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Brief Episode Guide

So, you don't feel like wading through the extensive episode analyses, huh? Well, you're in luck, for we also have an abridged episode guide here, with the basics of the episodes, and what each is about. All the important information without putting you to sleep, folks!

01: It Feels Like Magic: 7/10 In Gardenia, a little city on Earth, Bloom witnesses a girl being attacked by an ogre. She inadvertantly draws the ogre's attention, but is able to take down the ogre with magical powers she was unaware she had. The girl faints, and Bloom takes her back to her home. The ogre, Knut, decides to locate this Earth girl, and uses a hunter troll to sniff out Bloom's location.

When the girl wakes up in Bloom's home, the girl introducers herself as Stella, and talks about Bloom's powers, trying to get her to use her powers, and showing her the realm of Magix, and the school of Alfea, school for fairies. Meanwhile, Knut and the troll find Bloom's house, and barge in to attack. The Specialists of Red Fountain, school for warriors--specifically, Prince Sky, Riven, Brandon, and Timmy--come in to save Bloom, Stella, and Bloom's parents, Vanessa and Michael, capturing the troll, and frightening Knut away. Bloom's parents agree to let Bloom attend Alfea.

02: More Than High School: 9/10 Stella and Bloom enter the school of Alfea, but to be admitted, their names must be on a list Griselda has, and Bloom's name is not. Stella has Bloom pose as the princess of Vallisto, a student who wouldn't be coming to Alfea this year, but was supposed to, to get in. Miss Faragonda introduces herself to the students. Bloom and Stella walk to their room.

Inside, Bloom, pretending to be Varanda from Vallisto, and meets roommates Flora, Tecna, and Musa. The girls head for downtown Magix, where Knut spots Bloom and Stella, and informs the Trix sisters. Bloom uses a special interrealm telephone to call her parents back on Earth, but hangs up quickly when she spots Knut, and follows him. The Trix sisters find Bloom, though, and threaten her to tell them where Stella is, as well as trying to kill Bloom. Stella and the others soon show up, though, to stop the Trix sisters and save Bloom. Stella accidentally reveals to the other girls that Bloom is not the princess of Vallisto, and in fact from Earth. Bloom decides to tell Faragonda and Griselda the truth about who she is, and Faragonda allows Bloom to stay at Alfea.

03: Save the First Dance: 10/10 Bloom is upset when she is unable to perform a simple hair color-changing spell in Wizgiz's class. She still worries about not being able to use her magic at breakfast, but then Miss Faragonda announces their back to school dance, and tells the girls that the boys of Red Fountain will attend as well. Stella just bought a new dress for the dance, but Bloom is upset that she has nothing to wear, so the Winx girls go shopping with Bloom.

Meanwhile, at Cloud Tower, headmistress Miss Griffin holds a contest for who can come up with the best way to ruin the Alfea dance, and the Trix sisters win. Aside from sneaking into Alfea to change gifts from the boys--cute little butterfly eggs--into eggs with lizards that will make the girls vomit, they intend to steal Stella's ring of Solaria while there. Bloom sees them perform a spell on the eggs, though, and along with the other Winx girls, puts a counterspell on them to return them to their previous state as butterfly eggs. The Trix sisters put a spell on Stella's ring that brings it straight to them though, but trying to defend Stella's ring, Bloom is, for the first time, able to transform into her winx form. The Trix sisters still get away with the ring, though... except Flora had cast a spell that replaced Stella's ring inside the oyster shell with a duck egg, which hatches and thinks Icy is its mother. Bloom and Brandon have a dance together.

04: The Voice of Nature: 8/10 Professor Palladium has his students go on a nature hike, to reach a designated area, without using their magic. Meanwhile, the boys are flying the troll from It Feels Like Magic for interrogation. The Trix sisters, worried of what the troll might say, decide to blast the plane down, and the troll escapes.

The Winx girls help the Specialists find the troll, who they find attacking classmates of the Winx girls. The Specialists save them, but they are not very grateful. The Trix sisters find the troll, and send it into limbo, then leave before the Winx girls get to them. Bloom finds a feather, and figures that the Trix sisters had something to do with the troll, and the plane being blasted down. The ship somehow having gotten fixed, the boys fly the Winx girls to their destination, where they receive a high grade from Professor Palladium, despite being the last to arrive.

05: Date with Disaster: 8/10 In the kitchen, Bloom, Musa, Tecna, and Flora are helping Bloom make a good-decision potion, when the Maestro walks in and complains. Stella comes in to tell the girls she has a date that night with Prince Sky, and wants help selecting an outfit to wear, and to give Bloom her ring of Solaria for safe keeping. The next morning, though, Stella is upset, seemingly because her date the previous night did not go well. Stella destroys their room, and tries to blast Bloom when she realizes Bloom has her ring of Solaria, but disappears before the other Winx girls come in the room.

The girls go to Red Fountain to ask what went wrong the previous night, except Prince Sky knows nothing of a date with Stella the previous night. The Winx girls try to find the Black Lagoon cafe, the place where Stella was supposed to meet Prince Sky, but the place does not exist, though Knut, in disguise, tells them where to find it. Stella is inside, but it is actually Darcy disguised as Stella. The Trix sisters agree to release Stella only if Bloom hands over the ring of Solaria, which she does.

06: Secret Guardian: 3/10 The Trix sisters are trying to unlock the magic of the ring, except they can't figure out how, so they toss it aside, and Knut sweeps it into a dust pile. The Winx girls decide they must break into Cloud Tower to take back the ring, as it is made from extremely powerful magic that also created the great dragon. That night, the Winx girls sneak into Cloud Tower, and easily get back Stella's ring.

Tecna wants to leave, but Bloom wants to find more information about the great dragon, and soon finds an entire book about her on a small table. Against Tecna's wishes, Bloom reaches for the book, setting off a trap Miss Griffin has set, as she saw them sneaking about Cloud Tower. Miss Griffin attempts to trap them inside Cloud Tower, and sends bugs after the girls, which they defeat, and the glowing presence shows Bloom to a way out of Cloud Tower. Unfortunately, Miss Griselda catches the girls sneaking back into Alfea, and convinces Miss Faragonda to punish the girls by taking their powers away.

07: Grounded: 9/10 As part of the girls' punishment for leaving the school grounds in the previous episode, Miss Griselda has ordered them to clean the entire school, a concept lost on Tecna. Miss Griselda goes to tell the girls that the entire school is going to see a concert by Charmed Life except for them, for no apparent reason other than to be mean. The Trix sisters are furious that the Winx girls have broken into their room, though little red-headed Mirta asks what's wrong with the fairies, anyway, to which Darcy responds by temporarily suffocating her. After Miss Griffin announces to the school that Alfea has booked the stadium for a concert, the Trix sisters, thinking the school will be empty, decide to search through the school for the dragon fire.

The Winx girls convince the boys to come over and help them clean up, and party. When the Trix sisters arrive, they realize that Alfea is not quite empty, so they summon a minotaur to take care of the Winx girls and the Specialists. While the minotaur is distracting them, the Trix sisters search for the dragon fire. Eventually, Stella comes up with a plan to cause the minotaur to slip on some liquid, right through a wall, knocking the minotaur out. The girls hide in Miss Faragonda's office. The witches follow inside, and a bit later, Miss Faragonda enters. Miss Faragonda thanks the boys for helping the Winx girls, and sends Miss Griffin a letter of complaint about the Trix sisters, and returns the Winx girls' powers.

08: The Day of the Rose: 7/10 Bloom dreams of the glowing presence that saved the girls in Secret Guardian. Flora wakes her up, telling her it is the Day of the Rose, the day to celebrate their parents. Bloom did not know, though, so is staying in Magix. Stella and Musa are staying as well: Stella's parents are going through a nasty divorce, and Musa's mother has died, and her father is away on tour.

Riven is competing in the Day of the Rose race. Stella and Bloom are there, along with Brandon and Prince Sky. Bloom gets into an argument with Riven, and wants to apologize. Knut, disguised as Timmy, gives Bloom a special helmet to give to Riven, a helmet that the Trix sisters have put a spell on to cause him not to be able to see at a certain point. When Bloom realizes that Timmy was not really Timmy, she tries to go to save Riven, but Darcy saves him instead from crashing, and puts a spell on Riven to have him fall in love with Darcy.

09: Spelled: 10/10 Bloom dreams of the glowing presence that saved the girls in Secret Guardian, of the presence telling her of a journey she must take. The next morning, Bloom talks about her dream, and Tecna helps Bloom remember with a psychic beetle. Stella gets pissy, though, that everyone's talking about Bloom, and no one is paying her any attention. Bloom storms off for the library, where she learns the presence's name to be Daphne, but several other library books attack Bloom, including one on the last witch coven.

In the girls' room, Stella is insulting everyone, and even gets Musa to hold back crying, having her run out, off to Magix. Stella apologizes for hurting Musa, saying a senior had put a mood swing spell on her. In Magix, Musa is spotted by the Trix sisters, who chase after her, along with several other witches. As Musa is cornered, though, the Winx girls and the Specialists save her, and battle against the witches. Right before several of them are about to be beaten by the witches, Bloom grows extremely angry, and releases her dragon fire, blowing all the witches away. The witches are temporarily defeated, but Icy now knows that Bloom holds the power the Trix have been seeking.

10: Magical Reality Chamber: 5/10 Professor Palladium has an exam for the fairies that will take them to a virtual dead planet where they must survive. On a walk with Brandon, Bloom tells him about how nervous she is about it, but Riven overhears, and telepathically alerts Darcy, who puts a spell on the chamber the next night.

Two days after her walking date with Brandon, Bloom takes the reality chamber exam, though the witches, via dolls, have their virtual selves in the chamber as well, and try to anger Bloom enough to force her to use her dragon fire. She eventually unleashes it, and the witches take it... only for some reason, they lose it. Professor Palladium gives Bloom an A+ for her exam grade, and her classmates are all happy that, since the chamber is broken, their exams must be postponed.

11: Junior League: 9/10 Flora's experiments in the girls' room are making Stella's and Tecna's lives miserable. As they complain, Flora leaves for Blackmud Swamp, though the Winx girls follow her there, to help out. Flora needs a cheerful gladiolus, which she hopes to get from the Junior League of Blackmud Swamp, who are tiny water nymphs.

The undine queen agrees to give Flora the flower if the Winx girls can get rid of a monster that's been keeping the nymphs away from their food source. The girls find the monster to be a giant turtle, who is only acting evil because of a parasitic tree on its back. The Winx girls get rid of the evil tree, and Flora gets her cheerful gladiolus.

12: Miss Magix: 7/10 Professor Palladium has the magical reality chamber working again, though Stella is absent when she is supposed to take the test. Stella had lied about being sick, in order to get ready for the Miss Magix beauty pageant that night. Meanwhile, the Trix sisters have agreed to help Lucy win the pageant, and in return, Lucy will do their homework for the rest of the school year. The Trix disguise her as Miss Popularus.

Stella senses something wrong with Miss Popularus. The Trix sisters mess with the other contestants' talents, except they cannot seem to bring down Stella. Miss Popularus/Lucy does a nice hair ballet, and actually wins the pageant. Bloom reveals Miss Popularis to be the witch she is, and is disqualified, making runner-up Stella the winner. The girls help Stella study for the magical reality chamber exam, and she passes the test the next day.

13: Meant to Be: 6/10 In the girls' room, Bloom tells the girls about her time back home on earth during spring break. She's helping her mother Vanessa in her flower shop, though Bloom's noticed she can see into a person's soul. Vanessa is making a business deal with two shady businessmen, of whom Bloom sees through their fronts and sees that the men are trying to steal her mother's flower shop.

After Vanessa backs out of her dealings with the men, the enforcers destroy parts of the shop, and when Vanessa still doesn't sign her business over, they destroy the entire shop, and set the place on fire. Bloom contains most of the fire, and saves the enforcers' limo driver, who tried to stop the enforcers. Bloom's parents tell her that they found her in a fire, and that she somehow magically put out the entire fire when Bloom's dad Michael rescued her. Bloom wonders who her real parents are, and where she's from, and the Winx girls agree to help her find out.

14: Witch Trap: 10/10 After Bloom fails an important exam, she questions, again, where her powers come from, where she comes from, and who she is, exactly. Brandon decides to help sneak Bloom into Cloud Tower, so she can read the book there about herself. Only Bloom finds out from the book that she is actually an evil witch, with evil powers. Meanwhile at Cloud Tower, Lucy defriends Mirta after Mirta says that her favorite spell is a friendship spell in front of the entire school. Mirta does not like that Lucy is friends with the Trix sisters, as Mirta knows they are evil. Mirta casts an eavesdropping spell in the hopes to show Lucy what the Trix sisters are all about, but finds them discussing plans on changing the contents of Bloom's book.

Bloom wakes up the next morning in the forest near Cloud Tower, where Mirta finds her and tells her about the contents of the book being fake. The Trix sisters and the Winx girls find them shortly, and with Bloom weak, and the other four Winx girls about to perish at Stormy's hands, Mirta casts an illusion monster to cause Stormy to lose concentration, and save the Winx girls... and as thanks, Icy changes Mirta into an enchanted pumpkin. The girls take pumpkin Mirta back to their room, with Flora welcoming Mirta to Alfea.

15: Pushing the Envelope: 7/10 Professor Wizgiz gives his class a vital exam with a single day's notice: fail, and get kicked out of Alfea. In the hallway, Bloom runs into Wizgiz, who is searching frantically through his bag for something, and the answer sheet to the next day's exam flies out, but he disappears before Bloom can give it back. In their room, the girls are debating on whether or not to open the envelope, when Miss Griselda gets Bloom to see Miss Faragonda, who takes Bloom on an astral journey, in the hopes of getting some answers for Bloom about her origins. Daphne tells Bloom that she is the guardian of the dragon fire, and that it's still burning, but doesn't finish before Miss Faragonda can no longer keep up the magic needed for the astral journey.

Bloom tries to call Brandon for advice, but he doesn't answer. The Winx girls decide to hide the envelope in the kitchen. Bloom does so, though Flora wanted to be the one to hide it. In the middle of the night, though, the girls sneak around the kitchen in search of the envelope, though Bloom spots them all, and they go back to bed, putting the envelope safely tucked away in Flora's nightstand. The next day, the girls are shocked to see the other girls covered in mud: it turns out the envelope did not contain an answer sheet, but instead, exploded with mud when opened, and the Winx girls were the only five not to open the envelope. The episode ends with the Trix sisters are in their room, conjuring up a nightmare gargoyle....

16: The Nightmare Monster: 9/10 The Winx girls get home from a scary movie, and Stella has an all-too real nightmare that leaves here scared and weak. The other girls write it off as "just a nightmare," but later, Musa has a similar nightmare, as does Tecna. The girls wonder what is going on, as Flora hears Mirta, still in pumpkin form, calling to her. Mirta alerts Flora that there is a nightmare gargoyle about, that is tearing at the girls while they are asleep, which also weakens them when awake.

The next night, the girls pretend to be asleep, hoping to catch the nightmare gargoyle, except they cannot seem to get a good attack in on the gargoyle, as the girls are still weakened and scared. The Trix sisters come to attack the girls, and again, steal Bloom's dragon fire, and are almost successful, until Miss Faragonda sees what is going on and helps to defeat the nightmare gargoyle, with Bloom's help. The Trix sisters are expelled from Cloud Tower for their shoddy work, embarrassing to Miss Griffin.

17: Royal Heartbreak: 6/10 The Day of the Royals is tomorrow, and Bloom is upset that Brandon has not invited her. Stella convinces Bloom to sneak into Red Fountain for the celebration, and all the Winx girls decide to go as well.

Inside the Red Fountain stadium, Bloom bumps into Princess Diaspro, who drops a photologram of Brandon, and yells at Bloom. Irrationally, Bloom accuses Diaspro of being Icy, takes her to a back room, and attacks her. In the center of the stadium, Riven and Brandon are out of control, and want to one up each other, but their fight is interrupted when Bloom and Diaspro's fight ends up in the middle of the stadium. Brandon runs up to comfort Diaspro, and Diaspro says that he isn't really Brandon, but Prince Sky. Stella is also upset to find her "Prince Sky" is actually just the squire. Bloom and the other Winx girls are punished with a 50% dilution of their powers, as well as probable expulsion.

18: Senior Witches Go to Earth: 8/10 Bloom feels bad about getting her friends in trouble, and decides they would be better off without her around, so she goes back to earth to stay with her parents for a while. Stormy spotted Bloom going back to earth, though, and the Trix sisters prepare to attack her while her friends are not there to help. The other Winx girls ask Miss Faragonda permission to go to earth and get Bloom back, but she denies permission, though Stella goes to get Bloom anyway.

On earth, the Trix sisters are at Bloom's home when she arrives at night, and attack Bloom. When they don't get very far, they head for Bloom's home to throw Bloom's parents into a vortex unless Bloom gives up. Before Bloom can decide, the witches throw down Bloom's parents. Bloom saves them, but comes out exhausted, and the witches start pummeling her, and they trap her in a wall of ice. The witches steal the dragon fire from Bloom and leave. A while later, Stella arrives to take Bloom back to Alfea.

19: The Army of Decay: 10/10 The Trix sisters return to Cloud Tower to take over the school, and get revenge on Miss Griffin. Bloom and Stella return to Alfea, and Miss Griselda takes Bloom to Miss Faragonda, to whom Bloom explains that the Trix sisters took her magic, the dragon fire, and mentions that the Trio is planning to summon some army--the Army of Decay, and Miss Faragonda notes that all of Magix is in terrible danger. After the Trix sisters announce to Cloud Tower they've taken over the school, the sisters find the spell to summon the Army of Decay.

Prince Sky tries calling Bloom, but Stella hangs up on him, and Riven decides to go over to Cloud Tower to tell Darcy of the love troubles. But Darcy decides to break up with him when he arrives, and the Trix sisters shrink him, and shoot him with some light. The Trio summon the Army of Decay, which attacks both Alfea and Red Fountain. All the fairies of Alfea, save for powerless Bloom, are protecting their school, as well as the Specialists of Red Fountain protecting theirs. Princess Diaspro comes to save Prince Sky from the endless army, but he refuses, remaining at Red Fountain to fight alongside his friends.

20: Sparks of Hope: 7/10 The Trix sisters give Alfea and Red Fountain an ultimatum: either surrender to the Trio, or be destroyed. Miss Faragonda has hope that Bloom can save them, and sends her and the other Winx girls on a mission to Sparx to rekindle Bloom's dragonfire. Knut, scared of the Trix sisters, and not liking that they're going to take over the ogre realm along with everything else, defects to Red Fountain, to help fight against the Trix sisters.

The Winx girls are travelling on Sparx, a freezing, dead planet. The Trix sisters, spying on them, cast a spell to make the planet even colder. Per Saladin's wishes, the Trix sisters have the Army of Decay attack Red Fountain first, which eventually falls, and the warrios and professors there retreat to Alfea. On Sparx, the girls run into a yeti, who tries to take out the Winx girls. The yeti causes a large crack in the ground that Bloom falls into.

21: The Frozen Palace: 5/10 The Winx girls find Sparx's royal palace, frozen in ice, and Stella thaws it. Bloom, having falling into the chasm last episode, finds an underground passage leading to the palace. In the palace, Bloom and the other Winx girls meet up, and are greeted by Daphne, who shows Bloom to her room, and shows Bloom to her tiara, and explains that she must get the dragonfire back.

Outside the palace, the yeti is back, as well as hundreds of ice crabs, creatures that can make a fairy disappear with a single pinch. The Winx girls destroy the crabs, but more keep coming. The Specialists, minus Riven, have come in their hovership to Sparx, though, and help the girls out with the ice crabs. The yeti comes to attack again, and the girls defeat it. The Specialists take the girls back to Alfea. Prince Sky tells Bloom he dumped Princess Diaspro, and all is forgiven between him and Bloom.

22: Mission to Cloud Tower: 8/10 Upon arriving back at Alfea, Bloom, Stella, Brandon, Prince Sky, and Knut head for Cloud Tower, via the underground tunnel system, to sneak in, and get Bloom's dragonfire back from the Trix sisters. At Alfea, Flora, Tecna, Musa, and the other fairies and specialists fend against another attack from the Army of Decay.

Inside Cloud Tower, Riven, in a dungeon cell, escapes with the help of Miss Griffin, locked in another cell, not as easy to escape from. To escape from the buggies after him, Riven jumps through a window. Meanwhile, the group of five is still searching for the Trix sisters, but wind up in a garbage dump, with beetle roaches surrounding them. A cloaked person comes to save the group of five, driving the beetle roaches away. This person reveals himself to be Riven. Riven apologizes for the way he had been acting, and joins the group of five to help retrieve Bloom's dragonfire.

23: The Search for the Flame: 4/10 Outside Alfea, Flora, Musa, and Tecna convince two other fairies to stick around for the upcoming battle, rather than going home, and Tecna runs off to help Timmy with something. In Cloud Tower, Bloom, Stella, Prince Sky, Brandon, Riven, and Knut are searching for the Trix sisters, to get back the dragonfire. Bloom finds it, but the Trix sisters extinguish the flame before Bloom can aquire it.

As the Trix sisters laugh at Bloom, Miss Griffin, escaped from her cell, blasts the Trix sisters from behind, and temporarily traps them in a detention barrier. Miss Griffin, along with the group of six and the other student witches, head for the roof of Cloud Tower, where Miss Griffin opens a portal to bring everyone to Alfea. Prince Sky and Bloom stay behind, to keep the Army of Decay from entering the portal, but are given a hoverbike to get back to Alfea, though Sky crashes.

24: Battle for Alfea: 6/10 In the forest around Cloud Tower, having crashed the hoverbike, Bloom and Sky must walk back to Alfea. On the way, Bloom hears Daphne's voice telling her to go to Lake Chrysalis, and she goes alone, as Sky continues on his way.

Meanwhile, at Alfea, Stella, Brandon, Riven, Knut, Miss Griffin, and the witch students arrive, prepared to help fight against the Army of Decay. They struggle, but in the end, with the help of the fairies, witches, and warriors, they defeat the Army of Decay, at least temporarily.

25: The Great Witch Invasion: 8/10 The Trix sisters, in thrones made from the decay buggies, head toward Alfea for an attack, with the rest of the Army of Decay. At Alfea, Flora is finally able to change Mirta back from a pumpkin to a human.

At the bottom of Lake Chrysalis, Daphne talks to Bloom, revealing to Bloom that she's had the dragon fire inside her the entire time. With this newfound revalation, Bloom heads for Magix, with dragonfire in hand, and saves Prince Sky from decay monsters there attacking him. The two head for Alfea, and those already at Alfea prepare for the coming battle with the Army of Decay, as well as the Trix sisters coming along.

26: Fire and Ice: 7/10 Everyone at Alfea prepares for one final showdown between themselves and the Trix sisters. Bloom arrives at Alfea just in time, and Icy takes her sisters' dragon fire to use against Bloom, to defeat her, and everyone else, once and for all, but fails to do so, as Bloom takes Icy out, and the others take out Stormy and Darcy.

As punishment, the Trix sisters are sent to Do-Gooders' Boot Camp, a place so sickeningly cute it'll wash the evil right out of them. Supposedly. Knut is allowed to stay at Alfea, as a janitor, and Mirta becomes an exchange student at Alfea. The faculty of Alfea and Red Fountain throw a part, the faculty gets drunk, and the Winx girls and Specialists reflect on the past year, and think about the upcoming year.