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Scans of out of print and/or rare titles


Gabrie, J. Freddy
The Early Sonic Series (hedgehogmorphs, foxmorph, others) {IR/A}
1. Sonic The Hedgehog "Firsts" [only worked on one; Gabrie edited, with R. Goldwater]

Gadallah, Leslie
The Cats Series (catmorphs) {A}
1. Cat's Pawn
2. Cat's Gambit

Gage, Wilson
Miss Osborne the Mop (mop turned human) {IR}

Gaggin, E. R.
Jolly Animals (many various animals) {IR}

Gagné, Michel
Parables: An Anthology (fox, others) {A}

Gaiman, Neil
Coraline (cat) {YA}
Sandman: The Dream Hunters (fox, badger) {A}

Gaither, S.J.
The Witching Moon Series [with Michael Canada] (cat) {A}
1. Black Moon
2. (not yet published)

Gale, Elizabeth
Little Sonny Sunfish (fish, frogs, others) {IR}
How the Animals Come to the Circus [AKA Circus Animals] (various animals) {IR}

Gale, Norman
Merry Times With Louis Wain, Stories in Prose and Verse [with Dorothy Black, Grace C. Floyd, among others] (cats, others) {IR}

Gall, Alice Crew
The Adventures of Toby Spaniel [with Fleming Crew] (dogmorphs, others) {IR}
All The Year Round [with Fleming Crew] (various animals) {IR}
Bushytail [with Fleming Crew] (chipmunks) {IR}
Flat Tail [with Fleming Crew] (beavers) {IR}
Here and There and Everywhere [with Fleming Crew] (various animals) {IR}
The Little Black Ant [with Fleming Crew] (ant, others) {IR}
Ringtail [with Fleming Crew] (raccoons) {IR}
Splasher [with Fleming Crew] (muskrat, others) {IR}
Wagtail [with Fleming Crew] (frogs) {IR}
Winter Flight [with Fleming Crew] (crow, others) {IR}

Gallagher, Diane
The Alien Dark (catmorphs) {A}
The Salem’s Tails Series [only wrote some in series] (cat) {IR}
5. Dog Day Afternoon
10. Worth a Shot
The Sabrina Series [only wrote some in series] (cat) {YA}
2. Showdown at the Mall
4. Halloween Havoc
10. Lotsa Luck
16. Now You See Her, Now You Don't
19. Shamrock Shenanigans
23. Bridal Bedlam [with Nancy Holder]
32. Reality Check
36. Wake-Up Call
39. From the Horse's Mouth

Gallagher, Michael
The Early Sonic Series (hedgehogmorphs, foxmorph, others) {IR/A}
2. Sonic The Hedgehog: The Beginning [only worked on this one, Gallagher edited]

Gallagher, Stephen
Chimera (apemorph) {A}

Gallico, Paul
Jenny [AKA The Abandoned] (cats) {IR}
Thomasina: The Cat who Thought She Was God (cats) {A}
Snowflake (snowflakes) {A}
Manxmouse: The Mouse who Knew No Fear (mouse, others) {A}
The Silent Miaow (cats) {A}

Galvin, Kim
RJ's Farm (duck, others) {IR}

Gandolfi, Silvana
Aldabra: Or, the Tortoise Who Loved Shakespeare {YA}

Gangloff, Deborah
Albert and Victoria: A Novel (insects) {IR}

Gannett, Ruth Stiles
The Tales of My Father's Dragon Series (dragons, others) {IR}
1. My Father's Dragon
2. Elmer and the Dragon
3. The Dragons of Blueland

Gantt, Leticia
The Wishbone Mysteries Series [only wrote some books in series] (dog) {IR}
18. Phantom of the Video Store

Garcia, Eric
The Rex Series (dinosaur) {A}
1. Anonymus Rex
2. Casual Rex
3. Hot and Sweaty Rex: A Dinosaur Mafia Mystery

Gardam, Jane
Through the Doll's House Door (dolls, ceramic cat) {IR}

Gardner, Craig Shaw
The Ebenezum and Wuntvor Series (dragons, unicorn) {A}
1. A Malady of Magicks
2. A Multitude of Monsters
3. A Night in the Netherhells
4. A Difficulty with Dwarves
5. An Excess of Enchantments
6. A Disagreement with Death

Gardner, Hugh
Bruno Bear [projected to be the first in a series, but no sequels appear to have ever been published] (bear, others) {IR}
The Marble Mountain Series (bear, goat, owl and ostrich) {IR}
1. Beyond the Marble Mountain
2. Back to the Marble Mountain

Gardner, Martin
Visitors from Oz: The Wild Adventures of Dorothy, the Scarecrow, and the Tin Woodman [not part of the official “Famous Forty” Oz series] (scarecrow) {A}

Gardner, Richard
Dorothy and the Lizard of Oz (lizard) {IR}

Gardner, Sally
The Tales From the Box Series (dolls, mice) {IR}
1. The Countess's Calamity
2. Boolar's Big Day Out

Garfield, Robert
The Golden Story Book Series [only wrote two, and of the series, only the furry books are listed here] (various animals) {IR}
6. Train Stories [with Jessie Knittle]
9. The Penny Puppy and Other Dog Stories

Garis, Howard R.
The Animal Children Series [All books in this series were also released in alternate editions titled “Uncle Wiggily and “insert animal children here”] (many animalmorphs) {IR}
1. Sammie and Susie Littletail
2. Johnnie and Billie Bushytail
3. Lulu, Alice, and Jimmie Wibblewobble
4. Jackie and Peetie Bow-Wow
5. Buddy and Brighteyes Pigg
6. Joie, Tommie, and Kittie Kat
7. Charlie and Arabella Chick
8. Neddie and Beckie Stubtail
9. Bully and Bawly No-Tail
10. Nannie and Billie Wagtail
11. Jollie and Jillie Longtail
12. Jacko and Jumpo Kinkytail
13. Curly and Floppy Twistytail
14. Toodle and Noodle Flat-Tail
15. Dottie and Willie Flufftail
16. Dickie and Nellie Fliptail
17. Woodie and Waddie Chuck
18. Bobby and Betty Ringtail [AKA Uncle Wiggily and the Ringtails]
The Uncle Wiggily Series [in order as far as I can judge, probably not complete] (rabbitmorphs, many others) {IR}
1. Uncle Wiggily's Adventures
2. Uncle Wiggily's Travels
3. Uncle Wiggily's Fortune
4. Uncle Wiggily's Automobile
5. Uncle Wiggily at the Seashore
6. Uncle Wiggily's Airship
7. Uncle Wiggily in the Country
8. Uncle Wiggily in the Woods
9. Uncle Wiggily on the Farm
10. Uncle Wiggily's Journey
11. Uncle Wiggily and Baby Bunty
12. Uncle Wiggily's Story Book
13. Uncle Wiggily's Picture Book
14. Uncle Wiggily's Puzzle Book
15. Uncle Wiggily on Sugar Island
16. The Uncle Wiggily Book
17. Uncle Wiggily's Bungalow
18. Uncle Wiggily's Picnic Party
19. Uncle Wiggily’s Surprises
20. Uncle Wiggily's Happy Days [1947 edition only]
The Uncle Wiggily Big Book Series (rabbitmorphs, many others) {IR}
1. Uncle Wiggily Longears [part of it republished as Uncle Wiggily's Rheumatism]
2. Uncle Wiggily and Alice in Wonderland [part of it republished as Uncle Wiggily in Wonderland]
3. Uncle Wiggily's Arabian Nights [possible working title Uncle Wiggily and the Fairies? One part of it republished as Uncle Wiggily in Fairyland, and another part of it republished as Uncle Wiggily in Magic Land]
4. Uncle Wiggily and Mother Goose [part of it republished as Uncle Wiggily and Old Mother Hubbard]
5. Uncle Wiggily and the Birds
The Happy Home Series (household objects, various animals) {IR}
1. Adventures of the Galloping Gas Stove
2. Adventures of the Runaway Rocking Chair
3. Adventures of the Traveling Table
4. Adventures of the Sliding Foot Stool
5. Adventures of the Sailing Sofa
6. Adventures of the Prancing Piano
The Circus Animal Series (various animals) {IR}
1. Snarlie, the Tiger
2. Woo-Uff, the Lion
3. Umboo, the Elephant
4. Humpi, the Camel [actually called Humpo, the Camel?] (was this ever published?)

Garland, Mark
The Dinotopia Series [only wrote one] (dinosaurs) {IR? YA?}
12. Rescue Party

Garland, Rosemary
My Bedtime Book of Two-Minute Stories [Garland editor] (various animals and objects) {IR}

Garner, Alan
Elidor (unicorn) {YA}

Garner, James Finn
Politically Correct Holiday Stories: For an Enlightened Yuletide Season [only some stories furry] (snowmen, deer) {A}
The Politically Correct Bedtime Stories Series [not all stories furry] (various animals) {A}
1. Politically Correct Bedtime Stories: Modern Tales for Our Life and Times
2. Once upon a More Enlightened Time: More Politically Correct Bedtime Stories

Garnett, David
The Master Cat (cats) {IR}

Garrett, E.W.
Rip (dog) {IR}
Wanda (various animals) {IR}

Garrett, Lee
The Awakening (trees, dragons) {A}

Garrett, Randall
The Gandalara Cycle [with Vicki Ann Heydron] (lions) {A}
1. The Steel of Rarthskar
2. The Glass of Dyskornis
3. The Bronze of Eddarta
4. The Well of Darkness
5. The Search for Ka
6. Return to Eddarta
7. The River Wall

Garrott, Hal
Snythergen (boy-tree) {IR}
Squiffer (squirrels) {YA?}

Garton, Ray
The Sabrina Series [only wrote one in series] (cat) {YA}
12. All That Glitters

Gask, Lilian
Babes of the Wild (bear, fox, kangaroo, otter, others) {IR}
The Tales Series (squirrels, dogs, pigs) {IR}
1. Squirrel Tales
2. Pig Tales
3. Dog Tales

Gately, Geo
The Heathcliff Series [in order, but may not be complete) (cat, mice, dogs) {A}
1. Heathcliff
2. Heathcliff Rides Again
3. Heathcliff Triple Threat
4. Heathcliff Wanted
5. Heathcliff Spins a Yarn
6. Heathcliff Does it Again!
7. Heathcliff Strikes Again!
8. Heathcliff Round 3
9. Heathcliff Pigs Out
10. Heathcliff First Prize!
11. Heathcliff Banquet
12. Heathcliff Feast
13. Sweet Savage Heathcliff
14. Wicked Loving Heathcliff
15. Heathcliff in Concert
16. Heathcliff Play By Play
17. Heathcliff Dines Out
18. Heathcliff Gone Fishin'
19. Heathcliff Cleans House
20. Heathcliff Working Out
21. Heathcliff Catch of the Day
22. Heathcliff on Vacation
23. Heathcliff Kool Kat
24. Heathcliff Rockin' and Rollin'
25. Heathcliff Smooth Sailing
26. Heathcliff All American
27. Heathcliff Top Secret
28. Heathcliff Chairman of the Board

Gates, Arthur I.
Brownie and His Friends [with Antoinette Karabin] (fish, others) {IR}

Gates, Doris
The Cat and Mrs. Cary (cats) {A}

Gates, Josephine Scribner
The Live Dolls Series [mostly in order, may not be complete] (dolls) {IR}
1. The Story of Live Dolls
2. More About Live Dolls
3. The Doll That Was Lost and Found [aka The Story of the Lost Doll]
4. The April Fool Doll
5. The Story of the Three Dolls
6. Little Red White and Blue
7. Live Dolls' House Party
8. The Live Dolls' Busy Days
9. The Live Dolls' Play Days
10. The Live Dolls' Party Days
11. The Live Dolls in Fairyland
12. The Live Dolls in Wonderland
13. The Secret of the Live Dolls

Gates, Susan
Dusk (hawkmorph) {YA}

Gatty, Mrs. Alfred
Parables from Nature [almost all stories] (many varied animals, plants, and other natural objects) {A}

Gaunt, Michael
The Brim Series (dog, horse, others) {IR}
1. Brim’s Boat
2. Brim Sails Out
3. Brim’s Valley

Gaze, Harold
The Coppertop Series (mermaids, birds) {IR}
1. Coppertop: The Adventures of a Quaint Child
2. Coppertop Cruises: The Wonderful Voyage of the Good Ship “Queercraft”
The Mite Merry Series (koala, other animals) {IR}
1. The Simple Jaggajay 2. The Billabonga Bird
3. The Chewg-Um-Blewg-Um

Gear, Kathleen O'Neal
Dark Inheritance [with Michael W. Gear] (apes) {A}

Gear, Michael W.
Dark Inheritance [with Kathleen O'Neal Gear] (apes) {A}

Geisert, Arthur
Pa's Balloon and Other Pig Tales (pigs) {IR}

Geisler, Mary Phillips
The Magical Insect Travels Series (various insects) {IR}
1. Honey Bees and Fairy Dust
2. Ant Hills and Soap Bubbles
3. Spider Webs and Sunflowers

Gelsey, James
The Scooby-Doo Series (dog) {IR}
1. Scooby-Doo and the Haunted Castle
2. Scooby-Doo and the Mummy's Curse
3. Scooby-Doo! and the Snow Monster
4. Scooby-Doo! and the Sunken Ship
5. Scooby-Doo and the Howling Wolfman
6. Scooby-Doo and the Vampire's Revenge
7. Scooby-Doo! and the Carnival Creeper
8. Scooby-Doo! and the Groovy Ghost
9. Scooby-Doo! and the Zombie's Treasure
10. Scooby Doo! and the Spooky Strikeout
11. Scooby Doo and the Fairground Phantom
12. Scooby-Doo! and the Frankenstein Monster
13. Scooby-Doo and the Runaway Robot
14. Scooby-Doo! and the Masked Magician
15. Scooby-Doo! and the Phony Fortune-Teller
16. Scooby-Doo! and the Toy Store Terror
17. Scooby-Doo and the Farmyard Fright
18. Scooby-Doo and the Caveman Caper
19. Scooby-Doo! and the Rowdy Rodeo
20. Scooby-Doo and the Ghostly Gorilla
21. Scooby-Doo and the Vicious Viking
22. Scooby Doo and the Seashore Slimer
23. Scooby-Doo and the Karate Caper
24. Scooby-Doo And The Bowling Boogeyman
25. Scooby-Doo and the Headless Horseman
26. Scooby Doo And The Deep Sea Diver
27. Scooby-Doo and the Sinister Sorcerer
28. Scooby-Doo and the Witch Doctor
29. Scooby-Doo and the Gruesome Goblin

Gentile, Joe
The Werewolf: The Apocalypse: Fang and Claw Series (wolfmorphs) {A}
1. Volume 1: Raging Fury [with Jerry DeCaire, Steve Ellis, and Eddy Newell]
2: Volume 2: Raging Fury [with Fernando Blanco, Steve Ellis, and Eddy Newell]

Geras, Adele
The Cats of Cuckoo Square Series (cats) {IR}
1. The Cats of Cuckoo Square
2. Blossom's Revenge
3. Picasso Perkins
4. Callie's Kittens
5. Geejay the Hero

Gerstein, Mordicai
The Old Country (fox, owl, spider, others) {YA}

Ghidalia, Vic
Satan's Pets [Ghidalia edited] (various animals) {A}

Giaco, Vince
Gator Boy (alligatormorph) {A}

Gibbs, May
The Complete Adventures of Snugglepot and Cuddlepie (various animals) {IR}
Prince Dande Lion: A Garden Whim-Wham (animalized flowers and flowermorphs)

Gibson, A.L.
The Alice Series [only wrote one] (various animals) {IR}
5. Another Alice Book Please

Gibson, Eva Katharine
Zauberlinda: the Wise Witch (cat, others) {IR}

Gier, Scott G.
Genellan: Planetfall (bearmorphs) {A}

Gilbert, David
The Buckles Series (dogs) {A}
1. Buckles Unleased
2. There's a Street Dog in All of Us

Gilchrist, Guy
The Mudpie Series (catmorphs) {A}
1. I'm Having a Bad Fur Day
2. When Cats Fly

Gill, George
The Sandy Series (dog) {A}
1. The Autobiography of a Dog
2. It's That Dog Again
3. Vagabond Days: Being Some Unmuzzled Musings of a Dog

Gilleland, Lindi
Dominion's Crystal Tome (dinosaur, bear) {A}

Gilmore, D.H.
The Little World Series (many insectmorphs) {IR}
1. The Remarkable Adventures Of Cuthbert The Caterpillar And Wilfred The Wasp [aka The Adventures of Cuthbert the Caterpillar and Wilfred Wasp]
2. The Tale of Gregory Grasshopper
3. The Adventures of Catkin and Codlin
4. The Tale of Christopher Cricket
5. The Tale of Benjamin Bumble
6. The Cruise of the Saucy Walnut
7. Antony Ant and the Earwig Pirates
8. Drowsy The Drone
9. The Lost Ladybirds
10. The Little World of D.H.Gilmore

Gilmore, John
The Wind in the Willows Series (only wrote one) (various animals) {YA}
4. If Only Toads Could Fly

Gilori, Debi
The Pure Dead Series (spider, others) {YA}
1. Pure Dead Magic
2. Pure Dead Wicked
3. Pure Dead Brilliant

Girvin, Brenda
The Alice and The White Rabbit Series [based on, but not part of, the Alice series] (rabbit) {IR}
1. Alice and the White Rabbit: Their Trips Round About London
2. Round Fairyland With Alice and The White Rabbit

Gladstone, Shari Nocks
Benjamin's World (cat) {IR/A}

Gladwin, Elizabeth Bouton
Grandmother's Doll (doll) {IR}

Gleitzman, Morris
Worm Story (microbes) {IR}
The Toad Series (toads) {IR}
1. Toad Rage
2. Toad Heaven
3. Toad Away

Gloss, Molly
Outside the Gates (wolves) {IR}

Glover, D. O.
A Dog's Life: The Autobiography of "Rascal," a Planter's Dog (dog) {A}

Glut, Donald F.
The Dinotopia Series [only wrote one] (dinosaurs) {IR? YA?}
16. Chomper

Godden, Rumer
The Dolls' House (dolls) {IR}
Four Dolls (dolls) {IR}
Home is the Sailor (dolls) {IR}
Mouse Time: Two Stories (mousemorphs) {IR}
Tootie: the Story of a Dolls' House [an alternate title for The Dolls' House, or a different book?] {IR?}
The Japanese Dolls Series (dolls) {IR}
1. Miss Happiness and Miss Flower
2. Little Plum

Godwin, Laura
The Doll People Series [with Ann M. Martin] (dolls) {IR}
1. The Doll People
2. The Meanest Doll in the World

Goldberger, Judith
The Looking Glass Factor (catmorphs) {YA}

Goldsmith, Milton
Adventure of Walter and the Rabbits (rabbitmorphs) {IR}

Goldsmith Publishing
My Pet Stories (many animals and animalmorphs) {IR}

Goldwater, R.
The Early Sonic Series (hedgehogmorphs, foxmorph, others) {IR/A}
1. Sonic The Hedgehog "Firsts" [only worked on one, Goldwater edited, with J. Freddy Gabrie]

Goldy, Lynnette Godfrey
The Adventures of Periwinkle the Crab (hermit crabs) {IR}

Goldman, Leslie
The Sabrina Series [only wrote some in series] (cat) {YA}
48. Witch Glitch
49. The Truth Hurts

Gonzales, Manuel
The Golden Story Book Series [only wrote one, and of the series, only the furry books are listed here] (various animals) {IR}
7. Mystery in Disneyville [with Richard Moores]

Good, Loren B.
Panchito (parrots) {IR}

Good, Millie B.
King: The Crafty Coyote [is this furry?] (coyote) {IR}

Goodwin, Harold
Magic Number (cat, dog, lamb, parrot, duck, hamsters) {IR}
Top Secret: Alligators! (alligators) {IR}

Goodwin, Murray
Alonzo and the Army of Ants (anteater, others) {IR}
The Underground Hideaway (cat, skunk, rat, opossum, flying squirrel) {IR}

Goody, C.A.
The Charlie Series (cat) {IR}
1. Charlie's Great Adventure
2. Charlie Moves to Arizona

Gordon, Elizabeth
Buddy Jim (weasels, squirrels, rabbits, mice, others) {IR}
The Tale of Johnny Mouse (mouse) {IR}
Watermelon Pete and Other Stories (pig, ladybug, elephant, chicken, dog, others) {IR}
The Loraine and the Little People Series (anthropomorphized raindrops, butterflymorphs, others) {IR}
1. Loraine and the Little People
2. Loraine And The Little People Of Spring
3. Loraine and the Little People of Summer

Gorgas, Paula Blais
Earth Magic (cats) {YA}

Gorman, Ed
Kittens, Cats, and Crime [Gorman edited, not all stories furry] (cats) {A}
The Cat Crimes Series [editor, with Martin H. Greenberg and Larry Segriff. Books are not in order and only a small portion of the stories are furry...but the furry stories are great] {A}
1. Cat Crimes
2. Cat Crimes Through Time
3. Cat Crimes for the Holidays
4. Cat Crimes 2
5. Cat Crimes 3
6. Danger in D.C.
7. Feline and Famous
8. A Treasury of Cat Mysteries
9. Cat Crimes Takes a Vacation
10. Murder Most Feline: Cunning Tales of Cats and Crime

Gormley, Beatrice
Richard and the Vratch (intelligent dinosaur) {IR}

Gorse, Golden
The Moorland Mousie Series (ponies) {IR}
1. Moorland Mousie
2. Older Mousie

Gosselin, Shirley A.
Fabian and Gilead-Brown (fox, parrot, others) {IR}

Gotlieb, Phyllis
The Ungrukh Series (panthers)
Son of the Morning and Other Stories [story 'Son of the Morning' in this anthology is the first story about Prandra and Kreng, the characters who later appeared in the series] 1. A Judgement of Dragons
2. Emperor, Swords, Pentacles
3. The Kingdom of the Cats
The Lyhhrt Trilogy Series (dinosaur, mermaid) {A}
1. Flesh And Gold
2. Violent Stars

Goto, Hiromi
The In the Same Boat Series (foxes, others) {IR}
1. The Water of Possibility
2. (not yet published)

Gottfredson, Floyd
The Gladstone Comic Album Series [wrote some] (mousemorphs, others) {IR/A}
3. Mickey Mouse: The Lair of Wolf Barker
8. Mickey Mouse: Hoppy the Kangaroo
17. Mickey Mouse in the World of Tomorrow
22. Mickey Mouse: Sheriff of Nugget Gulch
26. Mickey and Donald and the Seven Ghosts
The Gladstone Giant Comic Album Series [only wrote two] (mousemorphs, others) {IR/A}
3. Mickey Mouse: Bar-None Ranch
7. Mickey Mouse as the Monarch of Medioka

Goudge, Elizabeth
Smoky-House (dogs, donkey) {YA}

Gould, Elizabeth L.
Barbara and the Five Little Purrs [is this furry?] (cats) {IR}

Gourlay, Walter
Monterey Shorts [editor, with Chris Kemp and Frances Rossi; story "If the Tubs Could Talk" by Pat Hanson] (hottubs) {A}

Gowdy, Barbara
The White Bone (elephants) {A}

Graf, Dean A.
The Furkindred: Let Sleeping Gods Lie [with Terrie Smith, Edd Vick, and Chuck Melville] (various morphs) {A}

Grahame, Kenneth
Bertie's Escapade (mole, others) {IR}
The Reluctant Dragon (dragon) {IR}
The Wind in the Willows Series [only wrote one] (various animals) {YA}
1. The Wind in the Willows

Grandville, J. J.
Bizarries and Fantasies of Grandville [collection of Grandville’s anthropomorphic artwork] (various animals) {A}
The Comical Series [only wrote one] (weasels, dormice, cats, others) {IR}
2. Comical People [with Henry George Hine]

Grannan, Mary
The Just Mary Series [not all stories are furry] (many animals) {IR}
1. Just Mary Stories
2. New Just Mary Stories
3. Happy Playtime
4. Just Mary Blue Stories
5. Just Mary Green Stories
6. Just Mary Red Stories
7. Just Mary Yellow Stories
8. Just Mary Brown Stories
The Maggie Muggins Series [somewhat in order, possibly not complete] (many animals) {IR}
1. Maggie Muggins
2. Maggie Muggins Stories: a Recent Selection of the Famous Canadian Radio Stories
3. New Maggie Muggins Stories: a Recent Selection of the Famous Canadian Radio Stories
4. Maggie Muggins Again
5. Maggie Muggins and Mr. McGarrity
6. Maggie Muggins and Her Animal Friends
7. Maggie Muggins in the Meadow
8. Maggie Muggins Tee-Vee Tales
9. Maggie Muggins By the Sea
10. Maggie Muggins and the Fieldmouse
11. More Maggie Muggins
12. This is Maggie Muggins
13. The Wonderful World of Maggie Muggins
14. Maggie Muggins Bedtime Stories
15. Maggie Muggins and the Cottontail
16. Maggie Muggins and Benny Bear

Grant, John
The Dragon Series [with Bob Eggleston] (dragons) {A}
1. Dragonhenge
2. The Stardragons

Grant, Rob
The Red Dwarf Series [only wrote one] (cat){A}
3. Backwards

Grass, Gunter
The Rat (rats) {A}

Gray, Luli
The Falcon Series [Is this furry after all?] (dragons) {IR}
1. Falcon's Egg
2. Falcon and the Charles Street Witch

Gray, Nicholas Stuart
The Apple Stone (apple, other objects) {IR}
The Garland of Filigree (dragon) {IR}
Grimbold's Other World (cat, others) {A}
The Further Adventures of Puss in Boots (cat) {IR}

Gray, William S.
The Streets and Roads Series [Gray edited, with May Hill Arbutnot] (various animals) {IR}
1. Streets and Roads
2. More Streets and Roads

Graydon, Elizabeth
Air Dog to Top Dog: the Memoirs of an Air Force Dog (dog) {A}

Green, Gerald
Girl (dog) {A}

Green, Roger Lancelyn
Land of the Lord High Tiger (squirrel, lion, fox, bear) {YA}

Green, Simon R.
Shadows Fall (various animalmorphs, scarecrow) {A}
Blue Moon Rising [Is part of a series...however, the talking animals don't seem to be in the other books] (dragon, unicorn) {A}

Green, Sylvia
The Best Christmas Ever (cat) {IR}

Greenberg, Dan
The Secrets of Dripping Fang Series (bugmorphs, wolves, others) {IR}
1. The Onts
2. Treachery and Betrayal at Jolly Days
3. The Vampire's Curse
4. Fall of the House of Mandible
The Zack Files Series [only the furry volumes are listed here] {IR}
1. Great-Grandpa's in the Litter Box (cat)
7. Never Trust a Cat Who Wears Earrings (Zack is a catmorph for part of the book)
11. How to Speak Dolphin in Three Easy Lessons (dolphins)
14. Elvis the Turnip...and Me (turnip)
16. Evil Queen Tut and the Great Ant Pyramids (ants)

Greenberg, Martin H.
Animal Brigade 3000 [editor] (various animals) {A}
Apprentice Fantastic [Greenberg edited, with Russell Davis, stories "When the Student Is Ready" and "Blood and Scale"] (crow, dragon) {A}
Assassin Fantastic [editor, with Alexander Potter, stories "Myhr's Adventure in Hell" and "He"] (catmorph, dogmorph) {A}
Christmas Bestiary [not all stories] (mermaid, rocking horse, yeti, spiders, others) {A}
Dinosaur Fantastic [editor, with Mike Resnick; not all stories furry] (dinosaurs) {A}
Little Red Riding Hood in the Big Bad City [editor, with John Helfers] (wolfmorph, others) {A}
Pharaoh Fantastic [editor, with Brittiany A. Koren, stories "Basted" and "To See Beyond Darkness"] (leopard, cats) {A}
Sirius: The Dog Star [editor, with Alexander Potter] (dogs) {A}
The Cat Crimes Series [editor, with Ed Gorman and Larry Segriff. Books are not in order and only a small portion of the stories are furry - but the furry stories are great] {A}
1. Cat Crimes
2. Cat Crimes Through Time
3. Cat Crimes for the Holidays
4. Cat Crimes 2
5. Cat Crimes 3
6. Danger in D.C.
7. Feline and Famous
8. A Treasury of Cat Mysteries
9. Cat Crimes Takes a Vacation
10. Murder Most Feline: Cunning Tales of Cats and Crime
The Catfantastic Series [editor, with Andre Norton] (cats and catmorphs) {A}
1. Catfantastic [AKA Fantastic Cat?]
2. Catfantastic II
3. Catfantastic III
4. Catfantastic IV
5. Catfantastic V

Greenberg, Rosalind
Dragon Fantastic!: The Most Beloved Creature in Fantasy in Stories by Fantasy Masters [Greenberg edited, not all stories furry] (dragons) {A}

Greenbury, Linda
Pussy Simkin (cats) {IR}

Greene, Ward
Lady and the Tramp: The Story of Two Dogs (dogs) {A}

Greeno, Gayle
The Ghattens Series (cats) {A}
1. Finders, Seekers
2. Mind Speaker's Call
3. The Exile's Return
4. Sunderlies Seeking
5. The Farthest Seeking

Greenwald, Sheila
Mat Pit and the Tunnel Tenants [AKA The Pets' Revolt] (mice, gerbils, others) {IR}
The Secret Museum (dolls) {IR}

Gregling, John A.
Snowflake Come Home: A Wolf's Story (wolf) {YA}

Grey, Elizabeth Caroline
The Autobiography of Frank: The Happiest Little Dog That Ever Lived (dog) {A}

Gribbin, John
Father to the Man (chimpanzeemorph) {A}

Griffin, Eric
The Tribe Novels Series (wolfmorphs) {A}
1. Shadowlords and Get of Fenris [with Gherbod Fleming]
3. Red Talons and Fianna [with Philippe Boulle]
7. Black Spiral Dancers and Wendigo [with Bill Bridges]

Griffin, P.M.
The Star Commandos Series (bird) {A}
1. Star Commandos
2. Colony in Peril
3. Mission Underground
4. Death Planet
5. Mind Slaver
6. Return to War
7. Fire Planet
8. Call to Arms
9. Jungle Assault
10. Pariah

Griffin, Peni R.
Margo's House (dolls) {YA}

Griffiths, Andy
The Butt Series (.........talking butts) {IR}
1. The Day My Butt Went Psycho!
2. Zombie Butts From Uranus!

Griggs, Terry
The Cat's Eye Corner Series (sentient pen, monkey, moosemorph) {YA}
1. Cat's Eye Corner
2. The Silver Door

Grimwood, Ken
Into the Deep (dolphins) {A}

Grishina, N. G.
The Magic Squirrel (squirrel) {IR}

Groce, Michelle
Jasper (cat) {YA}

Grody, Leathel
The Foundations of Hope Trilogy Series (lizardmorphs) {A}
1. Faith of the Unforgotten
2. (not yet published)

Groening, Matt
The Life in Hell Series (rabbitmorphs) {A}
1. Love is Hell
2. Work is Hell
3. School is Hell
4. Childhood Is Hell
5. Akbar and Jeff's Guide to Life
6. Big Book of Hell: The Best of Life in Hell
7. How to Go to Hell
8. The Road to Hell: A Cartoon Book
9. Binky's Guide to Love
10. The Huge Book of Hell

Groom, Winston
Only: A Novel (dog) {A}

Grove, Frederick Philip
Consider Her Ways (ants) {A}

Gruber, Michael
The Witch's Boy (bear, cat) {YA/A}

Gruelle, Johnny
The Cheery Scarecrow (scarecrow) {IR}
Friendly Fairies [aka Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy's Friendly Fairies] (various animals) {IR}
Johnny Gruelle's Golden Book (various animals and toys) {IR}
Johnny Mouse and the Wishing Stick (mouse, others) {IR}
Little Sunny Stories [aka Raggedy Ann and Andy's Sunny Stories?] (thread, cricket) {IR}
The Magical Land of Noom (fauns, cow) {IR}
My Very Own Fairy Stories [AKA Raggedy Ann and Andy's very own Fairy Stories/ Raggedy Ann's Fairy Stories] (various animals) {IR}
Raggedy Ann and Andy's Animal Friends (bear, sparrows, elephant, woodpeckers) {IR}
The Raggedy Ann and Andy Series [in order, though may not be complete] (many toys and animals) {IR}
1. Raggedy Ann Stories
2. Raggedy Andy Stories
3. Raggedy Ann and Andy and the Camel with the Wrinkled Knees
4. Raggedy Ann's Wishing-Pebble
5. Beloved Belindy
6. The Paper Dragon (AKA Raggedy Ann and the Paper Dragon)
7. Wooden Willie
8. Raggedy Ann's Magical Wishes
9. Marcella: A Raggedy Ann Story
10. Raggedy Ann in the Deep Deep Woods
11. Raggedy Ann in Cookie Land
12. Raggedy Ann's Lucky Pennies
13. Raggedy Ann in the Golden Meadow
14. Raggedy Ann in the Magic Book
15. Raggedy Ann and the Golden Butterfly
16. Raggedy Ann and Andy and the Nice Fat Policeman
17. Raggedy Ann and Betsy Bonnet String
18. Raggedy Ann and the Hoppy Toad: and, Raggedy Ann in the Garden
19. Raggedy Ann and the Laughing Brook: and, Raggedy Ann Helps Grandpa Hoppergrass
20. Raggedy Ann in the Snow White Castle
21. Raggedy Ann and the Hobby Horse
22. Raggedy Ann and the Golden Ring
23. Raggedy Ann and the Wonderful Witch
24. Raggedy Ann and the Happy Meadow
25. Raggedy Ann and Andy and Witchie Kissabye
26. Raggedy Ann and Andy and the Kindly Ragman
27. Raggedy Ann and Andy and the Hidden Treasures

Guariglia, Sally
Godfree (duck, Canada goose) {IR}

Guinane, Carole S.
The Wolves of Witchmaker (wolves, others) {YA}

Gulan, Bonnie M.
A Collection of Nodding Off Stories (bunny, others?) {IR}
A Collection of Mrs. Claus' Christmas Stories (various animals) {IR}
The House of the Seven Cats Series (cats) {IR}
1. House of the Seven Cats
2. Lost Adventures of the House of the Seven Cats
3.The House of the Seven Cats Promised Land Adventures

Gunder, Eman
The Rand McNally Book of Favorite Pillowtime Tales [with Fenella Rothe, Helen Wing and Wallace Wadsworth] (bear, turtle, pony, train) {IR}

Gunnarsson, Thorarinn
Dragon's Domain (dragons) {A}
The Dragonlord Chronicles Series (dragons) {A}
1. Dragonlord of Mystara
2. Dragonking of Mystara
3. Dragonmage of Mystara
The Dragons Series (dragons) {A}
1. Make Way for Dragons!
2. Human, Beware!
3. Dragons on the Town

Gurney, James
The Dinotopia Series [only wrote some] (dinosaurs) {IR/A}
1. Dinotopia
2. The World Beneath
13. First Flight


The Anthropomorphic Index is Copyright 2003-2013 Perri.