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Scans of out of print and/or rare titles


Nabb, Magdalen
The Enchanted Horse (horse) {IR}

Nakano, Mei T.
Riko Rabbit (rabbit) {IR}

Napoli, Donna Jo
Sirena (mermaids) {YA}
The Great God Pan (rammorph) {YA}
The Frog Prince Series (frogs, frog turned human) {IR}
1. The Prince of the Pond
2. Jimmy, the Pickpocket of the Palace
3. Gracie: The Pixie of the Puddle

Narelle, Brian
Living in Vertical Time (burro) {A}

Nash, Ruth S.
Tales and Tails from Stage Coach Lodge (is this furry?) {IR}

Nast, Elsa Ruth
The Golden Story Book Series [only wrote one, and of the series, only the furry books are listed here] (various animals) {IR}
2. The Magic Wish and Other Johnny and Jane Stories

Naumann, P.
Lily-Pad Songsters: Stories and Pictures For the Little Ones [with Palmer Cox, Louis Wain, and R. Beyschlag] (various animals) {IR}

Naylor, Doug
The Red Dwarf Series [only wrote one] (cat) {A}
The Last Human

Naylor, Grant
The Red Dwarf Series [only wrote some] (cat) {A}
Red Dwarf Omnibus
1. Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers
2. Better Than Life

Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds
The Club of Mysteries Series (cats) {IR}
1. The Grand Escape
2. The Healing of Texas Jake
3. Carlotta's Kittens and the Club of Mysteries
4. Polo's Mother

Necker, Claire
Supernatural Cats: An Anthology [Necker edited, not all stories] (cats) {A}

Needle, Jan
The Wind in the Willows Series (only wrote one) (various animals) {A}
2. Wild Wood

Neikirk, Mabel
All About Oscar, the Trained Seal (seal) {IR}

Neill, John R.
The Foolish Fox (foxmorph, others) {IR}
The Oz Series [previous entries by L. Frank Baum and Ruth Plumly Thompson] (various animals and others) {IR}
35. The Wonder City of Oz
36. The Scalawagons of Oz
37. Lucky Bucky in Oz

Nelson, Kathleen H.
The Lathwi Series (dragons) {A}
1. Daughter of Dragons
2. The Dragon Reborn

Nelson, Lynda M.
My Master's Touch: A Heartwarming Tale of Love, Loyalty, and Devotion (burro) {A}

Nelson, Thomas
The Disobedient Cuckoo Clock and Other Stories [Nelson edited, not all stories furry] (various toys and objects) {IR}

Nelson, Zaida
The Talking Dolls [with G. R. Mills] (dolls) {IR}

Nesbit, Edith
Cat Tales [with Rosamund E. Bland] (cats) {IR}
The Complete Book of Dragons [AKA The Last of the Dragons and Some Others] (dragons) {IR}
The Phoenix and the Carpet (phoenix) {IR}
The Magic World [not all stories furry] (cats, hedgehog, crowmorph) {IR}
Wet Magic (mermaids) {IR}

Nesbitt, M. L.
Grammar-Land, or, Grammar in Fun For the Children of Schoolroomshire (parts of speech personified)

Nethuen and Co, London
Felissa - Or; The Life and Opinions of a Kitten of Sentiment (cat) {IR?}

Newbrook, Kenneh James
Nepetet's Revenge (dog) {A}

Newell, Eddy
The Werewolf: The Apocalypse: Fang and Claw Series (wolfmorphs) {A}
1. Volume 1: Raging Fury [with Jerry DeCaire, Joe Gentile, and Eddy Newell]
2: Volume 2: Raging Fury [with Fernando Blanco, Joe Gentile, and Eddy Newell]

Newman, Robert
The Shattered Stone (various animals) {YA}

Newton, June
The Kingdom Of The Doberman: A Doberman Tale (dogs) {IR}

Newton, Suzanne
Purro and the Prattleberries (cat) {IR}

Nicholls, Brooke
Jacko: The Broadcasting Kookaburra (kookaburra) {IR}

Nichols, Beverley
The Magic Woodland Fantasy Series (monkey, others) {IR}
1. The Tree That Sat Down
2. The Stream that Stood Still
3. The Mountain of Magic
4. The Wickedest Witch in the World

Nicholson, Peggy
You Again (cat) {A}

Nickels, Liz
Always Kiss With Your Whiskers: Love Advice From My Cat [with Tamara Asseyev] (cat) {A}

Nickless, Will
The Rotherside Saga Series (owl, weasel, others) {IR}
1. Owlglass
2. The Nitehood
3. Molepie
4. Dotted Lines

Nielsen, H.A.
Olaf and the Frump (owl, various toy animals) {IR}

Nill, Cynthia
Scamper (squirrel) {IR}

Nimmo, Jenny
Griffin's Castle (various animals) {YA}

Nipote, Collodi (Paolo Lorenzini)
The Pinocchio Series [only wrote one] (puppet, various sea animals) {IR}
5. The Heart of Pinocchio: New Adventures of the Celebrated Little Puppet

Nirgad, Lia
As High as the Scooter Can Fly (panthers, others) {A}

Niven, Larry
The Man-Kzin Wars Series [most stories not written by Niven, but he gets title credit] (catmorphs) {A}
1. Man-Kzin Wars
2. Man-Kzin Wars II
3. Man-Kzin Wars III
4. Man-Kzin Wars IV
5. Man-Kzin Wars V
6. Man-Kzin Wars VI
7. Man-Kzin Wars VII
8. Choosing Names: Man-Kzin Wars VIII
10. Man-Kzin Wars IX
11. Man-Kzin Wars X: The Wunder War
The Best of All Possible Wars: The Best of the Man-Kzin Wars
The Ringworld Series (catmorph) {A}
1. Ringworld
2. The Ringworld Engineers
3. The Ringword Throne
4. Ringworld's Children

Nix, Garth
The (?) Series (dog, cat) {YA}
1. Sabriel
2. Lirael
3. Abhorsen
4. The Creature in the Case

Nixon, Joan
Muffie Mouse and the Busy Birthday (mouse)

Noble-Ives, Sarah
The Story of Teddy the Bear (bear) {IR}

Noel, Maurice
Buz, or, The Life and Adventures of a Honey Bee (bees) {IR}

Nolan, Lucy
Down Girl and Sit: Smarter than Squirrels [No way. Squirrels are smarter :-P ] (dogs) {IR}

Nolen, Jerdine
The Max and Jax Series (crocodilemorphs) {IR}
1. Max and Jax in Second Grade
2. (unknown/not yet published)

Noonan, Michael
In the Land of the Talking Trees - A Fantasy (trees, various animals) {A}

Norman, Lisanne
The Sholan Alliance Series (catmorphs)
1. Turning Point
2. Fortune's Wheel
3. Fire Margins
4. Razor's Edge
5. Dark Nadir
6. Stronghold Rising
7. Between Darkness and Light

North, Eric
The Ant Men (ants) {A}

Norton, Andre
Breed to Come (catmorphs, ratmorphs, dogmorphs) {A}
Catseye (various animals) {A}
Dread Companion (faun) {A}
Fur Magic (beavers, eagles, others) {YA}
Iron Cage (bearmorphs) {A}
Key Out of Time [part of a series but this is the only furry volume] (dolphins) {A}
Plague Ship [as Andrew North] (various) {A}
Rogue Reynard (fox, others) {IR}
Steel Magic (fox, others?) {YA}
The Beastmaster Series (meerkats, horse, eagle, others) {A}
1. The Beast Master
2. Lord of Thunder
3. Beast Master’s Ark [with Lyn McConchie]
4. Beast Master’s Circus [with Lyn McConchie]
5. Beast Master's Quest [with Lyn McConchie]
The Catfantastic Series [editor, with Martin H. Greenberg] (cats and catmorphs) {A}
1. Catfantastic [AKA Fantastic Cat?]
2. Catfantastic II
3. Catfantastic III
4. Catfantastic IV
5. Catfantastic V
The Esper Series (cat) {YA}
1. The Zero Stone
2. Uncharted Stars
The Forerunner Series (wolverines) {A}
1. Storm Over Warlock
2. Ordeal in Otherwhere
3. Forerunner Foray
4. Forerunner
5. Forerunner: The Second Venture
The Halfblood Chronicles Series [with Mercedes Lackey] (dragons) {A}
1. Elvenbane
2. Elvenblood
3. Elvenborn
4. Elvenbred
The Janus Series (various animals) {YA}
1. Judgement on Janus
2. Victory on Janus
The Moonsinger Series (dog) {A} 1. Moon of Three Rings
2. Exiles of the Stars
3. Flight in Yiktor
4. Dare to Go A-Hunting
5. Brother to Shadows
The Sandcat Series (cat, others) {YA}
1. The Mark of the Cat
2. The Year of the Rat
The Star Ka’at Series [with Dorothy Madlee] (cats) {IR}
1. Star Ka'at
2. Star Ka'at World
3. Star Ka'ats and the Plant People
4. Star Ka'ats and the Winged Warriors

Norwood, Edwin P.
The Diggely Dan Series (various animals) {IR/A}
1. The Adventures of Diggeldy Dan
2. In the Land of Diggeldy Dan
3. The Friends of Diggeldy Dan

Nussbaum, Jay
Blue Road to Atlantis (fish) {A}

Nye, Jody Lynn
The Ship Errant [part of a series, but are the other volumes furry?] (frogs) {A}
The Myth Series [most recent volumes only, with Robert Asprin, these volumes also contain some cool anime-style illustrations, often of the nonhuman characters] (dragon, various other mythical animals and animalmorphs) {A}
13. Myth Told Tales
14. Myth Alliances
15. Myth-taken Idenity

Nygaard, Jacob Bech
Tobias, the Magic Mouse (mice) {IR}


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