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Fire and Ice

...or The Many Faces of Bloom

Outside Alfea, still gloomy, Miss Faragonda gives a final pep talk for all the fairies, warriors, and witches, to get them ready for the upcoming battle with the Trix sisters. Kiko and Pepe tremble.

Meanwhile, the Trix sisters are still sitting atop their rot-made thrones, being carried by the Army of Decay to Alfea. Icy says when they're done, that Stormy can be in charge of Alfea, and Darcy can be in charge of Red Fountain. They arrive before Alfea, and Icy orders the army "Attack." What's neat is the nonchalant way Icy tells the army to attack, almost as if it were boring. As the flying monsters swiftly swoop in, Miss Faragonda and Miss Griffin put up a magical shield surrounding Alfea to keep the monsters out. Stormy soon blasts the shield away with lightning, though. Flora tries blasting Stormy with some pollen, but Stormy just collects it in her hand.

Stormy: What's this? A joke? How pathetic.

Miss Faragonda orders everyone to attack, and all the fairies and warriors attack the monsters. The witches are still oddly absent. Stormy declares having the dragon fire rules, right as Bloom flies in, to tell her that she is the one who has the dragon fire. Technically, they both have the dragon fire. Icy's upset realizing Bloom has the dragon fire again. Stormy shudders. Darcy gives a worried "Uh oh." Cute on Darcy's part. Course, she was the one smart enough not to simply discount "powerless" Bloom in the first place. Bloom blasts Icy's throne. Icy orders her sisters to give them her share of the dragon fire to take care of Bloom, while they handle her friends. Bloom chases after Icy and eventually blasts a fire stream at her. Flora, looking surprisingly cocky, blasts Darcy and Stormy with more pollen, this time blowing Stormy and Darcy away.

Flora: Still think it's pathetic, Stormy?

Meanwhile, everyone else at Alfea is dealing with the monsters attacking. Prince Sky and Riven are attacking monsters together. Sky talks about how great Bloom is, and how he'll take her out on a good date when the battle is over. Gag me. On the ground, Kiko and Pepe are running from little buggies, when suddenly, Kiko flies to the roof of Alfea, with Pepe hanging on for dear life. Kiko can fly? Who knew. Guess that explains his species having lived on Sparx years ago, anyway.

In the sky, Bloom blasts Icy with her dragon, but Icy freezes it, then sends an ice stream chasing after Bloom.


Icy threatens how she'll take Bloom's dragon fire again, and Bloom just says no. Icy blasts icicles her way, as Bloom just blocks them with a fire shield. Bloom's got a particularly vicious scowl on her face doing this, too. Love Bloom's vicious look.

Meanwhile, Darcy replicates herself. Why? I don't know. It doesn't seem to serve any real purpose. Stormy sends an electric twister toward Stella, Tecna, Flora, and Musa. Tecna uses her world wide web to shield them from the tornado. Stella blasts a sunburst at them. Flora shoots ninja daisies at them. Musa surrounds them with boogie blaster. Making them deaf, I guess.

Back with Bloom Vs. Icy, Icy forms a spiked-ice ball trapping Bloom, then sends it hurdling toward the ground, where it shatters. Icy laughs, until Bloom appears right behind her, looking cute, giggling. Very cute on Bloom's part. I guess with her powers, she's able to do some teleportation. Bloom knocks Icy into a lake, but Icy has the lake grab Bloom beneath the surface, and Icy, out of the lake, freezes it.

Back on the ground, the Specialists are trying to show one another up, on how to defeat the large soldiers. Prince Sky, Riven, and Timmy all attack, all being unsuccessful. Knut tries lifting it up and throwing it down. Faragonda, Griffin, and Saladin all blast at a flying stingray. Miss Faragonda mentions their fighting doesn't really matter, though, that as long as Icy has the dragon fire, the monsters will keep coming until they're all wiped out.

With the Stormy and Darcy battle, Tecna charges straight into Stormy, sending her away. Darcy tries blasting Flora and Musa, then looks around nervously trying to find them, as Musa blasts her from behind.

With Icy and Bloom, Bloom stares straight at Icy. So angry. Yet cool and confident. Bloom is very cool here. Icy summons all her dragon fire power for one final strike against Bloom, trapping Bloom in a wall of ice.

Over on the Stormy and Darcy arena, Stormy forms into a powerful tornado after the four Winx girls, and Flora gets sucked in.


Stella grabs Flora's hand, as Musa and Tecna hold on to Stella. The girls perform a spell that changes the Stormy tornado yellow, and chases after Darcy to suck her in. Darcy seems so terrified. You could almost feel bad for her. Faragonda and Griffin perform a spell that trap Stormy and Darcy in a metal dungeon. All of Stormy's and Darcy's monsters disappear upon being trapped, though Icy's are still attacking. The four Winx girls rest on the ground.

Icy gloats about her ice mountain, with Bloom trapped inside, claiming victory. But Bloom's fire dragon cracks open the ice mountain, with a furious Bloom, looking as if she's about to blow up again, heads toward Icy.

All the monsters start disappearing. Saladin says it must mean that "Bloom's kicking Icy's booty." His words, not mine. Strange way with words for an old geezer. Riven walks up to Musa, with Musa happy to see him. Tecna says hi to Timmy. Very seductively. It does not suit her very well. She even looks like she has "things" on her mind. Dirty, dirty Tecna. Could've at least found someone better than Timmy. Stella and Brandon are happy to see each other as well. The sky clears up, and all is sunny again. Bloom flies to the ground, holding Icy, limp, in her arms. Prince Sky, happy to see Bloom, congratulates her, telling her how awesome she is. She and Sky share a small kiss. Small kiss. Emphasis on small. The people in Magix who were turned to rot return to their normal, healthy selves.

Miss Griffin tells Miss Faragonda how she feels bad about allowing the Trix sisters into Cloud Tower, how she should have known their transcripts were fake, and how she's thinking of retiring. Faragonda says while she doesn't agree with all her teachings, that she can't quit, that she's the best in her field. Griffin says she does like her job, but needs to change campus security and the admissions process. Saladin comes up to say that the Council pledged funds to restore Red Fountain.

Knut frets around the Winx girls. Stella and Bloom both encourage him to ask what it is he wants to ask. Knut nervously goes up to Miss Griffin, telling her how Alfea is so nice, and how he'd like to stay at Alfea. Miss Griffin agrees, saying it would be a good intercultural experience. He seems to be a janitor there. Musa tells him how he's done a nice job helping them, and they're going to set up lights in the quad.

As the Winx girls are flying off to the quad, Musa mentions to Mirta that she heard that Mirta is going to be attending Alfea next year. Mirta, sitting beside Lucy, tells Lucy that she'll be at Alfea next year. Lucy's disgusted at the thought, telling Mirta that witches don't hang out with fairies. Apparently, the time helping with the Trix sisters has taught Lucy nothing. Mirta hopes they can still stay in touch, but Lucy wants nothing of it, calling Mirta a loser, and walking away. Flora walks up to Mirta, telling her to ignore Lucy, that Mirta is amazing. Mirta thanks Flora.

It's baffling, honestly. Mirta was the only real friend Lucy ever did have. Of course, then Lucy wanted to hang out with the Trix sisters--the popular girls--and Lucy did not believe Mirta about the Trix sisters only using her, that they didn't like her. Mirta was obviously right--and Lucy is still putting Mirta down? Methinks Lucy has problems other than just the popularity bug.

Faragonda tells Griffin that they can stay for prom.

Miss Griffin: We don't do prom, we crash prom. So enjoy it. This will be the one year we don't try to ruin it.

Griffin opens the sky portal for the witches to travel through, back to Cloud Tower. She opens another portal for the Trix sisters to be sent to, leading to Do-Gooders' Boot Camp, where the entire place is infinitely cute, and all the evil will be driven from them. The sisters enter wearing what appear to be straitjackets, as well as little crowns. Likely the crowns keep the witches from performing any sort of magic. Before Icy enters, she glares at Bloom, threatening her. Bloom gives her a confident glare back. Bloom's so wonderfully expressive this episode. Pepe runs into the portal after Icy, crying for his "Mama." Kiko cries, as Bloom comforts him, telling Kiko that's just how ducks are.


Griselda calls all the girls, as Faragonda tells the girls how well they all did against the Trix sisters, and how they will not have final exams this year, and that it is now time to party. At the teachers' table, Saladin mentions how he loves milkshakes. Milkshakes my butt. That's beer. The beer steins, the beer foam--those ain't milkshakes, no matter what the dubbers claim it to be. Wizgiz, obviously very drunk, spills his beer--I mean, his "milkshake"--all over Griselda, who just laughs it off. She's drunk too.

Bloom, outside the party area, sits by the fountain. Sky walks up to her, asking if she's all right. Bloom thinks about how she'll miss her friends, and how she'll miss Sky. Sky mentions to Bloom that there's still time left to dance at the party.

At a large table, the Winx girls, the Specialists, Knut, and Mirta are all eating and talking. Bloom proposes a toast to friends. Brandon proposes a toast to princesses.

Stella: Let's toast to non-royalty people too. We can not forget about them, 'cause, you know, they can be pretty cute.

Something so cute about that line. Might be hearing Stella mentioning non-royalty people like that, so realizing how great non-royalty people can be. Tecna proposes a toast to Bloom. Stella mentions how Bloom couldn't even use her wings when she first got to Alfea, and how she saved all of Magix today. Flora mentions how they'll all be sophomores next year, and how that's more exciting than the freshmen year. The others all agree happily, as the undines fly through the sky, glittering the sky, as a bit of "Feels like Magic" plays.

Other Stuff

Decent episode. Special in that it was the last episode, at least for the first season. Nice to see everything resolved. It could have been a bit better, though: it seemed the Trix sisters did not put up much of a fight, Darcy in particular.

As for the couples... well, Stella and Brandon are all right. But we could do without Musa and Riven. We could do without two-timing Sky and Bloom. And we could certainly do without Tecna and Timmy. Or more to the point, we could do without Timmy. Mirta and Flora, now... that I would not be opposed to.

As for Lucy's behavior... you can form your own theories about that one.

Will the Trix sisters be back? We can only hope.

7 out of 10 on the old scale.