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The Frozen Palace

...or No One Loves Diaspro

On Sparx, the yeti is walking around, looking for the Winx girls, but unable to find them. The girls are hiding behind an ice rock. Stella is still in her Winx form, but the others are not, still wearing their snow outfits. After the yeti goes away, Tecna says that they must move quickly, since the avalanche had covered the chasm Bloom had fallen in completely. Except it didn't.... Musa uses an energy sensing spell to find Bloom. Musa points to a large castle-shaped structure of ice. How did the girls miss this before? It's not exactly hidden.... Stella starts to defrost the castle, layer by layer.

From inside the chasm, Bloom gets up, not too hurt.

Bloom: Good thing I'm wearing a padded outfit. Saved by fashion. Stella would love it.

As Bloom gets up, we can see that she didn't really fall that far. We can also see the top of the chasm, completely unobstructed. Didn't Tecna say the chasm was completely covered? It's obviously not. So why the hell didn't the girls save Bloom already?! Sigh... lazy writers.... Bloom starts yelling for help. Which could start an avalanche... of course, why the girls haven't already rescued Bloom, who the heck knows? Bloom hears familiar voices inside what looks like a palace. Bloom somehow remembers this place, and is able to realize she's home, at Sparx's royal palace. The place starts caving in, though.

Outside, the four other Winx girls have noticed the ice caving in.

Stella: Oops, might have overdone it a bit.
Tecna: Oh, do you think so?

You have to love Tecna's cute sarcasm there. Stella notices something moving below. Flora notes it to be Bloom. Bloom says how great it is to see her friends, and calls them down to check out her palace. The obvious question should be why her friends didn't fly down to save her, but that would draw attention to the bad writing. Stella tries to melt the rest of the castle. Tecna uses a power-squared spell to multiply Stella's power by itself, to help with melting the ice around the castle.

Tecna: Now aren't you glad we took that mathematics and magic honors workshop together?
Stella: Uh, I took that?
Tecna: Yeah, you did, but it was early and you slept a lot in class.

Bloom looks around her palace, and notices how everything looks destroyed. Musa tells Bloom that she feels the dragonfire is still here. Tecna spots an undamaged area, and Bloom thinks the dragonfire might be there.


The girls all go down to the undamaged area. Tecna detects no other life forms inside the castle. At least counting ordinary life forms. The girls hear a voice calling for Bloom that Bloom recognizes. Daphne appears as a spirit before the girls, and Bloom recognizes her as Daphne, the one from her dreams.

Stella: That's a great outfit.

Daphne tells the girls to follow her. Stella says she must be like a fairy godmother. Daphne tells Bloom she knows the dragonfire was stolen, and Bloom was right to come to Sparx to look for it. Daphne says she will help Bloom find the dragonfire, yet the dragonfire is not hidden on Sparx. Offhand, that seems contradictory. Like Lori says, all these spirit types just always have to be so cryptic. Daphne shows Bloom to the royal treasure room, where everything inside in Bloom's. The room is filled with lots of treasures. Daphne shows Bloom to her tiara, which shows Bloom about her past, as Daphne tells Bloom. And Daphne can tell it better than I ever could, so I'll just let her tell it:

Daphne: When you were born, Sparx was still filled with pure magic, but then the coven launched a sneak attack. They took over the entire planet and destroyed everything. What was once the most magical place in the universe became lifeless. The king called on me to save you and to guard the dragonfire. I took you and the flame, and I brought you to the last place anyone would look for a magical creature: I delivered you to Earth. It was the place where your destiny was waiting, a destiny that would nurture and care for you, and that would prepare you to one day return to Sparx, to one day reclaim your throne.

Bloom starts crying, blaming herself. Daphne tells Bloom it's not her fault, but Bloom continues crying, knowing it was her responsibility to protect the dragonfire, and she failed. She says she'll do whatever it takes to get it back. Daphne tells Bloom she will get the dragonfire back, to look for it, and she will find it, then disappears. Bloom isn't sure where to look, but she knows she'll find it. Again, why are these magical spirit types always so cryptic, anyway?

Stella: Off topic, but what about all the fabulous jewelry?
Musa: I think Stella's got her eye on a necklace or two.
Bloom: OK, after I reclaim the throne you can take your pick.

The girls walk outside, and see the yeti, as well as a couple dozen ice crabs, deadly creatures that can make a fairy disappear with a single pinch. Somehow, Bloom seemed to be the one who told the other girls about the snow crabs. It certainly seems she'd be the least likely to know about them. Flora, Tecna, and Musa transform to their Winx form. Musa shoots a sonic blast at several crabs to keep them still in the air. Flora calls upon pterodactyl vines to hold them still, as Stella shoots a large sun beam at the crabs to destroy them. Before they can celebrate, though, more ice crabs come. Tecna uses a digital deletion spell on the crabs: she attaches glowing chips on the ice crabs, then presses delete to destroy them.

Tecna: And off they go to the great recycling bin in the sky.

Aw, Tecna, you lovable dork. Flora spots even more, and Tecna tells the girls to take cover in the castle. The girls go to the roof of the castle to try to keep the ice crabs from climbing up inside. Musa uses her flute to create a sound barrier to keep the ice crabs out. Stella shoots sunbeams at more ice crabs. As a couple ice crabs are about to nip Bloom, Tecna blasts them.

Bloom: Thanks.
Tecna: Oh, don't mention it, just a little technical support.

That's probably the first time in technical support history it's ever actually helped someone. Flora asks Musa to play some jazz, because it makes the pterodactyl ivy fierce and "improvisational." Improvisational? How exactly does that help anyone, I'd love to know.... Stella sees hundreds more ice crabs outside, and worries that there're too many. The yeti comes back too, and shoots an ice blast from its mouth to attack Flora and Tecna. Tecna asks Flora to combine powers to defeat the yeti, but they can't seem to do so before the yeti fires another blast of bad breath at them. Bloom says it's time for them to fly away, or in her own case, run away. Tecna looks particularly adorable flying away. The ice crabs soon break down the door and get inside the castle.


The yeti reaches inside the castle, but is hit by a hovership swooping by, and lands in front of the castle. Prince Sky, Brandon, and Timmy emerge from the hovership, and draw their weapons before the ice crabs. Inside the castle, Musa does a rap, while the ice crabs just stand around, waiting for her to perform her double subwoofer blast, or something, to destroy the ice crabs. OK. The rap Musa didn't even seem to be a part of her attack, as far as I can tell. She just rapped because she could. It's a shame, really... why rap, of all music? Why couldn't she be a fairy of rock? I mean, isn't rock the most popular kind of music anyway? And a lot better than rap, as far as I'm concerned. Such a wasted opportunity, seeing Musa rap here, instead of, you know, singing....

Outside the castle, the Brandon and Prince Sky are slicing the ice crabs apart. Timmy shoots his laser at some of the ice crabs. Brandon asks how dangerous they are. Timmy says they can make fairies disappear, but isn't sure what it'll do to them.

Inside the castle, Stella blasts a bunch of the ice crabs. Bloom simply pounds on a few with an unlit torch from on the wall, actually destroying them. These ice crabs apparently aren't very strong. Bloom and Stella run off to the center room of the palace. For some reason, Bloom throws away her torch. Not sure why: it was pretty effective, and offered her a little protection, anyway. The other fairies soon come in as well. Flora tries to block them off with her pterodactyl vine barrier, but they get through. Enough with the pterodactyl vines/ivy already, Flora. It's getting a bit mundane. Flora tosses extractor seeds beneath several of them, which grow into flowers that eat the ice crabs. I'll save you all the horror of Flora's line here, which is very un-Flora like. Heck, she doesn't even sound like her usual saccharin self when she delivers the line, for some reason... slightly Stormy-ish, actually. I do like Tecna's calling her method "very efficient," though. Seems like "efficient" would be a favorite word of Tecna's. Tecna traps some ice crabs in a digital sphere, and Musa blasts them into oblivion.

Just as an ice crab is about to nip Bloom, Prince Sky comes to slice it; the Specialists have entered the room. Sky and Brandon slice away at some ice crabs, as Timmy shoots his laser at some. He giggles when he blasts them, too. He's such a dork, but at least he's not being his usual annoying self here. The yeti peeks in through the roof, and tries to squash everyone with his hand. And all eight of them could've easily fit under his hand, too. I guess earlier perspectives had me fooled as to just how huge this yeti is: I figured it was big, but I didn't realize it was bigger than the palace before! Brandon and Sky slice at the yeti's hand a bit. It doesn't seem to damage it, but it's obviously not pleased.

Timmy: Oh no, how are we going to beat this guy?
Stella: Don't worry boys, we're here, we'll save you!

I love how Stella delivers that line! The four Winx girls, minus Bloom, perform various attacks on the yeti. Bloom suggests Tecna to use her world wide web attack on the yeti to limit its movements. It's the same digital sphere thing Tecna used on the ice crabs earlier, but it now has a name. Flora plants blast buds on the digital sphere. Stella pours sunshine on the buds to flower them. Musa does some sort of thing that makes the flowers spin, and eventually blow up. Before the flowers explode, the yeti's eyes turn red. No clue whatsoever what that meant. I guess it was getting angry, seemingly about to get stronger, but that never happened. The yeti faints to the ground, turns to dust, and the dust just blows off in the wind. Why the heck did the creature just turn to dust, now? That was just... stupid. And for how big and tough this yeti was in the last episode, it felt they they beat it simply too easily now. The creature hardly put up any fight!


Brandon asks Stella if they could be friends again. Stella agrees to that. Nice that Brandon has enough sense not to push the boyfriend/girlfriend issue on Stella yet. Tecna asks how the Specialists got to Sparx. Prince Sky explains that they added a warp drive to the ship for interdimensional travel, and that they flew through enemy territory. He shrugs it off as no big deal, but Brandon says that he would've done anything to help Bloom.

Flora: That's so nice, and romantic.
Stella: Hold your horses, Miss Cheery, no one said he's off the hook yet.

Inside the hovership, Flora and Stella are sleeping, Musa's playing her flute, and Tecna's just curiously observing everything. Brandon seems to be operating what's probably ship controls. In the back, Prince Sky starts to talk to Bloom about pretending to be Brandon. Stella wakes up and listens. Sky tells Bloom he wanted to see what it was like to be a regular guy. Bloom's still upset that he lied to her and humiliated her in the process. Sky tells Bloom that he cares about her so much that he broke off his arranged marriage to Diaspro.

OK, stop the clock, hold the phone, say what? Bloom attacked Princess Diaspro for no reason. And Sky is breaking up with Diaspro? I mean, yes, Diaspro is a little snooty, but then, she's a pampered princess; it's just how she's been raised. And really, she has done nothing to deserve this kind of treatment from Bloom or Prince Sky. I mean, arranged marriage or not, I believe she really does care about Prince Sky. And then, for him to dump her for the person who attacked her?! I so wish she could've dumped him before he got to dump her... that would've left me feeling better, at least. Probably the second he heard Bloom was a princess he dumped Diaspro, I bet. Just simply, I feel sorry for Princess Diaspro.

Bloom's elated that Prince Sky dumped Diaspro. I guess it's kinda' mean of Bloom, but then again, she did have an unnatural hatred toward Diaspro anyway, so it's really no wonder that she would love that piece of news. Bloom says it's too weird to call him Prince Sky, so she's going to start calling him Baby. Sky laughs, and says he likes it. Of course, Sky's not in the bargaining position, either, so it really matters not whether he likes being called Baby. Which by his laugh, I'm not so sure he did. Though Bloom, you really do need to show self-respect, and not jump right back to Sky the instant you find out he dumped Diaspro. I'm glad Stella didn't start going ga-ga over Brandon, at least.

Other Stuff

The girls fought against a horde of ice crabs. And they attacked them. Again and again. And again and again and again. And it just seemed like an exercise in futility. Even the fight against the yeti itself turned out being very anti-climactic.

So what was good about the episode? Stella and Tecna. And to a (much) lesser extent, Timmy. As for Flora? She just kept doing that pterodactyl vine over and over. And for a moment with one awful line, she didn't even sound like Flora. I'll forgive Flora this time, but I hope she goes back to her usual loving self the next show.

A bit much on the plotholes early in the episode, perhaps? Why were the Winx girls taken out of character by not rescuing Bloom from the chasm? And why did Tecna say an avalanche had covered the chasm completely when, in fact, it was not even slightly covered? And how did they not notice the huge castle-shaped ice formation before? I'm not putting any blame on the Winx girls themselves, though--just the lazy writers.

Prince Sky is absolute scum. He dumped Princess Diaspro for seemingly no reason to her--it was obvious in The Army of Decay that Diaspro truly cared for him. And how does he thank her? By dumping her for the girl who attacked her. Stormy and Darcy would be jealous that someone could be even more cruel than they.

And speaking of Stormy and Darcy, where were the Trix sisters today, anyway? They knew the Winx girls were on Sparx... so did they just not care? That's too bad... they could've improved the episode a bit.

5 out of 10 on the old scale.