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Gravity Guide

Gravity Guide
The Gravity Guide is used to determine how much extra stats you can gain when training on a planet. Some planets have no gravity, and some extremely high levels.

If you land on a planet that exceeds your current level or gravity training (ranges from 10x to 50x for most Races, it will indicate their gravity level on the Races page) you will die instantly, and all of your items and ship will be sent to the ‘Outworld Gate’ to visit King Yamma. To find more information on where you go when you die (from a planet explosion, gravity or number of losses, see the Dead Training page)

When you train with one of these your gravity goes up each day for 14 days until it reaches the next level. The first day you train in 10x gravity it would be Training (1/14 days) in 10x gravity, then the second day it would be Training (2/14 days) in 10x gravity, and so on all the way up to 14/14 days. Once it has reached (14/14 days) 10x gravity, the next day instead of posting (15/14) 10x gravity, it would have gone up a level to 20x gravity, therefore raising the gains from the new gravity. You would then start over again, for example, (1/14) 20x gravity, (2/14) 20x gravity, (3/14) 20x gravity … etc, until you reach the next level which would be 30x gravity.

*** A Special Note on Gravity: The maximum gravity level on the game is 500x, you cannot go any further but you can still train in 500x gravity (however you would not have to post how many days you have trained in it!). ***

These are the gains for each level of gravity. Gravity training can be used with a Pulse Regenerator, therefore gravity training is per session, not per day.

For example, if you trained at 10x gravity, you would normaly gain 50pl and 50spd. However if you have the Pulse Generator Mark V, it will multiply your gains by 5, therefore gaining a total of 250pl and 250spd;

• 50pl / 50spd (x5) = 250pl / 250spd

0x gravity – 0pl / 0spd
10x gravity – 50pl / 50spd
20x gravity – 100pl / 100spd
30x gravity – 150pl / 150spd
40x gravity – 200pl / 200spd
50x gravity – 250pl / 250spd
60x gravity – 300pl / 300spd
70x gravity – 350pl / 350spd
80x gravity – 400pl / 400spd
90x gravity – 450pl / 450spd
100x gravity – 500pl / 500spd

110x gravity – 550pl / 550spd
120x gravity – 600pl / 600spd
130x gravity – 650pl / 650spd
140x gravity – 700pl / 700spd
150x gravity – 750pl / 750spd
160x gravity – 800pl / 800spd
170x gravity – 850pl / 850spd
180x gravity – 900pl / 900spd
190x gravity – 950pl / 950spd
200x gravity – 1,000pl / 1,000spd

210x gravity – 1,050pl / 1,050spd
220x gravity – 1,100pl / 1,100spd
230x gravity – 1,150pl / 1,150spd
240x gravity – 1,200pl / 1,200spd
250x gravity – 1,250pl / 1,250spd
260x gravity – 1,300pl / 1,300spd
270x gravity – 1,350pl / 1,350spd
280x gravity – 1,400pl / 1,400spd
290x gravity – 1,450pl / 1,450spd
300x gravity – 1,500pl / 1,500spd

310x gravity – 1,550pl / 1,550spd
320x gravity – 1,600pl / 1,600spd
330x gravity – 1,650pl / 1,650spd
340x gravity – 1,700pl / 1,700spd
350x gravity – 1,750pl / 1,750spd
360x gravity – 1,800pl / 1,800spd
370x gravity – 1,850pl / 1,850spd
380x gravity – 1,900pl / 1,900spd
390x gravity – 1,950pl / 1,950spd
400x gravity – 2,000pl / 2,000spd

410x gravity – 2,050pl / 2,050spd
420x gravity – 2,100pl / 2,100spd
430x gravity – 2,150pl / 2,150spd
440x gravity – 2,200pl / 2,200spd
450x gravity – 2,250pl / 2,250spd
460x gravity – 2,300pl / 2,300spd
470x gravity – 2,350pl / 2,350spd
480x gravity – 2,400pl / 2,400spd
490x gravity – 2,450pl / 2,450spd
500x gravity – 2,500pl / 2,500spd / 2,500 hp

*** As a bonus for training up to 500x normal gravity, you will start to gain 2,500 hp as well as pl and spd. You will also get an immediate boost of 1,000,000 DEF ***

*** If you are a race that starts off from 10x or higher, you don’t have to worry about training at previous gravity levels! ***

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