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Scans of out of print and/or rare titles


Abbott, Edwin A.
The Flatland Series [only wrote one] (geometric shapes) {A}
1. Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions

Abernathy, Mary E.
Tales of the Black Jack Forest (various forest critters) {IR}

Achilli, Justin
The Tribe Novels Series (wolfmorphs) {A}
4. Bone Gnawers and Stargazers [with Bill Bridges]

Acres, Mark
Indomitable Thunder (ratmorphs) {A}

Adair, Gilbert
The Alice Series [only wrote one] (various animals) {IR}
7. Alice Through the Needle's Eye

Adams, A. D.
The Dragon Healer (dragon) {IR/YA?}

Adams, Douglas
The Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy [the furryness is limited] (mice) {A}

Adams, Georgie
Dr. Dog and Nurse Kitty (catmorph, dogmorph) {IR}

Adams, Hazard
The Truth About Dragons: An Anti-Romance (dragon) {A}

Adams, Jeanette
Tales From Within the Rabbitry (rabbits) {IR}

Adams, Martin
The Sonic the Hedgehog Novel Series [all four based on a short story in "Stay Sonic" by Mark Pattenden] (various animalmorphs) {YA}
1. Sonic the Hedgehog in Robotnik's Laboratory
2. Sonic the Hedgehog in the Fourth Dimension
3. Sonic the Hedgehog and the Silicon Warriors
4. Sonic the Hedgehog in Castle Robotnik

Adams, Richard
The Plague Dogs (dogs, fox) {A}
Traveller (horse) {A}
The Watership Down Series (rabbits) {A}
1. Watership Down
2. Tales from Watership Down

Adrian, Mary
Jonathan Crow, Detective (crow, others) {IR}

Agle, Nan Hayden
Tarr of Belway South [aka That Dog Tarr] (dog) {IR}

Ahlberg, Allan
The Bear Nobody Wanted (teddys, doll) {IR}
Ten in a Bed (frog, wolf, others) {IR}
The Improbable Cat (cat, dogs) {IR}

Aidinoff, Elsie V.
The Garden (snake) {YA/A}

Aiken, Joan
The Faithless Lollybird [at least one story] (mermaid, others?) {IR}
The Kingdom and the Cave (various animals) {IR}

Aiken, Joy Smith
Solo's Journey (cats) {A}

Ainsworth, Ruth
The Bear Who Liked Hugging People and Other Stories [with Antony Maitland, probably not all stories] (cows, mermaid, perhaps others?) {IR}
The Little Yellow Taxi and His Friends (taxi, other vehicles) {IR}
Mermaids' Tales (merpeople) {IR}
The Mysterious Baba and Her Magic Caravan (dolls) {IR}
Roly, the Railroad Mouse (mice) {IR}
The Talking Rock (boy made of rocks, shells and seaweed, mermaid, sea monster) {IR}
Up the Airy Mountain: Stories of Magic [not all stories] (rabbit, horse) {IR}
The Wolf Who Was Sorry (cat, donkey, others) {IR}
The Rufty Tufty Series (gollywog dolls, others?) {IR}
1. Rufty Tufty the Golliwog
2. Rufty Tufty at the Seaside
3. Rufty Tufty Goes Camping
4. Rufty Tufty Runs Away
5. Rufty Tufty Flies High
6. Rufty Tufty's Island
7. Rufty Tufty and Hattie
8. Rufty Tufty Makes a House
The Shellover Series (turtle, others) {IR}
1. The Ten Tales of Shellover
2. More Tales of Shellover

Ainsworth, Stanley H.
Galloping Sounds [not all stories, and the later edition has the same stories as the first and more] (rat, others) {IR}

The Sly Old Fox (fox, mouse, kitten, monkey, others) {IR}

Albrecht, Lillie V.
Deborah Remembers (dolls) {IR}

Alcott, Louisa May
The Louisa Alcott Reader [not all stories] (candy people, rooster, other animals)

Aldin, Cecil
Jack and Jill (dog, cat) {IR}
Merry and Bright (dogs) {IR}
Pickles (dog) {IR}
Puppy Dogs' Tales (dogs) {IR}
The White Kitten Book (cats) {IR}
The Bunnyborough Series (rabbits) {IR}
1. Bunnyborough
2. The Great Adventure
The Puppy Books Series [not in order and probably not complete] (dogs) {IR}
The Bobtail Puppy Book
The Red Puppy Book
The White Puppy Book
The Mongrel Puppy Book
The Black Puppy Book

Aldiss, Brian W.
Moreau's Other Island [AKA An Island Called Moreau] (various animalmorphs) {A}

Aldridge, Alan
The Gnole [with Stephen Boyett] (molemorph) {A}

The Adventures of Miss Kitty Series (catmorph, others) {A?}
1. The Adventures of Miss Kitty: Sports Edition
2. The Adventures of Miss Kitty: Travel Edition
3. The Adventures of Miss Kitty: Holiday Edition
4. The Adventures of Miss Kitty: The Indian Experience
5. Miss Kitty's Favorite International Recipes
6. The Adventures of Miss Kitty: King Arthur the Legend of Yesteryear
7. Miss Kitty Finally Learns to Use the Computer
8. Afganahound Banishes Witch Deadra

Alexander, Caroline
Mrs. Chippy's Last Expedition (cat) {A}

Alexander, Elsie M.
The Sunnybrook Series [not in order and possibly not complete] (various animals) {IR}
1. Daffy the Polecat; the Story of Mrs. Polecat’s Journey
2. Buster Rabbit the Explorer; the Story of the Bunny Rabbit Family
3. Adventures of Tudie the Field Mouse
4. Happy Family of Beechnut Grove; Story of Peter Gray Squirrel and Family
5. Tabitha Dingle, the Story of the Famous Cat of Sunnybrook Meadow
6. Speedy, the Fox: The Story of the Fox Family
7. Roody and His Underground Palace; the Story of Mr. Woodchuck in His Happy Home
8. Buff and Duff: The Children of Mrs. White Hen

Alexander, Lloyd
The Arkadians (donkey) {YA}
The Cat who Wished to be a Man (cat) {IR}
The Iron Ring (tigers, monkeys, eagle) {YA}
Time Cat (cat) {IR}
The Town Cats and other Tales (cats) {IR}

Alexander, Marge
Adventures at the Grandparent’s House (various dolls, toys, and objects) {IR}

Alexander, William P.
The Museum Comes to Life [with Maribelle Cormack] (various dead, taxidermed critters) {IR}

Allan, Ted
Willie the Squowse (squirrel-mouse) {IR}

Allen, Roger E.
The Pooh Meets the Stranger Series (bear, many others) {A}
1. Winnie-The-Pooh on Management: In Which a Very Important Bear and His Friends Are Introduced to a Very Important Subject
2. Winnie-The-Pooh on Problem Solving: In Which Pooh, Piglet, and Friends Explore How to Solve Problems, So You Can Too [with Stephen D. Allen]
3. Winnie-The-Pooh on Success: In Which You, Pooh and Friends Learn About the Most Important Subject of All [with Stephen D. Allen]

Allen, Stephen D.
The Pooh Meets the Stranger Series (bear, many others) {A}
2. Winnie-The-Pooh on Problem Solving: In Which Pooh, Piglet, and Friends Explore How to Solve Problems, So You Can Too [with Roger E. Allen]
3. Winnie-The-Pooh on Success: In Which You, Pooh and Friends Learn About the Most Important Subject of All [with Roger E. Allen]

Allman, Vandana
Animals Inc.: A Business Parable for the 21st Century [with Kenneth A. Tucker] (pigs, crow, others) {A}

Allred, L. W. Dove
The Catacorn Tales Series (cat/unicorn morph, rabbitmorphs, catmorphs) {YA}
1. Battle of the Midnight Star
2. (not yet published)

Almond, David
Skellig (birdmorph?) {YA}

A. L. O. E. [Charlotte Maria Tucker]
A.L.O.E.'s Picture Story Book [not all stories] (various animals) {IR}
The Rambles of a Rat (rat) {IR}
The Story of a Needle (needle) {IR}
Wings and Stings: A Tale for the Young (various animals) {IR}

Altemus, Henry
Our Animal Friends [I don't think all stories, and I'm pretty sure Altemus is just the cooperate editor] (various animals) {IR}

Altman, Walter Forrest
A Dog's Life: The Autobiography of Rusty the Ready (That Good Old Red-Haired River Dog) (dogs) {A}

Alton, Andrea L.
Demon of Undoing (catmorphs) {A}

Amara, Phil
The Sky Ape Series [partially in order] (gorilla) {A}
1. Sky Ape
Waiting for Crime
All the Heroes

Amato, Mary
The Word Eater (worm) {IR}

Ambrose, Blanche Ashley
Old Grumpy Porcupine (porcupine, skunks, others) {IR}

Ambrosio, Michael
Destiny, Valor and a Lizard Named Louie (lizardmorphs, chameleonmorphs) {IR/YA}

Ames, Esther M.
Twistum Tales (toy [I think] cats) {IR}

Ames, Mildred
Is There Life on a Plastic Planet? (doll) {YA}

Anacker, John
The Raven's Ring Pin (ravens) {YA}

Anderson, Bernice G.
The Topsy Turvy Series (doll, various animals) {IR}
1. Topsy Turvy's Pigtails
2. Topsy Turvy and the Easter Bunny
3. Topsy Turvy and the Tin Clown

Anderson, Hans Christian
The Snow Queen (various animals) {IR}
The Fairy Tales Series [not all stories furry] (various animals) {IR}
1. Wonderful Stories for Children
2. A Danish Story-Book
3. The Nightingale and Other Tales
4. The Shoes of Fortune and Other Tales
5. Danish Fairy Legends and Tales

Anderson, LaVere
Friendly Animal Stories to Read Aloud [Introduce Your Child to the Animals of the Farm, the Forest, the Prairie, and the Circus] (various animals) {IR}

Anderson, Mary
FTC Superstar (cat, pigeon) {IR}

Anderson, M. T.
The M. T. Anderson's Thrilling Tales Series [further volumes not yet published, and I am not sure if they would be furry, anyway] (whalemorph) {IR/A}
1. Whales on Stilts
2. (not yet published)

Anderson, Poul
Brainwave (various animals) {A}
Ensign Flandry (tigermorphs) {A}
The Fox, the Dog and the Griffin (fox, dog, griffin) {IR}
Inconstant Star (catmorphs) {A}
People of the Wind (eaglemorphs) {A}
A Stone in Heaven (tigermorphs) {A}
The Hokas Series [with Gordon L. Dickson] (teddybearmorphs) {A}
1. Hoka! Hoka! Hoka!
2. Hokas Pokas!

Anderson, Walter Inglis
Robinson: The Pleasant History of an Unusual Cat (cat) {IR}

Andrews, Allen
The Plantagent Series (pig, boars, wolves, fox, others) {A}
1. The Pig Plantagent
2. Castle Crespin

Andrews, McKenna
Riding The Storm Out (dolphins) {IR}

Annett, Cora
How the Witch Got Alf (donkey) {IR}

Annixter, Paul (Paul Comfort)
The Cat that Clumped (cat, mice) {IR}

Anthony, Piers
The E.S.P Worm [with Robert E. Margroff] (caterpillar) {A}
If I Pay Thee Not in Gold [with Mercedes Lackey] (various morphs) {A}
The Virtual Mode Series (horse, robotic catmorphs) {YA}
1. Virtual Mode
2. Fractal Mode
3. Chaos Mode
4. Doooan Mode

Antonucci, Danny
The Cartoon Cartoons Series [Antonucci first author alphabetically out of many, only some sections furry, only worked on one] (dog, weasel, chicken, others) {IR}
2. The Gang's All Here

Anvil, Christopher
Pandora's Planet [aka Pandora's Legions] (catmorphs) {A}

Appel, Allen
Old Dog's Guide for Pups: Advice and Rules for Human Training [with Mike Rothmiller] (dogs) {A}

Aranha, Marc
The Queen of Spiders (gargoyle, lizard, minotaur) {IR}

Arbutnot, May Hill
The Streets and Roads Series [Arbutnot edited, with William S. Gray] (various animals) {IR}
1. Streets and Roads
2. More Streets and Roads

Ardagh, Philip
High in the Clouds [with Geoff Dunbar and Paul McCartney] (squirrelmorph, frogmorph, others) {IR}

Argus, Arabella
The Jemmy Donkey Series (donkey) {IR}
1. The Adventures of a Donkey
2. Further Adventures of Jemmy Donkey

Aris, Ernest Alfred
Dapple the Wooden Donkey (wooden donkey, other toys) {IR}
I know nothing at all about this series! The titles sound furry though…are these ‘picture books?’
1. The Story of Billy Goat
2. The Story of Busy Body Bob
3. The Story of Duck a Dandy
4. The Story of Fatty Pig
5. The Story of Lady Butterfly
6. The Story of Toby Tabs

Arkin, Alan
Cassie Loves Beethoven (cow) {IR}
The Lemming series (lemmings, crow) {YA}
1. The Lemming Condition
2. The Clearing

Armstrong, Alan
Whittington (cat, duck, others) {IR}

Arnason, Eleanor
To the Resurrection Station (ratmorph) {A}

Aronson, Billy
Betting on Forever (mammoths, dinosaurs, others) {IR}

Arundel, Honor
The Amazing Mr. Prothero (dog) {IR}

Asch, Frank
The Class Pets Series (various animals) {IR}
1. The Ghost of P.S. 42
2. Battle in a Bottle
3. Survival School
The Peral Series (mice) {IR}
1. Pearl's Promise
2. Peral's Pirates

Ashmore, Marion
Lost, Stolen or Strayed: The Adventures of an Aberdeen Terrier (dog) {IR?}

Ashton, Jay
Looking for Ilyriand (goose, dog, dragon) {YA}

Ashworth, Caspian
The Song of the Treetops (many many birds!) {IR}

Asimov, Isaac
The Martian Way and Other Stories [story "Youth"] (small animals) {A}

Aspinwall, Alicia
Can You Believe Me Stories (pie, furnace, and other objects and varied animals) {IR}

Asprin, Robert Lynn
The Bug Wars (reptilemorphs, insectmorphs) {A}
E. Godz [with Esther Friesner] (teddy bear) {A}
The Myth Series (dragon, various other mythical animals and animalmorphs) {A}
1. Another Fine Myth
2. Myth Conceptions
3. Myth Directions
4. Hit or Myth
5. Myth-ing Persons
6. Little Myth Marker
7. M.Y.T.H. Inc. Link
8. Myth-Nomers and Im-Pervections
9. M.Y.T.H. Inc. in Action
10. Sweet Myth-tery of Life
11. Myth-Ion Improbable
12. Something M.Y.T.H. Inc.
13. Myth Told Tales [with Jody Lynn Nye]
14. Myth Alliances [with Jody Lynn Nye]
15. Myth-taken Idenity [with Jody Lynn Nye]
The Duncan and Mallory Series (dragon) {A}
1. Duncan and Mallory
2. The Bar-None Ranch
3. The Raiders

Asseyev, Tamara
Always Kiss With Your Whiskers: Love Advice From My Cat [with Liz Nickels] (cat) {A}

Attwood, Frederic
Vavache, the Cow Who Painted Pictures (cow) {IR}

Attwood, William
The Fairly Scary Adventure Book (tiger) {IR}

Atwater, Emily Paret
How Sammy Went to Coral-Land [aka In Ocean Land] (fish, others) {IR}

Atxaga, Bernardo
Two Brothers (goose, squirrel, star, others) {A}

Auster, Paul
Timbuktu (dog) {A}

Austin, Margot
Churchkitten Stories and more Kitten Tales (cats) {IR}
Churchmouse Stories; a Collection of Peter Churchmouse, and Other Children's Favorites [the Peter Churchmouse stories are furry, at least, unsure of the others] (mice, cat) {IR}

Austin, Mary
The Trail Book (mastodons, coyote, buffalo, pelican, others) {IR}

Averill, Esther Holden
Adventures of Jack Ninepins (bowling pin, others) {IR}
The Cat Club Series (cats) {IR}
1. Jenny and the Cat Club
2. The School for Cats, and Jenny's Moonlight Adventure: Two Stories
3. Jenny Goes to Sea
4. The Hotel Cat
5. Captian of the City Streets

Amanda Joins the Circus (raccoonmorphs) {IR}
The Good Dog (dogs, wolf) {IR}
Snail Tale: The Adventures of a Rather Small Snail [Rewritten as The End of the Beginning: Being the Adventures of a Small Snail (and an Even Smaller Ant)] (snail, ant, others) {IR}
The Mayor of Central Park (squirrelmorphs, others) {IR}
Perloo the Bold (rabbitmorphs, foxmorphs) {IR}
Tales from Dimwood Forest series (mice, porcupine, others) {IR}
1. Poppy
2. Poppy and Rye
3. Ragweed
4. Ereth's Birthday
5. Poppy's Return

Auch, Mary Jane
The Third Grade Series (dog) {IR}
1. I Was a Third Grade Science Project
2. I Was a Third Grade Spy
3. I Was a Third Grade Bodyguard

Auerbach, Annie
The Catdog Chapters Series [only wrote some] (cat/dog hybrid, various morphs) {IR}
1. Romancing the Shriek [with Greg Crosby and Lisa Ann Marsoli]
7. Cookin' with CatDog
8. The Most World Records

Ayer, Jean
The Walt Disney Early Reader Series [only wrote two] (various animals and animalmorphs) {IR}
1. Mickey Mouse and His Friends
2. Donald Duck and His Friends

Aylett, Steve
Atom (goldfish) {A}

Ayme, Marcel
The Wonderful Farm Series (pig, cat, donkey, others) {IR}
1. The Wonderful Farm
2. Magic Pictures (aka Return to the Wonderful Farm?)

Ayscough, Florence Wheelock
The Autobiography of a Chinese Dog (dog) {A?}


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