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Scans of out of print and/or rare titles


Faber, Michel
Under the Skin: A Novel (some sort of animalmorph...) {A}

Famous, Howard B. (Samuel E. Lowe)
[This author wrote many furry books, but Iím not sure if they are a series.]
Father Bear and Baby Bear (bears) {IR}
Hazel Squirrel and Other Stories (squirrels) {IR}
Father Bear and Bobby Bear (bears) {IR}
Bobby Bear and Other Stories (bears) {IR}
The Adventures of Bunny Boy (rabbits) {IR}
Happy Bunny and Other Stories (rabbits) {IR}
Wise Mr. Turtle (turtle) {IR}
Famous Tommy Turtle (turtle) {IR}
Tommy Turtle and Other Stories (turtle) {IR}
Bushy-Tail and Hazel Squirrel (squirrel) {IR}
Marigold's Pony (mule, pony) {IR}
My Dog Rover [is this furry?] {IR}
Famous Rover and Other Stories [is this furry?] {IR}
Baby Pony and Other Stories [is this furry?] {IR}

Fan, Nancy Yi
The Sword Series (various birds) {IR}
1. Sword Quest
2. Swordbird

Faralla, Dana
The Singing Cupboard (mouse) {IR}

Farjean, Eleanor
Jim at the Corner [not all stories] (various fishes, stars, planets, sea serpent) {IR}

Farmer, Nancy
The Warm Place (giraffe, others) {YA}

Farmer, Philip Jose
The Stone God Awakens (various animalmorphs) {A}

Farnsworth, Frances Joyce
Mr Possum Visits The Zoo, And Other Nature Stories (possum, kangaroo, others) {IR}
Tike and Tiny in the Tetons (bears) {IR}
Mrs. Hummingbird's Double and Other Nature Stories (hummingbird, others) {IR}
Baby Hippo's Jungle Journey (hippo) {IR}
The Cubby Series (bears) {IR}
1. Cubby in Wonderland
2. Cubby Returns (AKA Cubby Returns to Yellowstone)

Farrington, S. Kip
Bill, the Broadbill Swordfish (swordfishes, others) {IR}

Farrow, G.E.
The Cinematograph Train (griffon, others) {IR/A}
The Dwindleberry Zoo (various animals) {IR/A}
The Escape of the Mullingong (various animals) {IR/A}
The Missing Prince (crab, oysters, whale, others) {IR/A}
The Panjandrum Series (dodo) {IR/A}
1. The Little Panjandrum's Dodo
2. The New Panjandrum
The Wallypug Series [not complete, in order as far as I can tell] (various animals) {IR/A}
1. The Wallypug of Why
Adventures in Wallypug-Land
The Wallypug in London
In Search of the Wallypug
10. Professor Philanderpan
11. The Wallypug in Fog-Land
The Wallypug Birthday Book
The Wallypug in the Moon: Or, His Badjesty

Farthing, Allison
The Mystical Beast (dragon) {IR}

Faustina, Helen
Read My Autobiography: I am the Great Pedro, the Wisest Dog in the World (dog) {IR}

Favors, Jean M.
My Soul to Keep (cat) {YA}

Fawcett, Bill
Lord of Cragsclaw [#1 in Guardians of the Three Series, with Neil Randall] {A}
Cats in Space and Other Places [editor] (cats and catmorphs) {A}
The Fleet Series [editor, with David Drake] (various animalmorphs) {A}
1. The Fleet
2. Counter Attack
3. Breakthrough
4. Sworn Allies
5. Total War
6. Crisis

Feagles, Anita
Casey, the Utterly Impossible Horse (horse) {IR}

Feinman, Myke
The Teddy Bear Conspiracies (teddy bears) {A}

Felice, Cynthia
Godsfire (catmorphs) {A}

Ferber, Jeannie
The Tails of Quince & Flute in Semer Wood (cats) {IR/A?}

Ferlosio, Rafael Sanchez
The Adventures of Ingenious Alfanhui (puppet) {A}

Fernald, Helen M.
Biscuits for Bunter: A Dog's Diary (dog) {A}

Fforde, Jasper
The Nursery Crimes Series (various animals) {A}
1. The Big Over Easy
2. The Fourth Bear

Fiedler, Lisa
The Sabrina Series [only wrote one in series] (cat) {YA}
43. Know-It-All

Field, Eugene
A Little Book of Profitable Tales [not all stories furry] (various animals and plants) {IR}

Field, Ellen Robena
Buttercup Gold (seasons, weather, plants, various animals) {IR}

Field, Rachel
Little Dog Toby (dogs) {IR}
Hitty: Her First Hundred Years (dolls) {IR}

Fielding, Jane
The Furry Folk Series [not in order and possibly not complete, this series is apparently adapted by Fielding and is based on several original works, none of which appear to be furry in the slightest. The authors of these books vary depending which title it is, authors listed include Violet Hunt, Harry Perry Robinson, G.E Mitton, Thomas Charles Bridges, and John Coulron Tregarthen. But do any of these original tales have any furry elements?] (various animals) {IR}
1. Master Reynard, The History of a Fox
2. Bear Brownie the Life of a Bear
3. Scamp, a Dog's Own Story
4. Wee Willie Mousie, Life From His Own Viewpoint
5. Jackie Hightree Ė Adventures of a Squirrel
6. Kitty Purr Puss

Fields, Terri
Bug Off! (beetle) {IR}

Figler, Jeanie
Majestic Blue Horses (horses) {IR}

Findlay, Jamieson
The Blue Roan Child (horses) {YA}

Fine, Anne
Notso Hotso (dog) {IR}
The Killer Cat Series (cat) {IR}
1. The Diary of a Killer Cat
2. The Return of the Killer Cat

Finegan, Kate
Sunshine the Magician's Rabbit (rabbit) {IR}

Finney, Patricia
The Jack Series (dogs) {IR}
1. I, Jack
2. Jack and Rebel, the Police Dog

Firmin, Peter
Magic Mash (sentient pile of mashed potatoes - yummy!) {IR}
The Country Rat Series (rat) {IR}
1. The Winter Diary of a Country Rat
2. The Midsummer Notebook of a Country Rat

Fisher, M.K.F.
The Boss Dog (dog) {A}

Fisher, R.L.
The Prince of Whales (whales, other marine life) {A}

Fjell, Ingemor
Jack Fox, Licensed Detective (fox, others) {IR}

Flack, Marjorie
Walter the Lazy Mouse (mousemorph) {IR}

Flaherty, Norma
Bo, the Puppy with Diabetes (dogs) {IR}

Flanagan, A.
Duke: The Autobiography of a Dog. A Prize Story of Massachusetts (dog) {IR}

Fleming, Gherbod
Predator and Prey: Werewolf [part of a series, but to the best of my knowledge this and the one following it are the only furry ones, which both tie in with the Tribe Novels Series] (wolfmorph) {A}
Predator and Prey: Jury [ties in with the previous novel] (wolfmorph) {A}
The Tribe Novels Series (wolfmorphs) {A}
1. Shadowlords and Get of Fenris [with Eric Griffin]
2. Silent Striders and Black Furies [with Carl Bowen]

Fletcher, David
The Village of Hidden Wishes (dolls turned human and humans turned dolls) {IR}

Fletcher, Susan
The Dragon Chronicles series (dragons) {YA}
1. Dragon's Milk
2. Flight of the Dragon Kyn
3. Sign of the Dove

Flint, Eric
The Rats and Bats Series [with Dave Freer] (rats, bats) {A}
1. Rats, Bats and Vats
2. The Rats, the Bats and the Ugly

Flint, James
Habitus (dog) {A}

Flory, Jane
The Lost and Found Princess (cat, dragon) {IR}

Floyd, Grace C.
Merry Times With Louis Wain, Stories in Prose and Verse [with Dorothy Black, Norman Gale, among others] (cats, others) {IR}

Flynn, Mary
Cornelius, Rabbit of Tang (rabbitmorphs) {IR}

Fogler, Doris
Rusty Pete of the Lazy A B [with Nina Nicol] (horses) {IR}

Foley, Louise Munro
The Vampire Cat Series (cat) {IR}
1. My Substitute Teacher's Gone Batty
2. The Bird-Brained Fiasco
3. The Phoney-Baloney Professor
4. The Catnap Cat-Astrophe

Follen, Eliza Lee
The Story of the Objects Series (wig, gun, other objects) {IR}
1. The Talkative Wig
2. Who Spoke Next
The Story of the Garret Objects Series (pitcher, tongs, gown, crutches) {IR}
1. The Old Garret, Part First
2. The Old Garret, Part Second
3. The Old Garret, Part Third

Foote, John Taintor
Dumb-Bell of Brookfield, Pocono Shot, and Other Great Dog Stories [story "Trub's Diary"] (dogs) {A}

Foote, Timothy
The Great Ringtail Garbage Caper (raccoons) {IR}

Ford, Ford Madox
Brown Owl (owl) {IR}

Ford, Richard
The Faradawn Trilogy Series (various animals) {A}
1. Quest for the Faradawn
2. Melvaig's Vision
3. Children of Ashgaroth

Forester, C. S.
Poo-Poo and the Dragons (dragons) {IR}

Forrester, John
The Bestiary Trilogy Series (lynxmorph, others) {YA}
1. Bestiary Mountain
2. The Secret of the Round Beast
3. The Forbidden Beast

Forst, S.
Pipkin (insects) {IR}

Forstchen, William R.
Catseye [#3 in Shattered Light series, written with Jaki Demerest] (catmorphs) {A}
The Wing Commander series [wrote some books with coauthors] (catmorphs) {A}
1. Heart of the Tiger [with Andrew Keith]
2. Fleet Action
3. The Price of Freedom [with Ben Ohlander]
4. Action Stations: A Wing Commander Novel
5. False Colors [with Andrew Keith]

Fort, John
June the Tiger (dogs, bear) {IR}

Forward, Eve
Animist (rat, others) {A}

Fosburgh, Liza
Bella Arabella (cats) {IR}

Foster, Alan Dean
Kingdom of Light (catmorphs, dogmorph, others) {A}
Quozl (rabbitmorphs) {A}
Cat-a-Lyst [is this furry?] (cats) {A}
Cachelot (whales, dolphins) {A}
Star Trek: Log Ten (catmorphs) {A}
Voyage of the Bassat [Written with Renwick St. James. A series was later based on this novel, but this is not part of it and stands completely alone] (various creatures) {IR}
The Damned Series (wolfmorphs[?], reptilemorphs[?]) {A}
1. Call to Arms
2. The False Mirror
3. The Spoils of War
The Icerigger Series (catmorphs)
1. Icerigger
2. Mission to Moulokin
3. The Deluge Drivers
The Spellsinger Series (many animalmorphs) {A}
1. Spellsinger
2. The Hour of the Gate
3. The Day of the Dissonance
4. The Moment of the Magican
5. The Path of the Perambulater
6. The Time of the Transference
7. Son of Spellsinger
8. Chorus Skating
The Journeys of the Catechist Series (various animals) {A}
1. Carnivores of Light and Darkness
2. Into the Thinking Kingdoms
3. A Triumph of Souls
The Dinotopia Series [only wrote some] (dinosaurs) {A}
7. Dinotopia Lost
15. The Hand of Dinotopia

Foster, Elizabeth
The Gigi Series (carousel horse, rat) {IR}
1. Gigi: The Story of a Merry-Go-Round Horse
2. Gigi in America: The Further Adventures of a Merry-Go-Round Horse

Foster, Hal
The Minksí Cry (wolf, seal, raven, others) {YA/A}

Foster, John
Marco and the Tiger (tiger) {IR}

Foster, Lori
The Truth About Cats and Dogs [don't you just hate it when furry books become unfurry movies? Anyway, Foster wrote this with Kristine Rolofson and Caroline Burnes.] (cats, dogs) {A}

Foulke, Elizabeth E.
Twilight Stories [not all stories furry] (toad, others) {IR}

Fox, Frances Margaret
The Adventures of Blackberry Bear [part of the series below?] (bearmorph] {IR}
The Little Bear Series [No relation to the later picture book series] (bearmorphs) {IR}
1. Doings of Little Bear
2. Adventures of Sonny Bear
3. Little Bear at Work and Play
4. Little Bear and His Friends
5. Little Bear's Playtime
6. Little Bear's Adventures
7. Little Bear's Laughing Times
8. Little Bear's Ups and Downs
9. Little Bear's In and Outs
10. Little Bear's Book

Fox, Paula
Dear Prosper (dog) {IR}
The Little Swineherd and Other Tales (rooster, pony, alligator, raccoon) {IR}

Frame, Janet
Mona Minim and the Smell of the Sun (ants) {IR}

France, Anatole
Penguin Island (penguinmorphs) {A}

Francis, A.D.
The Wishbone Mysteries Series [only wrote some books in series] (dog) {IR}
(?) To Sniff a Theif [the cover says "# 1" but it is NOT the first in the series. No copyright date is given so I donít know where in the series this title goes. Can anyone help?]

Franko, Ivan
Fox Mykyta (fox, rabbit, lion, others) {IR}

Fraser, William Alexander
The Outcasts (wolf-dog, buffalo) {A}

Frazetta, Frank
Small Wonders: The Funny Animal Art of Frank Frazetta (various morphs) {A}

Freddi, Cris
Pork and Others [aka Pork?] (hedgehogs, others) {A}

Frederick, Heather Vogel
The Spy Mice Series (mice, rats) {IR}
1. The Black Paw
2. For Your Paws Only

Freedman, Donna
Foxy's Tale [with Ed White] (dog) {IR}

Freeman, Barbara C.
Broom-Adelaide (fox) {YA}

Freeman, Kathie
Catwalk (cat) {A}

Freeman, Leila
The Nip and Tuck Series [#2 is definitely anthropomorphic (sentient toys) but I'm not sure about #1] {IR}
1. Nip and Tuck
2. Nip and Tuck in Toyland

Freeman, Lorna
The Borderlands Series (cougarmorph, others) {A}
1. Covenants
2. The Kingís Own

Freer, Dave
The Rats and Bats Series [with Eric Flint] (rats, bats) {A}
1. Rats, Bats and Vats
2. The Rats, the Bats and the Ugly

Frees, Harry Whittier
[Many (but not all) of these are picture books, but are listed because of their incredible - and very, very cute - "furry" photos of animals dressed up and playing human roles]
Snuggles {IR}
The Animal Mother Goose, with Characters Photographed From Life {IR}
Four Little Bunnies {IR}
Four Little Puppies {IR}
Toodles and Her Friends {IR}
More About the Four Little Kittens {IR}
The Little Kittens' Nursery Rhymes {IR}
The Animal Land Series (cats, others) {IR}
1. The Little Folks of Animal Land
2. Animal Land on the Air
The Sandman Series (various animals) {IR}
1. The Sandman: His Puppy Stories
2. The Sandman: His Kittycat Stories
3. The Sandman: His Bunny Stories

Fremlin, Robert
Three Friends (cat, pig, squirrel) {IR}

French, Vivian
The Hedgehogs Series (hedgehogs, fox, others) {IR}
1. Hedgehogs Don't Eat Hamburgers
2. The Hedgehogs and the Big Bag

Friedman, Michael J.
The Wishbone Mysteries Series [only wrote some books in series] (dog) {IR}
5. The Stolen Trophy
16. The Sirian Conspiracy

Freimark, Lewis
The Hedgehog Wars {IR}

Friebe, A. Frances
The Nomad of the Nine Lives (cat) {A}

Fried, Dennis
Memoirs of a Papillon: The Canine Guide to Living with Humans without Going Mad (dog) {A}

Friedman, Tracy
The Henriette Series (doll) {IR}
1. Henriette: The Story of a Doll
2. The Orphan and the Doll

Friesner, Esther M.
E. Godz [with Robert Asprin] (teddy bear) {A}
Wishing Season (cat) {YA}
The Majyk Series (cat) {YA}
1. Majyk By Accident
2. Majyk by Hook or Crook
3. Majyk by Design

Fromke, De Verne
The Bees Series [only wrote one] (bees) {IR}
2. Another Hive of Bees [AKA Another Hive of Busy Bees?]

Fromm, Lilo
Muffel and Plums (lionmorph, rabbitmorph) {IR}

Frost, Frances
Little Fox (foxes) {IR}

Frost, Gregory
Lyrec (cats) {A}

Frost, Lesley
The Stories Series (giraffe, dog) {IR}
1. Not Really! [aka Really Not Really? Or are these two indeed separate books?]
2. Digging Down to China

Frost, Robert
Stories for Lesley [most furry] (various animals) {IR}

Fry, Michael
The Over the Hedge Series (raccoons, turtles, squirrel, others) {A}
1. Over The Hedge
2. Over The Hedge 2
3. Knights of the Picnic Table
4. Stuffed Animals

Fry, Rosalie K.
Cinderella's Mouse and Other Fairy Tales [I'd guess not all stories] (mouse, others?) {IR}
Mungo (sea monster) {IR}
The Wind Call (birds, voles) {IR}
The Pipkin Series (wood mouse, others) {IR}
1. Pipkin the Woodmouse
2. Pipkin Sees the World

Fryer, Alfred C.
Toots: the Autobiography of a Persian Cat {IR}

Fryer, Jane Eayre
The Mary Frances Series [somewhat in order] (more anthropomorphic objects than you can shake Aunty Rolling Pin at!) {IR}
1. The Mary Frances Cook Book: Or, Adventures Among the Kitchen People
2. The Mary Frances Sewing Book: Or, Adventures Among the Thimble People
3. The Mary Frances Knitting and Crocheting Book: Or, Adventures Among the Knitting People
4. Mary Frances Housekeeper: Or, Adventures Among the Doll People
5. The Mary Frances First Aid Book
6. The Mary Frances Garden Book: Or, Adventures Among the Garden People
7. The Mary Frances Story Book: Or, Adventures Among the Story People

Fuller, Christopher
Tiger's Woods and the Golf Course Rabbits (foxes, rabbits, others) {YA/A}

Fuller, Thomas E.
The Wishbone Mysteries Series [written with Brad Strickland, they only wrote some books in series] (dog) {IR}
1. The Treasure of Skeleton Reef
3. The Riddle of the Wayward Books
7. Drive-in of Doom
10. The Disappearing Dinosaurs
14. Disoriented Express

Funke, Cornelia
Dragon Rider (dragons, rats, catmorph) {YA}

Fyleman, Rose
Adventures with Benghazi (cat, others) {IR}
The Rainbow Cat and Other Stories (cat, others?) {IR}
Round the Mulberry Bush [edited by Rose Fyleman, not all stories] (various animals) {IR}
The Forty Tales Series [not all stories, I'd guess] (various animals) {IR}
1. Forty Good-Night Tales
2. Forty Good-Morning Tales


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