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Basic Rules
Dragonball Alpha & Omega is a text based online playing RPG. The game uses message boards to post training, transactions, battle results, news, travelling, updating (etc) and not for trash talk or offensive language. A chat board is available for people to chill and just talk about anything they want (apart from anything offensive). Anyone who is found cheating will probably be kicked off the game or banned for a fixed period of time, or possibly even banned for life. You can only have 1 character at a time, anyone who is found with 2 will be dealt with (trust me myself or my staff can check!)

Joining DB:AO
When joining DB:AO you must post on the Joining Application your character name / gender / chosen race / character personality (good or evil) / starting location (if your chosen race has more than one planet to start on specify which one it is) / email / AIM screen name (aol instant messenger).

You will also be given a bonus of 300,000 points to add to any of the following stats, HP / PL / SPD / KI / DEF or ML (but not money), which you must also decide to divide between your stats and put in your joining post.

HP – Hit Points, your characters health. When this reaches 0 your character is knocked out, defeated.

PL – Power Level, your characters strength which determines what moves you can learn / pull off and is also calculated into damage.

SPD – Speed, your characters agility and evasion. This stat is used to see whether your character goes first in a fight and if they can evade certain moves.

DEF – Defensee, used to lessen damage from blows and energy based attacks (both KI and ML)

KI – Kinetic Energy, an energy form stat that is used to learn/pull off certain attacks (that require KI energy). When KI is used in an attack (i.e. KI Blast, requires 50,000 KI to use) it is depleted from the current KI Value. So lets say the total KI of a character is 200,000, - 50,000 from using KI Blast = 150,000 which is the new current amount of KI).

ML – Mental Energy, this stat allows the user to learn/pull off specific moves that require ML. Like KI it is an energy form, and does deplete if used by an attack, similar to KI Energy.

Zeni ($) – Money / Cash, this is the currency used in DB Alpha & Omega. The more you have the more you can buy. Zeni is gained from fighting in battles (win and lose, but not draw), quests (some specific ones) and conquering planets. It can also be wished for from the DragonBalls.

Capsule Credits (CC) – Another form of currency. However, this special type of credit can only be spent in the Capsule Credits Shop.

See the Race Page for more information. Please bear in mind that there is a site maximum as to how many members can belong to a certain race. This number is 15 for all regular races, and 10 for all ascended races. There can also only ever be 10 Saiyans, 10 Human/Saiyans and 10 Demons.

Fighting is done in a chat room using AIM, if you don’t have an AIM screen name I suggest getting one. It is easy and free to register and use, you can get it from If you want to fight someone you must first find a Ref (referee, a kind of judge who watches over battle), and the person(s) you want to fight, who want to fight willingly. Then when in the Chat Room send the Ref your stats, move list and battle items (all participants must do this).

Once you have finished the fight and someone is declared winner, loser or in some cases you both draw, then you must post the following on the Battle Results Board.

- Firstly in the subject box who you fought
- Who the Ref was
- Whether you won, lost or drew
- Then in the message box the stats and cash you got for your win / loss or draw
- Any battle items you used (for example senzu beans, scouters, weapons or armours)
- Your stats before the match (including old battle items and cash)
- Your stats after adding gains from the battle (including any items you may of used)

You can post more than one fight at once. For example if you fought one person, then 2 minutes after fought another, instead of posting the first fight, getting your stats ready, then fighting again only to do your stats again, you can just fight both then post afterwards. The choice is up to you, but if you want that little bit more PL or SPD (etc) then you can fight, post and change stats, then fight again. Like on message boards please do not use offensive language in battles, you can talk trash just not offensively.

*** A Special Note on Fighting: You can only fight someone if they are in the same location as you (apart from tournaments, everyone can be on separate planets), unless you have an Battle Arena Re-Translocator, to find more info on this item, look at the Battle Items page***

Race Stat Gains
Each race gets different stat gains for winning or losing fights. See the Race Stat Gains page to see what these gains are.

Moves and Move List
All characters start off with a limit of 20 maximum move slots to be used at one time. This is indicated by 0/20 total move slots used on the member page. If you go up to the limit specified (normally 20/20) you can no longer learn any more moves, unless you buy items from a shop that will allow you to raise this number. This also applies to moves that require Art Points to learn. These points (??/100 art points used) are not used in battle, but the more you have, the more moves you can learn that require this stat.

You can buy art points from the Battle Shop from 10, 25 or 50 points at one time.

In order to learn a move, you must first have all the stat requirements for the move (PL, KI, ML etc) and any other specifications, and you must have a free move slot. You then post of the Move Selection Board, your old move list, move slots used and art points used. Then what moves you are dropping / adding, how many slots / sk points they use, and then your new move list, move slots used and art points used.

*** A Special Note on Move Selection: Almost all races start off with a maximum of 20 move slots, if not it will indicate on the Race Page what they do start off with. ***

Each race has its own list of transformations. Some transformations last all battle, whereas some only last for 10 turns. Once you have come out of a transformation (after the time limit or a move knocks you out or a transformed state) you can transform again.

You cannot have more than one transformation on at one time. For example, if you turned SSJ, the bonus stats from the transformation will be added to your current stats. Then if you were to turn SSJ2 you would have to wait till the transformation runs out (if it does have a time limit). If it didn’t have a time limit, then just say you are transforming to SSJ2, but the bonus stats gained from SSJ will be taken away. You will then be left with your original stats, and the SSJ2 bonus stats will be added to your original, giving you your current stats.

Some moves / weapon abilities that can be used against you can prevent you from transforming for the first 5 or 10 turns, or ever in battle.
Whereas some armour abilities will automatically transform you into your chosen transformation from your move list without wasting a turn or KI / ML energy. These ‘auto-abilities’ are mostly found on Ascended Armours.

You add transformations to your move list the same way you would with race moves.

If a character's SPD at the beginning of battle is more than 2x an opponents current SPD stat they gain a Sneak Attack on them. This Sneak Attack allows the faster fighter to attack their opponent with ANY attack they wish and their opponent cannot DEFEND in anyway (they do not get a turn in which to defend). After this sneak attack turns are taken as usual. A character using a sneak attack can never Transform or use [self status], [special self status], [attacking status], [special attacking status], [instant kill], [death damage] or any moves that alter the user's or opponent's stats in anyway.

Your character can train only once a day, and must post this training on the ‘Training Board’. Most training is regular (using items bought from shops etc), but training that is given from training planets or quests is special. Immediate boosts gained from landing on some planets are all regular training, but cannot be used with the Pulse Regenerators. Both types of training can only be done 1x a day.

**** Please be aware that under no circumstances can training items be used in special training (this also includes gravitrons), whether you request or not! If special training allows the use of training items in its description then and ONLY then can items be used. ****

When training you must post;
- The items used in the training, and what their gains / effects are
- The gravity level at your current location (ranging from 0x to 500x) and its gains
- The total number of stats you gained from the training items / special training
- Old stats before training
- New stats after training (stats gained + old stats)

Gravity Guide & Gravitrons
Gravitrons are training items you can buy, and they allow you to train your gravity level while on a planet. However, it takes 14 days to train to a higher level of gravity and you cannot train at a higher level that you are used to. All gravity training gains are per session. When using a gravitron you can travel to planets that have an equal, or lower gravity level that you are trained in. For example; The Standard Gravitron maxes out at 80x gravity. If you were currently training in 20x gravity you could travel to your ship to a planet that has anywhere from 0x upto 80x gravity, however this is only because the gravitron protects you inside a dome when you land, and it keeps the gravity level you are training in at a constant level until you are ready to train to the next level. You however cannot do any questing, special training or receive ANY stat bonuses while you are on the planet in the gravitron dome, this is because you do not actually touch the planet's surface as the gravity would kill you instantly!

See the Gravity Guide for more information.

Making Transactions
The currency in DB:AO is Zeni, and is symbolised by the $ sign (don’t ask why it is $ and not £, more people know of the dollar). In order to buy an item from a shop, you must be on a planet (if it is a Race Shop, you must be on the appropriate race planet), have the right amount of Zeni needed to buy the item(s) and post on the Cashier Board;

- Your Current Zeni (after fighting, quests etc, before you made the post)
- What you want to buy, and it’s cost
- Your New Zeni (after purchasing items)

Shops will buy items back off you for 1/2 original price (if they can be sold back, they will say whether they cannot be sold back).

You can also make more than one transaction at one time, and as many times a day as you want. It is easier to do it in one post though.

*** A Special Note on Transactions: You cannot purchase / sell items when you are in flight, unless you have the ‘In-flight Shop Transporter’, I.S.T for short, otherwise you must be on a planet to make transactions. ***

Auctioning Items
Most items can be auctioned to other players on the site, if they can't it will state in the description. Items that are being auctioned cannot be sold for the selling price in the shop (what you bought it for) or anything higher than that. Also, it cannot be sold for anything less than 1/4 of the oringinal price. Any auctioning is to be posted on the Cashier Board.

If you are auctioning an ascended weapon or armour, only Capsule Credits can be redeemed and the person who is buying it will not transform into a Demi-God, God or DemonKing.

Ascended Races
See the Race Page for more information.

Ascended Armours / Weapons
These special armours / weapons are found during quests, or can be bought with Zeni from the specific shop. The items themselves will transform the user (depending on armour or weapon and its effects) into a Demi-God, God or DemonKing. Only demons can become DemonKings, and anyone else Demi-Gods and Gods. Each weapon / armour has its own special ‘auto-ability’, which could consist of regeneration from death, added stat bonuses, first turns (at the start or battles) and so on.

There are many different and weird planets in the 5 galaxies of the Universe (North, South, East, West and Dark Galaxy). Some planets have special training for certain races, some have shops (race shops) and some immediate boosts to stats (etc). In order to travel to a planet / location you must first have a ship, which can be bought with $ and some with capsule credits. Each Ship will specify how many days it takes to travel to a planet, and what items the ship has included with it when you buy it.

When posting that you are Travelling it must include;
- Your current location
- Where your next destination is
- Your item list (items that you are taking with you). You can choose to leave your items on the planet, and pick them up at a later date, but this means you cannot use them unless they are with you
- What ship you have, and how many days it will take to travel to your destination
- Whether or not you are travelling with a team member(s) and if they are / aren’t bringing their items too

When you land on a planet, you cannot travel to another planet using a ship the same day. You can train, fight, hunt for dballs etc but not travel, you must give your ship 24hours to cool down the engines to prepare for long space travel.

Remember when you are travelling to a planet, you can change mid-flight your destination (as long as you are not using an upgrade on the ship which has auto-pilot that cannot be changed), just incase the planet you were due to arrive on was blown up!

If you die while in-flight (from fighting etc) then you go to outworld gate, but your ship stays in-flight via auto-pilot. When you are revived your ship might have even landed on the planet you were travelling too!

*** A Special Note on Travelling: When travelling to the Outworld Gate, no matter what ship you have, as soon as you post that you are travelling to the Outworld Gate, you are then instantly! ***

*** Hidden planets: When you travel to a planet that has not description you MUST use a searching item to discover who, or what exactly lies in wait for you there... until you use your searching item (time it takes depends on the power of the searching item used) you won't be able to see the planets description

Instant Teleportation
As well as travelling using a ship, you can teleport instantly to a planet using Instant Teleportation (learnt on Yardrat) as long as you have visited the planet you are t-porting to! You can also instant t-port to the Outworld Gate. You can use this useful technique freely as many times as you wish.

If you instant t-port to or land on a planet that has been blown up (gotta be pretty stupid to do that … but anyway) you will die, and will stay dead for the remainder of days the planet has left till it is reborn (it is reborn 30 days after it is blown up).

Buu Teleportation
A technique that can be learnt and harnessed by the Buu Race, very powerful. It too like Instant T-port can be used in and out of battle, but there are no special requirements to learn this technique! In battle it is stronger than it's yardrat-jin counterpart, however, outside of battle it can only EVER be used 1x in 24hours. Like instant t-port you can only buu teleport to a planet if you have previously visited it. Buu's cannot learn the yardrat-jin Instant Teleportation technique....

Outworld Gate
The Outworld Gate isn’t a planet, but is rather a ‘dimension’, that cannot be blown up and is not found in any of the galaxies in the Universe. Some races start there, and if you can choose your starting location, you can choose there.

The Outworld Gate has 0x gravity, and when you have died and trained for your allotted time (either 14 or 30 days) you can choose to start from your last known destination (ship, planet etc) or you can start from here instead. You can fight from this place (including using the Battle Arena Re-Translocator) and purchase items from this place (just not from Empire Shops, because you are not on the specific planet!).

Dead Realms
When you die in DB:AO, you are sent to King Yemma instantly, and must post on the Request Board that you would like to undergo dead training. In this post you must include your current stats, your record (number of wins, losses and draws), number of quests undergone / completed, how you died and how long for and then basically try to catch King Yemma in a good mood, so it would be good to praise him sometimes, but not too much, then he’ll know that your just kissing @$$!

Ways of being killed in DB:AO (for 14 days and 30 days) are as follows;
- You have 30 losses, and every additional 30 losses you die (14 days)
- You land on a planet that has a higer gravity level than you are used to or you gravitron does not protect you from that level of gravity (14 days)
- You are blown up on a planet by an [obliterator] move being used (in which you would be dead for 30 days, not 14 days!)
- You piss someone off in battle, and if they have an [instant kill] move and use it, then will die! (14 days)

There are many different types of dead training you can do depending on the stats, record, quests completed and personality of your character (good or evil). To find out more, visit Dead Training.

A quest consists of many things (dball hunting, hidden item hunting, planet conquering, special training, winning tournaments, majin / kai training).

Completing quests allows you to go onto better quests, or undergo stronger dead training. Some quests may even give your omnipotent items such as Ascended Armours or Weapons, or just a sh*t load of $_$ !!!

To find out more, visit the Quests 'sub-section' along the left hand side of the website.

Hidden Items
Like when searching for dballs, scouters and other searching items can also be used to hunt for other hidden mysterious items throughout the Universe. If there is a [hidden item] on a planet, the description of the planet would probably hint it.

You would post that you are Searching for a Hidden Item (Day ?/? … however many days it takes for your particular Scouter to find an item). You could search for days, weeks, or months without finding anything, so unless you are DEAD CERTAIN there is an item (clue given in description, or by a clue given from a Non-Playable Character) I wouldn’t search for more than 20 – 30 days.

Once you find the item, it is yours to keep. You don’t have to fight a Guardian like the Dragon Balls (unless it is stated otherwise in the planet’s description).

Team members or clan members CANNOT share scouters or searching items (only training items) EVER, not in battle or when searching for any Dragonballs or any other type of hidden artifact.

If you lose to the Dragonball Guardian, you MUST leave the planet within 24hrs of posting that you lost on the request board, and must not return for 14 days. After the 14 days you can re-challenge. If you fail to leave you will die for 14 days.

If a member of your team/clan fights a Dragonball Guardian and loses, but you then re-challenge you cannot do so until they leave the planet. The team/clan member has 24hrs to leave the planet, and they MUST leave the planet before you challenge. If two people who are not team members both post within 24hrs a challenge to a Dragonball Guardian they must first fight, the loser forfeiting their search and MUST leave the planet within 24hrs. The winner can challenge the Guardian straight away if they wish.

Under no circumstances can ANY form of training be done whilst hunting for the Dragonballs. This is a special quest, so on the day you post the challenge to the Dragonball Guardian you cannot train. If you beat the guardian and gain the right to hunt for the dragonballs using a scouter or searching item, then you CANNOT train until the day after you make your wishes. For example, it takes 3 days to fight the Dragonballs, on the 3rd day you make your wishes. You cannot train on this day, but you can the day after. If you do this your hunt for the dragonballs will be voided and you must start again from scratch – including fighting the guardian, the next day.

See the Dragonballs Quest Page for more information.

Rule on Immortality
When wishing for Immortality do not think that it means you can never be defeated, you can.

Immortality means; you cannot die from an instant-kill type move in battle / you cannot die from a planet exploding, example, an obliterator type move used in battle / when you reach so many losses that you are supposed to die, you don't.

You can however be DEFEATED by these means, when your health reaches 0 in battle and you cannot be revived by any move / item then you lose the fight.

Planet Destroying [obliterator] Moves
If you have an [obliterator] move aka, a planet destroying move, you can blow up any planet in any galaxy if you wish. Due to the strain of these immensely powerful moves you can only blow up a planet every other week. So you must blow up a planet, then rest for 7 days, then you can blow up another (and so on).

Firstly, you must travel to the planet you wish to blow up and if it has a Planet Master (if it is not owned by an Empire it doesn’t have one) you must challenge them. If you win, you can blow up the planet and if you lose you must not return to the planet for 30 days.

There are four levels of [obliterator] moves;
- [obliterator lvl1], this level states you must give 24 hours notice in order to blow up a planet
- [obliterator lvl2], this level states you must give 12 hours notice in order to blow up a planet
- [obliterator lvl3], this level states you must give 6 hours notice in order to blow up a planet
- [obliterator lvl4], or better known as a [mega obliterator] move, because of the power of this attack the planet will be blown up instantly

When a planet dies (blown up) it will be gone for 30 days, and will be reborn after the 30th day.

If you want to get the stronger versions of obliterator moves you must be extremely strong. Some races do have these moves in their move list, but you cannot just access them immediately you must in some cases have your last transformation, undergo training or be a God / DemonKing (etc)

Planets End
Potentially the strongest attack on the site, with a damage factor of 40,000,000! This colossal attack can be used inside and outside of battle. If used outside of battle it will destroy the planet instantly, and everyone on it, for 30 days. This move can only be used 1x per battle, and only 1x a month outside of battle (due to the immense drain of energy it has on the user). In order to obtain this mega planet destroying attack you must first meet the specification required on the General Quests page, it is not easy however. The move description can be found on the Hyper Arts page.

Planet Conquering
You can own planets in DB:AO or even a whole galaxy if you wished! In order to own a whole galaxy you must have conquered and currently own every planet in that galaxy (that can be owned - there are limitations). If someone challenges you for the ownership of a planet that belongs to you and you have owned it for more than 1 week you cannot decline. If you do not answer within 48 hrs they will instantly claim the planet as their own. If they do fight you and you win, they cannot challenge the owner for a further 30 days.

If you want to own a planet you must first request to the Planet Master or Champion of the planet you want (you must be on the planet you want to conquer) and you must fight him / her. If you win, you have the planet. Anyone can conquer planets, or claim yours for their own.

Also, because the planet is yours, people must request to you in order to go there. If you allow them, they can go. If they go without asking for your permission and land on the planet, you can kill them instantly (they will die for 14 days). Or if they happen to be on the planet and you conquer it, you can ask them (or force them!) to pay you rent to stay their, or if they decline and do not leave after 24hrs of you asking them to(through the request board) they die, instantly for 14 days.

If however you lose you must leave the planet and not return to challenge the owner/champion for a further 30 days!

Another major insentive into owning planets is that after 30 days of owning a planet you will start to get paid a wage from the inhabitants taxes! To find out more information, see the Planet Ownership Quest on the General Quests Page.

Race Empires
There are 11 individual races in DB:AO and some have their own empire, some do not. An Empire has ownership of certain planets - belonging to that race. Information on Empire's can be found in the Planet Empires page, otherwise it will state on the planet whether it is owned by an Empire, for example;

• New Vegeta [saiyan empire]

These planets cannot be conquered, unless a bounty has been put on the planet by another Race. If a bounty has been put on a planet, anyone from any race can conquer the planet and sell it to the asking Empire (they will post on the Request Board what planet(s) they want for their own and their payments, normally items and $$$).

You could however conquer the required planet, but then keep it for your own. If this were to happen the King of the Empire asking for the specified planet would probably put a bounty on your head, for a very high payment, but if you’re strong enough, it’s worth the risk … right?

Majin and Kai Training
As the name suggests, you can train with Babadi or Dai Kai (depending on personality of character, evil or good) and obtain extremely powerful stat boots and attacks!

To see the training and specifications available look at this page Majin and Kaioshin Abilities Page. This page gives an in-depth summary of the training, unlocked majin / kai moves and arts and other useful information you will need to know.

*** A Special Note on Majin / Kai Training: If you are a regular member, who has not yet obtained Godhood or DemonKing status, and you have undergone the special training you must have either Majin (if you are evil), or Kaioshin (if you are good) in front of your name permanently (until you become a Demi-God / God or DemonKing). ***

Fighting for Ownership of Dark Dragonballs
When fighting for someone else's Dark DragonBall please post on the Schedule Battle Board that you want to challenge whoever has the dragonballs (yes, you can fight for more than 1) and what you are wagering in return if you were to lose. Please make sure that your opponent and the Ref are both aware of the stakes of the fight. This special type of 'betting' items for fighting is disallowed normally in DB:AO, only when it comes to Dark Dragonballs. By the way if you challenge someone and lose, you cannot re-challenge them for a further 14 days, your opponent is not obliged to the fight and can turn you down anytime they want ... but they do have a reputation to think of after all.

There are 10 different types of tournaments in the Universe, they are as follows;

- Regular (everyone and anyone, 1 on 1)
- Free for All (everyone and anyone, free for all, normally 5 fighters to one chat room)
- Galactic God Lord (gods and demi-gods, 1 on 1)
- Ruler of the Damned (only demonkings, 1 on 1)
- Clash of the Titans (demi-gods vs. gods vs. demonkings)
- Team Tournament (teams vs. teams)
- Clan Tournament (clans vs. clans)
- Supreme Race (race vs. race, does not include Gods or DemonKings as a race)
- Otherworld Tournament (anyone who is dead, 1 on 1)
- Strongest Warrior (everyone and anyone, 1 on 1)

If a tournament is being held, I will post it on the Site News & Questions Board and create a Tournament Sign up Board. Not everyone can participate in certain tournaments remember, and I will also decide the match-ups (randomly).

There will also be prizes given out. Everyone will get a consolation prize for signing up and participating. Then prizes will be given out for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. The prizes will be specified on the Tournament Info Page when one is announced.

Teams, Clans and Partnerships
As the name suggests a Team is number of characters (up to 5 members) from the same, or different race but must all be good, or evil, not mixed. They can share training items, but not battle items armours / weapons. They can also travel with each other if the ships have the capacity to do so, however teams cannot challenge teams or clans for ownership of planets.

A Clan consists of a maximum of 3 teams combined (maximum is 15 members to a clan). Clans can challenge other clans for dominance over planets (teams cannot challenge teams or clans for dominance of planets). The members of the clans can be from the same or different race, but must all be either evil, or all good, not mixed.

A Partnership is formed between races, rather than teams. If a planet that is owned by Saiyans is saved / protected by a character from a Demon race for example, the Saiyan King (a NPC who is ruler of all saiyans, not actually a real character to fight) will post that he would like to make a partnership between the two races. If the Demon King (ruler of all demons) replies positively, the partnership is formed. This then allows Saiyans to shop from the Demon Shops and travel to some planets owned by the Demon Race (if stated otherwise), and visa versa. If this partnership ends, due to betrayal (lets say after the partnership was formed, a Saiyan were to destroy a Demon planet) they can no longer shop on or visit the planets!

NPC’s … Non-Playable Characters
Most Non-Playable Characters are Empire Kings, King Yemma, Dead Training Masters, Dragon Guardians and Planet Masters (etc), basically people who give out special training…

Unless you are a member of staff who has been given one of these jobs, you would be wise not want to try to post as King Yemma 2 or something like that, and give yourself dead training, because a Site Master will find out and ban you for cheating! Staff members also do not post themselves dead training, or Planet Master fights (etc) they must wait for another member of staff who has the status to do so.

In order to keep your member page up to date you will be required to post an update of what you have done in the past week (7 days, Monday to Sunday). Here is the link to an Example Weekly Update that you must use as a guideline for your weekly update.

Things found in a weekly update;
- Training (regular, special or dead training)
- Fighting
- Transactions
- Move Selection
- Travelling
- Team / Clan Information (if you are invited or start your own)
- Quests Undergoing / Completed (if any)
- DragonBall Hunting (if any)
- Hidden Items Found (if any)
- Planets Conquered / Destroyed (if any)
- Tournaments participated in during the week (if any)

After this, you must post the Total Stats Gained During the Week;

- Includes fight stats and $ / training stats / and any stat boosts (to be added up)

Then after posting everything you have done in the week, you must post;

- Old Stats including: items / moves / location etc. (From previous week / update. If it is your first week on DB-AO put the stats from your member page / starting stats)

- New Stats including: new items / moves / location etc (As of the Saturday / Day of posting update, to get new stats add the Total Stats Gained with your Old Stats)

It is also important not to post your update too late in the week .If you go on holiday, or are too hung-over, or whatever reason you are unable to update, post your reason on the News Board and you will get an extension.

*** A Special Note on Updating: As soon as an update is posted a member of staff will check it, and OK it if all the maths adds up in the update, then a Site Master will be able to update your member page. If it is wrong, and a staff member posts a reply saying you need to correct stats, you should do it ... unless you don’t want to get updated! ***

It is very important to keep a calculator handy and a backup file of your current stats / items / moves etc (what you would find in a members page) in a Word Document or Notepad. It is a lot less time-consuming and stops confusion and mistakes in updates. It may also be important to keep a daily update (copy the example above and keep a note of what you do each day, instead of going to all the boards to try to remember what you did every day). Secondly … try to enjoy DB:AO to the fullest. Remember it is only a game and you can quit when you like, DO NOT take it too seriously as others may get offended … Have Fun!