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Team & Clan Moves

These techniques can only be used by allies in battle and the minimum requirement is two. They are commonly used by team & clan members...

Combine Powers
Type: Energy [attacking status]
Cost: 50 art points
Description: In this special attack all teammates or members of a clan can fire 1 of their strongest energy based race moves towards an opponent (or number of opponents) in 1 attack, thus creating a tremendous amount of hurt on the opponent(s). You cannot perform moves with death damage in them, wide ranged, any attacking status, instant kill or obliterator moves. This technique requires only 600,000pl and 100,000ki and 150,000ml and adds 1,000,000 damage to the combo done. (Can only be done 4x a battle)

Pride of the Clan
Type: Energy [self status]
Cost: 75 art points
This move will raise the PL, SPD and DEF of the user and all other allies on the battle field by x2 their current level for 5 turns. Can only ever be done 1x in a battle (ever, not even by different allies in battle). Requires 800,000pl and 500,000ml.

Type: Energy [special self status]
Cost: 150 art points
Description: The user will sacrifice their life so that he/she boosts the power of their allies. In doing this the user will be defeated and cannot be brought back in battle, not even by the power of Restoration or Senzu Bean or anything! All of their stats are up for offer to any teammate they choose (only 1) thus adding their stats to the existing stats of the ally. Any moves that the sacrificed warrior had active that altered their stats through transformations, [self status] or [special self status] become permanent and are added to the chosen ally also. This technique will last for the remainder of the battle (only the power of ascended weapons/armors will revive them!). This move requires 2,000,000pl only. (Can only be done x1 a battle)

Merge Attack
Type: Energy [special attacking status/wide ranged]
Cost: 100 art points
Description: In this move any number of allies (up to 5) can merge their power levels, and send it as a HUGE energy attack towards all opponents. It cannot be evaded, not even by instant t-port. The only way to evade this attack is by trying TRYING to send a move with a higher damage factor (very unlikely) towards the attack. This technique requires 2,000,000pl and 2,000,000ki and 1,000,000ml. (Can only be done 2x a battle)

Super Dragon Fist
Type: Melee
Cost: 200 art points
Description: A much stronger version of the Dragon Fist technique, and is done by more than one user! The users all power up together, raising their pl by 2x its current state and creating a HUGE power aura which can be seen for miles. Once they have reached their maximum, they all shoot off towards one opponent and barrage him/her with punches, kicks, headbutts, knee-strikes and any other kind of melee attack you could possibly think of. Once they decide that the opponent has taken enough beating, they all gather round the opponent in a circle while he/she is lying almost paralyzed on the ground. All teammates then start to charge up a huge energy ball above the opponent, and send it crashing towards him/her. The damage factor is equal to the power levels of all teammates after it is doubled. This move requires 1,500,000pl and ALL KI. It CANNOT be evaded, not even by instant t-port. (Can only be done 1x a battle, and the power level of the users will return to normal after the attack is done)

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