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It Feels Like Magic

...or The First Episode

Our tale today starts on a sunny day in Gardenia, a small, yet fully urban city on Earth. Bloom is riding her bicycle, with her bunny Kiko, to the park, to play with Kiko. Kiko goes off away and screams, running toward Bloom. Bloom goes over to check out what scared Kiko.

In the small forest, Bloom sees a blonde girl, Stella, fighting off small red demons, using what appears to be magic, and Bloom figures that she and Kiko can't both be hallucinating. From the shadows, an ogre, Knut, charges toward Stella, and knocks her down. Knut orders the demons to bring him Stella magical sceptre, as Bloom yells for the ogre to leave the girl alone, to get her instead. It dawns on Bloom then that she has no way of fighting the ogre, but somehow, after Knut grabs her, she sends out a fiery blast, knocking Knut down. She surrounds herself with a fire shield that defeat the demons that attack her, and finally, hits one with a stick that's about to attack Kiko.

Bloom, exhausted, sits down, as Stella walks up to her, telling her she's got major winx: Bloom isn't sure what she's talking about. Stella then blasts Knut with her sceptre, back in hand, and performs a powerful blast that turns several of the demons to dust. One of the demons takes a bite out of Bloom's jeans, then runs off to Knut, who teleports elsewhere. Stella faints, and Bloom goes to her side, realizing she needs help.


Bloom is asleep in her bed in her home. Her mother, Vanessa, spots a book Bloom was reading, about fairies, that she hadn't read since she was little. Vanessa mentions how Bloom used to pretend that she was a fairy, and then asks about the girl sleeping downstairs. Bloom, getting nervous about her mother asking about the girl, gets up and tries to think of some excuse about who she is. She also takes a shower and gets dressed in mere seconds. Vanessa asks Bloom to come downstairs for breakfast.

At the breakfast table, Bloom's dad, Michael, says that it's the day they're going to clean out the garage. Sadistically cheerful about it, too. Bloom says she has important stuff to do, and asks if her dad remembers about how she used to be into fairy stuff. Vanessa says she just wants to hang with her new friend. Michael agrees, as long as she at least gets the groceries. I guess they don't eat very much. It's difficult to ride a bicycle while carrying fifteen bags of groceries.

While walking her bicycle, Bloom bumps into Mitzi, who says its time for Bloom to retire her bicycle. Bloom says she likes her bike, but Mitzi just continues making fun of her, while showing Bloom her brand new scooter.

Knut walks into a dark fog, with three pairs of glowing eyes staring him down. These are Icy, Stormy, and Darcy, the Trix sisters, not yet seen. And in Stormy's case, not even yet heard. Icy demands for Knut to explain himself for not getting Stella's sceptre. Knut tells her that he had it, but an Earth girl with magical powers stopped him. Icy demands to be told what she looked like, but Knut isn't sure, as he wasn't wearing his glasses, since he thinks they're ugly. And they are.

Darcy: Don't you know you're as blind as a hairless mole rat without them, you buffoon?

Knut tells the Trio that he has a plan: one of the demons tore off a part of Bloom's jeans, and he could use a hunter troll to sniff Bloom out. And a hunter troll strolls on out. All too convenient. As if the Trio knew he'd want one, and already had one in waiting.

Back at Bloom's home, Michael does not believe that Stella is a fairy, and that he's going to call the doctor. Bloom's complaining, telling him that she's a real fairy. Vanessa asks Stella how she's feeling when she wakes up, and she says she's fine, thanks to Bloom. Stella and Bloom formally introduce themselves to the other. Vanessa wants to call Stella's parents, but Stella says they can't, since her parents live six realms away, in a kingdom called Solaria. Michael heads for the telephone to call the doctor, wanting to figure out why Stella and Bloom are seeing things that aren't there. Stella gets pissy with Bloom's dad not believing them, and changes the phone into a carrot and cabbage. Bloom thinks Stella's turning the phone into vegetables is awesome, but Stella says that Bloom's the awesome one. Stella says Bloom should go with her to Alfea, the best magic school in the around, though Michael protests that idea.

Outside a factory on Earth, Knut, the troll, and a few small demons are teleported. Knut tells the troll to do his thing, and the troll catches Bloom's scent.


Bloom brings Stella to her bedroom. Stella thinks it's nice, and says she can use a spell to pack her entire room to bring to Alfea. Bloom says, sadly, that she doesn't think she can go to Alfea, that she doesn't think she has her powers anymore. Stella says Bloom's definitely still got her powers, that they're probably just a little rusty from not being used for so long. Stella tries to encourage Bloom, and merges several of her pencils on her desk into one large pencil. Stella asks Bloom to change it back into the smaller pencils, but Bloom can't. Stella explains to Bloom that that's why she has to go to Alfea, so she can perform magic like that. Stella drops a little postcard that expands into an express portal. Stella steps in, and Bloom, a bit uneasy, follows her in, and wind up right outside Alfea.

Meanwhile, Knut and the troll are still searching out Bloom, but the troll loses Bloom's scent as she goes through the portal.

Stella shows Bloom Alfea. Bloom asks what goes on there, as Stella tells her that fairies, most of whom are princesses, attend to improve their magical abilities. Stella also excitedly mentions that they're only one forest away from Red Fountain, the school for heroics and bravery, full of hunks. Prince Sky, Brandon, Riven, and Timmy are shown clanking their swords together. She also mentions the creepy Cloud Tower school for witches is nearby as well. And Icy, Stormy, and Darcy are shown for the first time. Stella said to help Bloom make her decision, that she invited some of the Red Fountain guys over to Bloom's house, and they come back through the portal.

As Bloom returns back through the portal, though, the troll picks back up Bloom's scent, and Knut and the troll are right at her house. Kiko hears something trying to get in through the back door and panics, though Michael just doesn't get Kiko.

Michael: Maybe Bloom forgot to give him his dinner. Or maybe he's doing that thing where he pretends he didn't eat so he can get a second serving.

Kiko tries holding the door to keep whatever's trying to get inside from coming in. He tries piling up a chair, TV, vase, and other objects in front of the door to keep the creatures from coming inside. Doesn't work, though. The troll manages through, and the demons and Knut follow. Knut threatens Bloom's parents to tell him where the girls are. Stella appears behind him, telling Knut they're there. Stella transforms to her winx form, via an animation sequence on a glittery background--this stock animation plays every episode where any of the fairies change to their winx forms, though it's usually shorter than it was for this episode. Then again, there're usually multiple fairies transforming, as opposed to just one. Knut tells the troll to do something about Stella, and not to let her kick his butt. Stella says she'll take care of Knut and the troll, and asks Bloom to try to do something about the demons. Knut says that since Bloom's gone now, he'll easily take care of Stella. Fun in the background--scared, Michael and Vanessa escape through a window as Knut's threatening Stella. Outside, as the demons are preparing to attack Bloom, Knut is thrown from the house, squashing the demons. But the troll is fully in tact, coming toward Bloom.


As the troll heads for Stella and Bloom, four Red Fountain guys--Prince Sky, Brandon, Riven, and Timmy--lasso up the troll. Riven insists he can do it by himself, but the troll tosses Riven over several yards. The troll starts pounding at Brandon, who has his shield up. Sky creates a hole in the ground, and Timmy says you have to aim at a troll's feet, which causes the troll to fall into the hole. Riven tries to fight the demons on his own, again, unsuccessfully, as Knut punches him away. Stella and Bloom both send a blast to Knut, knocking him down. Stella threatens to put a stinkus removus spell on Knut if he doesn't go away, and Knut promptly teleports off, along with the demons. The troll is still on earth, though, but Timmy puts a special collar on the troll to keep him at bay. Vanessa and Michael look terrified, watching this all unfold. Brandon tells Bloom that he hopes to see her at Alfea, and Bloom smiles and giggles. Ah, the start of a love that should not be. Lovely.

Inside Bloom's home, Michael's sweeping up the mess. Stella offers to use her magic to clean their home, but Michael wants nothing to do with magic. Vanessa and Bloom have a suitcase packed, but Michael's still concerned about Bloom attending Alfea.

Michael: Hey Stella, how do we get there? Car? Plane? Broomstick? Do they make a broomstick for four?
Bloom: Um, duh, Dad. Broomsticks are for witches.

Bloom asks if they're going to use the portal to go to Alfea. Stella says that regular humans can't use those portals, but she can bring them all to Alfea using her sceptre. And Stella, Bloom, Michael, and Vanessa all arrive in Magix, as the song "Feels like Magic" plays.

Other Stuff

Ah, the first episode. Nothing overly spectacular, but it's nice to see the little set up for the rest of the series, anyway. And nice to see just how well Bloom and Stella hit it off right away... Bloom's going to be better for Stella than Stella even knows.

What was Stella doing on Earth in the first place, anyway?

7 out of 10 on the old scale.