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General Quests

There are various quests to partake in throughout the DB:AO Universe and some include item hunting, finding dragonballs, conquering planets, defeating powerful foes, obtaining HUGE powers and even unlocking the secrets of the entire universe ...

Some quest are important to complete, for example it could be a requirement to complete a certain number of quests in order to unlock something, or to undergo special training! You'll find a quest list below.

Artifact List
Demi-God & God Status & DemonKing Status
Dead Training
Planet Conquering

(1) Special Planet Training - This type of quest includes any special training your undergo on a planet (for example Instant-Tport training on Yardrat, or Master Roshi training on Earth). If you complete the same type of planet training more than once, it still only counts as one type of quest.

(2) Dragonballs - Wishing from any different set of Dragonballs (Earth, Namek, etc) counts as a different quest, but only if you were the person who hunted for them and fought the guardian. If you had a wish made for you it doesn't count.

(3) Race Empire Quest - Once you have conquered a planet for a requesting Race Empire, and handed the planet over and recieved your commission, this can be added to your completed quest list.

(4) Majin Power - Become a slave to evil and help bring demise to everything that stands for peace! Complete training with Babadi and add this quest to your list.

(5) Kaioshin Power - Train with the Kai's and become a guardian for all good forces in the universe! Complete training with Supreme Kai and add this quest to your list.

(6) Elder Kai Power - This unique type of training can only be undergone by first completeing the Kaioshin Power quest. In order to train with Elder Kai, you must have a record of over 150 wins, and must have completed 5 quests.

(7) The Z-Sword - The fabled Z-Sword, it contains colossal power that can smite any foe. Said to be legend, this ancient weapon still resides somewhere on the Kai planet, and if you have the power and skill you can aquire this sword and become one of the elite!

(8) Hidden Artifacts - Some planets have hidden items that can be searched for, in the same way as the Dragonballs, and if you have unlocked the item(s) you can get to add this to your quest list. In order to find out if a planet has a hidden item visit the galaxy page and view the planets description. The same item cannot be searched for more than once (obviously) and each different item found counts as a different quest.

(9) Planet Ownership Quest - In the DB:AO universe you have the ability to conquer and own planets in any galaxy (except Demi-God/God/DemonKing planets, or planets that are already owned by a Race Empire). If you manage to conquer a planet, and own it for a total of 30 days you can add this to your quest list as a completed quest. You gain $10,000 per weekly update for each planet you own. Each different planet counts as a different quest, but remember, you can only own upto 3 planets unless you start your own Empire.

(10) Custom Empire Quest - It is possible to start your own Empire once you have owned 3 planets, each for a total of 30 days. The benefits of owning an empire include dominance over people travelling to planets you own. People must request if they wish to visit the planet(s), and it is totally your choice. Team and Clan members can travel their regardless. Once you create an Empire you get to give it a name (your choice) and get a boost of $200,000 and 200,000 capsule credits just one time. You can only ever have one Empire and recieve a bonus of $10,000 each weekly update for every planet you own in your Empire (you do not get bonuses from the 'Planet Ownership Quest' anymore however).

(11) Ascended Race Omnipotence - If you harness the power of either the Demi-Gods, Gods or DemonKings (through ascended armours/weapons, quests or otherwise) this quest can be added to your quest list. It can be added twice if you become a Demi-God first, and then a God (two quests). Only once for DemonKing.

(12) Dead Training - Any form of dead training is a type of quest, however, if you complete the same type of dead training twice, it still only counts as one quest on your quest list.

(13) Tournaments - When you win a tournament you can add this quest to your quest list, just participating in the tournament however does not count. Each different type of tournament counts as a different quest! To find out more about tournaments, see the Tournament section in the Rules Page.

(14) Planets End - A mega obliterator move, probably one of the strongest moves on the site, that can be used in and outside of battle. Obtaining this attack is not easy however, there are certain conditions that must be met.

- Step 1. Must have conquered at least 3 planets.
- Step 2. Must have blown up at least 1 planet (that does not belong to you).
- Step 3. Must have 150 wins or higher.
- Step 4. Must travel to Zaariun and train on it's surface for 45 days.

After all of the above has been accomplished the move can be used, the move description can be found on the Hyper Arts page.

(15) Lost Armour - Some say there is an armour in the universe somewhere that was lost, it is a powerful one .... and quite familiar .... nobody has any idea as to its whereabouts though, maybe hunting around for clues may help.

(16) Rune Tablet of Kulth’zar - Details about this quest are currently unknown.

(17) Goblet of Nostalgia - "Those who drink bewarned, whatever wishes you desire will be bestowed upon you ... but in doing so will cause grave consequences" an ancient inscription that was unearthed on an expedition trip to a desolate wasteland of a planet. It was said the planet was once thriving with life, a metropolis. This is the only information known about this rare trinket.

(18) Blood of Cyndrr [demons only] - The first ever DemonKing was created 5,000 years ago, Lord Cyndrr, his plan was to rule the demon world and place order in the ranks of demons everywhere and then accumulate an army strong enough to overwhelm the Gods and rule the universe. Cyndrr was a wicked tyrant, but not as wicked as his brother, Necros. Necros was a twisted, malevolent soul wrought with evil, envy and corruption and was jealous of his older brother and the power he had gained over the demon race. To gain the power to do so Cyndrr formed a blood pact with the lords of the undead, bonding his will to the eternal fire. This ancient pact has been long forgotten, and no-one has the knowledge or power to perform this ritual anymore. This blood pact granted him ultimate power, that rivalled even the Gods... the first DemonKing had been born. His brother however, Necros, sought to take his place ... unaware of how his actions would shape the future of the demon race, and the entire universe! ... Necros' burning rage and lust for power overwhelmed him, he spilt the blood of his brethren ... but did not have to kill Cyndrr. Necros stole the Chalice filled with Cyndrr's blood, used to complete his blood pact ritual, and sipped from it. Just as the first drops of blood passed his lips he fell to the floor, and the chalice fell, the blood spilt into the Fires of Hel, the birth place of all demons! When he awoke moments later he could feel the fire in his heart, the power of the damned in his clenched fists, he had achieved his goal and transformed into a DemonKing too, now it was time to take his place as the ruler of all demons! He confronted his brother and they fought endlessly, equally matched in power and speed, the clash of energies and rampaging of these two power houses could be heard for miles. Sure enough the fighting ended and just before Cyndrr took his last breath he mustered every last inch of his demonic powers and concentrated it all into one blast... Necros had been defeated, but at the cost of Cyndrr's own life. The blood that had spilt that day had spawned a new form of demon, one with the potential to harness the eternal fire and become a DemonKing! The chalice was recovered, and is hidden deep somewhere in the universe ... those who drink from this chalice will be granted un-imaginable power!

(19) Warriors Path Training - This is a special training that can be done on the planet Rapos, by an elite saiyan warrior known as Xanoba. If you come here and he accepts you he will train you raising your powers and fighting skills..... tremendously. The level at which he trains you depends on your current Power Level. Remember this training can only EVER be done once a lifetime, once it has been completed you cannot do it again! The different training sessions Xanoba offers are as follows....

Level 1 - You must have a powerlevel of between 100,000 to 2,000,000. Xanoba will raise your fighting record by 20wins and give you an immediate boost of 200,000 on all stats.
Level 2 - You must have a powerlevel of between 2,000,001 to 5,000,000. Xanoba will raise your fighting record by 60wins and give you an immediate boost of 600,000 on all stats.
Level 3 - You must have a powerlevel of between 5,000,001 to 12,000,000. Xanoba will raise your fighting record by 140wins and give you an immediate boost of 1,400,000 on all stats.
Level 4 - You must have a powerlevel of between 12,000,001 to 25,000,000. Xanoba will raise your fighting record by 200wins and give you an immediate boost of 2,000,000 on all stats.
Level 5 - You must have a powerlevel of over 30,000,000. Xanoba will raise your fighting record by 300wins and give you an immediate boost of 3,500,000 on all stats.

Once you have decided you want to undergo the training you will gain absolutely no stats for 14 days. For these 14 days you will train personally with Xanoba, he will teach you many dangerous fighting styles... after the 14 days you will receive your special training bonus, and find true saiyan power!

(20) Ankh of Ahruzal - A mystical item lost many eons ago, not seen since the last God War. Said to be of legend and myth, this sacred item is protected by the Guardians of Old and if anyone seized this item they would possess a power that, if fell into the wrong hands, could bring a plague of evil to the cosmos, decay and destruction would be all we know and the nature of life itself would collapse. This is why it was sealed away when the powers that forced the Universe to stand still faded into existence, and then .... history.

(21) Scrolls of Past - These elusive scrolls are said to be myth... The ancient texture they contain is dated only so far back, written in a lost language that even pre-dates the last God War by 1,000 years! These scrolls can only ever be used once, as the lost magics that seal the hidden scriptures power will cause the scrolls to dissintigrate after they are unlocked! These scrolls will unlock the hidden race moves not seen since the last god war of the person who finds them!

(22) ????? - Details about this quest are currently unknown.

(23) The Alpha & Omega - Details about this quest are currently unknown.

(24) ????? - Details about this quest are currently unknown.

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