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Scans of out of print and/or rare titles


Sabri, Shirin
The Pinkelhoffer Mice (mice) {IR}

Sachs, Marilyn
The Bear's House (bears) {YA}

Sacks, Martha
Menopaws: The Silent Meow (cat) {A}

Sadler, Marie
The Mama's Angel Child Series [Iím positive #2 is furry, unsure of the first however] (various toys) {IR}
1. Mama's Angel Child
2. Mamma's Angel Child in Toyland (various toys) {IR}

Sagara, Mike
Tank Vixens Remix [with Paul Kidd] (foxmorphs) {A}

Said, S.F.
Varjak Paw (cats) {YA}

Saintsbury, Dana
The Squirrel That Remembered (squirrels) {IR}

Sakai, Stan
The Usagi Yojimbo Series (rabbitmorph, others) {A}
1. The Ronin
2. Samurai
3. The Wanderer's Road
4. The Dragon Bellow Conspiracy
5. Lone Goat and Kid
6. Circles
7. Gen's Story
8. Shades of Death
9. Daisho
10. Brink of Life and Death
11. Seasons
12. Grasscutter
13. Grey Shadows
14. Demon Mask
15. Grasscutter II: Journey to Atsuta Shrine
16. The Shrouded Moon
17. Duel at Kitanoji
18. Travels With Jotaro
Space Usagi

Saki (Hector H. Munro)
The Happy Cat: Beasts, Super-Beasts, and Monsters [not all stories furry] (cat, others) {A}
The Westminster Alice (various animals) {A}

Sakowski, Vincent W.
Some Things Are Better Left Unplugged (penguin) {A}

Salsitz, Rhondi A. Vilott
The Dragons Series (dragons) {A}
1. Where Dragons Lie
2. Where Dragons Rule
3. Night of Dragons

Salten, Felix [Siegmund Salzmann]
Fifteen Rabbits (rabbits) {A}
Perri (squirrels) {A}
A Forest World (deer) {A}
Florian: The Emperor's Stallion [is this furry?] (horses) {A}
Djibi (cats) {IR}
The City Jungle [is this furry?] (zoo animals)
Renni the Rescuer (dogs) {A}
The Bambi Series (deer, others) {A}
1. Bambi
2. Bambi's Children

Salter, Rita
The Wishing Star (dinosaurs) {IR}

Salton, Catherine
Raphael and the Noble Task (gargoyles, dog, others) {A}

Salvatore, R.A.
The Cleric Quintet Series (dog-imp, dragon, squirrel) {A}
1. Canticle
2. In Sylvan Shadows
3. Night Masks
4. The Fallen Fortress
5. The Chaos Curse

Samek, Stefanie
Purring in the Light: Near Death Experiences of Cats (cats) {A}
A Cat's Christmas (cats) {A}

Samis, Robert E.Lowery
The Bird Footrace in Follies (many birds) {IR}

Sampson, Fay
The Pangur Ban Series (cat) {YA}
1. Pangur Ban, the White Cat
2. Finnglas of the Horses
3. Finnglas and the Stones of Choosing
4. Shape Shifter Ė The Naming of Pangur Ban
5. The Serpent of Senargad
6. The White Horse Is Running

Sanchez-Silva, Jose
The Boy And The Whale (whale) {IR}

Sander, Sonia
Care Bears Storybook Treasury [with J. E. Bright, Frances Ann Ladd, Quinlan B. Lee and Nancy Parent] (bearmorphs, others) {IR}

Sanford, Mrs. D. P.
Pussy Tip-Toes' Family (cats - at least in the first half of the book; after which these characters are totally dropped, for some reason) {IR}

Saper, Lee
The Tales of Tranquility [with Brian Lee] (mole) {IR/YA}

Sargent, Robert E.
Ten Fairy Tales [possibly not all stories are furry] (dragon, sheep, fox, goose) {IR}

Make-Believe Stories [story "The Lost Shoe"] (teddy bears, horse) {IR}

Sarnoff, Lolo
Dara: Autobiography of a Chesapeake Bay Retriever (dog) {A}

Sarrantonio, Al
The Mars Series (catmorphs) {A}
1. Haydn of Mars
2. Sebastian of Mars
3. Queen of Mars

Sarton, May
The Fur Person (cats) {A}

Sathre, Vivian
The Wishbone Mysteries Series [only wrote some books in series] (dog) {IR}
15. Stage Invader

Saul, John
Creature (animalized humans?) {A}

Saunders, Marshall
Beautiful Joe Series (dog) {IR}
1. Beautiful Joe
2. Beautiful Joe's Paradise

Saunders, Phyllis
Within the Magic Gateways (lamb, pegasus, griffin) {IR/A}

Saunders, Susan
The All-American Puppies Series (dogs) {IR}
1. New Pup on the Block
2. On the Scent of Trouble
3. Camp Barkalot
4. Uptown Poodle, Downtown Pups
5. Puppysaurus
6. The Bake-Off Burglar
The Bad News Bunny Series (rabbit) {IR}
1. Third Prize Suprise
2. Back to Nature
3. Stop the Presses!
4. Who's Got a Secret
5. Caught in the Act
6. Narrow Escape

Saunders, Virginia
Tykie Toy Tales (toy bear and bunny) {IR}

Sautel, Anne
The Wombat Smith Series (wombat, others) {IR}
1. Wombat Takes on Tasmania
2. Beijing Breakaway!

Savage, Sam
Firmin: Adventures of a Metropolitan Lowlife (rat) {A}

Sawyer, Robert J.
The Quintaglio Ascension Series (dinosaurmorphs) {A}
1. Far Seer
2. Fossil Hunter
3. Foreigner

Sawyer, Ruth
The Year of the Christmas Dragon (dragon) {IR}

Sayers, Frances Clarke
Mr. Tidy Paws (cat) {IR}

Scarborough, Elizabeth Ann
Scarborough Fair and Other Stories [not all stories] (cats) {A}
The Unicorn Creed (unicorn) {A}
The Acorna Series [with Anne McCaffrey] (unicornmorph, cat, cat shapeshifter) {A}
1. Acorna: The Unicorn Girl
2. Acorna's Quest
3. Acorna's People
4. Acorna's World
5. Acorna's Search
6. Acorna's Rebels
7. Acorna's Trimuph
The Unicorn Girl [short story collection, contains stories by other authors]
The Acorna's Children Series [with Anne McCaffrey] (unicornmorph, cat) {A}
1. First Warning
The Godmother Series (cat, others) {A}
1. The Godmother
2. The Godmother's Apprentice
The Power Series [with Anne McCaffrey] (cat, sentient planet) {A}
1. Powers That Be
2. Power Lines
3. Power Play

Scarry, Patricia M.
The Jeremy Mouse Book (mouse, others) {IR}
The Story Book of River Bend (bear, pig, others) {IR}

Scarry, Richard
The Adventures of Tinker and Tanker (rabbitmorph, hippomorph) {IR}
Richard Scarry's Best Stories Ever [unsure how many he actually wrote, and which he just edited/compiled, also unsure if all stories are furry] (various animals) {IR}

Schade, Susan
The Fog Mound Series (chipmunk, porcupine, bear, others) {IR}
1. Travels of Thelonious
2. Faradawn

Schaeffer, Susan Fromberg
The Autobiography of Foudini M. Cat (cats, dog) {A}
The Four Hoods and the Great Dog [Foudini and Sam as aliens? Despite the same characters, not prequel/sequel to Autobiography] (cat, dog) {IR}
The Dragons of North Chittendon (dragons) {YA}

Schaffner, Val
Algonquin Cat (cats) {A}

Scharf, Emily Ellen
Charm of the Shadows; an Autobiography of a Show Horse (horse) {A}

Scheffler, Ursel
Rinaldo on the Run (foxmorphs, duckmorph) {IR}

Schliff, Robert L.
Descent (foxmorphs) {A}

Schmidt, Annie M.G.
Minnie [cats, and an sweet, charming catmorph oddly reminiscent of my own character, Katherine] {YA}

Schmidt, Dennis
The {?} Series (bearmorphs, catmorphs, others) {A}
1, Labyrinth
2. City of Crystal Shadow
3. Dark Paradise

Schmidt, Stanley
Tweedlioop (squirrel) {A}

Schmitz, Anthony
Darkest Desire: The Wolf's Own Tale (wolf) {Most defiently A...}

Schmitz, James H.
The Telzey Amberdon Series [I'm positive the first is furry...I'm doubtful as to the others in the series, though, but I'm listing them just in case] (cats) {A}
1. The Universe Against Her
2. The Lion Game
3. The Telzey Toy

Schneider, Cindy Bohannon
Shanti the Acrobat (cats) {IR}

Schnittkind, Henry T.
Alice and the Stork [part of Alice series?] (various animals) {IR?/A?}

Schofield, Brent R.
The Germ Series (cats) {IR}
1. What the Cat Knows
2. Hairballs and Sticky Things

Scholes, Katherine
The Landing: A Night of Birds (birds) {IR}

Schreiber, Ellen
Teenage Mermaid (mermaid) {YA}

Schroeder, Erwin
Me and Erwin (frog) {IR}

Schroeder, Nan
The Adventures of Long Tail (squirrels, cats) {IR}

Schuler, Th.
Ups and Downs of a Donkey's Life (donkey) {IR}

Schulz, Charles
The Complete Peanuts Series (dog) {A}
1. The Complete Peanuts: 1950 to 1952
2. (not yet published)

Schwabauer, Daniel
Runt the Brave (mice, rats) {IR}

Schwed, Antonia Holding
Noah and Me (various animals) {A}

Scott, Dixon
The Wind in the Willows Series (only wrote one) (various animals) {YA}
3. A Fresh Wind in the Willows

Scott, Lydia
Whitie - The Bunny Whose Wish Came True (rabbitmorphs) {IR}

Scovell, Nell
The Sabrina Series [only wrote some in series] (cat) {YA}
24. Scarabian Nights [with Nancy Holder]
37. Witch Way Did She Go? [with Paul Ruditis]

Scoville, Samuel
The Wild Folk Series (various animals) {IR}
1. Wild Folk
2. More Wild Folk

Scudder, Horace
Stories from My Attic (various animals) {IR}

Scyoc, Sydney J. Van
Drowntide (mermaids, various animals) {A}

Searls, Hank
Sounding (whales) {A}

Sedgwick, Modwena
The Jan Perry Series (mouse, others) {IR}
1. Jan Perry Stories
2. New Jan Perry Stories

Seeman, Elizabeth
The Talking Dog and the Barking Man (dog) {IR}

Segriff, Larry
The Cat Crimes Series [editor, with Martin H. Greenberg and Ed Gorman. Books are not in order and only a small portion of the stories are furry - but the furry stories are great] {A}
1. Cat Crimes
2. Cat Crimes Through Time
3. Cat Crimes for the Holidays
4. Cat Crimes 2
5. Cat Crimes 3
6. Danger in D.C.
7. Feline and Famous
8. A Treasury of Cat Mysteries
9. Cat Crimes Takes a Vacation
10. Murder Most Feline: Cunning Tales of Cats and Crime

Segur, Madame De [Sophie Segur]
Memoirs of a Donkey [aka Wise Little Donkey, Story of a Donkey] (donkey) {IR}

Seidler, Tor
The Wainscott Weasel (weasels, frog, fish, others) {IR}
Mean Margaret (woodchucks, others) {IR}
The Tar Pit [is this furry?] (dinosaur) {IR}
Toes (cat, mice) {YA}
The Rat Series (rats, others) {IR}
1. A Rat's Tale
2. The Revenge of Randall Reese-Rat

Seldon, George
The Garden Under the Sea [aka Oscar Lobsterís Fair Exchange] (crab, fish, others) {IR}
The Dog Who Could Swim Underwater (dogs) {IR}
Irma and Jerry (cat, dog) {YA}
The Chester Cricket Series (cricket, mouse, cat, others) {IR}
1. The Cricket in Times Square
2. Tucker's Countryside
3. Harry Cat's Pet Puppy
4. Chester Cricket's Pigeon Ride
5. Harry Kitten and Tucker Mouse (a prequel to "Cricket" but the fifth in the series)
6. Chester Cricket's New Home
7. The Old Meadow

Self, Will
Great Apes (chimps) {A}

Sendak, Jack
The Second Witch (bear) {IR}

Sendak, Maurice
Higglety Pigglety Pop! Or, There Must Be More to Life (dog) }{IR}

Senn, Steve
Circle in the Sea (dolphins) {YA}
The Spacebread Series (catmorphs, others) {YA}
1. Spacebread
2. Born of Flame

Senour, Caro
Master St. Elmo: The Autobiography of a Celebrated Dog - A True Story (dog) {IR}

Sepulveda, Luis
Story Of The Seagull And The Cat Who Taught Her To Fly (cat, gulls) {IR}

Seredy, Kate
Lazy Tinka (various animals) {IR}

Serl, Emma
Johnny And Jenny Rabbit (rabbitmorphs) {IR}
The Doings Series (catmorphs, bearmorphs, squirrelmorphs, others) {IR}
1. Work-A-Day Doings
2. Work-a-day Doings on the Farm
3. Everyday Doings at Home
4. Everyday Doings in Healthville
The Rabbitville Series (rabbitmorphs) {IR}
1. In Rabbitville
2. What They Say In Rabbitville

Service, Pamela F.
Stinker From Space (alien skunk) {IR}
Weirdos of the Universe, Unite! (dragon, coyote) {IR}

Seton, Ernest Thompson
Woodmyth and Fable (various animals) {IR/A}
Wild Animals I Have Known [story "Raggylug"] (rabbits) {A}
Bannertail (squirrels) {A}

Sewell, Anna
Black Beauty (horses) {IR}

Sewtt, Sophie
The Wonder-Ship (girl made of rubber, mermaids, bear[?]) {IR}

Seymour, Calvin
Stuffy the Hedgehog [with Lena Seymour] (hedgehogs) {IR}

Seymour, Lena
Stuffy the Hedgehog [with Calvin Seymour] (hedgehogs) {IR}

Shachtman, Tom
The Ocean Series (sea lion, others) {YA}
1. Beachmaster
2. Wavebender
3. Driftwhistler

Shalant, Phyllis
Bartleby of the Mighty Mississippi (turtle, alligator) {IR}

Sharmat, Marjorie Weinman
Walter the Wolf (wolfmorph) {IR}

Sharp, Evelyn
The Story of the Weathercock (weathercock, perhaps others?) {IR}

Sharp, Margery
The Rescuers Series (mice, others) {IR}
1. The Rescuers
2. Miss Bianca
3. The Turrent
4. Miss Bianca in the Salt Mines
5. Miss Bianca in the Orient
6. Miss Bianca in the Antarctic
7. Miss Bianca and the Bridesmaid
8. Bernard the Brave
9. Benard Into Battle

Shaw, Frederick L.
Envoy to the Dog Star (dog) {A}

Shaw, Janet R.
The Ambersand Castle Trilogy Series (cat) {YA/A}
1. Well-Kept Secrets
2. (not yet published)

Shecter, Ben
The River Witches (dog, others) {YA}
Molly Patch and her Animal Friends (various animals) {IR}
Stone House Stories (owl, chicken, rabbit, others) {IR}

Sheedy, Alexandra E.
She Was Nice to Mice: The Other Side of Elizabeth Iís Character Never Before Revealed by Previous Historians (mice) {IR}

Sheldon, Dyan
The Harry Series (alien cat) {IR}
1. Harry and Chicken
2. Harry the Explorer

Shelton, Lee
The Little Thomas Adventures (dragons) {IR?}

Shepard, Ernest
Ben and Brock (badger) {IR}

Sherman, James Woodward
The Captain of the Clothespins (anthropomorphic kitchen utensils and objects) {IR}
The Gay Kitchen (many kitchen tools, objects and appliances) {IR}

Sherman, Josepha
The Secret of the Unicorn Queen Series [only wrote one] (unicorns) {YA}
1. Swept Away

Sherrill, Dorothy
The Story of Roly and Poly, the Santa Claus Bears [AKA Santa Claus Bears] (bears) {IR}
The Story of a Little Yellow Dog and a Little White Bear (bear, dog) {IR}
The Story of a Little Gray Mouse (mice) {IR}

Sherrill, Steven
The Minotaur Takes a Cigarette Break (bullmorph) {A}

Sherwood, E. Hugh
Bobbie Bubbles [with Maud Gridley Budlong] (sentient comet) {IR}
The Chummie, Chuck and Coonie Series [only wrote some] (woodchuck, raccoon, others) {IR}
1. Chummy Chuck and Coonie
2. Chuck and Coonie Seeking Honey
3. Chuck and Coonie Caught in the Corn

Shetterly, Will
Chimera (leopardmorph, others) {A}
Thor's Hammer [#4 in Voyage of the Basset Series] (various animals) {IR}

Shipton, Paul
The Mighty Skink (monkeys) {YA}
The Pig Scrolls (pig) {YA}
The Bug Muldoon Series (insectmorphs) {IR}
1. Bug Muldoon: The Garden of Fear
2. Bug Muldoon and the Killer in the Rain

Shire, Poppy
The Magic Pony Carousel Series (ponies) {IR}
1. Sparkle the Circus Pony
2. Brightheart the Knight's Pony

Shles, Larry
Scooter's Tail of Terror: A Fable of Addiction and Hope (squirrels) {IR}
The Squib Series (owls) {IR}
1. Moths and Mothers, Feathers and Fathers: A Story About a Tiny Owl Named Squib
2. Hugs and Shrugs: The Continuing Saga of a Tiny Owl Named Squib
3. Hoots and Toots and Hairy Brutes: The Continuing Adventures of Squib
4. Aliens in My Nest: Squib Meets the Teen Creature

Short, Mary Ann
A Friend Indeed (dog, others) {YA}

Shreeve, Elizabeth
The Hector Series (bugs) {IR}
1. Hector Springs Loose
2. Hector Finds a Fortune
3. Hector Afloat
4. Hector on Thin Ice

Shriner, Kimberly (May I mention this author is awesome? Everybody with a working brain and an open mind needs to read her web essay, "In Defense of Pokťmon" - EVERYBODY!)
The Oak Branch Woods Series (rabbit, squirrels) {A}
1. My Marissa: Home Again in Oak Branch Wood
2. Jaya and Mina: New Ground in Oak Branch Woods

Shulevitz, Uri
The Strange and Exciting Adventures of Jeremiah Hush (proboscis monkey) {IR}
What Is a Wise Bird like You Doing in a Silly Tale Like This? (bird) {IR}

Shura, Mary Francis
A Tale of Middle Length (mice) {YA}

Shwartz, Susan
Suppose They Gave a Peace and Other Stories [story "Critical Cats"] (cats) {A}

Siebe, Josephine
Kasperle's Adventures (puppet) {IR}

Siebert, Charles
Angus: A Memoir (dog) {A}

Silberberg, Alan
Pond Scum (various animals) {IR}

Silverberg, Robert
The Long Winter Series (monkeymorphs, insectmorphs) {A}
1. At Winter's End
2. The New Springtime

Silverstein, Shel
Lafcadio, The Lion Who Shot Back (lions) {IR}

Silverster, John
A Catland Companion [with Anne Mobbs, a collection of late 19th century furry art] (catmorphs) {A}

Sim, Dave
Cerebus (aardvarkmorph) {A}

Simak, Clifford D.
City (dogs) {A}
Mastodonia (catmorph, dogs) {A}
Strangers in the Universe (spiders, dogs) {A}

Simon, Francesca
Moo Baa Baa Quack: Seven Farmyard Stories (various animals) {IR}

Simpson, David
The Ozy and Millie Series (foxes, dragons) {A}
1. Ozy and Millie
2. Never Mind Pants
3. Ink and White Space
4. Authentic Banana Dye
5. Om

Sinclair, Tom
Tales of a Wandering Warthog (warthog) {IR}

Sindelar, Joseph C.
Father Thrift and His Animal Friends (bear, fox, rabbit, squirrel, others) {IR}
The Nixie Bunny Series (rabbitmorph) {IR}
1. Nixie Bunny in Manners-Land
2. Nixie Bunny in Workaday-Land
3. Nixie Bunny in Holiday-Land
4. Nixie Bunny in Faraway-Lands

Singer, Marilyn
The Circus Lunicus (lizards) {IR}
Charmed (rat, cat, snake goddess) {IR}
The Sam Spayed Series (dog) {IR}
1. The Fido Frame-Up
2. A Nose For Trouble
3. Where There's a Will, There's a Wag

Sittig, Mrs. Frank
The Bedtime Story Series [not in order and possibly not complete, most are furry] (various animals) {IR}
1. Teddy the Talking Cat and other Bedtime Stories
2. The Story of Bobby Squirrel and other Bedtime Stories
3. Good Night Stories
4. Fluffytail's Adventures and other Bedtime Stories
5. Tom, Dot and Talking Mouse; and other Bedtime Stories
6. Story of Danny Fox and other Bedtime Stories
7. Jessie and the Talking Pansies and other Bedtime Stories

Skillman, Penny
The Cats' Journal (cats) {A}

Skinner, Ada M.
A Child's Book Of Country Stories [with Eleanor L. Skinner, not all stories furry] (various animals and plants) {IR}

Skinner, Eleanor L.
A Child's Book Of Country Stories [with Ada M. Skinner, not all stories furry] (various animals and plants) {IR}

Skinner, Susan
Sparrows and Bouins (lemermorphs?) {IR}

Skipper, Mervyn
The Meeting-Pool: A Tale of Borneo (squirrel, jellyfish, others) {IR}

Slade, Michael
The Horses of Central Park (horses) {IR}

Slater, Jim
The Grasshopper Series (owl, others) {IR}
1. Grasshopper and the Unwise Owl
2. Grasshopper and the Poisoned River

Sleator, William
Into the Dream (dog) {IR}
Among the Dolls (dolls) {IR/YA}

Sleigh, Barbara
The Carbonel Series (cats) {YA}
1. Carbonel, the King of the Cats
2. The Kingdom of Carbonel
3. Carbonel and Calidor: Being the Further Adventures of a Royal Cat

Slobodkin, Louis
The Adventures of Arab (carousel horse) {IR}

Slonim, Elsie
Mousie Longtail: The Mouse Who Rose to Fame (mice) {IR?}

Smith, Abbie N.
Bobtail Dixie (dog) {A}

Smith, Agnes
An Edge of the Forest (sheep, leopards) {A}

Smith, Alison
Come Away Home (seamonster, dog) {IR}

Smith, Cordwainer
[These are a group of interconnected short story collections and a novel; they are all part of the same story but are not a true "series".] (catmorphs, dogmorphs)
The Instrumentality of Mankind
The Rediscovery of Man [aka The Best of Cordwainer Smith]
Quest of the Three Worlds

Smith, Dale
The Alice Series (apes, parrots, others)
1. What the Orangutan Told Alice
2. What the Parrot Told Alice

Smith, Dodie
The Dalmations Series (dogs, cat) {IR}
1. The Hundred and One Dalmations
2. The Starlight Barking

Smith, Dona
Tall Tails Series (dogs) {IR}
1. Wingin' It With the Wright Brothers
2. Cross-Country with Lewis and Clark

Smith, Emma
The Emily Series (guinea pig) {IR}
1. Emily
2. Emily's Voyage

Smith, Jeanne
7 Kitties and One [is this furry?] (cats) {IR}

Smith, Kathryn R.
King Murray's Royal Tail: The True Story of an Easter Bunny (rabbit) {IR}

Smith, Laura Rountree
Modern Fables (various animals) {IR}
Twinkle Toes and His Magic Mittens (cats) {IR}
Good Night Stories (various animals) {IR}
Fifty Funny Animal Tales (various animals) {IR}
The Gingerbread Boy [AKA The Gingerbread Boy and Joyful Jingle Play Stories?] (rabbits, bears, others) {IR}
The Bunny and Bear Series [somewhat in order, possibly not complete] (rabbits, bears) {IR}
1. The Tale of Bunny Cotton Tail
2. Two Little Rabbits
3. Bunny Bright Eyes
4. Three Little Cotton Tails
5. The Seventeen Little Bears
6. Bunny Cotton Tail Junior
7. Four Little Cotton-Tails
8. The Candy Shop Cotton-Tails
9. Bunny Boy and Grizzley Bear
10. Snubby Nose and Tippy Toes
11. Polite Bunny
12. Little Bear
13. The Circus Cotton-Tails
14. Mother Bunny and Her Flowers
15. Father Bunny and His Birds
16. The Cotton-Tails in Toyland
17. Runaway Bunny
18. Merry Little Cotton-Tails
19. The Cotton-Tail Primer
20. The Bunny and Bear Book
21. The Cotton-Tail First Reader
The Circus Stories Series (various animals) {IR}
1. The Circus Book, A Story Reader with Dramatizations
2. Comical Circus Stories
3. Circus Animals in Funland
The Curly Tail Series (dogmorphs) {IR}
1. Tale of Curly Tail
2. Jolly Polly and Curly Tail

Smith, Linell
Molly's Miracle (horses) {IR}

Smith, Mitchell
The Snowfall Trilogy Series (varied animalmorphs) {A}
1. Snowfall
2. Kingdom River
3. Moonrise

Smith, Neil L.
The (?) Series (monkeys, dolphins) {A}
1. The Probability Broach
2. The American Zone

Smith, Nick
The City of Nub Series (catmorphs) {A}
1. Milk Treading
2. The Kitty Killer Cult

Smith, Nora A.
The Story Hour [with Kate Douglas Wiggin, not all stories furry] (plants, raindrops] {IR}

Smith, Roland
The Captain's Dog (dog) {YA}

Smith, S. Sutton
Stories From Pussyland (catmorphs) {IR}

Smith, Sherwood
Journey to Otherwhere [#3 in Voyage of the Basset Series] (various animals) {IR}

Smith, Terrie
The Furkindred: Let Sleeping Gods Lie [with Dean A. Graf, Edd Vick, and Chuck Melville] (various morphs) {A}
The Little Paw Series [adult content Ė youíve been warned!] (various animalmorphs) {A}
1. Little Paw
2. Little Paw II

Smith, Thomas
Life of a Fox, Written by Himself (fox) {A}

Smith, W. Bryan
Buddy and the Jack (dogs) {A}

Smith, Wayne
Thor (dog) {A}

Smullyan, Robert
Alice in Puzzle Land [Not really part of the Alice series] (various animals) {IR/A}

Smythies, Miss
The History of a Pin, as Related by Itself: Interspersed With a Variety of Anecdotes, Pointing Out to the Youth of Both Sexes, the Superiority of a Generous Mind Over One That is Narrow and Uncultivated (pin) {IR}

Snyder, Midori
The Dinotopia Series [only wrote one] (dinosaurs) {IR? YA?}
5. Hatchling

Sobol, Donald J.
The Amazing Power of Ashur Fine (elephant) {IR}
The Best Animal Stories of Science Fiction and Fantasy [Sobol edited, not all stories furry] (various animals) {A}

Soyer, Abraham
Adventures of Yemima [at least one story is furry] (various animals) {IR}

Spang, Gunter
Clelia and the Little Mermaid (mermaid) {IR}

Spedden, Daisy Corning Stone
Polar the Titanic Bear (teddy bear) {IR}

Spencer, Jack
Melvin Smallman: A Tale from the Forest Floor (mice) {YA}

Sperry, Grace
Teddy Sunbeam (various animals and objects) {IR}

Spicer, Sylvia
Ravenwood...Hope for Tomorrow (cat, deer, others) {IR}

Spielmann, M. H.
The Rainbow Book: Tales of Fun and Fancy [at least one furry story] (cuckoo) {IR}

Spinner, Stephanie
The Weebie Zone Series (gerbil) {IR}
1. Gerbilitis
2. Sing, Elvis, Sing!
3. Born to Be Wild
4. Bright Lights, Little Gerbil
5. The Bird is the Word
6. We're Off to See the Lizard

Spires, Elizabeth
The Mouse of Amherst (mouse) {IR}

Spirn, Michele
The Wild Thornberrys Series [only wrote one] (chimpanzee, various others) {IR}
5. Race to the Sea

Spooner, Glenda
Royal Crusader; the Autobiography of a Horse (horse) {A}

Springer, Nancy
Ribbiting Tales [not all are furry] (frogs) {IR}

Stableford, Brian M.
Cradle of the Sun (rats) {A}
The Realms of Tartarus (ratmorphs, catmorphs) {A}
The Dies Irae Series (various animalmoprhs) {A}
1. The Days of Glory
2. In the Kingdom of the Beasts

Stables, Gordon
Sable and White: The Autobiography of a Show Dog (dog) {A}

Stadther, Michael
A Treasure's Trove: A Fairy Tale About Real Treasure For Parents And Children Of All Ages (insects) {IR/A}

Stafford, Jean
Elephi, the Cat with the High IQ (cat) {IR}

Stahl, P.J. (Pierre Jules Hetzel) The Adventures of a Butterfly [part of volume below?] (butterfly) {?} The Public and Private Life of Animals (many morphs, and widely believed to be the first real "morph book") {A}

Staniskis, Patricia
Maggie the White Penguin (penguins) {IR}

Stanton, Mary
The Horses Series (horses, dog) {A}
1. The Heavenly Horse From the Outermost West
2. Piper at the Gate
The Unicorns of Balinor Series {IR}
1. The Road to Balinor
2. Sunchaser's Quest
3. Valley of Fear
4. By Fire, By Moonlight
5. Search For the Star
6. The Secrets of the Scepter
7. Night of the Shifterís Moon
8. Shadows Over Balinor

Stapleton, E.J.
The Calico Buffalo (buffaloes) {YA}

Stapleton, Olaf
Sirius: A Fantasy of Love and Discord (dog) {A}

Stapp, Emilie Blackmore
Isabella, The Wise Goose (goose) {IR}

Starbuck, Veronica Anne
August Magic (dog) {A}

Stasheff, Christopher
The Wizard in Rhyme Series [Book 8 is defiently furry, unsure about earlier entries however] (cat) {A}
1. Her Majesty's Wizard
2. The Oathbound Wizard
3. The Witch Doctor
4. The Secular Wizard
5. My Son, the Wizard
6. The Haunted Wizard
7. The Crusading Wizard
8. The Feline Wizard
The Rogue Wizard Series [Again, I am sure Book 8 is furry, but again Iím unsure as to the rest of the series] (catmorph) {A}
1. A Wizard in Mind
2. A Wizard in Bedlam
3. A Wizard in War
4. A Wizard in Peace
5. A Wizard in Chaos
6. A Wizard in Midgard
7. A Wizard and a Warlord
8. A Wizard in the Way
9. A Wizard in a Feud

Staudinger, Michael C.
The Falcon Rises (falcoln, dragons) {A}

St. Clair, Margaret
The Dolphins of Altair (dolphins) {A}

Stearn, Ted
Fuzz and Pluck (bear, chicken) {A}

Steele, Alexander
The Wishbone Mysteries Series [only wrote some books in series] (dog) {IR}
4. Tale of the Missing Mascot
9. Case of the On-Line Alien
13. Case of the Unsolved Case
20. Case of the Breaking Story
The Wishbone Super Mysteries Series [only wrote some books in series] (dog) {IR}
3. The Haunting of Hathaway House

Steele, Michael
The Wishbone Mysteries Series [only wrote some books in series] (dog) {IR}
12. Forgotten Heroes
17. Case of the Impounded Hounds
The Wishbone Super Mysteries Series [only wrote some books in series] (dog) {IR}
2. The Ghost of Camp Ka Nowato

Steig, William
Abel's Island (mousemorphs) {IR}
Dominic (dogmorph, others) {IR}

Stephenson, Norman E.
The Tales of Beauregard the Far-Traveled Siamese Cat Series (cats) {?}
1. Paw Prints in the Wind
2. Paw Prints in Time

Sterman, Betsy
Backyard Dragon [with Samuel Sterman] (dragon) {IR}

Sterman, Samuel
Backyard Dragon [with Betsy Sterman] (dragon) {IR}

Stern, G.B.
The Dark Gentleman (dogs) {A}
Toes Unmasked (dogs) {A}
The Ugly Dachshund (dogs) {A}

Sterns, Pamela
Into the Painted Bear Lair (bear) {IR}
The Fool and the Dancing Bear (bear) {IR}

Steussy, Marti
Forest of the Night (tigers) {A}
Dreams of Dawn (squidmorphs, crabmorphs) {A}

Stevens, Carla
Stories from a Snowy Meadow (various animals)
Bear's Magic and Other Stories (rabbits, mice, bear) {IR}

Stevens, Eden Vale
Abba (check animal and reading level)

Stevenson, Edwina
Help! Yelled Maxwell [with James Stevenson] (various animals and objects) {IR}

Stevenson, James
Help! Yelled Maxwell [with Edwina Stevenson] (various animals and objects) {IR}
Here Comes Herb's Hurricane! (various animals) {IR}
Oliver, Clarence, and Violet (various animals) {IR}

Stewart, Ian
The Flatland Series [only wrote one] (geometric shapes, various animals) {A}
2. Flatterland: Like Flatland, Only More So

Stewart, Linda
The Sam the Cat Series (cats) {IR}
1, Sam the Cat: Detective
2. The Big Catnap
3. The Maltese Kitten

Stewart, Mary
Ludo and the Star Horse (horse, various zodiac signs) {IR}

Stewart, Michael
Monkey Shines (monkey) {A}

Stewart, Paul
Fergus Crane (penguins, mechanical horse) {IR}

Stilton, Geronimo [real name Edizioni Piemme?]
The Geronimo Stilton Series (mousemorphs, ratmorphs, catmorphs) {IR}
1. Lost Treasure of the Emerald Eye
2. The Curse of the Cheese Pyramid
3. Cat and Mouse in a Haunted House
4. I'm Too Fond of My Fur!
5. Four Mice Deep in the Jungle
6. Paws Off, Cheddarface!
7. Red Pizzas for a Blue Count
8. Attack of the Bandit Cats
9. A Fabumouse Vacation for Geronimo
10. All Because of a Cup of Coffee
11. It's Halloween, You Fraidy-Mouse!
12. Merry Christmas, Geronimo
13. Phantom of the Subway
14. The Temple Of The Ruby of Fire
15. The Mona Mousa Code
16. A Cheese-Colored Camper
17. Watch Your Whiskers, Stilton!
18. Shipwreck on the Pirate Islands
19. My Name Is Stilton, Geronimo Stilton
20. Surf's Up, Geronimo!
21. The Wild Wild West
22. The Secret Of Cacklefur Castle
23. A Christmas Tale
24. Valentine's Day Disaster
25. Field Trip To Niagara Falls
26. Search for Sunken Treasure
27. The Mummy With No Name
28. The Christmas Toy Factory
29. Wedding Crasher
30. Down And Out Down Under
31. The Mouse Island Marathon
32. The Mysterious Cheese Thief
33. Christmas Catastrophe
34. Valley of the Giant Skeletons
35. Geronimo and the Gold Medal Mystery

Stirling, Emma M.
The History of a Pin (pin) {IR}

Stirling, S.M.
The Children's Hour [with Jerry Pournelle, made up of stories from Man-Kzin Wars books] (catmorphs) {A}

Stocking, Jay T.
Query Queer Stories (various animals, and WONDERFUL stories!) {IR}

Stockton, Frank R.
The Bee-Man Of Orn And Other Fanciful Tales [only two stories] (griffin, sphinx) {IR}
Round-About Rambles in Lands of Fact and Fiction [only a couple of stories] (birds, others) {IR}

Stolz, Mary
Cat Walk (cats, others) {IR}
Casebook of a Private (Cat's) Eye (catmorph, others) {IR}
Fredou (cat) {IR}
The Leftover Elf (cat, frog, seagull, others) {IR}
Pigeon Flight (pigeons) {IR}
Quentin Corn (pig) {IR}
Tales at the Mouse Hole (mice) {IR}
The Maximilian Series (mice) {IR}
1. Belling the Tiger
2. The Great Rebellion
3. Siri the Conquistador
4. Maximilian's World

Stone, George
A Legend of Wolf Song (wolves) {YA}

Stone, Lydia
Pink Donkey Brown (donkey, chicken, others?) {IR}

Stone, Thomas
Rolling Thunder (intelligent truck, animal [unsure of type]) {A}

Stoner, Burton
The Jim Crow Series (various animals) {IR}
1. Jim Crow Tales
2. Squeaks and Squawks From Far Away Forests

Story, Alice
Beneath The Barrens [is this furry?] (cats) {IR}

Story Parade Magazine
Animal Story Parade: Favorite Stories of Animals [magazine staff edited] (cats, rabbit, squirrel, seal, others) {IR}

Stover, Marjorie Filley
The Dolls Series (dolls) {IR}
1. Midnight in the Dollhouse
2. When the Dolls Woke

Stowe, Harriet Beecher
Queer Little People [AKA Queer Little Folks] (squirrels, others) {IR}

Strang, Mrs. Herbert
Bob and Mr. Bunny (rabbit) {IR}
The Great Book for Tinies [at least one story is furry] (pig, others) {IR}
The Hideaway Four (nightingale, dragon, others?) {IR}
Little Brown Teddy[aka Little Brown Teddy Bear?] (teddy bear) {IR}
Neddy, the Autobiography of a Donkey (donkey) {IR}
Topsy and Toby (cat, squirrel, others?) {IR}
The Teeny-Weeny Series [somewhat in order] (mouse, others?) {IR}
1. Teeny-Weeny Tales
2. Teeny Weeny and Toddles
3. Teeny-Weeny's Picture Book
4. Teeny-Weeny's Bedtime Book
5. Teeny-Weeny's Happy Book
6. Teeny-Weeny's Trains
7. Teeny-Weeny's Wonder Book
8. Teeny-Weeny at the Zoo
9. Teeny-Weeny's Merry Book
10. Teeny-Weeny's Bye-Bye Book

Strasser, Todd
Y2K-9: The Dog Who Saved the World (dog) {IR}
The Wordsworth Series (dog) {IR}
1. Wordsworth and the Cold Cut Catastrophe
2. Wordsworth and the Kibble Kidnapping
3. Wordsworth and the Roast Beef Romance
4. Wordsworth and the Mail-Order Meatloaf Mess

Strickland, Brad
The Dinotopia Series [only wrote one] (dinosaurs) {IR? YA?}
18. Survive!
The Wishbone Mysteries Series [written with Thomas Fuller, they only wrote some books in series] (dog) {IR}
1. The Treasure of Skeleton Reef
3. The Riddle of the Wayward Books
7. Drive-in of Doom
10. The Disappearing Dinosaurs
14. Disoriented Express
The Salem's Tails Series [only wrote some in series] (cat) {IR}
3. You're History [with Barbara Strickland]

Strieber, Whitley
The Wild (wolf) {A}

Strong, Phil
The Prince and the Porker (pig, horse) {IR/A}

Stuart, Elizabeth Billings
[This author wrote many furry titles, however, I donít know if these made up a series.]
The Bear Family {IR}
Brownie Bunny and Teddy Bear {IR}
Chummy, Chuck and Coonie {IR}
Chuck and Coonie Seeking Honey {IR}
Daddy Duck and Mother Bunny {IR}
The Fairy and the Bunny-Tail {IR}
Fifteen Little Bunny Tails {IR}
Mr. Rusty Fox {IR}
Seven Little Chickens and Danny Beaver {IR}
The Story of Lady Rabbit {IR}
Teddy Bear the Toy Maker {IR}
Three Little Cotton Tails and Uncle Teddy Bear {IR}
Tricky Mr. Fox {IR}
Twinkle Sqiurrel and Muffle-Face {IR}

Stuart, Jesse
Mongrel Mettle: The Autobiography of a Dog (dog) {IR?}

Styles, Kitty
The Nicholas Thomas Series (catmorph, others) {IR}
1. The Nicholas Thomas Story Book
2. Nicholas Thomas, the Naughty Kitten
3. The Big New Nicholas Book
4. Nicholas and Timothy's Adventure in the Burning Mill: a Nicholas Thomas Strip Book
The Nicholas Thomas Gets Into Trouble Series (catmorph, others) {IR}
1. Nicholas Thomas Gets Into Trouble, Book 1
2. Nicholas Thomas Gets Into Trouble, Book 2
The Nicholas Thomas and Timothy Series (catmorph, others) {IR}
1. The Adventures of Nicholas Thomas and Timothy, Book 1
2. The Adventures of Nicholas Thomas and Timothy, Book 2
3. The Adventures of Nicholas Thomas and Timothy, Book 3
4. The Adventures of Nicholas Thomas and Timothy, Book 4
5. The Adventures of Nicholas Thomas and Timothy, Book 5
6. The Adventures of Nicholas Thomas and Timothy, Book 6
The Nicholas Thomas on Timothy's Farm Series (catmorph, others) {IR}
1. Nicholas Thomas on Timothy's Farm, Book 1
2. Nicholas Thomas on Timothy's Farm, Book 2
3. Nicholas Thomas on Timothy's Farm, Book 3

Suddaby, Donald
Star Raiders (sentient plants) {A}

Sugisaki, Yukiru
The A Candidate for Goddess Series (catmorph) {YA/A}
1. A Candidate for Goddess, Vol. 1
2. A Candidate for Goddess, Vol. 2
3. A Candidate for Goddess, Vol. 3
4. A Candidate for Goddess, Vol. 4
5. A Candidate for Goddess, Vol. 5

Sullivan, Kathryn
The Crystal Throne (horses) {A}
Agents And Adepts [story "Horsefeathers"] (various animals) {A}

Susman, Tim
The Stories From New Tibet Series [editor] (various animalmorphs) {A}
1. Breaking the Ice: Stories From New Tibet, Volume 1
2. Shadows in the Snow: Stories From New Tibet, Volume 2

Sutcliffe, Jean
Jacko and Other Stories [with Shirley Hughes] (monkey, others?) {IR}

Sutton, Adah Louise
Teddy Bears (teddy bears) {IR}
A Little Maid in Toyland (teddy bear, signpost, medicine tablet, fish, many many others) {IR}

Sutton, Lee
Venus Boy (bears) {IR}

Swan, Miranda Eliot
Daisy: the Autobiography of a Cat (cat) {A}

Swann, S. Andrew
The Moreau Series (tigermorphs, rabbitmorphs, others) {A}
1. Forests of the Night
2. Emperors of the Twilight
3. Specters of the Dawn
4. Fearful Symmetries

Swann, Thomas Burnett
The Dolphin and the Deep (dolphin, insectmorph) {A}
The Goat Without Horns (dolphin) {A}
Lady of the Bees (wolf, fauns) {A}
The Minikins of Yam (various animalmorphs) {A}
The Weirwoods (fauns, others) {A}
Where Is The Bird of Fire? (phoenix) {A}
Wolfwinter (satyrs) {A}
The Minotaur Trilogy (minotaurs, insects, bears, dogs, others) {A}
1. Day Of The Minotaur
2. The Forest of Forever
3. Cry Silver Bells

Swanson, Stanley Allen
The Dragons of Shadara (dragons) {YA}

Swanwick, Michael
The Iron Dragon's Daughter (sentient mechanical dragons) {A}

Sweeney, Morgan J.
The Bear That Came to School, and Other Stories [with Palmer Cox and Samuel Smith Kilburn] (bear, others) {IR}

Sweet, J.H.
The Fairy Chronicles Series [only the first two books are published - the rest can be found for free on Sweet's Web Site. I don't normally list Web-only books, but because part of the series is published in book form I'm including them] (many different animals) {IR}
1. Marigold and the Feather of Hope
2. Dragonfly and the Web of Dreams
3. Thistle and the Shell of Laughter
4. Firefly and the Quest of the Black Squirrel
5. Spiderwort and the Princess of Haiku
6. Periwinkle and the Cave of Courage
7. Cinnabar and the Island of Shadows
8. Mimosa and the River of Wisdom
9. Primrose and the Magic Snowglobe
10. Luna and the Well of Secrets
11. Dewberry and the Lost Chest of Paragon
12. Moonflower and the Pearl of Paramour
13. Snapdragon and the Odyssey of …lan
14. Harlequin and the Pebble of Spree
15. Dove and the Parchment of Dulcet
16. Cricket and the Enchanted Music Box
17. Blue, the Mermaid, and the Fisherman's Tale
18. Aloe and the Spring of Hale
19. Pumpkinwing and the Week of Opposites
20. Minnow and Mr. Keen - the Brilliant Troll
21.Teasel and the Halloween Mysteries
22. Calliope and the Land of Bliss
23. Heather and the Basket of Understanding
24. Honeysuckle and the February Garden
25. Sandpiper and the Ship of Pools
26. Brandtii and the Perils of Prima Della, Top Strawberry, and Big-Wag
27. Ginger and the Purple Ibex
28. Swan and the Realm of Hollowness
29. Larkspur and Alyssum Meet Sniggerbly Wiskerfink
30. Clover and the Flying Turtle

Swift, Jonathan
Gulliver's Travels (horses) {A}

Swycaffer, Jefferson P.
Web of Futures (catmorph) {A}


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