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Meant to Be

...or "Awww" Moments Galore

At Alfea, the girls are in their room, noticing that Bloom seems depressed. Bloom tells them that something happened over spring break that's got her down a bit. Cue the flashback! If you don't care much for Bloom, you may not be in luck here: the other four Winx girls do not appear again until the very end of the episode. On the other hand, stick around: you may just learn to like Bloom yet!

Bloom's mother, Vanessa, had asked Bloom to help her in the kitchen. Vanessa wanted to talk about when she and Bloom's father had adopted Bloom. Bloom groans a bit, saying she knows it was the greatest day of her mother's life, but before Vanessa can get out what she wanted to say, the oven catches fire. Bloom uses her magic to put it out.

Bloom: I couldn't save the pot roast.

Later on, Bloom was riding her bicycle, just trying to enjoy being home. Bloom runs into her father Michael while riding, as well as irritating neighbor girl Mitzi, who had heard that Bloom was sent to reform school. Bloom just wants to be left alone. Mitzi threatens to find out what Bloom is hiding.

As Bloom continued riding down the street, she saw a spirit floating above a guy walking down the street. A little later, she saw another spirit floating above a woman crossing the street. Bloom figured that it must be due to her powers becoming stronger from studying at Alfea.

Bloom arrives at Vanessa's flower shop, and is introduced to two men: Mr. Bonner and Mr. Bonner, who are to be Vanessa's future business partners. These men remind anyone else of Statler and Waldorf, the two old guys in the balcony on the Muppets. Only more evil, and less funny. The idea is that the Bonners will own the actual shop, but all three will own the shop name. Bloom can see the business men's spirits above them speaking though, who are talking about turning the flower shop into a big chain of stores, of taking advantage of Vanessa.

As the men leave to get the last paper for Vanessa to sign, she notices Bloom does not seem too excited, and wonders why. Bloom tells her mother about the inner spirits she saw floating above the men, telling her the business men are taking advantage of Vanessa. Bloom continues to insist that the men are trying to just take her mother's store.


The two Bonners are in Vanessa's store, asking why Vanessa will not sign the last form. The two men repeat each others lines a lot here: a bit freaky. The two business men insist on Vanessa signing over her shop. The younger Mr. Bonner swipes a potted plant onto the floor, breaking the pot. The two Bonners insist that they will be back as they leave the store. Bloom tells her mother of a spell Flora had taught her to fix the pot, and goes ahead to use her magic on the pot.

A little rock song, "Meant to be," plays, with a neat little montage of Bloom and her mother and father doing things together, as well as her parents watching as she's asleep.

The next day, as Vanessa mentions to Bloom an expensive vase she's sold to a customer, the two enforcers--a term that nicely fits these two business men appropriately--throw a brick through the glass doors of Vanessa's shop. Bloom performs a spell to fix the doors. Although really, a brick through a window... err, door? Seems more like a street gang sort of thing, if you ask me.

Later on, Vanessa asks Bloom to take the expensive vase outside, while the two enforcers ride by on a motorcycle to smash the vase in passing. Once again, though, Bloom is able to magically fix the vase.

A little later, Bloom and her mother are returning from lunch, when they find their flower shop has been vandalized. Bloom doesn't have a spell to fix this one, either. Bloom suspects it was the two Bonners, though Vanessa thinks it was just burglars. As much as the Bonners have been intimidating Vanessa lately, you'd think she might've been quicker to assume it was them. Bloom points out that the cash was not removed from the register, which suggests that it wasn't burglars. That convinces Vanessa.

At home, Michael is angry that the police couldn't find enough evidence against the Bonners. Vanessa tells Michael not to get mad, but he's just worried about her and his daughter.

In the night, Bloom is asleep, but she is having a nightmare of burning flowers, and actually feeling flames, and then she wakes up, realizing that the flower shop is on fire. Immediately, they drive off to the flower shop. Bloom's parents are obviously trusting of Bloom's powers... though considering what they've seen of Bloom, it makes sense.

When they get to the flower shop, they see that it is, indeed, on fire. Michaels calls his fire department, and Vanessa tells Bloom to stay in the car, though Bloom insists on going inside anyway, to try to contain the fire. When it becomes apparent that Michael is not going to convince Bloom to stay outside, he agrees to let her help, but only if he can go inside with her.


Bloom and her father are inside the burning flower shop. Bloom has a protective forcefield around them to protect them from the flames, though Bloom warns it only lasts for ten minutes. Michael says his department could use some. Bloom has a vision of her father going into a fire, saving a baby in the fire, except the baby has a protective forcefield around it. Michael breaks Bloom out of her trance, pointing to the Bonners' limo driver, who is trapped in the burning building. Bloom tells her father to take him out the building, and that she will extinguish the flames.

By the time the fire department arrived, Bloom had already put most of the fire out. The limo driver is better, but Bloom asks why he was in there in the first place. He says he drove the Bonners to the store, and that they started the fire. He went in the building to try to stop them, but they had knocked him out. Vanessa still seems shocked that the Bonners caused all this trouble just because she refused to sell them her flower shop. The limo driver explains he felt he had no choice but to work for the Bonners after they had scammed him out of his limo business, that he had a family to support. He's very apologetic to Bloom and her parents, and Bloom, looking at his floating spirit, believes him to be sincere.

The next day, Mitzi is throwing around a pillow, complaining about Bloom for a news interruption interrupting her regularly scheduled program. I can't really blame Mitzi. I get the same way, especially if it's news that could've waited for the noon or evening newscast. A fire that happened several hours ago qualifies as something that could've waited.

There is a ceremony honoring Bloom and her parents for bringing down Mr. Bonner and Mr. Bonner, and for saving the limo driver. Vanessa mentions that, aside from being town heroes, with the insurance money and an award from the government, that she'll be able to open an even bigger flower shop than before. Michael notices that Bloom seems a little down though, and asks what's wrong.

Bloom mentions the vision she had during the fire. She mentions she saw her father in a fire with a newborn baby, that he was saving the baby. Vanessa mentions she knows what Bloom is talking about, that it was what she was trying to tell Bloom earlier. Michael goes on that, while they'd talked about Bloom being adopted, they'd never talked about that day in the fire when they met Bloom.


Bloom asks what her father means when he said that he had found Bloom in a fire. She asks what she was doing there. Michael mentions that a voice was calling to him. He says that the fire was an entire four blocks burning down with no way to stop it, but when he had picked baby Bloom up, the entire fire went out. Her parents knew she had amazing magic, but never told her about it, since it never came back. They had intended to tell Bloom when she was old enough to understand, but when Stella had come to take Bloom to Alfea, they didn't get a chance to tell Bloom before she went off to Alfea.

Vanessa: Let me tell you something important, sweetie. We did talk to you about the real magic that happened that day. That we found you, and you found us, and that we became a family, together.

Very aww moment. As sappy as that line may sound, it's really so very sweet. Bloom tells her parents how she loves them. A reprise of "Meant to Be" plays, with stills from Bloom's youth, growing up, with her adoptive parents.

And now, end flashback: we're back at Alfea, in the girls' room. Flora asks why Bloom's depressed, since it sounded like a beautiful story. The other girls all sound impressed with Bloom's earth parents as well, but that's exactly what's on Bloom's mind: she wants to know about her birth parents. Bloom wants to know where she's from, and what she was doing in that fire on earth. Bloom intends to find out no matter what it takes, and asks for help from her friends. And of course, what would an episode be without at least one great Stella-ism?

Stella: I know I'll help you, Bloom. Sticking my nose in other people's business is my favorite pastime.

The other girls all tell Bloom that they'll also help Bloom find her origins, and give a big group hug.

Other Stuff

Well... it was a sweet episode. Lots of "aww" moments, including baby Bloom, toddler Bloom, slightly older Bloom... err, you're getting the picture. The ending with Bloom's parents telling her about how they found her was also very aww-inducing.

The witches were not in the episode. For that matter, the Winx girls themselves were barely in it, save for Bloom, of course. There's not much in the way of action in the episode, and not much happens... just a lot of aww moments. They're nice, mind you, and it's all cute, but when all is said and done... it's not an episode where much happened. Except maybe crying. Not bad at all, even good... but not great, either.

6 out of 10 on the old scale.