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...or Stella's Pissy Mood

It starts as a stormy night at Alfea, and Bloom is asleep, having a dream. The glowing presence is in Bloom's dream, asking for Bloom to find her, asking Bloom to begin an unknown journey.

Flora and Stella are watching Bloom sleeping. Flora notes that Bloom's winx is activating in her sleep, to which Stella seems unaware that was possible, but she does like Bloom's changing clothes in her sleep--Stella wishes she could change clothes in her sleep, too. Flora comments that it's more than just changing clothes; it is a sign that her powers are evolving. Stella seems surprised.

The next morning, the Winx girls are walking outside Alfea, and Bloom's talking about her dream, mentioning that the glowing presence had the same voice that led Bloom out of the fire in "Secret Guardian." Already, we see Stella getting a bit pissy about the Bloom talk:

Stella: Boring, new topic!

Bloom starts describing the glowing presence, while Tecna uses a psychic beetle to try to read Bloom's subconscious; Stella gives a "whatever"-type sigh. Tecna prattles on a bit on how sophisticated the psychic beetle is, but whatever, it works! Tecna's psychic beetle producers a perfect rendering of the glowing figure. Bloom finally recognizes her as a nymph on the facade of Town Hall.

Stella's pretty upset, though. Stella's tired of all the Bloom talk, all the attention Bloom's getting. Stella's thinking along the lines of why should she care about Bloom's little problem. Bloom gets angry that Stella's throwing her "little princess tantrum," and storms off to the library. As Bloom walks off, Stella seems honestly dumbfounded as to why Bloom's storming off, and why the other girls are upset with Stella.

At the library, Bloom's surprised to see the card catalogue as just a raised platform, but she quickly learns how to use it: just say a keyword. She finds out that the glowing figure's name is Daphne, but soon, several library books are attacking Bloom. Bloom tries to stop the books, but Miss Faragonda is the one who soon puts a stop to the books' flying around. She tells Bloom to go, and not mention this incident to anyone, but orders the library be closed when she spots a book on the last witch coven as one of the books that were attacking Bloom.


In Tecna's and Musa's room we see Stella, Flora, Tecna, and Musa about. Stella starts up again, telling Flora a fashion sense would look cute on her, and calling it constructive criticism. Musa asks her to cool it, and Stella starts going on about how Musa got dissed by Riven, and in passing, insults Tecna's clothes. Of course, Tecna's outfit is cuter than Stella's anyway. Stella goes on about how Riven likes Darcy and not her, to which Musa, about to break down, storms out. And again, Stella is left dumbfounded as to why everyone's upset with her.

Outside, Bloom's wondering about Daphne, as Musa passes by. Bloom tries to tell her about what just happened to her, taking her a few seconds to realize that Musa's a bit down. Stella runs out the school, crashing into Bloom, and is very apologetic to Bloom for crashing into her, and to Musa for whatever she said to her, which she cannot remember. Stella's realized she's had a mood spell cast upon her. Bloom asks if she was giving the seniors fashion advice, to which Stella replies "How did you know?" I guess we know what happened here....

Somewhere in Magix, Musa is dropped off, walking down a street, where she finds some witches at a nearby cafe. She peeks inside, and finds Darcy and Riven together. It looks like they're drinking beer. I'm somewhat surprised this was not edited out. Darcy is laying on the compliments really thick, and doing a hypnosis thing on Riven. It seems she does not have a real crush, but that she is simply using him here. I thought it might have been both earlier, but it does not seem so this episode.

Outside the cafe, Icy and Stormy confront Musa. Musa tries to run off, but Icy and Stormy threaten Musa, specifically, wanting to know what Musa's doing at their cafe, and just generally bullying her. Musa puts a wart spell on Icy that does indeed work. Stormy comments on how disgusting it looks, but it's not long before Icy performs a spell to remove it herself. Icy intends to teach Musa a lesson in pain.

A random witch alerts all the other witches in the cafe of the beating that's about to take place, to come join in on the fun. Mirta and Lucy are two of those witches inside. Cute little Mirta still does not like the whole idea of "picking on the fairies," though Lucy seems to like the idea of hanging with the senior witches, and join in on beating up the fairy. Mirta just sighs. It's impossible not to like Mirta.

Back at Alfea, the girls have called the girls for a ride to Magix, to get Musa. And we have this fun little exchange:

Stella: Flora, do you own anything more 21st century?
Flora: Huh?
Stella: Nevermind. Listen, when the boys get here, play it cool, like we only called them because we needed a ride.
Flora: That is exactly why we called them.

When the boys get there, Stella gets hearts in her eyes seeing Prince Sky. Tecna reminds her that the boys are there so they can get to Musa, but Tecna surely seems interested in Timmy when he says hi. It's impossible to like Timmy. Prince Sky notes that the witches hang out in Magix every Wednesday. From the girls' reactions, and since we know they're after Musa at the moment, I think we can safely assume it's Wednesday. The boys and girls all get into the guys' ship.

All the freshmen fairies are after Musa, shooting some fairly weak attacks while she's running away. Musa runs into Riven, asking for his help, but he refuses, saying he's with Darcy. Musa calls him a two-faced player. Odd, since Riven has never shown any interest whatsoever in Musa. After the freshmen witches trap Musa in a corner, the senior witches float in for the kill.


The guys crash through the dead end ahead of Musa, so she isn't so trapped anymore. Brandon notices Riven with the witches, and they proceed to fight. The freshmen witch go to attack the fairies, but Prince Sky blocks them off with a firewall sort of thing from the edge of his sword. Icy gets mad, and it starts to snow. A couple of freshmen witches complain about it being cold. The little scene seems to make them appear less evil. Hard to believe they were picking on Musa earlier.

The fairies transform. Almost immediately, Stormy knocks Tecna out with lightning. Icy shoots ice crystals toward Stella, and after she ducks behind a car, Icy blows up the car. Darcy starts shooting some sort of wave at Musa, who successfully dodges, but Darcy teleports right beside her to give her a blast that sends her down. Darcy replicates herself, completely surrounding Musa.

Darcy: Now me, myself, and I, and the rest of us will finish you off.

Prince Sky knocks Darcy out for a moment, but one of the freshmen witches blasts him a bit. Stormy shoots lightning at Bloom, but she dodges, not realizing Flora was right behind her, seemingly knocking her out, except an odd, cute little "I'm good" from Flora after Bloom asks how she is. Bloom and Stormy have a bit of a tussle. Timmy's coming to Tecna's aid, but Icy's intent on freezing them in place. Icy has some one-liners, but really isn't as good at it as Darcy is. Musa is carrying slightly hurt Stella a bit.

Darcy: This is a fun game: it's called crash test fairy.

The game is essentially Darcy surrounding Musa with cars. Icy tries to freeze Tecna and Timmy for good, but Stella blocks it. She isn't able to block the next blast, though. And Darcy is about to crash all the cars into Musa. Bloom tries to rescue Musa, but Stormy blocks her, and Bloom gets mad. Really, really mad. Literally burning up. Stormy commands Icy to check her crystal, and Icy realizes that Bloom has the dragon fire.


Bloom semi-literally blows up, unleashing a huge ball of energy that blows the witches out. The freshmen witches all run off. Icy and Stormy retreat. Darcy's out cold, but Riven carries her off. Bloom appears, completely worn out, and collapses.

The guys and girls, minus Riven, are all on the ship. Brandon gives Bloom a drink to make her feel better. Stella starts acting pissy again. Brandon and Tecna are commenting on Bloom's powers getting stronger, and Musa's being a general good-spirit cheerleader. Stella goes on about being a princess, and how that means she should be treated better than Tecna, a non-princess, or Bloom, an earth girl. Flora casts an opposite spell, and Stella starts acting sweet, and everyone laughs.

In Miss Faragonda's office, the librarian comes in, and asks to reopen the library. Miss Faragonda agrees to it, but insists the librarian move the books about the last witch coven to the highest security section of the restricted vault.

At Cloud Tower, Stormy's complaining about almost breaking a nail, and Darcy worries about losing their status as the top three in the school. Icy tells her not to worry, since they know that Bloom holds the dragon fire. Stormy gets anxious at the prospect of ruling everything.

Other Stuff

An excellent episode, just so much greatness, all packed in a short time. Stella's acting as a vicious self-parody was amusing. Musa's run into Icy and Stormy outside the cafe was neat. And a nice, exhilarating fight between the witches and fairies... that was a fun battle!

Mirta popped up again, in the cafe. She's still cute, and she's still sweet. And she so doesn't seem to fit in with the other witches.

So, how did the mood spell affect Stella, exactly? Did it simply cause her to splurt out random mean things, or did it cause her to simply lose restraint, and let loose on things she was feeling deep down? I'm not sure it matters all that much, anyway: however she feels, Stella does honestly care for her friends, and would dearly try to avoid hurting them, even if she might feel she's superior. That's just what Stella's used for feeling for years, though: that will not change overnight.

Musa may put up a tough front, but she surely seems sensitive to having her feelings hurt, moreso than Flora, Bloom, or Tecna.

10 out of 10 on the old scale, and very deservedly so!