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Scans of out of print and/or rare titles


Taeusch, Jo Anne
The Secret of Spring (plantmorph) {A}

Taiz, Lee
Libra: The Cat Who Saved Silicon Valley [with Lincoln Taiz] (catmorphs) {YA}

Taiz, Lincoln
Libra: The Cat Who Saved Silicon Valley [with Lee Taiz] (catmorphs) {YA}

Takada, Tuzo
The All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku Series [with Yuji Morimata] (cat in the body of a humanoid android) {YA/A?}
1. All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku Vol. 1
2. (published?)

Takahashi, Rumiko
The Inu-Yasha Series (dogmorph, foxmorph) {YA/A}
1. Inu-Yasha 1
2. Inu-Yasha 2
3. Inu-Yasha 3
4. Inu-Yasha 4
5. Inu-Yasha 5
6. Inu-Yasha 6
7. Inu-Yasha 7
8. Inu-Yasha 8
9. Inu-Yasha 9
10. Inu-Yasha 10
11. Inu-Yasha 11
12. Inu-Yasha 12
13. Inu-Yasha 13
14. Inu-Yasha 14
15. Inu-Yasha 15
16. Inu-Yasha 16
17. Inu-Yasha 17
18. Inu-Yasha 18
19. Inu-Yasha 19
20. Inu-Yasha 20
21. Inu-Yasha 21

Takahashi, Yoshihiro
The Ginga Legend Weed Series (dogs) {YA}
1. Weed, Volume 1
2. Weed, Volume 2
3. Weed Volume 3

Takeuchi, Naoko
The Sailor Moon Series (cats) {YA/A}
1. Sailor Moon 1
2. Sailor Moon 2
3. Sailor Moon 3
4. Sailor Moon 4
5. Sailor Moon 5
6. Sailor Moon 6
7. Sailor Moon 7
8. Sailor Moon 8
9. Sailor Moon 9
10. Sailor Moon 10
11. Sailor Moon 11
The Sailor Moon Supers Series (cats) {YA/A}
1. The Sailor Moon Supers, Vol. 1
2. The Sailor Moon Supers, Vol. 2
3. The Sailor Moon Supers, Vol. 3
4. The Sailor Moon Supers, Vol. 4
The Sailor Moon Stars Series (cats) {YA/A}
1. Sailor Moon Stars 1
2. Sailor Moon Stars 2
3. Sailor Moon Stars 3

Talbot, Ethelbert
Tim: The Autobiography of a Dog (dog) {IR}

Tanaka, Masashi
Gon (dinosaur) {?}

Tarrant, Margaret
Children's Book of Sandman Stories: Little Stories of Mother Bunny, the Twin Kittens, Rusty the Dog, and All Their Friends (rabbit, cats, dog) {IR}

Tashlin, Frank
[All of these books are, technically, "picture books", but since their intended audience is adults they are listed here.]
The Bear that Wasn't (bear) {A}
The Possum that Didn't (opossum) {A}
The Turtle that Couldn't (turtle) {A}

Taylor, Cora
On Wings of a Dragon (dragon) {YA}

Taylor, Judy
The Adventures of Dudley Dormouse (dormouse, others) {IR}

Tazewell, Charles
Charles Tazewell's Littlest Stories [not all stories] (kangaroo, bell, tree, horse) {IR}

Teitelbaum, Michael
Gex (lizardmorph) {IR}
Kari's Tour of the Digital World (cat, others) {IR}
The Donkey Kong Country Series (monkeymorphs) {IR}
1. Donkey Kong Country
2. Rumble in the Jungle
3. Rescue on Crocodile Isle
The Garfield Chapter Book Series [probably in order] (cat, dog) {IR}
1. Garfield and the Mysterious Mummy
2. Garfield and the Beast in the Basement
3. Garfield and the Teacher Creature
4. Garfield and the Wicked Wizard
The Garfield's Pet Force Series (various morphic animals) {IR}
1. The Outrageous Origin
2. Pie-Rat's Revenge!
3. K-Niner: Dog of Doom
4. Menace of the Mutanator
The Sonic the Hedgehog Chapter Book Series [not to be confused with the Novel Series] (various animalmorphs) {IR}
1. Sonic the Hedgehog
2. Robotnik's Revenge
3. Fortress of Fear
4. Friend or Foe?
5. Sonic and Knuckles
6. Sonic X-Treme
The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Chapter Book Series (turtlemorphs, ratmorph) {IR}
1. City at War
2. The Return of Shredder
3. The Littlest Ninja

TenNapel, Doug
Creature Tech (insectmorph?) {A}
Gear (catmorphs, others) {A}

Tepper, Sheri S.
The Family Tree (various animals, trees) {A}

Teshirogi, Takashi
The Ash and Pikachu Series (various animals...) {YA/A?}
1. Ash and Pikachu 1
2. Ash and Pikachu 2

Tesnohlidek, Rudolf
The Cunning Little Vixen (foxes) {A}

Thesman, Jean
Between (cat, fox, griffins, unicorns, dragons, others) {YA}

Thomas, Allison
Sandy: The Autobiography of a Star [with William Berloni] (dog) {IR}

Thomas, Elizabeth Marshall
Certain Poor Shepherds (goat, dog) {A}

Thomas, Mack
A Mouse in Solomon's House (mouse) {IR}

Thomas, Matthew
Before and After (cat) {A}

Thompson, Craig
Good-Bye, Chunky Rice (turtle, mouse) {A}

Thompson, Colin
Sid the Mosquito and Other Wild Stories (rats, hedgehogs, insects, rabbits, others) {IR}

Thompson, Kate
The Switchers Series (rats) {YA}
1. Switchers
2. Midnight's Choice
3. Wild Blood

Thompson, Ruth Plumly
The Curious Cruise of Captain Santa (polar bear, possibly others?) {IR}
The Wizard of Way-Up and Other Wonders (various animals) {IR}
The Oz Series [first books in series written by L. Frank Baum] (various animals) {IR}
16. The Royal Book of Oz
17. Kabumpo in Oz
18. The Cowardly Lion of Oz
19. Grampa in Oz
20. The Lost King of Oz
21. The Hungry Tiger of Oz
22. The Gnome King of Oz
23. The Giant Horse of Oz
24. Jack Pumpkinhead of Oz
25. The Yellow Knight of Oz
26. Pirates in Oz
27. The Purple Prince of Oz
28. Ojo in Oz
29. Speedy in Oz
30. The Wishing Horse of Oz
31. Captain Salt in Oz
32. Handy Mandy in Oz
33. The Silver Princess in Oz
34. Ozoplaning With the Wizard of Oz

Thomson, Amy
The (?) Series (treefrogmorphs) {A}
1. The Color of Distance
2. Through Alien Eyes

Thomson, Celia
The Nine Lives of Chloe King Series (catmorph) {YA}
1. The Fallen
2. The Stolen

Thornton, Barry M.
Salgair: A Steelhead Odyssey (fish) {IR}

Thurber, James
The Fables Series (various animals) {A}
1. Fables For our Time
2. Further Fables for Our Time

Thurmer, August
Elin's Heart (mouse) {IR}

Tinti, Hannah
Animal Crackers [story "Reasonable Terms"] (giraffes) {A}

Titlebaum, Ellen
The Sabrina Series [only wrote one in series] (cat) {YA}
29. Down Under

Titus, Eve
The Basil Series (mousemorphs, others) {IR}
1. Basil of Baker Street
2. Basil and the Lost Colony
3. Basil and the Pygmy Cats
4. Basil in Mexico
5. Basil in the Wild West

Titus, Susan Vanessa
The Magical Escapades of Jaspurr and Marmalade (cats) {IR}

Tod, Michael
The Woodstock Saga Series (squirrels) {A}
1. The Silver Tide
2. The Second Wave
3. The Golden Flight

Todd, Ruthven
The Space Cat Series (cats) {IR}
1. Space Cat
2. Space Cat Visits Venus
3. Space Cat Meets Mars
4. Space Cat and the Kittens

Toksvig, Sandi
Super-Saver Mouse to the Rescue (mice) {IR}

Tolkien, J.R.R.
Roverandom (dogs, seagull, others) {IR/A}
The Father Christmas Letters (bear) {IR/A}

Tolstaya, Tatyana
The Slynx (some tailed, clawed humans, no specific morph species given) {A}

Tomlinson, Jill
The Animal Who Series (various animals) {IR}
1. Hilda the Hen [AKA The Hen Who Wouldn't Give Up]
2. The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark
3. The Cat Who Wanted to Go Home
4. The Aardvark Who Wasn't Sure
5. Penguin's Progress [AKA The Penguin Who Wanted to Learn]
6. The Gorilla Who Wanted to Grow Up
7. The Otter Who Wanted to Know

Toomey, Jim P.
The Sherman's Lagoon Series (shark, other marine animals) {A}
1. Sherman's Lagoon: Ate That, What's Next?
2. Poodle: The Other White Meat
3. The Illustrated Guide To Shark Etiquette
4. Another Day in Paradise
5. Greetings from Sherman's Lagoon
6. Surf's Up!
7. The Shark Diaries
8. Catch of the Day
9. A Day at the Beach
10. Surfer Safari
11. Planet of the Hairless Beach Apes
Sherman's Lagoon 1991 to 2001: Greatest Hits and Near Misses
In Shark Years I'm Dead : Sherman's Lagoon Turns Fifteen

Townley, Roderick
The Sylvie Cycle Series (various animals) {IR}
1. The Great Good Thing
2. Into the Labyrinth

Townsend, Ralph
The Journey to the Garden Gate (various insects) {IR}

Tozer, Katharine
The Mumfie Series (elephants) {IR}
1. The Wanderings of Mumfie
2. Here Comes Mumfie
3. Mumfie's Magic Box
4. Mumfie's Uncle Samuel
5. Mumfie Marches On

Trandheim, Lewis
The Spiffy Adventures of McConey Series (rabbitmorph, others) {A}
1. Harum Scarum
2. The Hoodoodad

Tregarthen, Enys
The Doll Who Came Alive (doll) {IR}

Trent, John
The Treasure Tree: Helping Kids Understand Their Personality (lion, otter, dog, beaver, owl) {IR}

Trevor, Elleston [Trevor Dudley-Smith]
Ant's Castle (antmorphs) {IR}
The Chipmunks of Willow Wood (chipmunks) {IR}
The Woodlander Series [somewhat in order, may not be complete] (badger, otter, squirrel, mole, others) {IR}
1. Deep Wood
2. Heather Hill
3. Badger's Beech
4. The Wizard of the Wood
5. Badger's Moon
6. Sweethallow Valley
7. Mole's Castle
8. Badger's Wood
9. Green Glade
10. Squirrel's Island

Trimble, Louis
The Bodelan Way (catmorph) {A}

Tripp, Jenny
Pete and Fremont (dog, bear) {IR}

Troop, Alan F.
The Dela Sangre Series (shapeshifting dragons) {A}
1. The Dragon Dela Sangre
2. Dragon Moon

Truelove, Mr.
The Adventures of a Silver Three-Pence, Containing Much Amusement and Many Characters: With Which Young Ladies and Gentlemen Ought to be Acquainted (three-pence) {IR}

Trullinger, Florence Wildman
Dog Days (dogs) {IR}

Tsukirino, Yumi
The Magical Pokemon Journey Series (various animals) {YA/A}
1. A Party With Pikachu
2. Pokemon Matchmakers
3. Abra and Kadabra Magic
4. Friends and Family
5. Going Coconuts
6. Gold and Silver
7. From the Heart

Tucker, Kenneth A.
Animals Inc.: A Business Parable for the 21st Century [with Vandana Allman] (pigs, crow, others) {A}

Tuning, William
The Fuzzy Series [only wrote one] (feline-ish morphs) {A}
3. Fuzzy Bones

Turkle, Brinton
Mooncoin Castle (jackdaws) {YA}

Turnbow, Irene
Through The Years With Henrietta (dolls) {IR}

Turnbull, Agnes Sligh
George (rabbit) {IR}

Turner, Ann Warren
Finding Walter (dolls) {IR}
The Elf Series (various animals) {IR}
1. Elfsong
2. (not yet published)

Turner, Anthea
The Underneath the Underground Series [with Wendy Turner. I think they are in order but I'm not sure book sites are mum about this series.] (various animalmorphs) {IR}
1. Underneath the Underground
2. The Westminster Mystery
3. The Ghost of Knightsbridge
4. More Tales Book Three (This is what says the title is, as soon as I find out what it really is I'll update.)

Turner, Gerry
Stranger from the Depths (lizardmorph) {IR/YA?}

Turner, Nancy Byrd
The Ray Coon Series (raccoonmorph, others) {IR}
1. Adventures of Ray Coon
2. Ray Coon to the Rescue

Turner, Wendy
The Underneath the Underground Series [with Anthea Turner. I think they are in order but I'm not sure book sites are mum about this series.] (various animalmorphs) {IR}
1. Underneath the Underground
2. The Westminster Mystery
3. The Ghost of Knightsbridge
4. More Tales Book Three (This is what says the title is, as soon as I find out what it really is I'll update.)

Tuttle, Lisa
Catwitch [one of the best books ever!] (cat, others) {no real age group}

Twain, Mark
Some Learned Fables for Good Old Boys and Girls [aka A Strange Expedition] (bullfrog, others) {IR/A?}

Tweedsmuir, Susan
Mice on Horseback (horse, mice, pig) {IR}


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