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The Search for the Flame

...or Total Solaria Eclipse

Outside Alfea, Flora, Tecna, and Musa are sitting about. Musa is worried about the next attack, but Flora says all they can do is wait. Musa says they're supposed to be getting ready for prom this time of school year, but Tecna reminds Musa that this battle is much more important than prom, that it's history. Tecna's pretty gung-ho about the next battle with the Army of Decay, too. Fun to see Tecna like this, completely optimistic. I guess she's overcome the logical side of her that would tell her of the impossible odds, at least for the moment. One fairy, who looks sorta' like Mitzi, with semi-dark blue hair, walks up to the Winx girls, telling Tecna she doesn't care about making history, and telling Tecna not to dis the prom. Her friend, with dark-red hair, asks when her Mom is going to pick her up, but the first says she isn't being picked up. Flora tells them they can't leave, that even Kiko and Pepe are ready to fight. Musa continues to tell the two how they're needed. The dark-red-head is named Hortensia, and the Mitzi-looking one is named Priscilla. The little pep talk works, and soon enough, they are all as gung-ho about the upcoming battle as Tecna. Tecna's beeper beeps her--her triangle on her shirt. It's Timmy, saying he needs Tecna right away.

Tecna: Oh dear. What would Stella say? "How long should I wait to call?" Ooh... Hmm... I can't really wait two days to call him back, right? Not with the witches happening. I'll go see him!

Seeing Tecna ponder over all that is amusing. Kinda' makes you wish she were going to see someone besides Timmy. Tecna rushes off. Musa asks Flora if they're going out. Flora says they're working on some sort of project.

In Cloud Tower, Bloom, Stella, Riven, Brandon, Prince Sky, and Knut are sneaking about. For no apparent reason, Riven is now in his regular clothes. Bloom says that Tecna's anti-detection spell should keep the witches from keeping an eye on them. Bit late for that. Knut says there is a monster ahead, but it can't see them. Knut locates a secret passage that leads to the Trix sisters' room. The group follow, but the sisters are not there. Stella says the Trio may be in the faculty lounge. Bloom looks out the room, but sees several monsters in the hallway. Knut says they can sneak through the kitchen, via a secret mirror door in the room. Prince Sky says that mirror doors are often traps, but he insists on going first through the passage. An eyeball spider-thing watches as the group walk through the passages.


The eyeball spider--Stormy calls it an arachnacam--comes back to the Trix sisters. Icy asks for suggestions on what to do to the group. Darcy--again, stating the obvious--says they should just freeze them, then crush them. Darcy likes the simple stuff. Not one for elaborate plans, just whatever's the easiest thing that works. Icy doesn't like Darcy's idea; Darcy doesn't appreciate Icy's disapproval. Icy says they'll make Bloom think she's got the dragonfire back, raise her hopes up, then take it away from her, making her cry. Darcy seems to approve of the plan, anyway. If Icy already had a plan, though, why did she ask for suggestions?

Back in the passages, the group is still looking for the witches. The group splits up to search different directions: Brandon and Riven head off in one direction, while the other four look the other way. Bloom senses the dragonfire's presence behind a big door. They enter the room, and the dragonfire is there... but it's almost immediately extinguished by Icy, who is right behind them. Wouldn't it have been more fun, on the Trix sisters' part, to wait a little longer to extinguish the flame? Icy blows Stella, Sky, and Knut at a wall. Bloom tells Icy that getting the dragonfire back is her destiny. Icy looks surprised to see Bloom saying that. Icy ought to know Bloom's take on the subject by now--it shouldn't really come as a shock to her. Icy tells Bloom her destiny is to be locked in this room for eternity.

Darcy: You're powerless, and you're responsible for the destruction of a whole realm.

Icy pushes Darcy out of the way, going on to make fun of Bloom some more. Icy's got a bit of nerve. Darcy's a lot better at this insult game than Icy. Icy's insults, calling Bloom a loser over and over, seem like the kind of insults a 4-year-old would give. Darcy's is the only one that might actually get to Bloom on a deeper level. The Trix sisters laugh some more, but Miss Griffin blasts them from behind, right into a wall. Bloom congratulates Miss Griffin. How did Bloom know it was Miss Griffin, anyway? I don't believe she's ever actually seen Miss Griffin before. The other Cloud Tower witches, with Brandon and Riven, are right behind. How did they get out, anyway? I thought Riven couldn't pick the lock... did that homebrew potion work? What?

Icy: We're not scared of you: we're not your students anymore, and we're more powerful than you'll ever be.
Stormy: Hey Ice, then how come she can knock us around like that?

Good question, Stormy. It's not explained. But on the other hand, go Stormy! Miss Griffin tells everyone to prepare to leave. Icy says they'll all pay when they get their powers back. Wha... when they get their powers back? When were they taken away? Miss Griffin puts up detention barriers to lock the Trix sisters in, though she warns it'll only work temporarily. Miss Griffin makes several groan-worthy school references, like not chewing gum, and having a hall pass, and the like. The students all put on blue cloaks. One blonde-haired sweet-looking student offers Miss Griffin a special red survival cloak made by the fashion club, to help protect her. This girl is a witch? Must be in that DD Cummings sort of way. I'd have to suspect she'd have gotten along well with Mirta.

The witches, the group of six, and Miss Griffin all walk down the hallways of Cloud Tower to get to the top, to exit the premises for Alfea. The saccharin-sweet witch asks Miss Griffin if they're going to be OK. Stella complains that they still don't have the dragonfire, that they came all this way to get Bloom's dragonfire back. Miss Griffin says they'll be able to take the power of the dragonfire back when she, Faragonda, and Saladin combine their powers, as the three points of magic.


Icy starts breaking down the detention barrier. She also yells "I hate them" over and over again. And we thought Stormy was the one with the temper.

Stormy: I hate Miss Griffin the most.
Darcy: Not me. I hate Bloom, followed by Stella, then Griffin.

Stormy complains that it'll take a while to get out. Icy says they can still cast a spell through the barrier, to summon the Army of Decay to get them. Though really, couldn't the Trix sisters just blast through the wall behind them? Miss Griffin only put the detention barrier in front of them.

Miss Griffin conjures a vortal tunnel to send everyone to Alfea, telling everyone that they must not put up any resistance. The witches, soon enough, allow themselves to be lifted by the portal. When the monsters start coming, Prince Sky says he'll stay behind to keep the monsters from entering the portal. Miss Griffin gives him a hoverbike to get back to Alfea. Bloom says she'll stay with Prince Sky to help him. Um... yeah. How is a girl without any powers going to be of any help? What can she do other than get in the way? Just an easy, if not unnatural way to get Sky and Bloom together. Bah. Turns out the monsters weren't even interested in getting into the portal. They ride off.


Bloom tells Sky she'll swat the buggies away while he drives off. Bloom worries that they're driving too fast. Bloom complains that the buggies are on her. It was her idea to go with Sky, anyway. Can't she just swat them off, anyway? She is wearing gloves, after all. The defense system around Cloud Tower tries to shoot the hoverbike down, causing them to crash.

in a hovership, Timmy is questioning Tecna's findings, telling her that her numbers are off. Stupid. Tecna's always right. Tecna insists her numbers are right, and that the Army of Decay is bigger than they could have imagined. Tecna's so cute when she's worried. Just wish Timmy weren't there.

Other Stuff

The episode felt like nothing happened, even though things obviously did happen. Like everyone's at Alfea. Of course, most of the things that happen in this episode happen for no understandable reason, and that's not very good. And... not much else. Except Timmy being annoying again.

Despite technically being around for most of the episode, Stella was practically not even there in this episode. Heck, Tecna's small role, at the beginning and end of the episode, was bigger. Don't even get a classic Stella-ism today. Darn.

On the upside, Miss Griffin was there for a lot of the episode. Not quite as great a presence as she was in the last episode, though, mostly due to all those horrible school references. She deserves better than that.

4 out of 10 on the old scale.