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Scans of out of print and/or rare titles


Haas, Dorothy
The Bears Upstaris (bears) {YA}

Haber, Melissa Glenn
Beyond the Dragon Portal (dragons) {YA}
Hercules Amsterdam (mice, rats) {YA}

Haggard, H. Rider
The Mahatma and the Hare (hare) {A}

Hahn, Harriet
The James Series (cat) {A}
1. James, the Connoisseur Cat
2. James, the Fabulous Feline

Haig, Matt
The Last Family in England (dogs) {A}

Halam, Ann
Dr. Franklin's Island (raymorph, birdmorph) {YA}

Hale, Bruce
The Chet Gecko Series (lizardmorph, birdmorph, others) {IR}
1. The Chameleon Wore Chartreuse
2. The Mystery of Mr. Nice
3. Farewell, My Lunchbag
4. The Big Nap
5. The Hamster of the Baskervilles
6. This Gum for Hire
7. The Malted Falcon
8. Trouble Is My Beeswax
9. Give My Regrets to Broadway
10. Murder, My Tweet

Hale, Shannon
The Goose Girl (geese, others) {YA}

Hall, Elizabeth
Venus Among the Fishes (dolphins, whales) {IR}

Hall, H. Fielding
Margaret's Book (various animals) {IR}

Hall, Lynn
The Soul of the Silver Dog (dog) {YA}
Troublemaker [is this furry?] (dog)

Hall, Marjorie
The Talismon Tales Series (squirrels, hummingbirds, manatees, horses, many others) {IR}
1. Wiggleton's Courageous Adventure
2. (not yet published)

Hall, Robert
The Half-Crown and His Philosophy (coins, banknotes, monkeys) {IR/A?}

Hall, Valerie
The Bob-a-Long Bunnies Series (rabbitmorphs) {IR}
1. The Bob-a-Long Bunnies Storybook
2. My Big Bob-a-Long Bunnies Storybook
3. My Bumper Bob-a-Long Bunnies Storybook

Halsman, Philippe
Piccoli: A Fairy Tale (cockroach) {IR}

Hamel, Jonathan
The Stink Files Series [with Jennifer L. Holm] (cat, mice, dogs) {IR}
1. Dossier 001: The Postman Always Brings Mice
2. Dossier 002: To Scratch a Thief
3. Dossier 003: You Only Have Nine Lives

Hamilton, Carol
The Dawn Seekers (kangaroo rats, centipede) {IR}

Hamilton, Edmond
The Valley of Creation (various animals) {A}

Hamilton, Gail
Child World (various animals) {IR}

Hamilton, Virginia
When Birds Could Talk and Bats Could Sing (birds, bats) {IR}

Hamley, Dennis
Hare's Choice (hare) {IR}

Hammer, Linda
Letters from Cleo and Tyrone: A Feline Perspective on Love, Life, and Litter [with L. Virginia Browne] (cats) {A}

Hammond, Keith (Hanry Kuttner and C. L. Moore)
The Valley of the Flame (catmorphs) {A}

Hancock, Niel
Dragon Winter (badgers, beavers, otters, others) {A}
The Circle of Light Series (bear, otter) {A}
1. Greyfax Grimwald
2. Fairagon Fairingay
3. Calix Stay
4. Squaring the Circle
The Wilderness of Four Series (bears, otters) {A}
1. Across the Far Mountain
2. The Plains of the Sea
3. On the Boundries of Darkness
4. The Road to the Middle Islands

Hand, Bill
The Redaemian Chronicles Series (rats, badgers, dragons) {A}
1. The Oneprince
2. The Hidden City [never published on its own, but was later published together with the Oneprince in a special edition]
3. The Dragon Child

Hanel, Wolfram
Jasmine & Rex (catmorphs, dogmorphs) {IR}

Hanna, Joseph [along with "coauthor" William Barbera, I doubt either of them actually wrote these books, but they're the only credited authors]
Hanna Barbera's Huckleberry Hound Treasury [with William Barbera] (dogmorph, others) {IR}

Hannay, James
Funny Dogs With Funny Tales [with Alfred Elwes, Edmund F. Blanchard, and Robert B. Brough] (dogmorphs) {A}

Hansen, Brooks
Caesar's Antlers (sparrows, deer) {IR}

Hansen, Gwen
The Secret of the Unicorn Queen Series [only wrote one] (unicorns) {YA}
2. Sun Blind

Hapka, Cathy
The Dinotopia Series [only wrote one] (dinosaurs) {IR? YA?}
21. Oasis

Harball, Sally
Mr. Shints (squirrel) {IR}

Hardy, Emelia J.
The Adventures of Maureen and Maury (doll, rabbit) {IR}

Hardy, Florence
The Mousie Minstrel and Dolly Dutch (mousemorphs, doll) {IR}

Hare, Darrell T.
Ramar: The Rabbit With Rainbow Wings (rabbit) {A}

Harris, Rosemary
The Reuben Series (cats) {IR}
1. The Moon in the Cloud
2. The Shadow on the Sun
3. The Bright and Morning Star

Hart, Helen (Samuel E. Lowe)
Little Rabbit (rabbit) {IR}

Hartwell, Joe
The Foxes Series (foxes, dog, cat) {A}
1. Hunted Down
2. Autumn Hunting

Harford, Violet
Panda in Toyland (pandas, fox, others) {IR}

Harness, Charles L.
Firebird (catmorph) {A}

Harper, Tara K.
The Wolfwalker Series (wolves) {A}
1. Wolfwalker
2. Shadow Leader
3. Storm Runner
4. Grayheart
5. Wolf's Bane
6. Silver Moons, Black Steel
7. Wolf in Night

Harper, Wilhelmina
The Gunniwolf and other Merry Tales [Harper is the editor] (various animals) {IR}
The Lonely Little Pig and Other Animal Tales [Harper is the editor] (various animals) {IR}

Harrington, Donald
The Cockroaches of Stay More (cockroaches) {A}

Harris, David
Horrie Kiwi and the Kids (kiwis, penguins, others) {IR}

Harris, Joel Chandler
Wally Wanderoon and His Story Telling Machine [not all stories furry] (the Sun, various animals) {IR}
Witch Wolf (shapeshifting wolf) {A}
The Aaron Series (pig, dog, many others) {IR/A}
1. The Story of Aaron (So Named): The Son of Ben Ali, Told by his Friends and Acquaintances
2. Aaron in the Wildwoods
The Little Mr. Thimblefinger Series (various animalmorphs) {IR}
1. Little Mr. Thimblefinger and His Queer Country: What the Children Saw and Heard There
2. Mr. Rabbit at Home

Harris, John
The Dog of Knowledge, or, Memoirs of Bob, the Spotted Terrier [AKA Bob, the Spotted Terrier, AKA Memoirs of the Dog of Knowledge] (dog) {A?}

Harrison, Harry
The Eden Series (dinosaurmorphs) {A}
1. West of Eden
2. Winter in Eden
3. Return to Eden

Harrison, Merton E.
Autobiography of Dan Patch: the World's Champion Harness Horse (horse) {A}

Hart, Anne
Four Astronauts and a Kitten: A Mother and Daughter Astronaut Team, the Teen Twin Sons, and Patches, the Kitten: the Intergalactic Friendship Club (cat) {IR}

Hart, William S.
Told Under a White Oak Tree (horse) {A}

Harvey, John D.
The Cleansing (wolves, wolfmorph) {A}

Hass, E.A.
The Incognito Mosquito Series (insectmorphs) {IR}
1. Incognito Mosquito, Private Insective
2. Incognito Mosquito Flies Again!
3. Incognito Mosquito Takes to the Air
4. Incognito Mosquito Makes History

Hastings, Jeffrey E.
Shirley and Silly Sam: In the Land Of the Lost Squirrels (squirrels, hawk, others) {IR?}

Hatch, Richard W.
The Curious Lobster Series (lobster, others) {IR}
1. The Curious Lobster
2. The Curious Lobsterís Island

Hattersley, Roy
Buster's Diaries (dog) {A}

Haughey, Paul S.
Ringtail and Other Stories (raccoon, birds, elephant, others) {IR}

Haugsrud, L. B.
My Eight Other Lives (cat) {IR}

Hawes, Louise
Nelson Malone Meets the Man from Mush-Nut [only one story furry] (snake) {IR}

Hawke, Simon
The Nine Lives of Catseye Gomez (cats) {A}
The Sorcerer Series [unsure of just how furry, though, but it does have some talking dragons and unicorns] {A}
1. The Reluctant Sorcerer
2. The Inadequate Adept
3. The Ambivalent Magician

Hawkes, Clarence
The Little Foresters (various animals) {IR}

Hawkes, John
Sweet William: A Memoir of Old Horse {A}

Hawkins, Laura
Figment, Your Dog, Speaking (dog) {IR}

Hawley, Katherine
Stories of the Quin-Puplets (dogmorphs) {IR}

Hawley, S. D. B.
A War of Apes (apes) {A}

Hayden, Patrick Nielsen
Starlight 3 [Hayden edited, contains some furry stories] {A}

Hayes, Ralph
The Tales of the Questor Series (raccoonmorph) {A}
1. Tales of the Questor, Volume One
2. Tales of the Questor, Volume Two
The Nip and Tuck Series (foxmorphs) {A}
1. Nip and Tuck, Book 1: The Bare Essentials
2. (not yet published)

Haynes, Geoffrey
The Patrick Series (alligators, bears) {IR}
1. The Alligator and His Uncle Tooth
2. Patrick Comes to Puttyville

Hays, Margaret G.
The Turr'ble Tales of Kaptin Kiddo (turkey, sweetpotatomorph, others) {IR}

Heber, Elizabeth
A Child's Story Garden [not all stories furry] (plants, birds) {IR}

Heidenreich, Elke
Nero Corleone: A Cat's Story {IR}

Heinlein, Robert A.
The Moon is a Harsh Mistess (sentient computer) {A}

Helfers, John
Little Red Riding Hood in the Big Bad City [editor, with Martin H. Greenberg] (wolfmorph, others) {A}

Hendry, Hamish
Just Forty Winks; or, The Droll Adventures of Davie Trot (mousemorphs, others) {IR}

Henninger, Robert
The Rangers of the Forest (raccoons, opossum) {IR}

Henry, Marguerite
Cinnabar, the One O'Clock Fox (foxes) {IR}

Henry, Stephanie S.
King Christopher's Quest: A Feline Fantasy (cats) {A?}

Hepworth, Peter
Ocean Girl (whales) {IR}

Herbert, Frank
Hellstrom's Hive (insectlike people) {A}

Herbert, James
Fluke (dog) {A}

Herr, Charlotte B.
The Bear Who Never Was Cross (bearmorph) {IR}
The Bee Who Would Not Work (bees) {IR}
How Freckle Frog Made Herself Pretty (frog) {IR}
How Punky Dunk Helped Old Prince (cat, dog) {IR}
The Unselfish Pig (pigmorphs) {IR}
The Wise Mamma Goose (goose) {IR}

Herrick, Pru
Little Nature Stories (squirrel, toad, fox, otter, others) {IR}

Herriman, George
The Krazy and Ignatz Series (cat, mouse, dog) {A}
Krazy and Ignatz: The Komplete Kat Komics, 1916
Krazy and Ignatz: The Other-Side to the Shore of Here
Krazy & Ignatz 1925-1926: "There is a Heppy Land Furfur A-waay"
Krazy & Ignatz: 1927-1928: "Love Letters in Ancient Brick"
Krazy & Ignatz 1929-1930: A Mice, a Brick, a Lovely Night
The Komplete Kolor Krazy Kat: 1936-1937
The Komplete Kolor Krazy Kat, 1938-1939

Hewett, Anita
The Bull Beneath The Walnut Tree, And Other Stories [at least the title story] (bull, others?) {IR}

Hewett, G.M.A.
The Life Story of a Rat (rat) {IR}

Heydron, Vicki Ann
The Gandalara Cycle [with Randall Garrett] (lions) {A}
1. The Steel of Rarthskar
2. The Glass of Dyskornis
3. The Bronze of Eddarta
4. The Well of Darkness
5. The Search for Ka
6. Return to Eddarta
7. The River Wall

Hickey, Tony
The Flip 'N' Flop Series (dogs, cat) {IR}
1. Flip 'n' Flop
2. More About Flip 'n' Flop
3. Adventures with Flip 'n' Flop
4. Flip 'n' Flop in Kerry [AKA Flip 'n' Flop Go to Kerry]
5. Flip 'N' Flop and the Movies
The Matchless Mice Series (mice) {IR}
1. The Matchless Mice
2. Matchless Mice's Adventures
3. Matchless Mice in Space

Higginbotham, Helena
Rover's Story: Or, The Autobiography of a Calico Dog (dog) {A}

Highsmith, Patricia
The Animal-Lover's Book of Beastly Murder (various animals) {A}

Hiiragi, Aoi
Baron: The Cat Returns (cats and catmorphs) {IR/A}

Hildick, E.W.
The Dragon That Lived Under Manhatan (dragon) {IR}

Hilgartner, Beth
The Cats in Cyberspace Series (cats) {A}
1. Cats in Cyberspace
2. Prey-Part Politics

Hill, Ernest
Pity About Earth (chimpanzeemorph, others?) {A}

Hill, W.E.
Among Us Cats (cats and catmorphs) {A}

Hill, William D.
The Magic Bicycle (cats) {YA}
Wizard Sword (dragon, possibly others) {YA}

Himler, Ann
Little Owl, Keeper of the Trees [with Ronald Himler] (owl) {IR}

The Di Gi Charat Theater: Leave it to Piyoko Series (catmorphs, rabbitmorph, pandamorph) {YA/A}
1. Leave it to Piyoko Volume 1
2. Leave It To Piyoko Volume 2

Hinkle, Thomas Clark
The Greenwoods Series {may not be complete, somewhat in order] (rabbits, others) {IR}
1. Doctor Rabbit and Ki-Yi Coyote
2. Doctor Rabbit and Tom Wildcat
3. Doctor Rabbit and Grumpy Bear
4. Doctor Rabbit and The Brushtail Fox
5. Snowy Tail A Champion Jack Rabbit
6. Tiny Cottontail: The Story of a Wee Rabbit
7. Jolly White Tail, A Jack Rabbit in the Big Green Woods
8. Waddy Rabbit A Little Cottontail Who Forgot

Hinton, S.E.
The Puppy Sister (dogmorph) {IR}

Hirsch, Odo
The Frankel Mouse Series (mice) {IR}
1. Frankel Mouse
2. Frankel Mouse and the Bestish Lair

Hite, Sid
A Hole in the World (dog) {YA}

Hoagland, Brock
The Iron Star (cougarmorph, others) {A}

Hoban, Lillian
It's Really Christmas (mice) {IR}
The Sugar Snow Spring (mice) {IR}

Hoban, Russell
Letitia Rabbit's String Song (rabbits) {IR}
The Mouse and His Child (mice, others) {YA}
The Gingerbread Rabbit (rabbit-cookie, various animals) {IR}
The Bat-Poet (bats, others) {IR}

Hobb, Robin
The Liveship Traders Series (sentient boats, sea monsters, dragons) {A}
1. Ship of Magic
2. The Mad Ship
3. Ship of Destiny

Hocke, Martin
The Owl Series (owls) {A}
1. The Ancient Solitary Reign
2. The Lost Domain

Hodgetts, Sheila
The Toby Twirl Series [not in order] (pigmorph, others) {IR}
1. Toby Twirl dares All Dangers
2. Toby Twirl Adventure Stories
3. Toby's New Adventures
4. The Toby Twirl Annual
The Toby Twirl Adventures Series [not in order] (pigmorph, others) {IR}
1. Toby Twirl Adventures [with first story "Toby Twirl and the Black Stranger"]
2. Toby Twirl Adventures [with first story "Toby Twirl and the Stolen Jewels"]
3. Toby Twirl Adventures [with first story "Toby Twirl and the Rocking Dragon"]
4. Toby Twirl Adventures [with first story "Toby Twirl and The Enchanted Swan"]
The The Toby Twirl Colour Strip Series (pigmorph, others) {IR}
1. The Toby Twirl Colour Strip Adventure Book
2. The New Toby Twirl Colour Strip Strip Adventure Book
The Toby Twirl Tales Series (pigmorph, others) {IR}
1. Toby Twirl Tales No. 1 - The Weeping Dragon, The Imp Of Mischief
2. Toby Twirl Tales No. 2 - The Magic Wishing Well, On The Farm
3. Toby Twirl Tales No. 3 - The Roaring Donkey, The Toy Lord Mayor's Show
4. Toby Twirl Tales No.4 - The Sea Wizard, The Marzipan Man
5. Toby Twirl Tales No 5 - The Jumbo Giant, the Toy Soldier
6. Toby Twirl Tales No. 6 - The Clockwork Man, The Lost Dilly-Puff
7. Toby Twirl Tales No. 7 - The Jack-In-The-Box Man, The Winged Sandals
8. Toby Twirl Tales No.8 - The Patchwork Man, The Lost Piccaninny

Hodges, Jared
The Peach Fuzz Series [with Lindsay Cibos] (ferrets) {IR/YA}
1. Peach Fuzz, Vol. 1
2. (not yet published)

Hoeye, Michael
The Hermux Tantamoq Series (mousemorphs, many others) {YA}
1. Time Stops for No Mouse
2. The Sands of Time
3. No Time Like Show Time

Hoff, Benjamin
The Tao Series (bear, others) {A}
1. The Tao of Pooh
2. The Te of Piglet

Hoffman, Alice
Aquamarine (mermaid) {YA}

Hoffman, E.T.A.
Nutcracker (mice, nutcracker) {IR}

Hoffman, Mary
The Four-Legged Ghosts [is this furry?] (various animals) {IR}

Hoffmann, Eleanor
Cat of Paris (cat) {IR}
The Four Friends (dog, hen, pig, parrot) {IR}
Mischief in Fez (fennec fox, gazelle) {IR}

Hogan, Ella
Tessa: Autobiography of a Dog: A True Tale by Hogan's Countessa (dog) {A}

Hogan, Inez
The Little Black and White Lamb (sheep) {IR}
The Little Ones (various animals) {IR}
Sandy, Skip and the Man in the Moon (dogs) {IR}
The Twins Series (various animals) {IR}
1. Bear Twins
2. Elephant Twins
3. Twin Kids
4. Kangaroo Twins
5. Mule Twins
6. Twin Seals
7. Twin Deer
8. The Monkey Twins, They Saw It All
9. Twin Colts
10. Raccoon Twins
11. Giraffe Twins
12. Twin Lambs
13. Koala Bear Twins
14. Twin Kittens
15. Twin Puppies
16. Twin Otters and the Indians
17. Fox Twins

Hogarth, M.C.A.
Alysha's Fall (many animalmorphs) {A}

Hoke, Helen
Major and the Kitten (dog) {IR}

Holbrook, Bill M.
The Kevin and Kell Series (various animalmorphs) {A}
1. Kevin & Kell: Quest for Content
2. Kevin & Kell: Seen Anything Unusual?
3. Kevin & Kell: Accepting Domestication
4. Kevin & Kell: Run Free!
5. Kevin & Kell: For the Birds
6. Kevin & Kell: Election Night Fever
7. Kevin & Kell: Booth Bunnies
8. Kevin & Kell: Carrots and Sticks
9. Kevin & Kell: Straight Outta Computers!

Holder, Nancy
The Salemís Tails Series [only wrote some in series] (cat) {IR}
8. Feline Felon
The Sabrina Series [only wrote some in series] (cat) {YA}
14. Spying Eyes
23. Bridal Bedlam [with Diana G. Gallagher]
24. Scarabian Nights [with Nell Scovell]
28. Up, up, and Away

Hollander, Nicole
My Cat's Not Fat, He's Just Big-Boned (cats) {A}

Holm, Jennifer L.
The Stink Files Series [with Jonathan Hamel] (cat, mice, dogs) {IR}
1. Dossier 001: The Postman Always Brings Mice
2. Dossier 002: To Scratch a Thief
3. Dossier 003: You Only Have Nine Lives

Holmes, John Eric
The Maze of Peril (frogmorphs) {A}

Holmes, Oliver Wendell
Elsie Venner: A Romance of Destiny (snakemorph) {A}

Holt, Tom
Falling Sideways (frogs) {A}
Snow White and the Seven Samurai (mice, pigs, wolf, others) {A}

Holub, Joan
Space Dogs on Planet K-9 (dogs) {IR}
The Doll Hospital Series (dolls) {IR}
1. Tatiana Comes to America
2. Goldie's Fortune
3. Glory's Freedom
4. Saving Marissa
5. Danielle's Dollhouse Wish
6. Charlotte's Choice

Hood, Daniel
The Sorcerer Liam Series (dragon) {A}
1. Fanuilh
2. Wizard's Heir
3. Beggar's Banquet
4. Scales of Justice
5. King's Cure

Hood, Tom
From Nowhere to the North Pole: A Noah's Ark-Aeological Narrative (various animals) {IR?}

Hooper, Meredith
The Journal of Watkin Stench (rats) {IR}
The Pole-Seekers (rats) {IR}

Hoover, H.M.
The Lost Star (koalas?) {YA}

Hoover, Tom
In the Beginning: A Thrilling Tale of the Role of Dragons in Space and Time (dragons) {YA/A?}

Hope, Edward
Alice in the Delighted States [not part of Alice series] (various animals) {A}

Hope, Laura Lee (Howard and Lilian Garis)
The Make-Believe Series (various animals and toys) {IR}
1. The Story of a Sawdust Doll
2. The Story of a White Rocking Horse
3. The Story of a Lamb on Wheels
4. The Story of a Bold Tin Soldier
5. The Story of a Candy Rabbit
6. The Story of a Monkey on a Stick
7. The Story of a Calico Clown
8. The Story of a Nodding Donkey
9. The Story of a China Cat
10. The Story of a Plush Bear
1l. The Story of a Stuffed Elephant
12. The Story of a Wooly Dog

Hopp, Thomas P.
The Dinosaur Wars Series (dinosaurs) {A}
1. Dinosaur Wars
2. Counterattack

Horn, Daniel
Digimon: Digital Monsters [is not really connected to the Yuen Wong Yu series] (various animals) {IR}

Hornby, Nick
Speaking with the Angel [Hornby edited, furry story is "After I Was Thrown in the River and Before I Drowned"] (dog) {A}

Horne, Richard Henry
The Good-Natured Bear (bear) {IR}
King Penguin, a Legend of the South Sea Isles (penguins) {IR}
The Doll Series [only wrote one] (dolls) {IR}
1. Memoirs of a London Doll

Horwood, William
Callanish (eagles) {A}
The Stonor Eagles (eagles) {A}
The Duncton Series (moles) {A}
1. Duncton Wood
2. Duncton Quest
3. Duncton Found
4. Duncton Tales
5. Duncton Rising
6. Duncton Stone
The Wolves of Time Series (wolves) {A}
1. Journeys to the Heartland
2. Seekers at the Wulfrock
The Wind in the Willows Series (only wrote some) (various animals) {YA}
5. The Willows in Winter
6. Toad Triumphant
7. The Willows at Christmas
8. The Willows and Beyond

Houarner, Gerald
Dead Cats Bouncing [Houarner edited] (cat) {A}

Houston, Pam
Sight Hound: A Novel (dogs, cat) {A}

Hough, Charlotte
Red Biddy and Other Stories [only some furry] (chicken, others) {IR}

Hough, Emerson
The Singing Mouse Stories [mouse, various natural objects] {IR}

Houghton, Tony
Memoirs of a Cross-Eyed Cat (cat) {A}

Housman, Laurence
The Blue Moon [story "The Moon-Stroke"] (jackdaws) {IR}

Howard, Alice Woodbury
Sokar and the Crocodile (various animals) {IR}

Howard, Joan [Patricia Gordon]
The Taming of Giants (mouse) {IR}
Uncle Sylvester (mole) {IR}

Howe, Deborah
Teddy Bear's Scrapbook [with James Howe] (teddybear) {IR}
Bunnicula: A Rabbit-Tale of Mystery [with James Howe] (cat, dog, rabbit) {IR}

Howe, James
Teddy Bear's Scrapbook [with Deborah Howe] (teddybear) {IR}
Morgan's Zoo (chimp, pigeon, others) {IR}
The Bunnicula Series (dogs, cats, rabbit) {IR}
1. Bunnicula [with Deborah Howe]
2. Howliday Inn
3. The Celery Stalks at Midnight
4. Nighty-Nightmare
5. Return to Howliday Inn
6. Bunnicula Strikes Again!
The Tales From the House of Bunnicula Series (dogs, others) {IR}
1. It Came From Beneath the Bed
2. Invasion of the Mind Swappers from Asteroid 6!
3. Howie Monroe and the Doghouse of Doom (clever Harry Potter parody!)
4. Screaming Mummies of the Pharoah's Tomb II
5. Bud Barkin, Private Eye
6. The Odorous Adventures of Stinky Dog

Howell, Alice O.
The Beejum Book (rabbitmorph, others) {IR}

Howes, Edith
Rainbow Children (flowers) {IR}
The Fairies Series (birds) {IR}
1. Fairy Rings
2. The Cradle Ship

Howie, Betsy
Snow (cats, polar bear) {A}

Hubbard, Joan
The Golden Story Book Series [only wrote one, and of the series, only the furry books are listed here] (various animals) {IR}
4. The Boss of the Barnyard and Other Barnyard Stories (rabbit, pigs, goat, others) {IR}

Hubbell, Rose Strong
Quacky Doodles' and Danny Daddles' Book (toy ducks, teddy bear, others) {IR}

Hudson, W.H.
Green Mansions [a classic!] (birdmorph} {A}
The Discontented Squirrel (squirrel, others) {IR}

Huff, Tanya
Blood Trail (wolfmorphs) {A}
The Keeper's Chronicles Series (cat) {A}
1. Summon the Keeper
2. The Second Summoning
3. Long Hot Summoning

Huffington, Arianna
Greetings From the Lincoln Bedroom (cat) {A}

Huges, Ted
How the Whale Became and Other Stories (owl, donkey, others) {IR}

Hughes, Richard
The Wonder-Dog: the Collected Children's Stories [not all stories] (various animals, doll) {IR}

Hughes, Shirley
Jacko and Other Stories [with Jean Sutfliffe] (monkey, others?) {IR}

Huggins, James Byron
A Wolf Story (wolves, lion) {A}

Hultgren, Ken
The Gladstone Comic Album Series [wrote one] (deer, others) {IR/A}
9. Bambi [odd graphic novel mix of the book and movie]

Hulpach, Vladimir
American Indian Tales and Legends [primarly a collection of Indian folklore, but I include it here for the introductary little stories that preface each section of tales] (talking pipe) {IR}

Humphreys, Jennett
Insect Ways on Summer Days: In Garden, Forest, Field, and Stream (many insects) {IR}

Hunt, Angela
Unspoken (gorillas) {A}

Hunt, Walter H.
The Dark Series (birdmorphs) {A}
1. The Dark Wing
2. The Dark Path

Hunter, Erin
Warriors Field Guide: Secrets of the Clans [supplement to the below series] (cats) {YA}
The Warriors Series (cats) {YA}
1. Into the Wild
2. Fire and Ice
3. Forest of Secrets
4. Rising Storm
5. A Dangerous Path
6. The Darkest Hour
The Warriors: The New Prophecy Series (cats) {YA}
1. Midnight
2. Moonrise
3. Dawn
4. Starlight
5. Twilight
6. Sunset
The Warriors: Power of Three Series (cats) {YA}
1. The Sight

Hurd, Edith Thacher
The Transportation Series (train, plane, and automobile [fire truck to be exact]) {IR}
1. Engine Engine No. 9
2. Sky High
3. Speedy, the Hook and Ladder Truck

Hurlbutt, Isabelle
Little Heiskell (soldier-shaped weathervane) {IR}

Hurlong, Lena F.
Advenures of Jaboti on the Amazon (turtle, others) {IR}

Hurwitz, Johanna
The Park Pals Series (guinea pig, squirrel) {IR}
1. PeeWee's Tale
2. Lexi's Tale
3. PeeWee and Plush

Hynes, Pat
Chase the Wind (hares) {YA}


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