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Scans of out of print and/or rare titles


Page, Frank
sometimes a squirrel is just a squirrel (squirrel) {A}

Page, Thomas
The Hephaestus Plague (cockroaches) {A}

Paine, Albert Bigelow
Golden Cat (cats) {IR}
The Arkansaw Bear (bear) {IR}
The Hollow Tree Series (raccoon, crow, opossum, others) {IR}
1. Hollow Tree and Deep Woods Book
2. Hollow Tree Snowed in Book
3. Hollow Tree Night and Days

Palmer, H. Marion
The Walt Disney Early Reader Series [only wrote one] (various animals and animalmorphs) {IR}
10. Donald Duck Sees South America

Palmer, Joseph
Dragon Stones (dragons) {A}

Palmer, Robin
The Walt Disney Early Reader Series [only wrote one] (various animals and animalmorphs) {IR}
4. Mickey Never Fails

Pamuk, Orhan
My Name is Red (dogs, coins, tree) {A}

Paolini, Christopher
The Inheritance Series (dragon, shapeshifting cat) {YA}
1. Eragon
2. Eldest

Pappas, Theoni
The Adventures of Penrose the Mathematical Cat (cat, dragon) {IR}

Parent, Nancy
Care Bears Storybook Treasury [with J. E. Bright, Frances Ann Ladd, Quinlan B. Lee and Sonia Sander] (bearmorphs, others) {IR}

Parisi, Mark
The Off the Mark Series (many different animals) {A}
1. Off the Mark
2. Think Outside the Cat Box
3. The Off the Mark Science Fiction Picture Show
4. Pets and other Animals
5. Rebooted

Park, Ruth
The Muddle Headed Wombat Series (wombat, mouse, cat) {IR}
1. The Muddle Headed Wombat
2. The Muddle-Headed Wombat on Holiday
3. The Muddle-Headed Wombat in the Treetops
4. The Muddle Headed Wombat At School
5. The Muddle Headed Wombat in the Snow
6. The Muddle-headed Wombat on a Rainy Day
7. The Muddle Headed Wombat in the Springtime
8. The Muddle-Headed Wombat on the River
9. The Muddle Headed Wombat Stays at Home

Parker, Edgar
The Dream of the Dormouse (dormouse, others) {IR}
The Flower of the Realm (deermorphs, others) {IR}
The Questions of a Dragon (various animals) {IR}

Parkhirst, Douglass
I, Scheherazade: Memoirs of a Siamese Cat (cats) {A}

Parkhurst, Carolyn
The Dogs of Babal [furryness is limited] (dog) {A}

Parnall, Peter
Marsh Cat (cats) {IR}

Parrish, Anne
Floating Island (dolls) {IR}

Parrish, Jean J.
The Rand McNally Book of Favorite Animal Stories [with Tony Brice, Louise Lawrence Devine, and Ian Munn] (cats, chipmunks, others) {IR}

Parsons, Philip B.
Puppy Tales [story "Nippy and the Hedgehog"] (dogs) {IR}

Partridge, Jenny
The Oakapple Wood Series (various animals, including a cute red squirrel) {IR}
1. Oakapple Wood Treasury [aka Oakapple Wood Stories?]
2. A Tale of Oakapple Wood
3. Four Friends in Oakapple Wood
4. Tales of Oakapple Wood

Paschal, Dean
By the Light of the Jukebox [not all stories furry] (python, dogs) {A}

Pasik, Charlene
The Adventures of Woody the Woodchuck (woodchuck, rabbit) {IR}

Pastis, Stephan
The Pearls Before Swine Series (pig, rat) {A}
1. BLTs Taste So Darn Good
2. This Little Piggy Stayed Home
3. Sgt. Piggy's Lonely Hearts Club Comic
4. Nighthogs
5. The Ratvolution Will Not Be Televised
6. Lions and Tigers and Crocs, Oh My!

Patent, Dorothy Hinshaw
Return of the Wolf (wolves) {IR}

Paterson, Katherine
The Field of the Dogs (dogs) {IR}

Patri, Angelo
The Pinocchio Series [only wrote one] (puppet) {IR}
6. Pinocchio in America

Patten, Fred
Best In Show: Fifteen Years of Outstanding Furry Fiction [Patten edited] (many various animalmorphs) {A}
Furry! The Best Anthropomorphic Stories Ever! [Patten edited] (many various animalmorphs) {A}

Patten, William
The Junior Classics Volume 8 [Patten edited, not all stories furry] (various animals/plants) {IR}

Pattenden, Mark
The Sonic the Hedgehog Novel Series (various animalmorphs) {YA/A}
Stay Sonic [the story "The Kintobor Origin" helped shape the novel series]

Patterson, James
The Birdkids Series (birdmorphs) {A}
1. When the Wind Blows
2. The Lake House
The Maximum Ride Series [set in an AU version of the Birdkids series universe, and thus not really part of the previous series] (birdmorphs, wolfmorphs) {YA}
1. The Angel Experiment
2. School's Out Forever

Patterson, Nancy Lou
Apple Staff and Silver Crown (various animals and mythical beasts) {YA}

Patterson, Virginia Sharp
Dickey Downy: the Autobiography of a Bird (bird) {IR}

Patteson, Susanna Louise
Pussy Meow: the Autobiography of a Cat (cat) {YA?}

Patton, Doyle
Tony's Triumphant Journey (donkey, others) {IR}

Patton, Rick E.
The Adventures of Joey Panda: Crisis in Panda Valley (monkey, dragons...I am still unsure any actual pandas are involved, however) {IR}

Pattou, Edith
East (bear) {YA}

Paull, Mrs. H. B.
"Only a Cat," or, The Autobiography of Tom Blackman: a Favorite Cat Which Lived for Seventeen Years With Members of the Same Family, Dying at Last of Old Age (cat) {A}

Paulus, Trina
Hope For the Flowers (caterpillars) {A}

Payne, C.D.
Frisco Pigeon Mambo (pigeons) {A}

Payne, Joan Balfour
Ambrose (dog) {IR}
The Piebald Princess (various animals) {IR}

Payne, Michael H.
The Blood Jaguar (bobcat, lizard, others) {A}

Peabody, Paul
Blackberry Hollow (various animals) {IR}

Peak, Michael
The Farrie Series (cats, coyotes, cougers) {A}
1. Cat House
2. Catamount

Pearce, Philippa
The Little Gentleman (mole) {IR}

Pease, Eleanor Fairchild
The Jolly Little Clown (trees, wind, other) {IR}

Peck, Harry Thurston
The Adventures of Mabel (various animals) {IR}

Pedly, Ethel C.
Dot and the Kangaroo (kangaroo, others) {IR}

Peel, John
The Secret of Dragonhome (wolves, others) {YA}
The Outer Limits Series [only the furry entries in the series listed here] (various animals, dinosaurmorphs) {IR}
The Invaders
The Magical States of America Series (many animals both real and imaginary, some sentient objects) {IR}
1. Suddenly Twins!
2. Twice the Trouble!
3. Double Disaster!

Peeples, Edwin A.
Blue Boy (cat, mouse) {IR}

Peirce, Hayford
Phylum Monsters (apemorphs, sentient pet rocks) {A}

Pelgrom, Els
Little Sophie and Lanky Flop (cat, doll, puppets, teddy bear) {YA}

Pemberton, Bonnie
The Cat Master (cats) {YA}

Penn, Rachel
Cherriwink: A Fairy Story (mouse) {IR/YA}

Pennac, Daniel
Eye of the Wolf (wolf, others) {YA}
Dog (dogs) {IR}

Pepper, Dennis W.
The Stories of Little Joe Squirrel And Bob Rabbit (squirrelmorph, rabbitmorph) {IR}

Perkins, Janet
The Haffertee Hamster Series (stuffed hamster) {IR}
1. Haffertee Hamster Diamond
2. Haffertee Hamster Goes Exploring
3. Haffertee Hamster's New House
4. Haffertee Starts School
5. Haffertee's First Christmas
6. Haffertee's First Easter
7. Haffertee Goes to Hospital
8. Haffertee Goes on Holiday

Perlman, Dory
The Secret of the Unicorn Queen Series [only wrote one] (unicorns) {YA}
3. The Final Test

Perry, Alan
The Evergreen Wood (mouse) {IR}

Peters, Andrew Fusek
Ed and the River of the Damned [The sequel does not appear to be furry at all] (rats, owls) {YA}

Petersen, Ray
Cowkind: A Novel (cows) {A}

Peterson, Beth
No Turning Back (various animals) {IR}

Peterson, Brenda
Animal Heart: A Novel (chimpanzees) {A}

Peterson, John
Mystery in the Night Woods (squirrel, others) {IR}

Petiska, Eduard
The Richest Sparrow in the World (sparrow, others) {IR}

Petrie, Lettie A.
Adirondack Fairy Tales Series (various animals) {IR}
1. Adirondack Fairy Tales
2. Tell Me a Story: Adirondack Fairy Tales II
The Erie Canal Adventures Series (mule) {IR}
1. Minnie the Mule and the Erie Canal
2. A Baker's Dozen

Petrucha, Stefan
The Tribe Novels Series (wolfmorphs) {A}
5. Children of Gaia and Uktena [with Richard Lee Byers]

Pfahler, Muriel Bennett
Memoirs of Prince Michael (dog) {A}

Phelps, Elizabeth Stuart
Loveliness (dog) {IR/A}

Philip, Francis W.
The Remarkable Adventures of Little Boy Pip: Relating the Thrilling and Hazardous Journey of a Little Lad over the Meadow to the Place Where the Sky Comes Down and his Amazing Experiences within the Enchanted Swamp on an Extended Excursion Personally Conducted by our Mutual Friend the Welsh Rabbit (rabbitmorph, and many other aimalmorphs) {IR}

Phillips, Ethel Calvert
Little Rag Doll (doll, cat, mouse) {IR}
The Lively Adventures of Johnny Ping Wing (peanut doll) {IR}
The Popover Family (dolls) {IR}
The Santa Claus Brownies (rocking horse, possibly others) {IR}

Phillips, Rog
The Rat in the Skull (rat) {A}

Piel, Stobie
The It's a Dog's Life Series (dog, sheep) {A}
1. Molly in the Middle
2. (unknown/not yet published)

Pierce, Meredith Ann
Treasure at the Heart of the Tanglewood (foxes, others) {YA}
The Woman Who Loved Reindeer (reindeermorph) {YA}
The Firebringer Trilogy Series (unicorns) {YA}
1. Birth of the Fire-Bringer
2. Dark Moon
3. The Son of Summer Stars

Pierce, Tamora
The Daughter of the Lioness Series (crowmorph) {YA}
1. Trickster's Choice
2. (not yet published)
The Immortals Series (horses, wolves, dragon, many others) {YA}
1. Wild Magic
2. Wolf-Speaker
3. Emperor Mage
4. The Realms of the Gods

Pierson, Clara Dillingham
The Among The Series (various animals) {IR}
1. Among the Meadow People
2. Among the Forest People
3. Among the Farmyard People
4. Among the Pond People
5. Among the Night People
6. Among the Garden People

Pilkey, Dav
The Ricky Ricotta Series (mousemorphs, others) {IR}
1. Ricky Ricotta's Mighty Robot
2. Ricky Ricotta's Giant Robot Vs. the Mutant Mosquitoes from Mercury
3. Ricky Ricotta's Giant Robot Vs. the Voodoo Vultures from Venus
4. Ricky Ricotta's Mighty Robot Vs. the Mecha-Monkeys from Mars
5. Ricky Ricotta's Mighty Robot Vs. The Jurassic Jackrabbits From Jupiter
6. Ricky Ricotta's Mighty Robot Vs. Stupid Stinkbugs From Saturn
7. Ricky Ricotta's Mighty Robot Vs. the Uranium Unicorns from Uranus

Pinkwater, Daniel M.
Lizard Music (lizardmorphs) {YA}
Borgal (dog) {IR}
The Magic Goose (goose) {IR}
The Blue Moose Series (moose) {IR}
1. Blue Moose
2. Return of the Blue Moose
The Mush Series (dog) {IR}
1. Mush, a Dog From Space
2. Mush's Jazz Adventure

Piper, H. Beam
The Fuzzy Series [only wrote some] (feline-ish morphs) {A}
1. Little Fuzzy
2. The Second Human Race (aka Fuzzy Sapiens)

Piper, Watty
Animal Friends Story Book [AKA Animal Story Book; Piper edited, unsure if all stories] (pigs, turkeys, others) {IR}

Piraro, Dan
The Three Little Pigs Buy the White House (pigmorphs, wolfmorph) {A}

Pirincci, Akif
The Felidae Series (cats) {A}
1. Felidae
2. Francis (aka Felidae on the Road)

Piserchia, Doris
A Billion Days of Earth (ratmorphs, others) {A}
The Dimensioneers (cats, horses) {A}

Pitt, Frances
Jane Squirrel (squirrels, rabbits, cat, foxes, many others) {IR}

Platt, Randall Beth
Out of a Forest Clearing (Irish elk spirit, many, many others) {A}

Plenn, Doris Troutman
The Green Song (frogs) {IR}

Plimpton, George
The Rabbit's Umbrella (rabbit) {IR}

Pochocki, Ethel
The Attic Mice (mice) {IR}

Pohl, Frederik
Slave Ship (various animals) {A}

Pollock, Donald P.
Mr. and Mrs. Cockroach and Family (cockroaches) {A}

Porter, Gene Stratton
Strike at Shane's (various animals) {A}

Potter, Alexander
Sirius: The Dog Star [editor, with Martin H. Greenberg] (dogs) {A} Assassin Fantastic [editor, with Martin H. Greenberg, stories "Myhr's Adventure in Hell" and "He"] (catmorph, dogmorph) {A}

Potter, Beatrix
Beatrix Potter: The Complete Tales: The 23 Original Peter Rabbit Books and Four Unpublished Works (various animals) {IR}
The Fairy Caravan (dog, guiena pig, others) {IR}
The Tale of Little Pig Robinson (pigs) {IR}
The Tale of the Faithful Dove (pigeons, others) {IR}

Potter, Ellen
Olivia Kidney (lizards) {IR}

Potter, Miriam Clark
The Pinafore Pocket Story Book [not all stories] (many animals) {IR}
Three Jumpy Kittens, and Other Tales (cats, others) {IR}
The Mrs. Goose Series (goosemorph and her various animalmorph friends) {IR}
1. Mrs. Goose and Three-Ducks
2. Mrs. Goose of Animaltown
3. Here Comes Mrs. Goose
4. Hello, Mrs. Goose!
5. Our Friend Mrs. Goose
6. Just Mrs. Goose
7. Queer, Dear Mrs. Goose
8. Goodness, Mrs. Goose!
9. No, No, Mrs. Goose!
10. Goofy Mrs. Goose
11. Mrs. Goose and Her Funny Friends

Poulsson, Emilie
Through the Farmyard Gate - Rhymes and Stories for Little Children at Home and in Kindergarten [not all stories furry] (rabbitmorphs) {IR}

Pournelle, Jerry
The Children's Hour [with S.M. Stirling, made up of stories from Man-Kzin Wars books] (catmorphs) {A}

Powers, Marcia
The Dragon Slayer With a Heavy Heart: A Powerful Story About Finding Happiness and Serenity...Even When You Really, Really Wish Some Things Were Different (owl, bluebird) {A}

Powers, Marshall K.
He Was My Best Friend (cat) {YA}

Poyer, Joe
Operation Malacca [is this furry?] (dolphins) {A}

Pratchett, Terry
The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents (cat, mice) {YA}
The Wee Free Men Series (toad) {YA}
1. The Wee Free Men
2. A Hat Full of Sky

Pray, Terri
The Erien Tales Series (dragon) {A}
1. The Dragon Prince
2. (not yet published)

Prentice, Amy
The Aunt Amy's Animal Story Series [in order, but might not be complete) {IR}
1. Bunny Rabbit's Story
2. Billy Goat's Story
3. Brown Owl's Story
4. Croaky Frog's Story
5. Frisky Squirrel's Story
6. Gray Goose's Story
7. Mickie Monkey's Story
8. Mouser Cat's Story
9. Plodding Turtle's Story
10. Quacky Duck's Story
11. Speckled Hen's Story
12. Towser Dog's Story

Preston, Douglas J.
Jennie (chimpanzee) {A}
The Relic Series [with Lincoln Child] (lizardmorphs) {A}
1. Relic
2. Reliquary

Price, Reynolds
A Perfect Friend (elephant) {YA}

Price, Robin
The Spartapuss Tales Series (catmorphs) {IR?}
1. I Am Spartapuss
2. Catligula
3. Die Clawdius

Price, Susan
The Ghost Drum [part of a series, but only furry volume. Even here, the furryness is rather limited] (cat) {YA}

Prichett, Harry
Bad Dog: 278 Outspoken, Indecent, and Overdressed Dogs [with Rob Battles and R.D. Rosen] (dogs) {A}

Priestley, Lee
Rocket Mouse (mice) {IR}

Promios, James
The Many Adventures of Johnny Mutton (lambmorph) {IR}

Proysen, Alf
The Mrs. Pepperpot Series (various animals) {IR}
1. Mrs. Pepperpot in the Magic Wood
2. Mrs. Pepperpot to the Rescue
3. Mrs. Pepperpot’s Outing

Prymak, Leonid
The Katerina Series (cat) {YA}
1. Katerina
2. (not yet published)

Pryor, Josh
Monkey in the Middle (chimps) {A}

Pullman, Philip
The Firework-Maker's Daughter (elephant) {IR}
The Scarecrow and His Servant (scarecrow) {IR}
The His Dark Materials Series (animal spirits, polar bears, elephant-deer(?)) {YA}
1. Northern Lights [AKA The Golden Compass]
2. The Subtle Knife
3. The Amber Spyglass

Pulver, Mary Brecht
Tales That Nimko Told (squirrels, cricket, bees, others) {IR}

Pyle, Hugh
Scamper Squirrel Goes to Camp (squirrels) {IR}

Pyle, Katherine
The Black-Eyed Puppy (dogs) {IR}
The Counterpane Fairy (polar bears, seals, others) {IR}

Pylman, R. S.
Tails of the City (coyotemorphs, cougarmorph, hyenamorph, others) {A}


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