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Scans of out of print and/or rare titles


Quick, Deborah G.
Elfkintales [not all stories, I think] (mermaids, dragons, maybe others?) {IR}

Quick, Herbert
In The Fairyland of America: A Tale of the Pukwudjies (bobcat, others) {IR}

Quick, W.T.
The New Planet of the Apes Series [not really connected to the original novel] (apemorphs) {A}
1. The Fall
2. Colony

Quinn, Daniel
The Ishmael Series (gorilla) {A}
1. Ishmael
2. My Ishmael: A Sequel

Rabe, Jean
The Finest Trilogy Series (horses) {A}
1. The Finest Creation
2. The Finest Choice

Rae, John
Grasshopper Green and the Meadow Mice (grasshopper, mice) {IR}
Lucy Locket (The Doll with the Pocket!!) (doll) {IR}
The Alice Series [only wrote one] (various animals) {IR}
4. New Adventures of Alice

Rains, Marie Curtis
The Lazy Liza Lizard Series (lizardmorph, many many others) {IR}
1. Lazy Liza Lizard
2. Lazy Liza Lizard's Tricks

Ramone, Dee Dee
Chelsea Horror Hotel: A Novel (dog) {A}

Ramsey, Philip
The Billibonk Series (mouse, elephant) {IR}
1. Billibonk and the Thorn Patch
2. Billibonk and the Big Itch

Rankin, Robert
The Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of the Apocalypse (teddy bear, other toys) {A}

Raphael Tuck and Sons
Dog Tails and Other Tales [Tuck and Sons corporate editor] (dogs, cats, rhino, duck, horse, rabbit) {IR}

Rawson, Elsie Lewis
Rajah: The Story of a Bird (myna birds) {IR}

Rayner, Mary
Mrs. Pig Gets Cross [is this part of a series?] (pigmorphs) {IR}

Rayner, Shoo
The Dark Claw Saga Series (catmorphs, mousemorphs, ratmorphs) {IR}
1. Tunnel-mazer
2. Road Rage
3. Rat Trap
4. Breakout!
5. The Guiding Paw
6. The Black Hole
The Ginger Ninja Series (catmorphs) {IR}
1. The Ginger Ninja
2. Tiddles Strikes Back
3. Dance of the Apple Dumpings
4. St. Felix for the Cup!
5. World Cup Winners
6. Three's a Crowd
The Rex Files Series (dogs, others) {IR}
1. The Life Snatcher
2. The Phantom Bantam
3. The Bermuda Triangle
4. The Shredder
5. The Frightened Forest
6. The Baa-Baa Club

Read, Miss
The Hobby-Horse Series (hobby horses, horse/bat hybrid) {IR}
1. Hobby Horse Cottage
2. Hob and the Horse-Bat

Ready, Dee
A Cat's Life: Dulcy's Story (cat) {A}

Reddix, Valerie
The Meadow-Wood Series (cat, owl, others) {YA}
1. The Claw and the Spiderweb
2. Treasure of the Scroll

Reed, Talbot Baines
The Adventures of a Three Guinea Watch (watch) {IR/YA}

Reeves, James
The Strange Light (rabbit) {IR}

Reg, Uncle (E Page Woodcock)
[All are short story collections, some of the stories are furry]
Merry and Bright {IR}
Wise and Winsome {IR}
Merrie and Wise {IR}
Chatty and Cheerful {IR}
Wise and Witty Stories {IR}

Regan, Dian Curtis
The Friendship of Milly and Tug (cat, mouse) {IR}

Reiche, Dietlof
The Golden Hamster Saga Series (hamsters, others) {IR}
1. I, Freddy
2. Freddy in Peril
3. Freddy to the Rescue
4. The Haunting of Freddy
5. Freddy's Final Quest

Reichert, Micky Zucker
Spirit Fox [with Jennifer Wingert] (cat) {A}
The Books of Barakhai Series (many animal people) {A}
1. The Beasts of Barakhai
2. The Lost Dragons of Barakhai

Reisfeld, Randi
The Sabrina Series [only wrote one in series] (cat) {YA}
7. All You Need Is a Love Spell

Rembadi, Gemma Mongiardini
The Pinocchio Series [only wrote one] (puppet, various sea animals) {IR}
4. Pinocchio Under the Sea

Remi, Georges [Herge]
The Tintin Series (dog) {A}
1. The Adventures of Tintin in the Land of the Soviets
2. The Adventures of Tintin in the Congo
3. Tintin in America
4. Cigars of the Pharoah
5. The Blue Lotus
6. The Broken Ear
7. The Black Island
8. King Ottokar's Sceptre
9. The Crab with the Golden Claws
10. The Shooting Star
11. The Secret of the Unicorn
12. Red Rackham's Treasure
13. The Seven Crystal Balls
14. Prisoners of the Sun
15. Land of Black Gold
16. Destination Moon
17. Explorers on the Moon
18. The Calculus Affair
19. The Red Sea Sharks
20. Tintin in Tibet
21. The Castafiore Emerald
22. Flight 714
23. Tintin and the Picaros

Rene (John Renesch)
Thumbelina in Nature-Land (various animals) {IR}

Resnick, Mike
Stalking the Unicorn: A Fable of Tonight [a very cool book in my opinion] (catmorph, horse) {A}
Dinosaur Fantastic [editor, with Martin H. Greenberg; not all stories furry] (dinosaurs) {A}

Ressner, Philip
Dudley Pippin's Summer (cows, others?) {IR/A}

Reynolds, Alfred
The Adventures of Rattlesnake Ralph (snake) {age group?}

Rhea, Ed G.
The Misfortunate Detectimals (dog, cat, pigeon) {IR}

Rheinboldt, Cornelie J.
Sphereland: A Fantasy About Curved Spaces and an Expanding Universe [with Dionys Burger] (various shapes) {A}

Rhys, Julia Clark
Tinsel November (puppets) {IR}

Riccio, Dolores Stewart
Circle of Five [all main characters are Pagan!] {dog) {A}

Richards, Anna
The Alice Series [only wrote one] (various animals) {IR}
3. A New Alice in the Old Wonderland

Richards, Kitty
The Wild Thornberrys Series [only wrote one] (chimpanzee, various others) {IR}
6. One of a Kind

Richards, Laura E.
The Fables Series [probably not all stories] (various animals) {IR}
1. The Golden Windows: A Book of Fables for Young and Old
2. The Silver Crown: Another Book of Fables
The Toto Series (various animals) {IR}
1. The Joyous Story of Toto
2. Toto's Merry Winter

Richardson, Bill
Waiting for Gertrude: A Graveyard Gothic (cats) {A}

Richey, James
Enchanted Realms: Tales by Masters of Fantasy [Richey edited, not all stories] (dragon, wooden sculpture) {A}

Richler, Mordecai
The Jacob Two-Two Series (animalmorphs[?], dinosaur) {IR}
1. Jacob Two-Two Meets the Hooded Fang
2. Jacob Two-Two and the Dinosaur

Rifkin, L.
The Nine Lives of Romeo Crumb Series (cats) {IR}
1. The Nine Lives of Romeo Crumb: Life One
2. The Nine Lives of Romeo Crumb: Life Two
3. The Nine Lives of Romeo Crumb: Life Three

Rigdon, M. L.
Beyond The Dark Mountains [second book in a series, but seems only one so far with furry elements] (various animals) {A}

Riley, Alice C.D.
The Voyage of the Wishbone Boat (gingerbread men, lionmorph, sentient toys) {YA}

Ripley, Sherman
The Raggedy Animal Series (wooden animals) {IR}
1. The Raggedy Animal Book
2. The Raggedies in Fairyland

Ritchie, Daniel
Silver Squirrel (squirrels) {A}

Rizzo, Cynthia Marie
The Julie and the Unicorn Series (unicorn) {IR}
1. Julie and the Unicorn
2. Julie and the Unicorn 2

Roach, Marilynne K.
Presto: Or, the Adventures of a Turnspit Dog (dog) {IR}

Roane, R. G.
The Delphinus Chronicles (dolphins, sentinent computer) {A}

Robbins, Tom
Villa Incognito (raccoon-dog morph) {A}

Roberson, Jennifer
The Chronicles of Cheysuli Series (various animals) {A}
1. Shapechangers
2. The Song of Homana
3. Legacy of the Sword
4. Track of the White Wolf
5. A Pride of Princes
6. Daughter of the Lion
7. Flight of the Raven
8. A Tapestry of Lions

Roberts, Linda Jane
Arc of Light (raccoon, possum, groundhog) {IR}

Robertson, Darick
The Space Beaver Series (beavermorph, others) {A}
1. Space Beaver
2. Space Beaver Volume Two

Robertson, Keith
Tales of Myrtle the Turtle (turtles) {IR}

Roberts, Mary Hanson
Here Comes a Candle (catmorphs) {A}

Roberts, Rachel
The Alavon Series [#1 written by Shelly Roberts] (wolves, ferret, unicorn, others) {YA}
2. All That Glitters
3. Cry of the Wolf
4. The Secret of the Unicorn
5. Spellsinger
6. Trial by Fire
The Avalon: Quest for Magic Series (various animals) {YA}
1. Song of the Unicorns
2. All's Fairy in Love and War
3. Ghost Wolf
4. Heart of Avalon
5. The Dark Mage

Roberts, Nancy
The Cat of Nine Tales Series [furry?] (cat) {IR}
1. Blackbeard's Cat
2. (not yet published)

Roberts, Shelly R.
Circles in the Stream [#1 in Alavon Series] (ferret, others) {YA}

Robey, John
The Never Never Series (rabbitmorph) {A}
1. Childproof the Unicorns
2. (not yet published)
The Suburban Jungle Series (tigermorph, others) {A}
1. La Vida Panthera
2. Love Bites
3. Orange Alert

Robins, Patricia
Sea Magic (mermaids) {IR}

Robinson, Joan G.
The Teddy Robinson Series (teddy bears) {IR}
1. Dear Teddy Robinson
2. About Teddy Robinson

Robinson, Mabel L. The Riley Series (dog) {IR}
1. Back-Seat Driver
2. Skipper Riley: The Terrier Sea Dog
3. Riley Goes to Obedience School

Robinson, Phil
Bubble and Squeak (dogs, others) {IR}

Robinson, Tom
Lost dog Jerry (dog) {IR}
Pete (dogs) {IR}

Rocca, Guido
Gaetano the Pheasant: a Hunting Fable (pheasant) {IR}

Rockhewn, Alekssander
The Adventures of Tutushik, the Clever Goat (goat) {IR}

Rockwell, Molly
Willie Was Different [with Norman Rockwell] (thrush) {IR}

Rockwell, Norman
Willie Was Different [with Molly Rockwell] (thrush) {IR}

Rodda, Emily
The Fairy Realm Series (horse, parrot, mermaids, others[?]) {IR}
1. The Charm Bracelet
2. The Flower Fairies
3. The Third Wish
4. The Last Fairy-Apple Tree
5. The Magic Key
6. The Unicorn
7. The Star Cloak
8. The Water Sprites

Rodgers, Alan
The Bear Who Found Christmas (teddy bear) {IR}

Rodman, Lorne
Seeing a Man About a Horse (shapeshifting horse) {A}

Rogers, Mark E.
The Samurai Cat Series (catmorphs) {A}
1. The Adventures of Samurai Cat
2. More Adventures of Samurai Cat
3. Samurai Cat in the Real World
4. The Sword of Samurai Cat
5. Samurai Cat Goes to the Movies
6. Samurai Cat Goes to Hell

Roller, Michaline
The Bat Who Wore Rose-Colored Glasses (bats) {IR}

Rolofson, Kristine
The Truth About Cats and Dogs [don't you just hate it when furry books become unfurry movies? Anyway, Rolofson wrote this with Lori Foster and Caroline Burnes.] (cats, dogs) {A}

Romey, Elizabeth A.
Lera of Tymoria: The Dragonmage (dragons) {A}

Rooke, Leon
Shakespere's Dog (dog) {A}

Rooper, W.L.
The Shoeblack's Cat (cats) {IR}

Roosevelt, Anna
The Scamper Series (rabbit) {IR}
1. Scamper: the Bunny Who Went to the White House
2. Scamper's Christmas: More About the White House Bunny

Rosa, Don
The Gladstone Comic Album Series [only wrote one] (duckmorphs, others) {IR/A}
28. Uncle Scrooge and Donald Duck: Don Rosa Special

Rosado, Maria
The Wild Thornberrys Series [only wrote one] (chimpanzee, various others) {IR}
1. Family Face-off
The Wild Thornberrys: Wildlife Tales Series [only wrote one] (chimpanzee, various others) {IR}
2. Bear Rescue!

Rosales, Melodye Benson
The Adventures of Minnie Series (doll, other toys) {IR}
1. Minnie Saves the Day
2. (not yet published)

Rosen, R. D.
Bad Dog: 278 Outspoken, Indecent, and Overdressed Dogs [with Rob Battles and Harry Prichett] (dogs) {A}

Ross, David
Letters from Foxy (foxes) {IR}

Ross, Diana
The Miss Pussy Series (cat, monkey) {IR}
The Enormous Apple Pie
2. The Bran Tub
The Nursery Tales Series (various toys, possibly animals too?) {IR}
1. Nursery Tales
2. The Tooter and Other Nursery Tales

Rossetti, Christina
Speaking Likenesses (various objects and animals) {IR}

Rossi, Frances
Monterey Shorts [editor, with Walter Gourlay and Chris Kemp; story "If the Tubs Could Talk" by Pat Hanson] (hottubs) {A}

Rostand, Edmond
Chantecler (rooster, many others) {A}

Rota, E. Miriandra
Dragon Fire: Secrets of the Last Dragons (dragons) {A}

Rothberg, Abraham
The Boy and the Dolphin (dolphins) {IR}

Rothe, Fenella
The Rand McNally Book of Favorite Pillowtime Tales [with Eman Gunder, Helen Wing and Wallace Wadsworth] (bear, turtle, pony, train) {IR}

Rothmiller, Mike
Old Dog's Guide for Pups: Advice and Rules for Human Training [with Allen Appel] (dogs) {A}

Rouquette, Mrs.
Our Polly. The Adventures of a Parrot During Her Life of 100 Years (parrot) {IR?}

Rowe, Woody
Skorzy Goes Wild (dragon) {IR}

Rowley, Christopher
The Book of Arna Series (monkeymorphs?) {A}
1. The Ancient Enemey
2. The Shast War
3. Doom’s Break
The Dragon Series (dragons)
1. Bazil Broketail
2. Sword for a Dragon
3. Dragons of Wark
4. Battledragon
5. The Wizard of the Floating City
6. A Dragon at World’s End
7. Dragons of Argoneth
8. Dragon Ultimate
The Fenrile Series (bearmorphs) {A}
1. The War for Eternity
2. The Black Ship
3. The Founder
4. To a Highland Nation

Rubinstein, Gillian
Foxspell (foxes) {YA}

Rucker, Rudy
Frek and the Elixir (dog) {YA}

Ruditis, Paul
The Sabrina Series [only wrote some in series] (cat) {YA}
37. Witch Way Did She Go? [with Nell Scovell]
44. Topsy-Turvy
47. Where in the World Is Sabrina Spellman?
51. Ten Little Witches

Ruff, Matt
The (?) Series (cats, dogs) {A}
1. Fool on the Hill
2. Sewer, Gas and Electric

Rule, Gordon A.
The Adventures of Humphrey Bear (bearmorph) {IR}
The Fantastic Adventures of Freddo (frog) {IR}

Rund, Lance
Associated Student Bodies Yearbook [with Chris McKinley] (various animalmorphs) {YA/A}

Rupp, Rebecca
Journey to the Blue Moon: In Which Time is Lost and Then Found Again (rats) {IR}
The Lonely Island Series (dragon) {IR}
1. The Dragon of Lonely Island
2. The Return of the Dragon

Rush, Caroline
The Mr. Pengachoosa Series (hamsters) {IR}
1. Tales of Mr. Pengachoosa
2. Further Tales of Mr Pengachoosa

Rutledge, Leigh W.
A Cat's Little Instruction Book (cats) {A}
Cat Love Letters (cats) {A}
Dear Tabby (cats) {A}
Diary of a Cat (cat) {A}
The Lighthouse, the Cat, and the Sea: A Tropical Tale (cat) {A}

Ryan, Brittney
The Legend of Holly Claus (wolf, others) {YA}

Rylant, Cynthia
Gooseberry Park (squirrel, dog, bat) {IR}
Thimbleberry Stories (chipmunk) {IR}
The Lighthouse Family Series (cat, dog, mice) {IR}
1. The Storm
2. The Whale
3. The Eagle
4. The Turtle


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