dog, bear, dragon, dragonmorphs, others) {A}
1. Pigs Don't Fly
2. Master of Many Treasures
3. Dragonne's Eg

Brown, Mollie
Full of Fun (many animal morphs) {IR}

Brown, Palmer
Cheerful (mice) {IR}
Hickory (mouse, grasshopper) {IR}
The Anna Lavinia Series (cat, others) {IR}
1. Beyond the Pawpaw Trees
2. The Silver Nutmeg

Brown, Paul
Merrylegs, the Rocking Pony (rocking horse) {IR}

Brown, Rita Mae
Sneaky Pie's Cookbook for Mystery Lovers [cookbook written from feline perspective] {A}
The Fox Series (foxes, dogs, horses) {A}
1. Outfoxed
2. Hotspur
3. Full Cry
4. The Hunt Ball
The Mrs. Murphy Series (dog, cats) {A}
1. Wish You Were Here
2. Rest In Pieces
3. Murder at Montecello
4. Pay Dirt
5. Murder, she Meowed
6. Murder on the Prowl
7. Cat on the Scent
8. Pawing Through the Past
9. Claws and Effect
10. Catch as Cat Can
11. The Tail of the Tipoff
12. Whisker of Evil
13. Cat's Eyewitness
14. Sour Puss

Browne, A. Andrew
The Sunbirds Series (peacocks, flies, beetles, many others) {IR}
1. Beginnings
2. Epidemic
3. Great Lengths

Browne, E. Gordon
Nutcracker and Mouse-King (toys, mice) {IR}

Browne, Frances
Granny's Wonderful Chair [not all stories] (talking chair, cuckoo, dog, others) {IR}

Browne, Georgiana
Water Babies' Circus and Other Stories (various animals) {IR}

Browne, L. Virginia
Letters from Cleo and Tyrone: A Feline Perspective on Love, Life, and Litter [with Linda Hammer] (cats) {A}

Browne, Maggie
The Book of Betty Barber (birds) {IR}

Browne, N. M.
Hunted (fox) {YA}

Browne, Roland A.
The Intelligent Dog's Guide to People-Owning (dogs) {A}

Brownstein, A.M.
Letters to Samantha [is this furry?] (rabbitmorph?, parrot) {IR}

Bruchac, Joseph
Wabi (owl) {YA}

Brumbaugh, Florence
The Walt Disney Early Reader Series [only wrote one] (various animals and animalmorphs) {IR}
8. Donald Duck and His Nephews

Brumpton, Keith
The Kung Fu Pigs Series (pigmorphs, others) {IR}
1. Hostages of the Jade Wolf
2. The Temple of Ghosts
3. Curse of the Vampire Squirrels
The Police Dog 99 Series (dog) {IR}
1. The Mystery of the Missing Moggie
2. The Mystery of the Dog with the 1000 Disguises
3. The Mystery of the Great Sheepdog Swindle
4. Mystery of the Dachshund Diamonds
The Rudley Cabot Series (rabbitmorphs) {IR}
1. Rudley Cabot In the Quest for the Golden Carrot
2. Rudley Cabot In The Carrots of Doom

Brunhoff, Laurent de
Gregory and Lady Turtle in the Valley of the Music Trees (rabbit, turtle) {IR}

Brush, Karen A.
The Quadroped Series (pig, hedgehog, others) {A}
1. The Pig, the Prince and the Unicorn
2. The Demon Pig

Brust, Steven
Brokedown Palace (horse) {A}
The Vlad Taltos Series (dragons) {A}
1. Jhereg
2. Yendi
3. Teckla
4. Taltos
5. Phoenix
6. Athyra
7. Orca
8. Dragon
9. Issola
10. Dzur

Bryant, Ed
Cinnabar (catmorph) {A}

Bryant, Hope Slaughter
Windmill Hill (mice) {IR}
The Buckley and Wilberta Series (hedgehog, rabbit) {IR}
1. Buckley and Wilberta
2. Buckley and Wilberta: Forever Friends

Bryce, Catherine T.
That's Why Stories (rabbits, raccoons, others) {IR}

Bryce, Marion
Nancy in the Wood (owl, spider, others?) {IR}

Bryson, Charles Lee
Tan and Teckle (mice) {IR}

Buchwald, Emilie
Floramel and Esteban (cow, egret) {IR}
Gildaen: The Heroic Adventures of a Most Unusual Rabbit (rabbit) {YA}

Budlong, Maud Gridley
Bobbie Bubbles [with E. Hugh Sherwood] (sentient comet) {IR}

Buff, Conrad
Big Tree [with Mary Buff] (tree) {IR}

Buff, Mary
Big Tree [with Conrad Buff] (tree) {IR}

Bulgakov, Mikhail
The Master and Margarita (cat) {A}
Heart of a Dog (dogmorph) {A}

Bull, Emma
War for the Oaks (shapeshifting dog) {A}

Bull, Peter
The Bear Series (teddy bears) {IR?}
1. Peter Bull's Teddy Bear Book
2. The Zodiac Bears

Bullard, Marion
The Sad Garden Toad and Other Stories (toad, rabbit, cat, moles, caterpillar, parrot, bumblebee) {IR}

Bulow, Wayde
Mystical Land [not all stories furry] (unicorn, toad, sparrow, others) {IR}

Burchett, Loni Rye
Bear and Katie in The Great Searsport Caper (dogs) {IR}

Burden, Bob
The Flaming Carrot Comics Series (carrotmorph) {A}
1. Man of Mystery
2. The Wild Shall Wild Remain
3. Flaming Carrot's Greatest Hits
4. The Further Adventures of the Strangest Man Alive

Burger, Dionys
Sphereland: A Fantasy About Curved Spaces and an Expanding Universe [with Cornelie J. Rheinboldt] (various shapes) {A}

Burgess, Melvin
Lady: My Life as a Bitch (dogs) {YA}
Bloodtide (various animalmorphs) {A}

Burgess, Thornton W.
On the Green Meadows
At the Smiling Pool
The Dear Old Briar-Patch
At Paddy the Beaver's Pond
The Crooked Little Path
The Nature Books Series (many many animals) {IR}
1. The Burgess Bird Book for Children
2. The Burgess Animal Book for Children
3. The Burgess Flower Book for Children
4. The Burgess Seashore Book for Children
The Mother West Wind Series (rabbits, birds, others) {IR}
1. Old Mother West Wind
2. Mother West Wind's Children
3. Mother West Wind's Animal Friends
4. Mother West Wind's Neighbors
5. Mother West Wind "Why" Stories
6. Mother West Wind "How" Stories
7. Mother West Wind "When" Stories
8. Mother West Wind "Where" Stories
The Bedtime Story Book Series (many different animals) {IR}
1. Reddy Fox
2. Johnny Chuck
3. Peter Cottontail
4. Unc' Billy Possum
5. Mr. Mocker
6. Jerry Muskrat
7. Danny Meadow Mouse
8. Grandfather Frog
9. Chatterer, the Red Squirrel
10. Sammy Jay
11. Buster Bear
12. Old Mr. Toad
13. Prickly Porky
14. Old Man Coyote
15. Paddy the Beaver
16. Poor Mrs. Quack
17. Bobby Coon
18. Jimmy Skunk
19. Bob White
20. Ol' Mistah Buzzard
The Smiling Pool Series {IR}
1. Billy Mink
2. Little Joe Otter
3. Jerry Muskrat at Home
4. Longlegs the Heron
The Green Forest Series {IR}
1. Lightfoot the Deer
2. Blacky the Crow
3. Whitefoot the Wood Mouse
4. Buster Bear's Twins
Green Meadow Series {IR}
1. Happy Jack
2. Mrs. Peter Rabbit
3. Bowser the Hound
4. Old Granny Fox

Burke, Terrill M.
The Dolphin Series (dolphins, others) {YA}
1. The First Encounter
2. Adepts vs. Inepts
3. The Ancient Knowledge
4. The Unexpected Stranger
5. (It exists but I can't find the title…)

Burks, Alfred Jack
Rabbit Roping Rodeo [is this furry?] (rabbitmorphs?) {?}

Burman, Ben Lucien
Catfish Bend Series (racoon, fox, snake, others) {A}
1. High Water at Catfish Bend
2. Seven Stars for Catfish Bend
3. The Owl Hoots Twice at Catfish Bend
4. Blow a Wild Bugle for Catfish Bend
5. High Treason at Catfish Bend
6. The Strange Invasion of Catfish Bend
7. Thunderbolt at Catfish Bend

Burman, Edor
Three Wolverines of Rushing Valley [is this furry?] (wolverines)

Burnes, Caroline
The Truth About Cats and Dogs [don't you just hate it when furry books become unfurry movies? Anyway, Burnes wrote this with Kristine Rolofson and Lori Foster. Although Familiar the cat is a character, this book isn't really part of the Fear Familiar series.] (cats, dogs) {A}
The Fear Familiar Series (cat) {A}
1. Fear Familiar
2. Too Familiar
3. Thrice Familiar
4. Shades of Familiar
5. Familiar Remedy
6. Familiar Tale
7. Bewitching Familiar
8. Familiar Heart
9. Familiar Fire
10. Familiar Valentine
11. Familiar Christmas
12. Familiar Obsession
13. Familiar Lullaby
14. Familiar Mirage
15. Familiar Oasis
16. Familiar Double

Burns, John
The Many Adventures of Pengey Penguin (penguin, others) {IR}

Burnett, Frances Hodgson
Little Saint Elizabeth and Other Stories [not all stories furry] (wheat, doll) {IR}
The Queen Crosspatch Series (dolls, various animals) {IR}
1. Racketty-Packetty House
2. The Troubles of Queen Silver-Bell
3. The Cozy Lion
4. The Spring Cleaning

Burnett, Whit
Animal Spirits: A Carnival of Prose, Poetry and Cartoons [Burnett edited] (various animals) {A}

Burroughs, Dorothy
The Magic Herb (badgermorphs, unicorn, dodo) {IR}

Burrows, Mrs. E.
Neptune, or, The Autobiography of a Newfoundland Dog (dog) {IR}
Tuppy, or, The Autobiography of a Donkey (dog) {IR}
Frolicsome Frisk and His Friends (cats, dogs) {IR}

Bushyager, Linda E.
Master of Hawks (hawk) {A}

Butcher, Nancy
The Wishbone Mysteries Series [only wrote some books in series] (dog) {IR}
11. Lights! Camera! Action Dog!

Butler, S. C.
The Stoneways Trilogy (shapeshifting bear, others) {A}
1. Reiffen’s Choice
2. (not yet published)

Buzzati, Dino
The Bears' Famous Invasion of Sicily (bears) {IR}

Byars, Betsy
Dog Diaries: Secret Writings of the WOOF Society [with Betsy Duffey and Laurie Meyers] (dogs) {IR}

Byers, Richard Lee
The Tribe Novels Series (wolfmorphs) {A}
5. Children of Gaia and Uktena [with Stefan Petrucha]

Byington, Eloise
Doll Land Stories (dolls) {IR}

Byron, May Clarissa Gillington
The Little Tan Terrier (dogmorph, others) {IR}
Teddy Bear's Travels (teddy bears) {IR}
The Happy Family Series (duckling, rabbits, cat, others) {IR}
1. The Happy Family [AKA Cecil Aldin's Happy Family]
2. The Merry Party [AKA Cecil Aldin's Merry Party]


The Anthropomorphic Index is Copyright 2003-2013 Perri.