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Scans of out of print and/or rare titles


Dacosta, Tyger B.
The Loneliest Muse (mermaid, dragon) {YA?}

Dadey, Debbie
Barkley's School for Dogs Series [with Marcia Thorton Jones] (dogs) {IR}
1. Playground Bully
2. Puppy Trouble
3. Top Dog
4. Ghost Dog
5. Snow Day
6. Sticks and Stones and Doggy Bones
7. Buried Treasure
8. Blue-Ribbon Blues
9. Santa Dog
10. Tattle Tails
11. Puppy Love
12. Puppies on Parade

Dahl, Roald
Fantastic Mr. Fox (fox, others) {IR}
The Giraffe, the Pelly and Me (giraffe, pelican, monkey) {IR}
James and the Giant Peach (insectmorphs) {IR}

Daines, Lyman Luthor, M.D.
The Jimmy Microbe Series [with Virginia Budd Jacobsen] (various microbes, germs, and cells) {IR}
1. The Adventures of Jimmy Microbe
2. Hitch-hiking With Jimmy Microbe

Dale, Jenny
The Best Friends Series (various animals) {IR}
1. Snowflake and Sparkle
2. Pogo and Pip
3. Minty and Monty
4. Carrot and Clover
5. Bramble and Berry
6. Blossom and Beany
7. Skipper and Sky
8. Amber and Alfie (Amber is a squirrel! :-) )
9. Lottie and Ludo
10. Hattie and Henry
Puppy Friends Series (dogs) {IR}
1. Gus the Greedy Puppy
2. Lily the Lost Puppy
3. Spot the Sporty Puppy
4. Lenny the Lazy Puppy
5. Max the Mucky Puppy [AKA Max the Muddy Puppy]
6. Billy the Brave Puppy
7. Nipper the Noisy Puppy
8. Tilly the Tidy Puppy
9. Spike the Special Puppy
10. Hattie the Homeless Puppy
11. Merlin the Magic Puppy
12. Fergus the Friendly Puppy
13. Snowy the Surprise Puppy
14. Bubble and Squeak
15. Crumble and Custard
16. Banger and Mash
17. Lily at the Beach
18. Lily Finds a Friend
Kitten Friends Series (cats) {IR}
1. Felix the Fluffy Kitten
2. Bob the Bouncy Kitten
3. Star the Snowy Kitten
4. Nell the Naughty Kitten
5. Leo the Lucky Kitten
6. Patch the Perfect Kitten
7. Lucy the Lonely Kitten
8. Colin the Clumsy Kitten
9. Poppy the Posh Kitten
10. Snuggles the Sleepy Kitten
11. Pip the Prize Kitten
12. Sid the Speedy Kitten

Daley, Brian
The Han Solo Trilogy (catmorphs, ottermorph, catepillarmorph) {A}
1. Han Solo at Starís End
2. Han Solo's Revenge
3. Han Solo and the Lost Legacy

Daley, Michael J.
Space Station Rat (rat) {IR}

Dalkey, Kara
The Water Trilogy Series (mermaids) {A}
1. Ascension
2. Reunion
3. Transformation

Dana, Barbara
Rutgers and the Water-Snouts (dog, rabbit, mouse, badger) {IR}
Spencer and His Friends (horse, others) {IR}
The Zucchini Series (ferret, crow) {IR}
1. Zucchini
2. Zucchini out West

Daniel, Tony
The Met Series (ferret, sentient jeep, spaceships, etc) {A}
1. Metaplanetary
2. Superluminal: A Novel of Interplanetary Civil War

Daniels, Lucy [Ben M. Baglio]
Little Dolphin Series (dolphins, hermit crab, many others) {IR}
1. Hattie's New House
2. Party Time for Poppy!
3. Milo's Big Mistake
4. Oscar's Best Friends
5. Sammy's Secret
6. Fergal's Flippers
Nine Lives Series (cats) {IR}
1. Ginger, Nutmeg and Clove
2. Emerald, Amber and Jet
3. Daisy, Buttercup and Weed
4. The Return of Ginger, Nutmeg and Clove
5. The Return of Emerald, Amber and Jet
6. The Return of Daisy, Buttercup and Weed

Dann, Colin
The Ram of Sweetriver (sheep) {IR}
A Great Escape [is this furry?] (monkey, others) {IR}
Nobody's Dog (dogs) {IR}
The Beach Dogs [is this furry?] (dogs) {IR}
The City Cats series (cats) {IR}
1. King of the Vagabonds
2. The City Cats
3. Copy Cats
The Farthing Wood Series (fox, badger, others) {IR}
1. The Adventure Begins (?)
2. The Animals of Farthing Wood
3. In the Grip of Winter
4. Fox's Fued
5. The Fox Cub Bold
6. Seige of White Deer Park
7. In the Path of the Storm
8. Battle for the Park
The Lions of Lingmere Series (lions) {IR}
1. Journey to Freedom
2. Lion Country
3. Pride of the Plains

Dann, Jack
The Magicats Series [edited, with Gardner Dozois, not all stories furry] (cats) {A}
1. Magicats!
2. Magicats II

Darrieusseea, Marie (check the spelling)
Pig Tales: A Novel of Lust and Transformation (pigs) {A}

Dashney, John
The Adventures of Mishka the Mousewere (mousemorph)
The Adventures of Walter the Weremouse (mousemorph)

Davey-Collins, Evelyn
There and Back Again (dolls, others) {IR}

David Bogue, London
The Discontented Chickens, or the History of Gockel and Scratchfoot (chickens) {IR}

David, Peter
The Dinotopia Series [only wrote one] (dinosaurs) {IR? YA?}
11. The Maze

Davidson, Carson
Fast-Talking Dolphin (dolphin) {IR}

Davidson, Edith B.
The Blowing Away of Mr. Bushy Tail (squirrelmorphs) {IR}
The Tippity-Flippitts (foxmorphs) {IR}
The Bunnikins-Bunnies Series (rabbitmorphs) {IR}
1. The Bunnikins-Bunnies in Camp
2. The Bunnikins-Bunnies in Europe
3. The Bunnikins-Bunnies and the Moon King
The Nibbles Series (mousemorph) {IR}
1. Nibbles Poppelty-Poppett
2. Nibbles and Bobtail

Davis, Bryan
The Dragons in Our Midst Chronicles Series (dragonmorphs) {YA}
1. Raising Dragons
2. The Candlestone
3. The Circles of Seven
4. Tears Of A Dragon

Davis, Cecelia G.
The Adventures of Jerry and Me (dogs, others) {IR}

Davis, Eugene
From the Horse's Mouth (horses) {A}

Davis, Grania
The Rainbow Annals (monkey) {A}

Davis, Jim
Mr Potato Head Unplugged [with Brett Koth] (potatomorphs] {A}
Garfield's Thanksgiving (cat, others) {A}
The Me Book: A Guide to Superiority: How to Get It, Use It and Keep It (cat, others) {A}
Garfield: His 9 Lives [NOT for younger Garfield fans!] (cat, others) {A}
Garfield in the Rough (cat, others) {A}
Garfield Goes Hollywood (cat, others) {A}
Garfield's Judgement Day (cat, others) {A}
Babes and Bullets (cat, others) {A}
A Garfield Christmas (cat, others) {A}
Garfield: The Truth About Cats (cat, others) {A}
Garfield on the Town (cat, others) {A}
Garfield in Paradise (cat, others) {A}
Garfield Gets a Life (cat, others) {A}
Garfield in Disguise [AKA Garfield's Halloween Adventure] (cat, others) {A}
The U.S. Acres Series [AKA the Orwell's Farm Series) {pigmorph, rooster) {A}
1. I Wasn't Hatched Yesterday
2. U.S. Acres Counts its Chickens
3. U. S. Acres Goes Half-Hog
4.U.S. Acres Rules the Roost
5. U.S. Acres Runs Amuck
6. U.S. Acres Hams it Up
The Garfield Series (cats, mice, many others) {A}
1. Garfield at Large
2. Garfield Gains Weight
3. Garfield, Bigger Than Life
4. Garfield Weighs In
5. Garfield Takes the Cake
6. Garfield Eats His Heart Out
7. Garfield Sits Around the House
8. Garfield Tips the Scales
9. Garfield Loses His Feet
10. Garfield Makes it Big
11. Garfield Rolls On
12. Garfield Out to Lunch
13. Garfield Food For Thought
14. Garfield Swallows His Pride
15. Garfield World-wide
16. Garfield Rounds Out
17. Garfield Chews the Fat
18. Garfield Goes to Waist
19. Garfield Hangs Out
20. Garfield Takes Up Space
21. Garfield Says a Mouthful
22. Garfield by the Pound
23. Garfield Keeps His Chins Up
24. Garfield Takes His Licks
25. Garfield Hits the Big Time
26. Garfield Pulls His Weight
27. Garfield Dishes It Out
28. Garfield Life in the Fat Lane
29. Garfield Tons of Fun
30. Garfield Bigger and Better
31. Garfield Hams it Up
32. Garfield Thinks Big
33. Garfield Throws His Weight Around
34. Garfield: Life to the Fullest
35. Garfield Feeds the Kitty
36. Garfield Hogs the Spotlight
37. Garfield Beefs Up
38. Garfield Gets Cookin'
39. Garfield Eats Crow
40. Garfield: Survival of the Fattest
41. Garfield Older and Wider
42. Garfield Pigs Out
43. Garfield Blots Out The Sun

Davis, Kathryn
Hell: A Novel (dolls, mice) {A}

Davis, Ken
Sheep Tales (various animals) {IR}

Davis, Philip J.
The Thomas Gray Series (cat) {A}
1. Thomas Gray, Philosopher Cat
2. Thomas Gray in Copenhagen

Davis, Robert
Padre Porko, the Gentlemanly Pig (pigs) {IR}

Davis, Russell
Apprentice Fantastic [Davis edited, with Martin Greenberg, stories "When the Student Is Ready" and "Blood and Scale"] (crow, dragon) {A}

Davis, Tim
The Mice of Series (mice) {IR}
1. Mice of the Herringbone
2. Mice of the Nine Lives
3. Mice of the Seven Seas
4. Mice of the Westing Wind
5. Mice of the Westing Wind Part Two

Dawnay, Romayne
The Champions of Appledore (mouse, polecats, dragon, wolves) {IR}

Dawson, Mary
Tecwyn, The Last of the Welsh Dragons (dragon) {IR}

Day, David
The Emperor's Panda (panda) {IR}

Dean, Pamela
The Secret Country Trilogy Series (unicorns, dragons) {YA}
1. The Secret Country
2. The Hidden Land
3. The Whim of the Dragon

Debenham, Frank
Navigation with Alice [not part of Alice series] (various) {IR}

De Bernieres, Louis
Red Dog [I think this is furry. I'm not positive, however] (dog) {A}

de Brunhoff, Jean
Bonjour, Babar!: The Six Unabridged Classics by the Creator of Babar (elephants) {IR}

DeCaire, Jerry
The Werewolf: The Apocalypse: Fang and Claw Series (wolfmorphs) {A}
1. Volume 1: Raging Fury [only worked on this one, with Steve Ellis, Joe Gentile, and Eddy Newell]

De Camp, L. Sprague
Land of Unreason (frogs, eagles, others) {A}

DeCles, Jon
The Particolored Unicorn (unicorn) {A}

Dedopulos, Tim
The Tribe Novels Series (wolfmorphs) {A}
6. Silver Fang and Glass Walk [with Carl Bowen]

De Groot, Marion
Pillowtime Tales (squirrels, cat, robins) {IR}

Deitz, Tom
Above the Lower Sky (dolphin and whale shapechangers) {A}
Ghostcountry's Wrath [is this furry?] (panthermorph) {A}

de Jong, Dola
Nikkernik, Nakkernak and Nokkernok (lions, others?) {IR}

De La Mare, Walter
Mr. Bumps and His Monkey (monkey) {IR}
The Three Mula Mulgars [AKA The Three Royal Monkeys] (monkeys) {YA}

Delaney, Michael
Birdbrain Amos (hippo, tickbird) {IR}

DeLeeuw, Adele
Nobody's Doll (doll, dog) {IR}

De Lint, Charles
Someplace to be Flying (crowmorphs, coyotemorph) {A}
Greenmantle (deermorph) {A}
Dreams Underfoot [not all stories are furry] (deermorph, mermaid, others) {A}
The Tamson House Series (stagmorph, coyotemorph) {A}
1. Moonheart
2. Spiritwalk

Delgado, Ricardo
The Age of Reptiles Series (dinosaurs)
1. Tribal Warfare
2. The Hunt

Delmege, Sarah
My Life as a Pup: Full of Scraps, Facts and Puppy Dog Tales! (dogs) {IR}

Demarest, Jaki
Catseye [#3 in Shattered Light series, written with William Forstchen] (catmorphs) {A}

Demilly, Christian
365 Days of Stories [with Annie Murant and Didier Baravd, not all stories furry] (various animals) {IR}

Demong, Phyllis
Celebearties and Other Bears (bearmorph caricatures) {A}

Denison, Carol
Animal Stories [Denison edited] (dog, tiger, mouse, duck, many others) {IR}

Denning, Stephen
Squirrel Inc.: A Fable of Leadership through Storytelling (squirrels) {A}

Dennis, Carol L.
The Dragon's Game Series (dragons) {A}
1. Dragon's Pawn
2. Dragon's Knight
3. Dragon's Queen

Dennison, George
And Then a Harvest Feast (various animals) {IR}

De Regniers, Beatrice
The Boy, the Rat and the Butterfly (rat, butterfly) {IR}
The Enchanted Forest (cat, deer) {IR}

Dethier, Vincent
Newberry: The Life and Times of a Maine Clam (clam, others) {IR}

DeVet, Charles V.
Special Feature (shapeshifting panthers) {A}

De Vinck, Christopher
Augusta and Trab (cat) {IR}

Devine, Louise Lawrence
The Rand McNally Book of Favorite Animal Stories [with Tony Brice, Ian Munn, and Jean J. Parrish] (cats, chipmunks, others) {IR}

DeVita, James
Blue (fishmorphs) {YA}

DeWeese, Gene
The Dandelion Series (cat) {IR}
1. Black Suits from Outer Space
2. The Dandelion Caper
3. The Calvin Nullifier
The Dinotopia Series [only wrote one] (dinosaurs) {IR? YA?}
10. Firestorm

Dexter, Kathleen
Fifth Life of the Cat Woman (catmorphs) {A}

Dexter, Susan
Moonlight [a prequel to the Ring of Allaire, but not truly a part of the series] (cat, unicorn) {IR}
The Calandra Series (cat, canary, horse) {A}
1. The Ring of Allaire
2. The Sword of Calandra
3. The Mountains of Chamadran
The Warhorse of Esdragon Series (horse Ė perhaps the same horse from Calandra series?) {A}
1. The Prince of Ill Luck
2. The Wind-Witch
3. The True Knight

Diamond, Graham
The Haven Series (wolves, bird, rabbit, others) {A}
1. The Haven
2. Lady of the Haven
3. The Dugeons of Kuba
4. The Falcon of Eden
5. The Beasts of Hades

Diaz, Abby Morton
The Elson Children: Little Stories for Little Folks [I think Diaz edited, not all stories] (cow, cats, perhaps others) {IR}
Polly Cologne (doll) {IR}

DiCamillo, Kate
The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane (toy rabbitmorph) {IR}
The Tale of Despereaux (mouse) {IR}

Dickson, Gordon. R.
Alien Art (otter) {A}
Alien From Arcturus (raccoon-squirrel) {A}
The Alien Way (bearmorphs) {A}
The Magnificent Wilf [is this furry?] (dog) {A}
Love Not Human [Dickson edited] (various animals) {A}
Masters of Everon (panthers) {A}
The Hoka Series [with Poul Anderson] (teddybearmorphs) {A}
1. Hoka! Hoka! Hoka!
2. Hokas Pokas
The Seaborn Series (whales) {A}
1.The Space Swimmers
2. Home From the Shore
The Dilbians Series [published together as The Right to Arm Bears] (bearmorphs) {A}
Dickson! [short story "The Law-Twister Shorty"]
1. Spacial Deliver
2. Spacepaw
The Dragon Knight Series (dragons) {A}
1. The Dragon and the George
2. The Dragon Knight
3. The Dragon on the Border
4. The Dragon at War
5. The Dragon, the Earl, and the Troll
6. The Dragon and the Djinn
7. The Dragon and the Gnarly King
8. The Dragon in Lyonesse
9. The Dragon and the Fair Maid of Kent

DiGenti, Victor
The Windrusher Series (cats) {A}
1. Windrusher
2. Windrusher and the Cave of Tho-Hoth

Diggs, Lucy
Selene Goes Home (cat, seagull) {IR}

Dionetti, Michelle V.
Mice to the Rescue! (mice) {IR}

Disch, Thomas M.
The Toaster Series (various appliences) {IR}
1. The Brave Little Toaster
2. The Brave Little Toaster Goes to Mars

Disney, Walt [corporate author]
Donald Duck and His Cat Troubles (duckmorph) {IR}
Mickey Mouse Crusoe (mousemorph) {IR}
Mickey Mouse in Giantland (mousemorph) {IR}
Mickey Mouse in Pigmyland (mousemorph) {IR}
Mickey Mouse and Pluto the Pup (mousemorph) {IR}
Mickey Mouse Presents - Walt Disney's Nursery Stories (various animals) {IR}
Mickey Mouse Story Book Album (mousemorph) {IR}
Mickey's Wonder Book (various animalmorphs) {IR}
Minnie Mouse and the Antique Chair (mousemorphs) {IR}
The Practical Pig! (pigmorphs) {IR}
The Story of Mickey Mouse and the Smugglers (mousemorph, others) {IR}
Walt Disney's The Adventures of Mickey Mouse 50th Birthday Edition: The Adventures of Mickey Mouse Book 1-2, Mickey Mouse and His Horse Tanglefoot (mousemorphs) {IR}
Walt Disney's Donald Duck and the Boys (duckmorphs) {IR}
Walt Disney's Elmer Elephant Plus Peculiar Penguins (elephantmorph, mousemorph, penguins) {IR}
Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse Big Story Book (various animalmorphs) {IR}
The Mickey Mouse Movie Stories Series (mousemorphs, duckmorph, dogmorph) {IR}
1. Mickey Mouse Movie Stories
2. Mickey Mouse Movie Stories Book 2
The Pop-Up Series [pop up books, but have a lot of text and thus count] (various animalmorphs) {IR}
1. The Pop-Up Mickey Mouse
2. The Pop-Up Minnie Mouse
3. Mickey Mouse in King Arthurís Court
4. The Pop-Up Silly Symphonies
5. Mickey Mouse in Ye Olden Days
The Story a Day Series (various animalmorphs) {IR}
1. Walt Disney's Story a Day For Every Day of the Year, Spring
2. Walt Disney's Story a Day For Every Day of the Year, Summer
3. Walt Disney's Story a Day For Every Day of the Year, Autumn
4. Walt Disney's Story a Day For Every Day of the Year, Winter
The Story Of Series [in alphabetical order, real order unknown] (various animalmorphs) {IR}
1. Walt Disney's Story of Clarabelle Cow
2. Walt Disney's Story of Dippy the Goof
3. Walt Disney's Story of Donald Duck
4. Walt Disney's Story of Mickey Mouse
5. Walt Disney's Story of Minnie Mouse
6. Walt Disney's Story of Pluto the Pup

Dixon, Larry
Chrome Circle [with Mercedes Lakey] (foxmorphs) {A}

Dixon, Maynard
Injun Babies: Eight Stories and Eight Drawings for American Children [not all stories] (horse, fish) {IR}

D'Lacey, Chris
The Fire Within Series (dragons, squirrels, polar bears [?]) {YA}
1. The Fire Within
2. Icefire
3. Firestar

Doctorow, Cory
Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town (mountain, washing machine, dolls) {A}

Dodd, Mead
A Shaggy DogÖ (dog) {IR}

Dodd, Quentin
Beatnik Rutabagas From Beyond the Stars (rutabagamorphs, mice) {YA}

Dodd, Shari
The Emerald of Lastanzia [this is a sequel to an earlier book. However, I can find no evidence of the earlier story being furry in the slightest...] (dragon) {A}

Doe, Jane (author's real name?)
Anarchist Farm (various animals) {A}

Doherty, Berlie
Spellhorn (unicorn) {YA}

Donahey, Mary Dikerson
The Adventures of a Happy Doll (doll) {IR}
Down Spider Web Lane: A Fairy Tale (various insects) {IR}
The Jacky and Jean Series (bird, others?) {IR}
1. The Wonderful Wishes of Jacky and Jean
2. The Talking Bird and Wonderful Wishes of Jacky and Jean

Donbo, Koge
The Di Gi Charat Series (catmorphs, rabbitmorph, pandamorph) {YA/A}
Champion Cup Theater [AKA Dejiko's Champion Cup Theatre?]
1. Di Gi Charat, Vol. 1
2. Di Gi Charat, Vol. 2
3. Di Gi Charat, Vol. 3
4. Di Gi Charat, Vol. 4
The Di Gi Charat Theater Series [only wrote two] (catmorphs, rabbitmorph, pandamorph) {YA/A}
1. Dejiko's Summer Vacation
2. Pikoyo Is Number One

Donovan, John
Family: A Novel (apes) {YA}

Dorris, Michael
Guests (porcupine) {IR}

Doty, Douglas Zabriskie
Andy's Adventures on Noah's Ark (dolls) {IR}

Douglas, Carole Nelson
Midnight Louie's Pet Detectives [Douglas edited, not all stories furry] (various animals) {A}
White House Pet Detectives: Tales of Crime and Mystery at the White House from a Pet's Eye View [Douglas edited] (various animals) {A}
The Midnight Louie Prequels (cat) {A}
1. The Cat and the King of Clubs
2. The Cat and the Jill Of Diamonds
3. The Cat and the Jack of Spades
4. The Cat and the Queen of Hearts
The Midnight Louie Series [furry is a minor character] (cat) {A}
1. Catnap
2. Pussyfoot
3. Cat on a Blue Monday
4. Cat in a Crimson Haze
5. Cat in a Diamond Dazzle
6. Cat With an Emerald Eye
7. Cat in a Flamingo Fedora
8. Cat in a Golden Garland
9. Cat on a Hyacinth Hunt
10. Cat in an Indigo Mood
11. Cat in a Jeweled Jumpsuit
12. Cat in a Kiwi Con
13. Cat in a Leopard Spot
14. Cat in a Midnight Choir
15. Cat in a Neon Nightmare
16. Cat in an Orange Twist
17. Cat in a Hot Pink Pursuit

Dow, Ethel C.
The Diary of a Birthday Doll [aka Birthday Doll] (doll) {IR}
The Proud Roxana (dolls) {IR}

Dowland, Colin
Weevil K.Neevil: Stuntbug (weevil, other bugs) {IR}
Eddie and the Zedlines (sentient books?) {IR}
The Billy the Squid Series (squid, others) {IR}
1. Billy the Squid
2. Billy Rides Again: A Billy the Squid Sequel

Dowlen, Lane
Ode to Oliver (otters) {IR}

Doyle, Deborah
The Melvinge of the Megaverse Series [only wrote one, and with a co-author listed simply as "MacDonald"] (dogmorph, various other animalmorphs) {A}
2. Night of the Living Rat!

Doyle, Roddy
The Giggler Series (dog) {IR}
1. The Giggler Treatment
2. Rover Saves Christmas
3. The Meanwhile Adventures

Doyon, Norbert G.
The Rondobontana Series (various animals) {IR/A}
1. Rondobontana
2. Brave Darling: The Return to Rondobontana

Dozois, Gardner
The Magicats Series [edited, with Jack Dann, not all stories furry] (cats) {A}
1. Magicats!
2. Magicats II

Drake, David
The Fleet Series [editor, with Bill Fawcett] (various animalmorphs) {A}
1. The Fleet
2. Counter Attack
3. Breakthrough
4. Sworn Allies
5. Total War
6. Crisis

Drew, James
Rackstraw: Magical Thoughts & Adventures of A Brilliant Young Art Mouse (mouse) {?}

Druitt, Tobias
Corydon and the Island of Monsters (sphinx, minotaur, snakemorph, lion, others) {YA}

Drury, Roger W.
The Champion of Merrimack County [furry plays only limited role] (mouse) {A}

Duane, Diane
Dark Mirror (dolphin) {A}
Stealing The Elf-King's Roses (dog) {A}
Keeper of the City [#2 Guardians of the Three, with Peter Morwood] (catmorphs) {A}
The Young Wizards Series (cat, dog, fox, macaw, car, others) {YA}
1. So You Want to be a Wizard
2. Deep Wizardry
3. High Wizardry
4. A Wizard Abroad
5. The Wizard's Dilemma
6. A Wizard Alone
7. The Wizard's Holiday
8. Wizards at War
The Cats of Grand Central Series [set in the same world as the above series, with some of the same characters, but not really part of the series] (cats) {A}
1. The Book of Night with Moon
2. To Visit the Queen

DuBois, Theodora
The Traveling Toys (various stuffed animals and dolls) {IR}

Du Bois, William Pene
The Great Geppy (horse) {IR}

Dubowski, Cathy East
The Salemís Tails Series [only wrote some in series] (cat) {IR}
6. Psychic Kitty
Salem Goes to Rome [with Mark Dubowski]
The Sabrina Series [only wrote some in series] (cat) {YA}
5. Santa's Little Helper
9. A Dog's Life
26. Fortune Cookie Fox
34. It's a Miserable Life
38. Milady's Dragon
The Wild Thornberrys Series [only wrote one, with Mark Dubowski] (chimpanzee, various others) {IR}
4. Gift of Gab
The Wild Thornberrys: Wildlife Tales Series [only wrote one, with Mark Dubowski] (chimpanzee, various others) {IR}
1. Hanging On to Home

Dubowski, Mark
The Salem's Tails Series [only wrote some in series] (cat) {IR}
1. Cat TV
4. The King of Cats
Salem Goes to Rome [with Cathy East Dubowski]
The Wild Thornberrys Series [only wrote one, with Cathy East Dubowski] (chimpanzee, various others) {IR}
4. Gift of Gab
The Wild Thornberrys: Wildlife Tales Series [only wrote one, with Cathy East Dubowski] (chimpanzee, various others) {IR}
1. Hanging On to Home

du Chaillu, Paul
The World of the Great Forest: How Animals, Birds, Reptiles and Insects Talk, Think, Work and Live [the closest a naturalist has gotten to my personal view of the animal world! :) ] (many many many animals) {A}

Dudley-Smith, Trevor [He wrote many other furry books under the penname Elleston Trevor]
The Enchanted Glade Series (owl, frog, rat, magpie, many others) {IR}
1. Into the Happy Glade
2. By a Silver Stream

Duerksen, Carol
Slickfester Dude Tells Bedtime Stories: Life Lessons From Our Animal Friends (cat, others) {IR}

Duffey, Betsy
Dog Diaries: Secret Writings of the WOOF Society [with Betsy Byars and Laurie Myers] (dogs) {IR}
The Lucky Series (dog) {IR}
1. A Boy in the Doghouse
2. Lucky in Left Field
3. Lucky on the Loose
4. Lucky Christmas

Duffield, Kenneth Graham
The Four Little Pigs That Didn't Have Any Mother (pigs, turkey, cat) {IR}
The Little Puppy That Wanted to Know Too Much (dogs) {IR}
The Little Wise Chicken That Knew it All (chickens, others) {IR}

Duffy, Bobbi
The Saga of Sha'Mung Series (dragons) {A}
1. Magic Prophecy
2. Ghost Maker

Dulieu, Jean
The Paulus Series [somewhat in order] (acornmorphs, various others) {IR}
1. Paulus and Mole
2. Paulus and the Three Robbers
3. Paulus and Solomon
4. Paulus and the Acornmen
5. Paulus and the Dragon

Dumas, Gerald
Rabbits Rafferty (rabbit, lemming, others) {IR}

Dunbar, Geoff
High in the Clouds [with Philip Ardagh and Paul McCartney] (squirrelmorph, frogmorph, others) {IR}

Dunker, Bon
An Almost True Tale of 3 Pigs and a Wolf (pigmorphs, wolfmorph, others) {IR}

Dunne, Colin
Sigil, Volume 1 [Dunne edited, with Jan Kafka, Bet Lorysse's story "Messenger"] (foxmorph) {A}

Dunne, J.W.
The Jumping Lions of Borneo (lions) {IR}

Durgin, Doranna
The Changespell Series (shapeshifting horse) {A}
1. Dun Lady's Jess
2. Changespell
3. Cbangespell Legacy

Durrell, Gerald Malcolm
The Talking Parcel [aka The Battle for Castle Cockatrice] (parrot, spider, others) {IR}
The Fantastic Flying Journey (various animals) {IR}

Dutourd, Jean
A Dog's Head (dogmorph) {A}

Dutton, Joybells
Pretty White Kitty: Scherzo as Told to Joybells [is this furry?] (cats) {A}

Dutton, Lewis
Susan and Smudge (cat, dog) {IR}
The Rags Series (dogs) {IR}
1. Rags, Tatters And Bill
2. Again Rags
3. Rags and Buttons
4. Rags and Tuppence
5. Rags, M.D.

Duval, Sandy
Whimsy, the Talking Pony (horses) {IR}

Dvorkin, David
Ursus (bears) {A}

Dye, Thomas K.
The Newshounds Series (dogmorphs) {A}
1. Newshounds
2. Tonight's Top Story
3. Press Badge Blues
4. We All Came Out to Mantra
5. Regime Change


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