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Custom Made Moves

Devastating moves created by the most powerful warriors in the entire Universe! They alone can use these incredible techniques, no-one else! Not a lot of moves can overpower these attacks.... These moves do count towards the users total move slot capacity however.

This move was created by Ragnarok when he was still just a Saiyan Warrior and can be used by him, and only him in battle.

Veil of Nyx
Type: Energy [special self status]
Description: A move created by the unparalleled saiyan warrior of darkness, Ragnarok. A unique technique devised to torment his opponent in battle this move starts with Ragnarok summoning a shadow deity from the dark abyss, formed of wicked energy and wrought with crimson red flames it can take any shape, and many forms simultaneously. The shadow constantly surrounds Ragnaroks body, flowing inbetween limbs and around his entire being, serving it's master. This ... other worldly beast will protect Ragnarok if he is attacked in battle by shifting to the zone of potential impact, and by concentrating its energy to such high levels it becomes so dense nothing can penetrate it! Due to the beasts arcane abilities it will also bestow Ragnarok with super natural power in battle, increasing energy recovery 10 fold meaning that his current KI and ML will instantly recharge to its maximum transformed state!

Status Factor: When active this move will protect the user from ANY melee or energy based attack (excluding Ascended Race Moves, Supreme/Rapture Arts, [instant kill] & [obliterator] status attacks) and reduce the damage to 0. Current KI and ML is replenished to its maximum transformed state when the move is used (this technique lasts for 5 turns - cannot be used more than 2x a battle - Ragnarok must rest for 1 turn after the move has finished and must wait 3 turns before it can be used again)

Requirements: 1,100,000pl and 500,000ki and 650,000ml.

The following moves were created by Ragnarok when he Ascended to Demi-God Status, and can only be used by him in battle.

Ethereal Annihilation
Type: Energy [attacking status]
Description - Ragnarok focuses his ascended energies into his right palm, his arm facing down towards his knees and his left arm steadying his right. Dark red lightening bolts shoot off his hand and begin destroy the ground below. He raises his head and his eyes have turned to white due to the sudden surge of tremendous energy he is creating... a crimson red energy ball starts to form in his palm, it is not big but the energy contained within it is immensely strong! Then suddenly day turns to night and darkness surrounds the entire battlefield and without hesitation Ragnarok lets go of his right arm and pulls it back to his side, and with a monstrous shout of pure power he pushes the energy he has collected infront of him towards a single opponent with 100% accuracy and speed! This powerful energy will attack an opponent's nervous system, destroying their ability to focus in battle and unable to channel energy for their defences and turn their own defences against them... truly a destructive attack.

Damage Factor - Half of the chosen opponent's original DEF stat.

Status Factor - This attack, if successful, will reduce an opponents DEF stat to 0 and any other defences or stat bonuses that lessen damage that are currently active (through items, [self status] and [special self status] type moves - not supreme/rapture arts or custom made moves or protection from Ascended Weapons/Armours) are nullified. This devastating attack works for the turn/combo it is used in only and cannot be countered or overpowered by any other attack apart from Custom Made Moves of parrallel or greater strength. Can be used 3x a battle (only 1x per opponent IF it is successful)

Requirements - 3,300,000pl and 2,000,000ki.

The following moves were created by DamionLove, the wicked buu warrior who wants nothing more than to destroy all life in the universe. He created the following when he first tasted the power of the gods...

Wrath of the Goddess
Type: Energy [special attacking status/wide area]
Description: A wide area attack that hits all opponents on the battle field.

Status Factor: Make all opponents lose 3 turns, and knocks them out of their current transformation. (Can only be done 1x a battle)
Requirements: 2,600,000pl and 2,000,000ki and 1,000,000ml.

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