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Royal Heartbreak

...or Psycho

Well, folks, this is it: the episode everyone and their grandmothers have been waiting for: the arrival of Princess Diaspro. And good news, folks: she does not disappoint! She's the snottish, love-to-hate girl everyone was hoping for! So this episode had to have been great, right? Well... not really. You see, there was the problem of Bloom being Bloom... we'll get to that. Right now, let's just start from the beginning, shall we?

At Red Fountain, Codatorta is telling Saladin about the boys at the school, preparing for the arrival of the King and Queen of Eraklion, and how the racers are great, the dragon controllers are great, and all about how the students of Red Fountain are the best warriors around, as several boys at the school are practicing for the event. Saladin mentions this is all for the Day of the Royals, saying it will be the biggest one yet. Saladin asks about the dragons, and Codatorda says they've trained the most exotic ones. Saladin expects a success that will make Red Fountain proud.

At Alfea, Bloom and Stella are in Stella's room. Bloom asks about all the time Stella spends on her hair. Stella talks about Flora's botanical/magical formula, which is supposed to make Stella's hair shine. Stella senses Bloom is feeling down, and correctly guesses that it's about Brandon. Bloom complains that he never called her, and the Day of the Royals is tomorrow. Stella is shocked that Brandon did not invite Bloom. Stella tells Bloom to coax the invite out of him. Stella tells Bloom to call him, start talking about smaller things like the weather, and lead up to asking to be invited to the ceremony. Stella leaves to wash the formula out of her hair, and tells Bloom to call while she's out. Bloom wants to wait for Stella to finish, but Stella insists she call Brandon now. Stella's "Nah-ah, call him" is very cute. Bloom calls Brandon, visibly shaking. She nervously talks to Brandon, and Brandon nervously talks to Bloom.

Bloom: Oh yeah. It promises to be a nice little day. It will be perfect for that thing you guys are doing tomorrow. What was that again?
Brandon: Just, uh, Day of the Royals.
Bloom: Right. Should be a fun day. I've never been--
Brandon: Beep!
Bloom: What was that?
Brandon: My call waiting. I should probably get that. Beep! I'll talk to you later.

During the telephone conversation, we see a neon-ish picture of Princess Diaspro in Brandon's room. After the two hang up, Bloom, upset, complains about how lame Brandon's "beeping" Bloom was. Brandon, in his room, also mentions how lame his "beeping" Bloom was. Stella comes back into the room to ask Bloom when Brandon will be picking her up.

Bloom: He beeped me, Stella.
Stella: Uh! He beeped you?

Stella continues that she'll have Prince Sky straighten it out, that Brandon probably did not mean to diss Bloom. Bloom isn't so sure.

In Brandon's room, Brandon tells Timmy how he feels bad about blowing Bloom off. He mentions Diaspro is coming tomorrow, and how all he can think about is Bloom. Timmy suggests Brandon run out of town, or at least to keep a low profile, to keep his helmet on. Brandon walks out the room, having decided to call Bloom back, and runs into Riven, brooding as usual. Riven tells Brandon how pathetic he is, asking why he'd want to be seen with Bloom, that she tried to hook up with every guy at Red Fountain. An obvious lie. Brandon punches Riven in the stomach. Riven makes a funny face upon being punched. Riven kicks Brandon to the ground. It's odd, though: Brandon falls Matrix-style, twirling in the air for a few seconds in slow motion. Prince Sky tells the two to stop fighting. He complains about Riven having an attitude, and tells Riven that he will draw Riven in sword and shield in combat. Saladin mentions Sky's parents coming the next day, and for the Specialists to all be on their best behavior. Like parents disciplining their toddler. He also warns Riven not to attempt to settle this argument in the field during the ceremony. Apparently, Saladin is aware of a problem going on between Riven and the others.

In Tecna's and Musa's room, Musa is playing a flute-like instrument. Yay! It isn't hip hop! Tecna's doing something on her computer. The other three Winx girls enter the room. Stella asks Tecna for a map of Red Fountain to sneak in, apparently a bit upset that Prince Sky did not give her an invitation. She mentions Sky's parents will be the guests of honor. Bloom is unsure whether she should sneak in, but Stella convinces Bloom not to let a little thing like an invitation get in the way. Flora says it looks like they'll all be going.


Outside the Red Fountain stadium, a dorky guy stops the Winx girls from entering, asking for tickets. The girls all just run past him. He sounds upset to have lost them. Meanwhile, inside the stadium, Miss Griffin finds her seat to be 26-G. And finds Miss Faragonda in seat 26-F. Oddly enough, the letters correspond to their names. Not sure whether that was intentional or not. Considering the show's obsession with the alphabet, probably.

Griffin: I'm 26-G. Don't tell me you're 26-F.
Faragonda: You look radiant. What's your secret? Spell?
Griffin: Hmph!
Faragonda: You and I haven't sat together since the summer of '08.
Griffin: We were both dating that Red Fountain boy.
Faragonda: Prince Jones.
Griffin: We turned him into a goat when we found out he was two-timing us.

Miss Griffin and Miss Faragonda continue on about the Magix Top School survey, and about which school will place on top.

Inside the stadium, the Winx girls, minus Bloom, are standing about in the hallway. Stella questions her decision to wear her normal clothes. Stella says Prince Sky's parents will love her anyway, though, due to her royal upbringing and bubbly personality. Again, Stella's really cute in her little speech here. Musa says Prince Sky's parents will love her because of the alliance that would be formed between Eraklion and Solaria. Stella goes on about how their empire will be great.

An announcer announces the king and queen of Eraklion, as Bloom passes them in the hallway. Behind them is Princess Diaspro, complaining about the announcer not having mentioned her, as Bloom bumps into her, knocking Bloom down, and forcing Diaspro to drop a photologram of Brandon. Diaspro gets pissed that a nobody would have the nerve to question her about that, and leaves. Bloom declares that she must be Icy. For absolutely no reason, too. If Stella didn't know Bloom, and Bloom just crashed into her, do you think Stella would've been all nice to Bloom? Of course not. Diaspro is spoiled royalty, but why Bloom equates that to her being a witch, I do not fully understand. Just a case of Bloom jumping the gun.

When Princess Diaspro is seated in the stadium, Bloom walks up to her to hand her a message to tell her that the press wants to see Diaspro. Teen Fairy, specifically. Bloom leads her to a back room in the stadium, where she puts a sleeping spell on Diaspro. Diaspro complains of another stalker fan she thinks Bloom is, as Bloom continues to insist that she'll stop Diaspro from ruining the Day of the Roses or stealing Brandon, still thinking Diaspro is really Icy. Delusional much, Bloom? Bloom wasn't in disguise here or anything, so if it were Icy, why would she just listen to Bloom and follow her back?


Princess Diaspro continues to insist that Bloom leave her alone. Bloom transforms to her fairy form, and blasts Diaspro with a fireball. You really need to commend Diaspro here, who's showing a lot of restraint. Like if this were Icy, she'd just let Bloom blast her like that. And Bloom's still not getting the hint.

In the hallway, the other Winx girls are peeking through a door to see the main events in the stadium. Stella is first, then Musa pushes her out the way, who says she sees Timmy, at which point Tecna pushes Musa out the way. Tecna does a whispy "wow" upon seeing Timmy. Gag me. Flora asks for a peek, and notes that the Specialists are racing.

Several boys are racing. Riven threatens to take Brandon out of the race, trying to get him to crash, which Brandon does have a soft crash. Brandon and Prince Sky and Riven are about to have a duel as Timmy stops them. First sign that maybe Saladin or Codatorta should've stopped them? Saladin obviously knew that Riven had problems from his talk with them yesterday. Guess he didn't want to stop the ceremony, though considering what he knew of Riven, he perhaps should have before it escalated.... Into the stadium, four mustang dragons enter, supposedly the fiercest dragons in all the known realms. The Specialists are to use their minds to control the dragons.

In the back room, Diaspro threatens to teach Bloom a lesson in proper behavior. Diaspro activates her own winx power, quartz power. Bloom mentions it being a good imitation of a fairy. Why would Icy be trying so hard to convince Bloom she's a fairy? Come on, Bloom, Icy would've just attacked you by now. Amazing that Diaspro's waited so long before fighting back, really.

Diaspro: In spite of what the tabloids might say, I am not a witch. However, I can be witchy when needed. What do you want? A locket of my hair? An autographed wing?

Princess Diaspro and Bloom keep fighting. Which could easily be stopped if Bloom would just leave Diaspro alone. That simple. Diaspro has a crown jewel attack that surrounds her with red stones. She fires at Bloom as well, though Bloom hits her with a larger fireball.

In the middle of the stadium, the four Specialists are controlling the dragons, one apiece, having them circle around them in the air. Riven threatens to have his dragon attack Brandon. As Riven eggs Brandon on, Brandon throws a boomerang at him. It misses, but Riven still falls to the ground. Still neither Saladin or Codatorda is stepping in. Riven has his dragon attack Brandon's dragon, and Brandon tries controlling Riven's dragon, with a little success. After what feels like an eternity, it finally hits Codatorta that he needs to put an end to the boys' nonsense, and goes to the field himself, taking control of one of the dragons, getting the others back into their pens. Before he can, though, a crack forms in the ground, and Bloom and Princess Diaspro emerge from the crack.


Bloom: Stay away from Brandon.
Diaspro: Brandon?! You mean that little squire boy? He's all yours!

Princess Diaspro shoots fire from her rock-looking crown jewels around her body. Bloom blasts the rocks into dust, putting Diaspro into a practical emotional breakdown. Bloom gives her a final blast that blasts her to the ground. Brandon runs up to Diaspro to see if she's all right, and Diaspro, seriously about to have a nervous breakdown, clings to him, but calls him Sky, and mentions that he's the prince of Eraklion. It's absolutely impossible not to feel at least a little bad for Princess Diaspro. Even if she is a little stuck-up, she did absolutely nothing to deserve this treatment from Bloom. Brandon is about to explain to Bloom, but either Bloom or Diaspro tells Brandon that he doesn't need to explain anything. For the life in me, I can't figure out who said that. It could've easily been either Bloom or Diaspro, as it would make sense for either one to have said it, for different reasons, and their voices sound fairly similar.

In the seats of the stadium, Saladin is complaining that the event has been ruined, and asks for confirmation that the girl who ruined the ceremony is one of Miss Faragonda's students, and Miss Faragonda apologizes for Bloom's behavior. Miss Griffin says it's a good thing this happened before the Magix Top School survey came out.

Still peeking from the hallway, the other four Winx girls are arguing for peeking rights through the door. Stella declares it to be her turn to look. At the time, the king of Eraklion calls for the squire, for which "Prince Sky"--apparently the real Brandon--comes forth. Stella is in shock, and starts shrieking, quite upset. The king yells at the real Brandon that he was supposed to be protecting the real Prince Sky.

In her office, Miss Faragonda yells at the Winx girls for leaving school grounds without permission. I thought they were allowed to except after curfew. Hmm. She also yells at them for using their powers irresponsibly and for ruining the Day of the Royals. Technically, Bloom is the only one who did those last two. The only thing the rest of the girls did wrong was "sneaking" into Red Fountain--oddly enough, the one thing Miss Faragonda does not reprimand the girls for. She complains that they sullied Alfea's reputation in front of the most important figures in Magix. In the vaguest sense for the other four Winx girls, perhaps: did anyone else even know the other four girls were there? Miss Griselda says it's grounds for expulsion. Miss Faragonda intends to consult with the elders to talk about expulsion. Miss Griselda mentions that usually they would take away the girls' powers, but at this point in the semester, a fifty percent dilution would be more appropriate, to allow them to continue their studies for the rest of the year. Stella tries to explain that the boys lied to them. Miss Faragonda says it's no excuse.

In their room, Musa says that the real Prince Sky supposedly wanted to see what it was like to be a regular guy. Stella says how she's so over Sky. Yes, she said Sky, and not Brandon. Out on the balcony, Bloom says she's so over guys, and into bunnies, rubbing Kiko.

Other Stuff

Well, first the good: Princess Diaspro herself. Now, the bad: Bloom. Now, the also rather annoying: Bra... err, Prince Sky, I mean. As in the real, actual, bona fide Prince Sky.

Princess Diaspro was a snot, plain and simple. She's just the kind of girl you would love to hate. "Would" being the key word. It's a bit hard to hate her when some psycho is pummeling her for no reason. Dare I say, I downright felt bad for Diaspro: however much a snot she may be, the poor girl was having a nervous breakdown, as if Bloom were getting some sort of sadistic pleasure from trying to kill her.

Also, it's interesting to note Princess Diaspro's extreme patience with Bloom. Diaspro did not try to fight back right away, and really, seemed to have little interest in trying to hurt Bloom... at least until Diaspro realized that Bloom would not just back off, and pretty much force her into a fight.

What did Princess Diaspro do to deserve Bloom's wrath? First, she got mad at Bloom for crashing into her. You can't expect anyone to actually enjoy bumping into someone else, causing the person to fall. Second, Bloom noticed she had a picture of Bra... err, Prin... eh, Bloom's boyfriend. Apparently, someone else crushing on Bra... what's-his-name is good enough a reason to assume the person is Icy, and try to kill the person. Conan Edogawa would be so proud.

If nothing else, it probably should have been a tipoff that Princess Diaspro was not Icy since she had no interest in trying to kill Bloom, or take her powers, or any such thing, and just wanted to be left alone. And Diaspro gave Bloom plenty of chances to just leave her alone, but Bloom just refused. Really, come on now, Bloom: if she were Icy, would she have waited for you to start attacking her before fighting back? It's also doubtful she would have kept up the disguise after being found out, anyway.

So what now? The new Salem witch hunt? Bloom's going to accuse every single person who offends her as being a witch? Sheesh. Paranoia much?

Bra... Sk... err, the guy Bloom liked: he wasn't exactly that great himself. He seemed to care for Princess Diaspro, yet he was stringing Bloom along this entire time. Not that it excuses Bloom's actions, but still, he's not exactly Mr. Innocent here.

And poor Stella, crushed. Finding out her Princ... argh, this is getting confusing! Finding out her prince was really just the squire. While I don't think Stella would have wanted to date a squire, I think she was probably more hurt that he had lied to her about who he was. Stella has grown up as a snottish royal princess, and likely has certain things expected of her, like marrying royalty. On the other hand, Stella does have a strong will, and if she wanted a non-prince guy, she'd get herself a non-prince guy. Not that any of it matters, since Stella feels he betrayed her. Which, while not really his fault, as he was just following orders, he did betray her, and Stella's hurt is understandable.

It seems Tecna's the only Winx girl who still has a boyfriend. That's too bad.

Why did Bloom think Princess Diaspro was Icy, anyway, as opposed to Darcy? The only time Bloom has seen one of the witches disguised as someone else, after all, it was Darcy.

6 out of 10 on the old scale.