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Save the First Dance

...or Bloom's Best Light

We start at Alfea, in Professor Wizgiz's class, teaching the first class of the new year, a class on metamorphosis. Wizgiz does a little demonstration, changing himself to Griselda appearance-wise. Voice too, for that matter.

Wizgiz: Don't worry, I'm not really the Queen of Detention.

Ooh, how much fun it would have been if Griselda had walked in at that moment! Wizgiz has the students do a simple transformation, having the students magically change their hair color. Bloom tries, without success. We see one random student's hair color change, which is a shame. It would've been fun to see the other Winx girls with differently-colored hair.

In their room, Bloom laments being the only one who wasn't able to change her hair color. Stella encourages Bloom, telling her that she just needs practice, and soon enough she'll get her fairy wings. Stella gives Bloom a pep talk, to think about her best hair day, and how happy that made her feel. Instead, Bloom successfully gives herself a Dragon Ball-esque hairstyle. Bloom gets snitty with Stella for pushing her, and Stella gets snitty back about Bloom not learning very well. The animation here is particularly bizarre.

The group of five is in the Alfea cafeteria, eating breakfast. Bloom again complains about not being able to use her magic very well. Shortly, though, Miss Faragonda speaks before all the girls. Griselda is sitting beside her, looking pissed. Faragonda is telling the girls all about their back to school dance tomorrow night, and that the boys from Red Fountain will be there, and to be friendly toward them. Griselda pipes in, warning the girls against being too friendly, and how love spells are crush potions are forbidden. Faragonda, giggling at Griselda's "kiss and die" attitude, tells the girls that dancing is encouraged, and the boys are bringing gifts for the girls. She goes on about how she met her husband at her back to school dance at Alfea, then quickly gets off that topic. Hmm... wonder what that was about.

Over at Cloud Tower, all the witch students are in the usual Cloud Tower assembly room, with Miss Griffin, Cloud Tower's headmistress, standing before the students. Griffin announces a schoolwide competition, for the students to suggest ideas for sabotaging Alfea's back to school dance, with the winners receiving gift certificates to Aberzombie and Witch. Funny that they'd name a shop in Magix after a shop on Earth. The Trix sisters are at the assembly as well, realizing that aside from getting to sabotage the dance, they'd also be able to get Stella's ring while at Alfea. Assuming they won this competition, that is. But come on--do you really need to be told who wins Griffin's contest?


In the fairies' room, Stella shows off her new dress that she had to max out her daddy's credit card to buy, saying how the dress was begging for Stella to buy it. A cute, albeit poorly animated scene, with Stella gushing about the dress. Flora wishes they could just use their magic to create dresses. Tecna goes on about how hard it was for her to find her bizarre-ish looking dress. Musa gives this line that's entirely bizarre when you consider she's from another realm entirely:

Musa: It's... interesting. Where'd you get it, Mars?

Um... Considering how little these girls should know about Earth--save for Bloom, that is--how the heck would Musa even know Mars exists?! Bloom's worried about Brandon seeing her without anything decent to wear. Stella says they'll go shopping with her.

"I Want to Know Where the Girls Are" plays as Bloom tries different dresses at different clothing stores. There's one dress that Flora loves, but Tecna hates. And I guess Bloom trusts Tecna's opinion on clothing more than she trusts Flora's opinion. Considering their own dresses for the dance, I'd have trusted Flora's opinion first. Bloom finds another dress that everyone loves, but it's too expensive. Stella wants to pay for it, but forgot that she had her daddy's credit card maxed out. Bloom lets the other girls leave, telling them that they need to get ready for the dance tonight. Bloom runs around, looking for a store, where she finds a sale at one store, and finds an affordable dress that she loves, though still needs to alter a bit back at Alfea, since it's too long. Back at the girls' room at Alfea, the other girls are getting their dresses ready.

At Cloud Tower, the Trix sisters are in Miss Griffin's office, seemingly scolding the witches for coming up with such a horrible, despicable idea for ruining the Alfea back to school dance. Which is, of course, why she declares the Trix sisters the winners. The sisters promise to do Miss Griffin proud.

Back at Alfea, Bloom rushes into her room with the dress, complaining that she can't find a pair of scissors, and complaining about not being able to use magic for the simplest things. She looks outside her window, and notices the boys from Red Fountain entering Alfea, specifically, spotting Brandon. Ew.

In the tunnels below the ground, the Trix sisters are headed for Alfea, not only to ruin the dance, but more importantly, to steal Stella's ring. Darcy is tired of walking in her heels, and complaining to her sisters.

Darcy: Fine, but please tell me we're almost there.
Stormy: You have the map.
Icy: Yeah.
Darcy: Oh... we're... almost there.

At Alfea, Bloom is searching through the entire school for a pair of scissors. She hears a noise behind a door, opens it, and spots the witches that attacked her in the previous episode sneaking through the school. The Trix sisters locate the gifts from the Red Fountain boys. Darcy uses a spell to show the Trix sisters where Stella's ring is: inside an oyster shell inside a small chest. After, Stormy opens the chest, to find eggs inside. Darcy opens one of the eggs, and out come little butterflies. Darcy looks just adorable opening the egg, along with her little "ooh." The Trio turn the little butterfly eggs into eggs containing something that will bite them, giving the victim nausea and vomiting. All the while Bloom is watching, figuring she's got to stop them. Though after the curse, the eggs go from having sparkling gems on them to having jagged brown stripes. You would think someone might get suspicious that the eggs don't look like they're supposed to.


The Trix sisters hide in some bushes outside Alfea, and look inside through a window. Stormy mentions that the eggs contain snake rats. Darcy says that with a single bite, the girls will be puking in seconds.

Inside Alfea, Bloom searches the party area for the Trix sisters. She bumps into Brandon, and asks Bloom to dance. She says yes, but rushes off immediately. Bloom finds her friends, and tells them that the witches cast a spell on the gifts the boys were going to give them, something to do with a snake rat. Tecna looks up information on snake rats, discovering that they're creatures that cause projectile vomiting with a single bite.

Stella: I know why they're doing this. Those witches are so jealous of us. They wish they had a chance with the Red Fountain boys.

Probably true to an extent. While I'm sure many of the students at Cloud Tower would prefer to have the boys to themselves, and probably do think the pixies are unworthy, the Trix sisters have more important things on their minds. Bloom tells Stella that the witches are actually after Stella's ring. Musa says they can handle it. Stella tells the girls to form a circle so they can cast a counterspell, and surely enough, the eggs go from striped to gem-speckled, and as Sky hands one girl an egg, she opens it, and indeed, butterflies fly out. Sky delivers one to Stella in person, who seems unimpressed with the egg. Musa takes it from Stella and asks Flora about a spell. Stella's look of horror when Musa takes Stella's egg is absolutely priceless! Flora casts the spell on the egg.

Right outside, Icy is furious that the freshmen fairies counterspelled them. Icy forms some ice vines for the sole purpose of smashing them. Cool. Literally. She also knows she needs to stay focused, that they need to steal Stella's ring.

In her room, Bloom's excited about having performed her first spell. Just then, Stella's jewelry box floats away, and Bloom runs after it. The shell with Stella's ring soon frees itself from the box, still floating away, and with Bloom still chasing it, and even trying a spell to have it come back:

Bloom: One, two, three, come back ring! Four, five, six, stop that thing! Boy, that was pathetic.

The Trix sisters growl in anger as Bloom catches the shell, and talk about what they'll do to her.

Back at the dance, Miss Faragonda walks up to the four girls, asking Princess Musa to perform a hip hop number for the boys. Referred to as a princess for the first time. Musa frets.

Back outside, the Trix sisters walk up to Bloom. Icy uses her ice bracelet, which basically turns the ground to ice where Bloom is standing. It doesn't affect Bloom, though. Darcy uses her heel of oblivion to form a huge crack in the ground. Love Bloom's frightened expression here. Stormy summons a tornado that blows Bloom into the crack, hanging on for dear life. Icy has the oyster shell come to her. Icy asks to do "the honors," and Stormy tells her "of course." But wait... Stormy sounds suspiciously like Flora when she delivers that line... her "of course" sounded downright sweet! Stormy, what's become of you?! Icy asks Bloom how she got into Alfea, since she doesn't even have any winx. Bloom argues back, insisting that she does have winx. Icy doesn't believe it, and prepares to send a blast at Bloom, when lo and behold, Bloom goes through her first transformation sequence. Bloom is out of the hole, glowing, sending wind forth from her body--she is in her winx form for the very first time! Bloom commends herself for finally being able to transform. Love her little "tough girl" look she gives to the Trio. Darcy sends weird waves at Bloom that seem to confuse her, but she flies up to avoid them, and demands that the witches give back Stella's ring. The Trio don't like her attitude, and Icy sends a large ice structure to surround her, then blast her. And finally, Icy's favorite spell: ice-coffining Bloom. With Bloom encased in the ice, the Trix sisters teleport out with the oyster shell.


Bloom crawls out from the ice. Her friends meet her outside, asking if she is OK. Bloom says she is, and that she finally got her wings, and goes on about how cool it was. Bloom is upset that she wasn't able to get the ring back, though, but Flora says not to worry, that they don't have the ring. Bloom says they do, but Flora promises that they don't.

In their room, the Trix sisters, in their regular clothes for the first time, get comfortable. Icy opens the oyster shell, and finds an egg inside, looking like the ones with the butterflies. She wonders why Stella would keep her ring in the egg, then gets a bit concerned when the egg starts making noises. Soon the egg explodes, and a little duckling emerges, looking straight at Icy, lovingly calling her "Mommy." Stormy notes it as disgusting.

Bloom fixes her dress with some scissors she must've found somewhere, creating an admittedly very nice dress, in that sorta' homemade style... except it is homemade this time. Bloom talks about how great the day was, finally getting her magic, and her dress, and being at the dress... and Stella says it'll get better, as Brandon asks Bloom to dance, and she and Brandon dance to "Feels Like Magic."

Other Stuff

Great episode, despite the very off animation. Bloom herself is extremely likable throughout the entire episode, which is good since the episode has particularly heavy focus on her. Stella has her moments, but at the same time she also has her lesser moments. And while the Trix sisters were in the last episode as well, they shine much brighter here, and we see their little sisterly squabbles for the first time as well.

As for the animation, I'm not sure why some parts looked so bad... definitely the worst animation in the series. Not that it's that bad, but noticeable.

10 out of 10 on the old scale.